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All Dolled Up
by flashlight7.5

"What do you think?" Jill asked, running her fingers through her hair.

"Your hair looks great." Jack smiled from the bed. "But you need some lipstick, I think."

"What kind?" She started searching through the vanity drawer.

"Some sort of red would be the most appropriate, don't you think?"

Jill didn't answer. She found a good color and slowly rubbed the stick across her lips, dabbing her and there and rolling her lips over one another. She turned the chair around and faced him.

"How's this?" She turned profile a couple of times.

"Beautiful, as always. Seems a shame to get it all messy." Jack stood up from the bed and opened his robe.

"Is that what's going to happen?" She asked, looking up at him. Her eyes were big and beautiful as she licked across the bottom of her top row of teeth.

"Yes, it is," Jack advised. He let his robe fall to the floor. "You're going to be a good little cocksucker and make me cum all over that beautiful dolled up face."

She grabbed him by the hips and surprised him by taking him all in at once. Jack nearly yelped, and Jill laughed a muffled giggle. She licked the shaft from bottom to top and lollipop-licked the head a few times, making Jack shiver.

"Yes...that's good. That's real good. You must love sucking cock to be so good at it. Is that why you're so good? Because you love sucking that big cock so much?"

"Yes," she answered with heavy breath as she took his cock in her hand and teased the head with her tongue. She gave it little kisses before plunging her mouth back down onto it.

"Oooooh..." Jack purred. He grabbed onto Jill's shoulders for support. "Such a pretty face. All warm and full of hot cock. Just how you like it, right? You're so happy with a mouth full of hot cock, aren't you?"

"Mmm-hmm," she hummed with her lips around him. She pushed his hands up to her head. Jack massaged her scalp and started to mess up her freshly combed and styled hair. She stroked him and rubbed his cock around her wet, red mouth. "Aren't you going to fuck my face?"

"You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"Yes!" She squeezed the head of his cock in her hand.

"You'd like me to fuck your mouth just like it was your hot pussy, wouldn't you?"

"Yes! I want it! Fuck my face!"

"Tell me what a good cocksucker you are, and I might."

Not ten minutes ago they were furiously screwing on the bed. It was a wild fuck with lots of gasping, spanking, sucking, sheet grabbing, and the bed smacking the wall so hard once that it knocked a picture off a shelf. Jill came hard on Jack's face at the end. She gave him enough warning to pull out from their doggy position and slide under her hot pussy so she could fuck his face. Jack nearly came himself when she exploded onto his mouth and chin. Her legs clamped onto him like some professional wrestling hold, and her juices soaked him. Jack thought she was done for the night, but she still had the energy to slide down to him, kiss him, and tell him it was his turn to cum. She decided she would get all dolled up for him. She made herself all pretty and perfect, and now she wanted that nice girl image to be turned into the nasty girl she liked to be once in a while.

"I'm a good cocksucker!" She panted. "I love it! I want your big cock fucking my face. I want it shoved down my throat. I wanna suck your balls as you cum all over me!"

"Say 'please'."


"'Please' what?"

"Please fuck my face!" She was nearly bouncing on the chair in excitement.

"'Please fuck my hot slut mouth'," Jack commanded her.

"P-please fuck my hot slut mouth!" Jill shouted as she shivered down to her toes.

Jack grabbed her forcefully by the head and started pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. Her lipstick colored his cock a reddish purple and she moaned, loving the feeling of his cock sliding over her tongue again and again. He would pump his cock all over her face. She would hungrily gasp and reach out for it with her tongue. He plunged back into her mouth and started to shake.

"Y-You want it?" He stuttered.

"Mmm-hmm!" She begged.

"You want it all over that pretty face of yours, you want to be nasty?"

"Mmm!" She moaned wildly.

"Here you go! Here you go, you good little cocksucker!" Jack yelled as he convulsed. He burst inside her mouth as she grabbed him by the base, filling her mouth with cum. She pumped the shaft and his cock sprang from her mouth with a wet popping sound. He sprayed onto her right cheek, chin, and lips. She kept pumping him, tilting his cock down to cum on her perky breasts and then rubbing the head over her other cheek. She took him into her mouth again, causing Jack to nearly fall to the floor. He fell forward instead and grabbed the back of the chair. She went at him quickly, driving him over the top with sensations as she sucked and licked and rubbed her lips all over him. She took one of his balls into her mouth and squeezed the slick head of his cock in fast circles.

She pushed him back onto the bed and stood up. Her face was smeared white. She looked into Jack's eyes and wiped the cum on her face over to her mouth. She cast him a flirting glance as she turned to leave the room.

"You'd better get into the shower pretty quick," she said as she walked out, "or you're going to miss out."

"Miss what?" Jack called in a hoarse voice as he sat halfway up on the bed.

Jill didn't answer, but Jack heard the faint hum of the silver vibrator he had just bought her a week ago. Jack jumped up from the bed and nearly stumbled into the wall as he bolted out of the bedroom.


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