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A Friendly Game of Cards Pt. I
by English Bob

"Oh, come on Mike. I promise I won't get in the way."

Mike looked at his wife. They had just got out of bed and were dressing, preparing for another long day at work.

"Look, Kate sweetheart, it's a poker night. That means no girls! Anyway, I though you usually went to a movie or something with your friend Ruth?"

"Ruth's on vacation and I've nothing else to do. Please.. Just let me watch. I won't disturb you."

Mike sighed. He knew when he was beaten. He and Kate had been married for only a few short months, but he knew that petulant voice only too well - she would get her way eventually. Besides, perhaps it would not be such a bad idea to have her around tonight, he thought. With her long blonde hair, and athletic figure, she might prove a distraction for his buddies, and Mike could do with winning some money back - last time they had played, he'd dropped a bundle!

"Okay," he said "But no interrupting, got it?"

"Sure!" she replied "Thanks baby!"

As she turned and skipped lightly down the stairs, Mike watched her go. She was indeed a beauty, he thought. He knew he was a lucky guy and didn't really mind indulging her every now and then. He watched her blonde hair as the sunlight caught it, creating an almost halo-like effect around her heart shaped, pretty face. He watched her firm, tight, butt wiggle just slightly as she skipped down the stairs, and saw the way her full breasts, barely concealed within a small halter top, swayed and bounced with every step. She rarely wore a bra, and if her looked closely, he could make out her cute pink nipples pressing lightly against the material.. Becoming aware of the beginnings of an erection, Mike quickly headed for the bathroom and a cool shower. Sadly, there was no time for that sort of thing. He had to get ready for work!

The day passed slowly for Mike, it always did when he was looking forward to a poker night, but eventually, he found himself pulling into his driveway at the end of another working day. As he entered his house he called out to Kate that he was home. Within seconds, Kate came bounding down the stairs.

"Hi honey," she breathed excitedly "Good day?"

"Oh, you know. So-so. What have you been up to?"

"Not too much. I went shopping and bought some beer and snacks for your poker game tonight. We were nearly out!"

She stood on tip-toe to kiss him, her arms snaking around his neck as she pulled his head down and embraced him hard. He hand fell down to the front of his trousers and gently cupped his balls.

"Mmmmm...that very nice honey, but the guys will be arriving in a minute. I wouldn't want them to catch us with my cock half way down your throat!"

Kate pushed him away with a playful shove. She had that little girl hurt' face on again.

"Ohhhh" she complained "I've been feeling horny all day, as well!"

"Well, hold that thought baby! As soon as the game is over and the guys have left, I'm gonna take you hard and fast!"

"Mmm can't wait" she replied with a lustful gleam in her pretty blue eyes.

Mike's buddies; Brian, Grant and Ian arrived early, and the game got underway. Kate tried to make herself useful by ensuring that they had plenty of beer and that the snack tray was full. Mike was winning a little and losing a little, but, from the chips in front of him he guessed that he was a little ahead.

The next hand, Mike was dealt a king, queen and jack plus a four and an a seven. When his turn came he discarded the four and seven and was delighted to pick up an ace and a ten. He looked at the other players and guessed that a straight would win him some cash! The betting started, and Brian and Grant quickly folded.

"Raise you twenty" declared Ian as he looked directly at Mike with his best poker face.

"OK. Your twenty, and another ten" replied Mike, trying to look equally tough

Grant and Brian suddenly became interested and Kate, who was sitting a little way back from the tabel picked up on the excitement now buzzing around the table. The betting continued between the two steely faced adversaries. And then Ian rasied the ante once again. Mike had thought that Ian had been bluffing, but now was not so sure. However he had committed everything that he had in front of him and wanted to continue.

"You know I haven't got enough to cover the bet, Ian. Will you take a marker?"

"Aw come on! You know the rules, Mike - no markers"

Mike had to think. He needed to cover the bet. He couldn't fold now, not with a straight!

"Bet me!"

Mike looked up sharply. The voice was that of his wife.

"What are you talking about Kate?"

"Bet me" she repeated to the whole group. "If Mike loses this hand, I'll show you my tits! Come on. Don't look so shy. I'm a grown up girl now, and you guys have been staring at my chest all night! I know you want to see em!"

"Well I'm not so sure that's such a good id..." Mike was quickly interrupted by Ian.

"OK! But this is a big bet. I think that just a show-and-tell may not be enough. If Mike loses this hand, you show us your tits, and...I get to feel em!"

Mike looked again, open mouthed, at his pretty wife as she spoke.

"Okay with me...Mike? You cool with that?"

Mike thought. Was this getting a little out of hand? Was he prepared to share his new bride with his friends? He did have a good hand, and he'd been sure that Ian was bluffing!

"All right," sighed Mike "It's a bet!" laying his cards on the table, he said "I got a straight."

There was a pause as Ian seemed to study his cards. The with a smile he laid them on the table.

"Four three's, I'm afraid, Mike!" he said with a wide grin.

Mike looked gutted. He was sure that Ian had been bluffing.

As he pulled all the chips towards him, Ian looked towards Kate with a lewd grin. "Time to pay up I think!"

As Kate's excitement had risen through the last hand, She had been feeling hotter and hotter, and was definitely up for this. Quickly standing, she reached her arms down and gripped the bottom of the halter top. Slowly she raised her arms, pulling the garment further and further up her body, then with a flourish, pulled it clean over her head. All eyes were glued to her exposed breasts and Mike could see the nipples begin to swell a little under the stares. Cupping the breasts in her hands, she walked casually around the table to Ian's side and presented them to him.

"Would Master like to touch them?" she giggled, getting into the part.

Ian did not need to answer, but instead looked over at Mike as if for approval. Mike sighed and nodded his head. A bet was a bet and he was no welcher. Satisfied with Mikes consent, Ian's hands, trembling slightly, moved and cupped the warm flesh of Kate's large breasts. Mike could see small fingerprints in the flesh as he watched Ian squeeze the mounds and flick his finger over the stiff, swollen nipples. Mike thought he heard an almost inaudible sigh escape his wife's lips and knew that she was enjoying this. He could feel his erection pressing painfully against his trousers and knew for certain that he was enjoying it as well! He had never considered the idea of seeing Kate with another guy, and he was completely surprised at how turned on he was becoming.

In a second, Kate had pulled away from Ian's lusty caresses. "That's enough! Bet paid, I think!"

Ian cleared his throat and squirmed a little on his seat. He also, not surprisingly, had developed a large erection. "Let's continue with the game shall we?"

"I'm out guys," said Mike "I'm flat busted!"

The other three men conferred briefly. Then Ian spoke "If you want, you can continue to bet as you did in the last game. If you want." His voice sounded hopeful and Grant and Brian looked at him encouragingly.

Mike got up and pulled his wife, still topless, over to one side. "What do you think hon?" he said. "I have to admit that all this has got me very excited, but can you handle it?"

"You're excited?" she responded quickly "I'm so horny I could burst! It's fine with me as long as you're cool with it!"

Mike smiled seductively at her and assured her he was all in favour. A plan was beginning to form in his mind.

To Be Continued...


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