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A Friendly Game of Cards Pt. III
by English Bob

This story follows on directly from: Just a friendly game of cards - part 2.

* * * * *

Kate leant back on the heavy card table, propped up on her elbows. Completely naked, she could taste her husbands cum that still coated the roof of her mouth and glistened against her red lipstick. Her jaw ached a little from the oral assault that she had recently received and her vulva felt puffy and swollen from the pounding that she had taken from Grant's large tool. Although, her husband, Mike and his friend Grant, now appeared before her with their cocks hanging limp between their legs, she was acutely aware that the other two men, Brian and Ian, were still as hard as rocks and were currently assisting her to lay back on the table with gentle but insistent motions.

"Ohhh, guys, that was great" she whispered in reference to her recent orgasm. "But your little slave girl is still in the mood for more!"

From his sitting position, along with Grant, Mike could see that Ian and Brian were now in a state of extreme agitation. Both their cocks stood out proudly from their bodies, twitching and throbbing uncontrollably. The two friends manouvered the reposed girl to the edge of the table and Ian produced a roll of sticky tape.

"I think that our slave needs to be restrained, don't you think?" Said Ian, looking at Mike for approval.

Mike nodded a hasty consent and grinned wickedly. This might be fun to watch he thought, as he and Grant settled back in their chairs and prepared for the show.

Ian and Brian pulled on her legs to move her into the desired position. With her naked legs dangling over the edge of the table, first one and then the other was taped securely to each table leg. Kate had not expected this at all and attempted to sit up to see what was happening, but as Ian worked on her ankles with the tape, Brian held her arms firmly above her head to oppose any movement on her part. Oh well, she thought, settling back down again. I've never tried bondage, but there's a first time for everything!! She felt pretty safe and relaxed really. After all, Mike was still here and she knew that he wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. As Ian finished at her ankles, he gave each restrained foot a quick kiss.

"Oooohhhh...that tickles!" giggled Kate "But it does feel kind of good."

Encouraged by her response, Ian continued to lick and kiss each of her small dainty feet, paying particular attention to her cute painted toes, and running his tongue along her soles. When both feet were wet and glistening with his saliva, Ian stood and began rubbing his throbbing cock head along the slick underside of each of her feet, and under her toes. As Kate giggled from the attention, Ian sighed deeply. He was obviously enjoying this immensely she thought. Keeping his cock against her feet, Ian bent and began kissing a trail up her long shapely legs. Up and up he kissed, leaving long wet trails over her calves and knees, upwards towards her thighs. Kate was now moaning freely from his soft and gentle kisses. As Ian approached her wet and sticky shaved pussy he stopped. Kate was in despair. The gentle kisses had been amazing and her body was now almost on fire with lust. What made it worse (or better - she still wasn't sure) was that with her legs restrained she could do nothing about the heat that was rapidly building up between her spread thighs.

Ian had now joined Brian at the top of the table, and the two friends worked together to secure Kate's wrists in the same fashion as they had her ankles. When they were finished, they stood back to admire their work and were greeted by shouts and cheers from Mike and Grant who were still seated and playing idly with their soft pricks.

"Looks like we got her exactly where we want her!" shouted mike as he looked at his bound and trussed wife.

Kate was in an arched position with her hands and legs securely tied to each of the four table legs. Brian had accentuated her exposed position by sliding two cushions under her ass and back, having the effect of emphasising the arched position and thrusting her full rounded tits out and exposing her pussy and butt for all to see.

"Silence now, slave" said Ian in a deliberate tone. "Your Master wants to fuck those big, luscious tits of yours!"

Ian, now completely naked, climbed up on the table and straddled Kate's chest. She was powerless to resist even if she had wanted to, as her assailant sat his weight on her abdomen and immediately grabbed a breast in each hand. As he squeezed and moulded them with his warm hands, Kate became aware of a movement at the other end of the table. If she crooked her head to one side she could still see her husband and Grant sitting and watching the display, so she guessed that the movement had come from Brian. Suddenly she felt two sensations at the same time. The warm, sticky feeling between her breasts had come from Ian's cock being thrust between the large globes of flesh and her senses were heightened even further by the unmistakable perception of a long wet tongue applied to her throbbing clitoris.

As Brian placed his tongue against the girls hard clit, he felt her shiver. Taking this as a sign of encouragement he sucked the entire stiff little bud into his mouth and nibbled gently on it. This obviously had the desired effect as he could see and feel her body tense and strain against her bonds and he was rewarded with a mouthful of her sweet vaginal fluid. He had always prided himself on giving excellent head, and continued to suck and lick at her wet slit as her body twisted and convulsed in the throes of a shattering orgasm.

From his position atop her, Ian was also aware of Kate's orgasm. Her eyes were tight shut and her head was shaking from side to side as a long continuous groan escaped her painted lips. The excitement of the situation was fast becoming too much for him as he ploughed his erection into the warm valley of her tits, using his copious pre-cum and the thin sheen of her sweat as a lubricant. Faster and faster he thrust his prick feeling his balls tighten and his head begin to spin. His cock swelled, and as Kate opened her eyes and looked straight at him, he unleashed a huge torrent of cum. He kept thrusting as his tight balls emptied themselves between her breasts, shooting his seed over her chest and face and even reaching as far as to land in her pretty blonde hair.

Mike and Grant, meanwhile, had been watching the excitement with avid interest. Their own cock's had now returned to a state of renewed passion as they continued to jerk themselves. As Ian climbed down from the table with an exhausted expression on his face, all eyes were now on Brian.

"How about I take the little slave's asshole, Mike" he said.

Again, and with a huge grin, Mike nodded his eager consent. It appeared that his wife had little say in the matter and was not even going to be consulted. Still, reasoned Mike as he caught her sparkling eyes, she had willingly made herself into a slutty sexslave, and she was obviously thoroughly enjoying herself!

"But go slow, ok?" Mike replied "I've only fucked her in the ass once before, and you're a bit larger than me!" With the cushion under her, Kate's ass came up to the perfect height for Brian. Stepping between her outstretched and still restrained legs, he looked down at her sopping, exposed cunt and pink puckered anus. Taking his eight inches of solid meat in his hand he began to rub the head up and down Kate's wet, sticky slit causing moans of further excitement to emanate from her cum-stained mouth. Backwards and forwards he slid his cock, mopping up as much of the moisture as he could. Every now and then, Brian would slip the head in between her lips and thrust himself into her pussy, the swollen lips gripping his tool like a vice. When he was satisfied that his cock was nice and slick, he placed his hands under Kate's backside and pulled her as far forward as her bonds would allow. Directing his engorged penis towards the impossibly tight looking hole, he started to slowly work it inside.

The three spectators, now all with renewed erections, moved closer to watch the anal assault of their own personal sexslave. As they watched Brian's large, hard cockhead disappear into Kate's rectum they heard her gasp and emit a small cry. One hand from each of the three other men was now on her body. Her breasts were mauled and her nipples squeezed and pinched as they used their other hands to pull on their erections.

Brian was now buried half way into her asshole. He gasped out loud as he felt the anal muscle open and allow him further access to her depths and he began to build up a steady, deep rhythm. He could see the others jerking themselves off over the girls body and pulling on her tits and nipples as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of her bottom. The sight was an amazing one, and it was definitely having an effect on Brian. He knew he was losing control as his thrusts became faster and more urgent as he approached an inevitable orgasm. His friends were cheering him on, urging him to cum, as indeed was Kate, moaning his name and encouraging him to shoot deep into her butt. A few more seconds and Brian could hold out no longer. With a loud groan he pulled his cock from the sucking hole and joined his friends pumping his own cock, furiously with his hand.

Kate experienced a sudden feeling of emptiness as Brian withdrew from her tight hole. He had filled her magnificently and completely. She had never felt so totally fulfilled. She had lost count of the minor orgasms that she had experienced as he took her ass with long deliberate strokes, but now, with her restrained body empty, she was aware of four large cocks being jerked unceremoniously above her. She could see the hands flying backwards and forwards, foreskin sliding up and down thick muscular shafts. She could feel the hands on her breasts, her nipples being pulled and pinched. Brian was the first to cum, releasing a stream of his seed that splashed across her belly and pussy. Grant and Ian quickly followed, their thick cream coating her sore breasts and puffy red nipples. She looked for her husband. Mike had taken his cock and was furiously jerking himself while rubbing the throbbing head quickly, leaving tendrils of sticky pre-cum over her face. A brief second later she heard him draw in a sharp breath. Pushing his engorged tool against her lips he forced her to open her mouth and once again deposited a huge load of semen into her throat.

As they men released her from her bonds, Kate rubbed her sore wrists and ankles. She was covered in semen and felt like the slutty slave that she looked.

"Wow!" she stated in a breathless whisper, her lips and tongue still slightly swollen. "That was fucking unbelievable. I must have cum at least four or five times!"

"So my sweet" Said Mike as he swept his wife up into his arms. "Did you enjoy playing the little slave girl?"

"Oh Mike. Oh yes. So much. "She turned to look at the other three friends sitting exhausted and spent on the floor. "Can we do it again sometime?"

All three smiled up expectantly at Mike as he spoke.

"Of course. We play cards at the same time every week!"

The End

* * * * *

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