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A Little Restraint
by Cool Eyes

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Monique lay back, pulled her ankles towards her ass and spread her knees wide apart. Melody kneeled in front of Monique and kissed her once more before tracing a line down her neck with her tongue. She lingered at her breasts teasing each nipple before continuing down to her stomach. Monique's eyes were closed and her tongue was parting her lips slightly. Just as I thought Melody was about to lap at Monique's pussy she stopped and reached out for the ice bucket. Picking out a cube she quickly applied it to Monique's left nipple, Monique gasped as within an instant Melody applied her lips to warm back the cooled nipple. Repeating this on each nipple in turn had Monique writhing in ecstasy.

Melody pulled away and returned to lick between Monique's legs, her juices were already glistening on the smooth skin and her clit was standing erect and swollen. I realised that Melody's teasing was not confined to me but she was intending to hold Monique on edge for as long as it was possible, she traced her tongue around her pussy, she flicked her clit with the tip of her tongue. Using her fingernails she made long lingering traces along her inner thighs and then moved back to tease her nipples with the ice cubes or to kiss her deep on the lips. 'Fuck me with your tongue now' groaned Monique, 'please now' she begged but all Melody did was smile and continue to tease, never lingering long enough at Monique's pussy to allow her to cum.

After another ten minutes of this when I thought she would drive us both insane Melody reached out for the half empty bottle of champagne. She first pressed the cold bottle to Monique's engorged nipples and then started to pour a little onto her stomach just below her navel. The cold liquid fizzed as it ran down Monique's stomach and onto her pussy, as the cold hit her clit she squealed, bucked her hips and lifted her ass off the bed. Melody chased each drop of the liquid as it ran over and into Monique's pussy, not a drop was wasted as she lapped at Monique, slipping her tongue deep inside to mix Monique's hot juices with the cold champagne and sucking at her clit. Monique's hips continued to writhe as she came in one long screaming orgasm and then collapsed in exhaustion onto the bed, her mouth open gasping for breath.

Melody lay for a while as the tension drained out of Monique, she then lifted herself up and sat on the edge of the bed just inches away from my spread-eagled torso. After pouring the last of the champagne into her glass she said 'so Cool Eyes, restraint's still holding I see'. She then looked intently at my throbbing cock 'I think a hair trigger would be an apt description for that. Tell me just how long do you think you would last if I were to mount you now? Not long I guess' and laughed, 'fortunately though that is not my plan'. She looked me in the eye 'oh don't get dismayed I am not leaving just yet'.

She placed her half-empty glass on the service trolley and moved to the bed beside me, she was still dressed in the bra and suspenders. Her hand reached out and touched my neck before tracing down onto my chest. 'Really it would be polite to allow Monique to dress and leave, she still has work to do poor girl'. Melody lay down at the side of me, placed one hand on my thigh and laid her head on my stomach. We watched as Monique got up from the bed and went through to the bathroom to run a shower, 'no rush eh Cool Eyes' was Melody's comment I just groaned. As Monique showered I could feel Melody's hot breath on my cock and how it ached. Monique returned to the bedroom and picked up her g-string panties, watching her wriggle into them followed by her skirt was almost as sexy as seeing them being removed. She sat on the edge of the bed and kissed Melody on the lips, her top was still naked and one breast brushed the tip of my cock as she bent down. The contact was only for a split second but it had been the first by either of them all night and it sent me into spasms. 'Careful Monique, he has still got a lot of work ahead of him, we wouldn't want him to get overexcited would we' said Melody laughing. I watched Monique, still topless, start to brush her hair and apply lipstick, Melody had moved her hand closer to my cock now and I could feel her fingers lightly brushing at the hairs on my balls. Monique pulled on her blouse, kissed Melody one more time and left the room. 'Now' said Melody 'I think we can remove that gag'.

As the gag came off I felt the joy of unrestricted breathing again and was about to speak when Melody placed a finger across my lips and said, 'I didn't remove that to chat Cool Eyes. We can do that on the net, I have other things in mind for you'. I looked at her, tried to swallow and croaked 'a drink at least, my throat is so dry'. She smiled and obliged me with the last of the champagne. 'Thank you I croaked' as she placed her mouth against mine and kissed me deeply, her tongue probing the back of my throat.

Melody got up and straddled my chest with her legs, hooking her calves under my outstretched arms she sat gently on my chest. 'Oh Cool Eyes I hope you don't think I have finished with you just yet, you have a lot more ahead of you tonight'. I had already been tied like this for over two hours, 'Remember a lady always cums first and I'm the only lady in this room'. Her pussy was now only inches away from my chin and I could see how wet she had become. 'Do you want to taste me?' she asked smiling into my eyes, 'Of course you do.'

Melody reached over and took a strawberry from the trolley, she placed it in her mouth and bit it in half. Taking the half in her fingers she brought it to her pussy and started to rub it along the edge of her lips and then circled her clit with the red fruit. This action caused some of the strawberry's juices to run onto her pussy and mingle with her own juices, and some of her juices to adhere to the strawberry. She then placed this into my mouth and pressed my jaw closed. I rolled it around my mouth for a while tasting the combination of flavours before chewing and swallowing the ripe fruit. She repeated this five or six times each time transferring more sweet strawberry juice to her pussy and each time becoming more wet and excited. I thought she was going to make herself cum, the prospect in itself was causing my cock to ache more but she stopped suddenly. 'Why have a dog and bark yourself' she said and lifted herself within reach of my mouth and tongue. I extended my tongue to lap at her hot pussy and she gasped at the touch. Sliding my tongue along her lips and working it just inside caused her breathing rate to increase and she lowered herself towards my open mouth. I looked up at her and saw her reach between her breasts to undo the white bra and let her full breasts swing free. The bra was clearly for decoration as there was no discernible sagging on its release. I started to probe inside her pussy, pressing my tongue as deep as I could and then withdrawing it to lick at her clit, she gasped and took more strawberries from the trolley. She proceeded to crush them in her hands and rub the wet pulp over her breasts and nipples. After each breast had received a thick coating of strawberry she lifted them in turn and bent her head so she could lick the juice off, lingering at her nipples. She repeated this until only one strawberry was left in the bowl.

Lifting herself up off of my face she took the last remaining strawberry, slowly and deliberately she placed it between her pussy lips and pressed it deep inside of her, looking me strait in the eye as she did this. 'Get it out' she whispered and lowered herself back down. I worked my way inside of her with my tongue but I could only just feel the end of the strawberry, it was going to take at lot of effort to ease it out of this spot. 'The longer it stays the longer I stay' she whispered 'but it's the last task before I turn my attention to you'. I probed with new found effort trying to work that fruit out of her but it was a long slow job and I did not appear to be making ground. I looked up at Melody straddled above me, her face was pressed against the wall and her arms stretched above her head palms flat and fingers scraping. I realised that she too could not hold out much longer as her breath came in short sharp gasps. I renewed my effort and found the strawberry starting to move, I managed to get my tongue in behind it and started to drag it down towards my open mouth. 'It's coming I gasped', Melody just groaned and repeated 'Yes, yes oh YEEESSSSS' before grinding her pussy into my face and clamping her thighs so tight that I thought my neck would break, her body shaking and juddering as the orgasm ripped through her. The strawberry popped out into my mouth at this point and Melody collapsed back on her thighs moaning and twitching. I held the strawberry in my mouth until her orgasm had fully subsided and then invited her to share it. She lifted herself up, untangled her legs and then pressed her mouth to mine tasting the sweet flavour of the strawberry intermingled with her own juices, caressing gently my face and hair.

'Oh Cool Eyes' she whispered 'that was awesome. You have been such a good boy that I think it's time I paid some attention to you'. She turned and looked at my throbbing cock then said, 'there is a problem is though...' I groaned as I anticipated yet another tease, ' long will you last? If I was to take your cock in my mouth now I reckon you would explode on the spot' then laughing she asked, 'what can I do to pace it out?' I was not so sure I wanted it pacing out, the pleasure of the orgasm building inside of me was driving me insane and I just groaned. 'We could try a little of this,' she said reaching over to her bag and drawing out a small vial of coloured liquid. 'The man in the shop said this was highly recommended, he reckoned it would delay any orgasm for up to one hour regardless of the state of arousal before application.' Turning to smile she asked 'can you wait another hour Cool Eyes?' I was about to answer when she said, 'I nearly forgot, you are in no position to have any influence on that decision' and removed the cap off the vial. 'It might have escaped your attention but I am very much in control of the situation here.' I groaned again and watched as she started to drip the liquid onto the head of my cock. At each drip my cock twitched but that alone was not enough to bring me off. Eventually Melody had emptied the whole vial onto my throbbing cock.

Melody kissed me deeply and then traced a line down my throat and chest with her tongue until her head was on my stomach, she lay down beside me and once again I could feel her hot breath on my cock. With only the tip of the forefinger of her right hand she touched the skin at the base of my cock and slowly traced a line along the shaft following a line of the liquid where it had run down my cock. I could barely feel her touch it was so light. She repeated this movement slowly working the liquid into the whole of my cock, taking her time and using the lightest of movements. I had expected the liquid to have a dulling effect on my cock, to take away all sensation, but this was not the case and every stroke, no matter how light, could be felt. 'Is it good stuff Cool Eyes' she asked. 'You can still feel my finger I hope' I simply groaned and she laughed once more and said 'now was it one hour for the whole vial or did he say just use a little at a time? I wonder how long it will take now I've used the whole vial?'

Melody's finger lingered under the head of my cock and then slowly she applied pressure to pull it onto my stomach and towards her mouth. She stretched out her tongue and touched the tip of my cock with her tongue, a drop of pre-cum was sitting there and she curled her tongue to lick it off. 'Tastes good Cool Eyes'. She extended her tongue again and licked gently around the head using only the very tip of her tongue, 'does it feel as good as it tastes?' I gasped a strangled 'yes' and she laughed gently 'I'm so glad.' Moving her head closer to my cock enabled her to lick further down the shaft before opening her mouth to take the head inside. She curled back her lips and gently gripped the head with her teeth, just hard enough to anchor it in place and free up her hand. Sliding her fingers along and down the shaft she reached my balls and cupped them gently, starting to massage the skin and roll them gently inside the sack, easing away slightly she used her nails to scratch and tickle them. Inside her mouth she was probing the end of my cock with her tongue, tickling the opening at the end and sipping at the pre-cum that was weeping out.

She opened her mouth allowing my cock to spring out and proceeded to make a circle around it with her thumb and forefinger, she slid this ring gently up my shaft until it rested just under the head of my cock. 'I shall have to give my compliments to the vendor' she whispered 'it seems to be controlling you just nicely.' As she rotated her hand around my cock her head moved up to my chest and she kissed my nipples, drawing them into her mouth, nipping them with her teeth and tickling them with her tongue.

Down at my cock she had closed the rest of her fingers and was starting to stroke with more pressure now. Lifting her head from my chest she looked me directly in the eye and started to move her head back towards my cock, never breaking the eye contact. I thought she was going to take me in inside of her mouth but instead at the last second she broke away, lay between my legs and placed my cock between her breasts so only the head was exposed. Licking her fingers she rubbed gently at the head with a four-finger end grip. This was then changed so that only her fingernails made contact, the pain was excruciating but the pleasure outweighed this.

My hips were beginning to twitch now and my ass tried to lift her up. 'Um, not bad, an hour and ten and you still haven't cum.' Still maintaining eye contact she pulled her breasts away and licked again at my cock and balls this time licking harder and using her lips to kiss along the whole shaft. After five or so minutes of this she held my cock firmly in a circular grip and proceeded to take the head inside her mouth, she moved oh so slowly taking her time until I was buried deep inside her and she could let go her finger grip. The fingers were then transferred to my balls where she continued to stroke and scratch. Inside her mouth I could feel her teeth gently biting and her tongue working independently of her lips, flicking and lapping along the length. I tried to drive my hips hard against her mouth but she easily held me steady aided by my bindings. Then slowly she lifted her head and started to withdraw me from her mouth, just as I thought I was going to be taken out she reversed the movement and lowered her head again. 'I think it's time Cool Eyes, I think it's time.' Her movements speeded up, moving along the whole length not quite withdrawing completely at the head and sinking so low that I could feel the narrowing as I reached the back of her throat. Her movements started to increase in speed and the sensation in my cock increased. My hips started to lift and this time she did not resist me.

She lifted herself onto her knees and placed a hand either side of my thighs until the only contact between us was my cock in her mouth. I was groaning and sighing, my breath in short shallow pants, faster and faster she stroked the suction of her mouth felt like it was going to pull my cock off until I could hold on no longer. 'Oh god' I yelled 'harder, harder I'm cumin' and she obliged, rapidly stroking with her mouth and pushing down so hard and deep that the tightness of her throat felt like a vice. 'Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' was all I could yell as the hot cum pumped out of me and Melody swallowed it down, she wrapped her arms under my thighs and hung on as my bucking hips threatened to pull my cock from her mouth. Not a drop of cum escaped her, every drop was swallowed down and she held on until the orgasm subsided and my cock started to go limp. After letting my cock slip from her lips she moved to my mouth and kissed my deeply on my lips and I could taste a lingering saltiness.

After a few minutes she pulled her head away and looked at my exhausted form, 'you did mention you liked restraint' she said, 'you should not ask for what you don't like' then giggling 'but I don't think that's the case is it?' I just shook my head. 'Perhaps we'll fuck properly in the morning after you have had a rest, you look so tired right now.' She started to get off the bed and then stopped 'do you think I should untie you now?' she asked, 'too much of a good thing might be bad for you.' After she undid the ropes all I could do was lie in the foetal position, my every muscle and joint ached and I just wanted to die, I had nothing left in life, pleasure wise, to live for. 'Do you want to join me in the shower' she asked but I declined and started to drift off to sleep. My last memories before I drifted off was that of Melody lying down beside me, her back to my stomach, my sore limp cock nestled against the tattoo on her ass and my hand cupping her breasts.

I awoke with the sun streaming through a crack in the curtains, I sat up suddenly remembering were I was and what happened the evening before. I was alone. At first I wondered whether it had all been an intense erotic dream but then I saw a single rose on the pillow beside me, again a card was wrapped around its' stem. I opened and read: "So Cool Eyes you got the restraint you wished for, I hope you enjoyed receiving as much as I enjoyed giving. This morning you looked so cute lying there that I felt bad about waking you and decided to let you sleep. We never actually got to fuck but if we had then that would have made a liar of me when in the future, I claim to be a virgin, this way I don't have to lie about that. Have a nice journey home and we will chat again sometime." It was signed Melody and carried a large lipstick kiss.

I looked again at my surroundings, leapt of the bed, showered and dressed in record time. Grabbing the few belongings I had brought I raced to the door, I was about to leave when I stopped and returned to the bed to pick up the rose and note. Leaving the room I headed down to the lobby to find Monique, perhaps she would know where Melody had gone. Looking around she was nowhere in sight there was only a young guy with acne on duty at the desk.

'Monique' I blurted out, 'Monique, where is Monique' He continued to thumb through some paperwork. I grabbed him by the jacket lapels 'I need to speak to Monique urgently'.

A startled look spread across his face 'sorry sir' he said, 'we have no guest called Monique here'.

'No, no, she is on the staff, a tall slim blonde girl, early twenties'.

'I'm sorry sir', he repeated 'we just do not have anyone by that name on the staff, please let go sir you are hurting me.' My grip relaxed as I realised the sight I must have been.

I started to turn away in confusion when the receptionist called 'sir, we did have an agency girl here last night. She comes in occasionally, a blonde girl but her name is not Monique, perhaps you misheard.' I looked back at him 'I can give you the agency card' he said handing a red business card to me, 'perhaps you could call them and check up'.

'Thank you I said, yes perhaps I shall do that'.

'Sir' he called 'it was room 101 wasn't it? Mr. er... Cool Eyes?'

'Yes' I replied.

'That's ok sir your bill was settled this morning'.

I looked queryingly at him, the look on my face was enough for him to say 'sorry sir, I don't know who settled it. I have only just come on duty; the night manger dealt with it'.

I walked slowly towards the door, in two hours I was due to catch my return flight.

'Can I get you a taxi sir?' called the receptionist.

'No' I replied 'I will catch a breath of air and get one from the street, I don't want to stay tied up here any longer' and smiled to myself as the door swung shut behind me. I looked again at the card in my hand, crumpled in and threw it in a trashcan, somehow I knew that there would be no Monique at the agency either.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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