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Adventures of Adam - Day 3
by Xander

Damn I'm sore. I think this was the first thought going through my mind. Cerys moved up against me. Mumbling something in her sleep. Still at Christine's house. I sighed.

Considering everything I guess it's perfectly understandable.

These past days had been the most exciting imaginable. And trust me. I can imagine a lot. First Christine. A very good friend of mine, who I've secretly loved since I meet her the first time. At my birthday, only three days ago, we were together for the first time. As it turned out she had also been in love with me. Not as long as I had been in love with her. But still. That evening in my car she gave me a blow job that left me with the most wonderful feeling in the world. I could not believe my dream had come true. We were finally a couple.

Yesterday Cerys, Christine's little sister had greeted me at their front door. Teasing me like she always does. Cerys is only a year younger than Christine. And like Christine she has the same stunning look as her sister. Both of them very intelligent, both with a caring soul and a wonderful personality. And that is very very very rare to find. Most gorgeous women I've meet has been so focused on their own beauty that nothing else seemed to matter to them. Or they have been down right stupid bitches. Not with these two girls. I guess their looks alone has given more than one guy a wet dream. For those of us who has known them for quite some time. It has been a little more than that.

Anyway. Christine and I had consummated our love with some heavenly love making. And it was beautiful. Much better than I imagined it would be. But it doesn't stop there. Cerys had been watching us, and was letting us know that she had. My first reaction was fear. Fear for her response. Secondly I felt a little ashamed. After all I had been lying there with a rock hard dick, still wet from Christine's juices and standing out from my body like a flagpole. Of course I was completely naked. I had expected Cerys to be repulsed by us. And turn and run away.

I was wrong.

She strolled over to the bed and kissed her sister passionately, asking her if I tasted good. Needless to say my jaw hit the floor with a loud smack. Christine's reaction didn't help me pick it up again. She encouraged Cerys to taste for herself, And she did. I watched as Cerys mouth moved to my dick, her tongue licking the head. Then Christine had joined her and I had the two most beautiful women in this little town giving me head at the same time. I was hot and burning up with lust. But most of all I was confused and in chock. That didn't prevent me from shooting my load in Cerys' sweet mouth though. She drank it with great pleasure and stated that I did taste good.

I really need to get some kind of explanation on this. Granted. I live out a dream and it has been taken a step further. And I guess I will be taking even more before this is finished. Still a more thorough explanation is needed. I consider myself a fairly open minded guy, and there are few things that can rock my ground. But these past days of sexual exploring's has made my ground shake like a 9.2 on the Richter scale.

A kiss on my left cheek brought me back to my present situation. Christine was looking at me with passion. "You're already awake?" I nodded and kissed her gently on the lips. She embraced me and hugged me tightly, pressing her naked body against mine. The feel of her naked body caused little mister Helmet Head to come to life, and he gradually started to raise the tent.

I put my arm around Christine and hugged her back. Which caused Cerys to move even close to me, locking me between two perfectly build bodies. Little mister Helmet Head was perfectly aware of the dream situation I was in, and stood fully erect like a soldier awaiting some action.

Christine giggled against my shoulder. "Not much room for excitement here."

I let out a small laugh. "No. But on the other hand maybe this is exactly the situation where Mr. H wants to be."

"Mr. H???" She asked.

"Yeah, Mr Helmet Head." I said matter of factly.

Christine burst out laughing loudly. "Cute Adam. Really Cute. Why Mr. Helmet Head, of all names?" I smiled. "I don't know. But it sure as hell beats Günther." This only caused her to laugh louder still.

Cerys stirred to life next to us. "What the hell is so damn funny." Cerys sounded a little grumpy. I guess she's not a morning person. Christine let go of me and sat up telling her what I'd just said.

Cerys smiled. "Well, he does look a little like a construction worker with his helmet." There was a little pause, then they both burst out laughing. I lay back pretending to be mad. I put on my I'm-not-that-thrilled-about-your-talk face. "Oh thank you! Just make fun of poor Mr. H. What if he gets sad and goes around with his head hanging." Both Christine and Cerys put on their shocked faces. Or tried to.

"Oh no. Poor little Mr. H." Cerys dived under the covers. After a moment her hand and a pointing finger came out from under there.

" might wanna strike little from the record." She let a finger go from my asshole, over my balls and then over my raging erection. Teacher like she stated.

"Nope. No sad Mr. Helmet Head here." She grabbed my dick and started to stroke it. "But I think he has been to the gym." Cerys' gentle touch made me moan in pleasure. Cerys sure knew how to stroke a guy. Just like she is outstanding in the art of oral satisfaction. She did it just right.

"Oh my God Cerys. You just keep on surprising me. This is way too good to be legal."

Christine giggled. "I think he likes it." Cerys' naked ass was within my reached and started to massage it. Running my finger along the crack. It made her jump in surprise but also made her move closer to my hand. Once again her hand a pointing finger came out from under the covers. "I think he likes this more." With those words I could feel her soft lips massaging little Mr. H. And he doesn't like it. He LOVES it.

Cerys let her lips run over my dick head but not letting me in. Occasionally she let her tongue run just below the head where it is most sensible. And once more she causes bolts of pleasure to shoot through my body. I let my fingers trace a course from her pussy to her asshole. Making her tense up every time I cross her asshole. I start to finger her and gently enters her pussy. Now it is her turn to moan in pleasure. I remove the covers from her head. And the most horny sight meets me. Just seeing her massaging me with her mouth. This beautiful girl pleasuring me makes me grow harder still.

Cerys looks up at me while she opens her mouth and gently engulfs Mr. H. She has that innocent look on her face. But damn. There is nothing innocent about her actions now. Her tongue was going on over time in her mouth and was really getting me of. I fingered her more rapidly now, and she moved with my every stroke. Suddenly a devil appeared in my mind and I stopped giving her pussy a treat. I moved up a little and started to work on her asshole. But as it was a little difficult from the position we were in. I grabbed around her waist and moved her up so we were lying in a 69.

Cerys gladly moved up and sat on my face. I started to lick her ass, pressing my tongue inside. This really caused Cerys to jump. But she never let go of my dick. I put my thumb on her clit and gently began to massage it. Okay, now she was letting go of my dick and moaned loudly. "Damn Adam, what the hell are you doing to me."

"Pleasuring you I think." I said matter of factly. "Don't you like it?"

Cerys turned her face to me. Her expression was filled with wanting. "Fuck yeah!!!" Then to her sister who had been watching us all this time. "Did you know he could do this???" Christine settled back and nodded.

"He haven't licked my ass though. But if it is even half as good as when he licks my pussy. It's good." Cerys was breathing heavily now; from my actions.

"And you didn't warn me!!" Christine just shook her head and smiled. "Enjoy it while it lasts."

Just to underline their little exchange of words, I started to lick Cerys' womanhood. Once again my dick dropped out of her mouth. "Holy shit!!! Where the fuck have you le...." I stopped her with a well placed lick, which seemed to catch her breath in her throat.

Christine grinned. "Told you so."

I turned my head to her. "Wanna join in on the fun?" She shook her head. "Nah, not now. I think I'm gonna get something to eat." She stood up from the bed and grabbed a rope. "You two have fun though."

I watched my girlfriend leave the room. All my moral dilemmas had seemed to disappear the moment Cerys started to stroke my dick. I was after all in a situation most guys only dream about, and few actually experience. If any. I returned to work on Cerys' ass and pussy. She was rapidly sucking me and my balls tightened with her working on little Mr. H. I didn't want to cum all ready. This was too good just to stop right now. So I took Cerys and threw her on her back on the bed. "Cerys, I want to fuck you. I wanna do what I didn't get to do yesterday." I kissed her deep on the lips. Tasting a little of myself. She kissed me back and grabbed Mr. H. "Yeah Adam. Lets fuck." There was no room for gentle and romantic words just then. But that was all right with me. I was so horny and had so much blood pumped into my member that I properly could faint any minute.

Cerys guided my dick into her pussy. And I pushed through. I stopped with only the head inside. I could feel how Cerys' pussy sucked on my dick. How tight she was. Her muscles down there was shifting between tightening around the head and relaxing. Bolts of pleasure shot through every vein in my body. I wanted more. Much more.

Slowly I pushed all the way in. Damn she was really really tight, locking little Mr. H. in properly the best situation he'd ever been in. Cerys grabbed my buttocks and held me there. All the way inside her. "Oh shit, this feels good." I started to move slowly back and forth, now breathing heavily, moaning. Cerys had closed her eyes and her mouth was open like she had her breath caught in her throat. I licked her face and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She sucked on my tongue like she had been sucking one my dick. I couldn't believe she was such a sexual power machine. This girl I had spend most of my teen years teasing and being real cruel to. Now I was fucking her with everything I had.

We shifted position and got her on her knees. I took her doggy style and was fucking her faster and faster by the minute. Wet smacking sound filled the room every time my balls and thighs connected with her. Cerys was almost crying out now. And we were in a world of the utter most pleasurable place of all. I put my index finger on her asshole, and started to work it in her ass. Cerys threw back her head and screamed. "Yes God dammit. More!!" I kept fucking her at a steady pace. My finger worked its way into her rectum and Cerys moaned and sighed louder still.

I was a little afraid that I might hurt her. But she seemed to like it so I continued. I worked my finger deeper into her ass while I was fucking her, and before I knew of it, it was all the way in. That got me thinking. Maybe I can fuck her there in that tight hole.

As if she could read my mind Cerys screamed. "Ram that big cock of yours up my ass! Split me in half. I want it NOW!" All right. Gotta do what the lady wants. I removed my dick from her tight pussy and placed little Mr. Helmet Heads head on her back entrance. Carefully I began to push through, and Cerys opened gradually for me. With only the head inside her ass I let out.

"Fuck yeah!!" I was almost beyond rational thinking. Cerys' pussy was tight and silky soft. But this was better. I grind my teeth in lust. Having that tight ass grab my dick like this was unbelievable. I know most guys never get to fuck any girl in the ass. To those who do. Now I know why you like it so much. I can't put words to it.

I slowly worked my full length into her back door. Enjoying it more and more. At first I started to fuck Cerys' ass slowly, trying to be gentle. She wouldn't hear of it and shouted. "Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass harder!!" Well, her bidding is my command so of course I did as she wanted.

Clearly I was not the one in control. She was. And I couldn't complain about it. She send me into heaven and beyond.

I didn't have long to go. With that wonderful feeling Cerys' ass provided it was impossible to hold back. I was about to cum. "Cerys....I can't hold it any more......I'm going to...." I didn't even get to finish the sentence before I exploded deep in her ass. Cumming so violently I almost fainted. I don't know how much I shot in her. But it seemed like I continued forever. The moment I shot my load Cerys cried out in pleasure and her body shook violently. I held her around the waist and put my body on top of hers. Still with my, now semi-hard, dick in her ass.

I pulled free of the tight feeling with a pop. "Holy Shit Cerys. I've never tried something like that before....ever." Cerys turned around and held me tightly.

"I'm glad you liked it. I know I loved it. No one has ever fucked me like that before. Not my pussy and not my ass." She kissed me. "Thank you...." It was not even fully day yet. But I was completely drained.

"You have tried having somebody fuck you in the ass before?"

Cerys smiled at me. "Yeah, I've tried it a few times. And since the first time I kinda love having my ass fucked." She giggled a little at this.

"I guess I'm a little anal fixated." I looked down at my limp dick.

"Maybe so. All I can say is that it was wonderful beyond belief. And then I think you've killed little Mr. H."

She grabbed my dick and shook it a little. "Don't worry. He'll come back to life eventually. He better have to because I think Christine wanna enjoy him as well as I have." With these words Cerys left me alone in the bed, and went to the bathroom to clean up. Anal sex is sure wonderful. But it is a little messy.

Left alone I started to think about my current situation. Morally what I was doing was wrong. And I guess my parents church would have a field day trying to pin my sins on me. But to be honest. I couldn't give a flying fuck.

Sure. This kind of relationships don't last forever. But right now I wouldn't give a damn about right or wrong about it. Right now I decided to live out the full possibility I had been given. From now on I was going to enjoy Christine and Cerys as much as I could. Give them what ever I could. And just enjoy as long as it might last.

To be continued...


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