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Sex: M
Age: 26
Location: Ringsted, Denmark
ICQ#: 63793389
I'm your basic closet pervert, who happens to be hopelessly addicted to the cyber world. And a few other things .......*wink wink*

When I'm not in front of the 'puter. I am most certainly playing my instruments. Another big addiction of mine. I've been playing since I was nine or ten. Can't quite remember I must admit. But I love composing and wouldn't give it up, if you held a gun to my head.

I stumbled across Literotica by pure coincidence, and I've been coming here every single day, ever since. I write erotica for the fun. It's very liberating and allows me to release my inner dog.....heehee .

You can ask me whatever you want. There are very few things I won't get into. So ask away. But, be advised, I am brutally honest. You might not want to hear what I answer.
But feel free to drop me a note.

Well, I guess that's about it. Nothing much more to tell about little me. Oh, I know there supposed to be a picture here. It's coming, that's a promise.

Adventures of Adam I - Guy gets dream girl for 18th birthday.
Adventures of Adam II - Adam learns Christine's family secrets.
Adventures of Adam III - He enjoys his girlfriend's sister.
Adventures of Adam IV - Cerys makes shocking confession.
Mindgames - Sick boy and crippled girl find each other.
Sex-Wars - Sex is illegal in the year 2376.
Sex-Wars Pt. II - Trey's loyalties are split between GDA & SexLib.
Xander Music - Songs composed by Literotica author & supporter Xander, & dedicated to Literotica and its readers & writers. AUDIO

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