The Best Erotic Stories.

Act Out Pt. II
by Tristmegistis

There was that same avoidance after our second amazing night of perverse debauchery. By the time I woke up, stiff and sore, on the living room carpet, Helen had cleaned herself up and was her normal old self again and acted like nothing had happened.

To tell the truth, I was thankful. I'd done and said things to her I was deeply ashamed of. I'd treated a smart, beautiful woman I really loved like she was nothing more important than three holes made to be fucked. Sure, she'd loved every moment and every way I abused her, and had even suggested things for me to do, but that was no excuse for having done it.

That's not to say I regretted any of it. Maybe that sounds weird, but it's true. I didn't want to be reminded that it'd happened, but I wouldn't have taken any of it back, even if there'd been a way. After the first hour or two, the worst of our mutual embarrassment was over and we went about our Sunday chores - including church - like it was just another day. The only visible reminder of what we'd done was that Helen waddled a little when she walked. Her much abused asshole was raw, and her pussy wasn't in much better shape.

As before though, there were side-effects. We made passionate love at least once a day, sometimes more. We added a little more variety to our coupling, but nothing really outrageous. Helen liked to be on top sometimes, and we developed a habit of extended foreplay, including energetically eating one another's sex. And we privately fantasized, remembering the things we'd done, the wild lust we'd both experienced.

All the while, we went about planning our upcoming wedding. It was going to be the big church affair our families wanted and had pretty much given up on, since we were both in our mid twenties. Needless to say, we acted like the perfect couple. Not even our best friends had any idea that beneath our handsome, normal appearances there lurked dark secrets.

It was after the next-to-last wedding rehearsal, three days before the real thing, half-tanked on champagne, that Helen and I loosened up our lust again. It'd been almost four months since that wild Saturday night, and the pressure to get dirty had been building and building in both of us.

I'd secretly, shamefully indulged in more masturbatory fantasies inspired by that mind-blowing event than I could count. When I discovered the trashy makeup I'd bought her had vanished from her bathroom drawer, I slyly got more. In fact, about once a month I broke out into a sweat and whacked off and couldn't stop myself from making a trip to some cosmetic counter to pick up a little something for "next time." I knew there'd *be* a "next time," I just didn't know when.

The day of the practice wedding had been one of those times. I'd had to go to the men's room at the plant and jack of to mental pictures of Helen wearing her virginal white wedding gown and a complete whore's face, dominated by slick, fat red lips begging to be fucked. On the way to the rehearsal, I'd been compelled to stop at a huge drugstore and buy still more lewd fantasy cosmetics. I was worried and excited by the contents of the little shopping bag in the back seat of the car. I half-hoped Helen would notice it and discover what was inside, but I couldn't make myself say anything.

So, when we finally made it home after the Friday evening rehearsal party, and Helen glued herself to me before we even got the door closed and pushed her tongue down my throat, grinding her fantastic tits against my chest, the plastic bag in my hand felt very obvious. When the hot kiss finally ended, I guess I must have looked at it.

"What's that, Ron?" she asked, still rubbing me with her hips.

"Oh. Nothing."

"It's *got* to be something, hon." She lifted it from my limp fingers and peeked inside. Her "Oh!" was surprised, but not at all displeased. Her eyes sought mine, and the bump of her hips picked up a little more urgency. I saw her swallow a lump in her throat, try to say something, and decide she needed another kiss.

I only thought the first one was passionate. Compared to the way she attacked my mouth that time, it'd been a polite peck. Her fingers dug into my ass like she was trying to force my whole body between her legs. When she finally broke the embrace, she was gasping.

"Should I . . . do you want me to . . ."

I watched her try to get the words out and felt the lust expand to fill me. "Yeah. That's what I want."

She wrapped one long leg around my waist and dove in for another kiss. "Say it," she murmured hotly into my ear, nibbling my lobe. "Tell me what you want me to be."

I squeezed her ass, pulling her still closer. I made sure one finger was hard against her shit hole. "My nasty little slut," I told her. "My dirty little whore."

"Oh, yes," she breathed, the crotch of her jeans riding up my erection, her ass wiggling, trying to force my finger in her back door. "I want that. I want it so fucking bad, Ron. I want to do it like last time, with you fucking me while I paint my face."

"No, cunt. I want it to be *better* than last time."

"Oh, baby, it will be. I've got some surprises for you."

"I've got some for you, too, bitch."

"So take me upstairs, stud. Let's do it. I'm so fucking hot just thinking about it that I'm ready to cum right now."

"Un uh. First you put on the lipstick in the bag and get on your fucking knees right here and suck my cum down your slutty little throat."

I let her use the hall mirror to spread the deepest creamy red color I could find over her mouth while I unbuttoned her blouse and attacked her already long nipples. She hissed and purred and thrust her tight ass against my swollen prick until I was satisfied with her lips.

When she took my cock in her mouth it was with all the skill I imagined a professional hooker had, and a hell of a lot more real desire for what she was doing.

"Oh, fuck, baby," she groaned as she took a break and used her hands to stroke my rod. "Look what I'm doing! I'm smearing my nasty fucking lipstick all over your cock. I'm taking your lovely fuck-meat all the way down my throat." She shuddered wildly. "God, I love it!" She dove back onto me, sucking noisily.

I took her hair in my fists and held her head still and fucked myself in and out of her head. Through tightly gritted teeth, I told her what I had hidden away in the back of my closet. "I bought you tons of makeup, cunt, so you can look every bit the slut you are. I got you two real dildos that look just like cocks. They're long and fat and hard, ready for your holes, baby. Before the night's over, your cunt and ass are going to be so fucking stretched out you could fuck a telephone pole."

She was whining around my prick. She'd opened her jeans and her hand was digging noisily in her sloppy wet pussy while she bounced on the floor. She was trying to speak, but the way I was forcing my dick into her made it impossible. I tried to hold myself back, but the sight of her smeared lips and the color she left on my meat drove me over the edge. I pushed as far in as possible and stayed there. Her lips were buried in my public hair, nuzzling the base of my shaft, and I could see the end of my dick bulging her graceful neck. My cum erupted like lava. Helen choked and swallowed, swallowed and choked. The white goo oozed around her lips as I eased back out of her head a little, my knees turning to jelly.

When I turned loose of her hair, she grabbed my cock and jacked it, opening her mouth for air, showing me the pool of cum on her tongue. She aimed my spurting prick between her smeared lips and hungrily took every wad I gave her. When I was merely dribbling sperm, she cooed and rubbed my shrinking member over her cheeks, chin and eyes, never giving up her pumping grip, until I was totally limp. She bathed my soft flesh in tender kisses and loving licks, making sure she'd gotten every last trace of cum.

I helped her to her feet, make her kick the jeans and panties off her ankles. I told her to leave her blouse on and her bra open because it made her look so trashy. She smiled at herself in the mirror, admiring her blurred lips and the smears of cum shining on her fair skin.

I led her to the stairs and pushed her up, my thumb digging into her asshole and my first two fingers slipped into her saturated cunt. She had to lean on the bannister and slowly climb the steps with her legs parted. When my thumb popped past her ass-ring and plunged into her, she missed a step and nearly fell. She leaned back against me and came, wailing loudly.

I pushed her forward, made her walk and cum at the same time. She had to lean against the wall all the way down the hall, and I thought her legs were going to give out and dump her on the floor, but she made it somehow. Her cum was trickling down her thighs like she'd pissed all over herself.

When we got in the bedroom, I jerked my hand out of her. She looked stunned, gasped. She just stood there with a haunted expression while I got the overnight case from my closet shelf. I flipped it open and showed her what was inside. Her shock dissipated as her eyes danced over all the eyeshadow and lipsticks, foundations, powders, nail enamels and false fingernails I'd accumulated.

"Oh, Ron," she whimpered, taking the case from my hands. "Oh, fuck, honey. Can I use it now? I can't wait!"

"Not yet, slut. You said you had some surprises, too. Show me."

She dropped her eyes, looked embarrassed and hesitated. Her expression changed when I pinched her nipples. She grunted at the pain and pleasure pulsing through her and smiled. When I dropped my hands, she set the case on the bed and scurried to her much larger closet. She grabbed a black garment bag from the bar and laid it out on the bed like it was fragile. Her hands opened and closed near the zipper. Her eyes speared me with a pleading look.

I stroked her fine ass, played with her shit hole. "Open it, whore."

She bent forward from the waist, her tits hanging straight down and opened the bag. The first thing she took out, handling it like it was a baby, was what I thought at first was the black cocktail dress she'd borrowed from her friend Doreen that first time. I saw I was wrong as she spread it on the bedspread. The neckline was cut even deeper, the hem even shorter, and it buttoned up the front.

"Where'd you get it?" I asked, still toying with her asshole.

She thrust into my touch. "I bought it at the mall. I bought all this nasty shit with money from my savings."

"Show me the rest, cunt. Let me see it all."

She took out a garter belt and three pair of patterned hose. There was a wicked, lacy red teddy that had garter straps, too, and two sets of sexy bras and panties. The final items were two pairs of stiletto heels taller than anything I'd ever seen, one red, one black. She ran loving hands over everything until I pushed my teasing finger into her puckered, sweaty brown hole. It was slick with pussy juice and went in easily. She gasped and stiffened and wiggled her ass.

"Have you worn any of it?"

"No," she groaned. "I didn't even try it on when I bought it. I wanted to but I couldn't. I take it all out and look at it this way sometimes, but the first time had to be because you made me do it."

"Do you finger your slick pussy and play with your tits when you look at it?"

"Yes," she hissed, humping back at my hand as I poked her with it.

"How many times?"

"Three. But I wanted to do it more. I diddled my big, fat clit and pinched my nipples real hard and made myself cum like a bitch. Sometimes at work I have to go to the bathroom and finger myself, just dreaming about how slutty I'll look and feel. Make me do it now, honey. Make me be your fucking whore, right now."

Instead, I picked up one of the shiny red shoes. The sole wasn't even scuffed. I put the metal tipped heel between her legs and rubbed it up and down her weeping slit.

She jerked, whined. "It's cold."

"I'll warm it up for you." I pointed the tip at her asshole as slowly pushed it in. "I'll fuck you with your own fuck-me shoes, slut." I wanted to really pound her with it, but was afraid the sharp tip would injure her.

She put both hands on the bed and spread her legs wider. "Yes," she muttered. "Oh, yes. Fuck your cunty whore any way you want to. I love it all. I'll do anything you want."

I grabbed the other red shoe and slid the second heel in her ass above the first one. She shrieked and dropped her face onto the bed, on top of the black dress. Her hand scrabbled for a black shoe and she started licking it, then sucking on the six inch long spike like it was a cock. She was frenzied.

"So fucking nasty," she groaned around the high heel. "Sucking off a fucking shoe. Two more splitting my ass, all the way in my guts. Slut. What a fucking slut. I'll fuck anything. Anywhere. Make me cum, baby. Make me cum. Don't let me ever stop cumming. I'm your fuck toy, the nastiest whore there ever was."

I jerked the shoes out of her, slapped her ass hard. "Then make yourself look like one, cunt. Here. Put on the shoes I fucked you with and get your hot ass into the bathroom and paint your cheap fucking face."

Nodding drunkenly, she sat on the bed and strapped the heels on her ankles. She wobbled in them when she stood, leaned on me for support.

I straightened her and stepped away. "Strut for me, cunt. Wiggle your ass. I want to see the way your big tits bounce in your fuck-me shoes."

Her first few strides were awkward and ungainly in the stilt-like shoes.

"That sucks, bitch. Get your shit together. Make me want to fuck you."

Her second pass around the room was better. She kind of fucked the air as she walked. She stared at the way I rubbed my crotch. She wet her mouth and pulled her blouse and bra under her tits, lifting them for me. Her nipples were long and red from being pinched. She squeezed them like bread dough.

"Look at yourself in the mirror, you sleazy cunt. Look how high and hard your ass is in those shoes. Look at how you're playing with your fucking tits. Look how you're begging to be fucked."

She was fascinated by her reflection. "Yes. So fucking sleazy. Oh, God, baby, let me finger my pussy. I want to watch me finger-fuck myself. I want to watch myself cum. Please."

"No fucking way, bitch. You've got to earn it." I pushed her toward the bathroom and followed, carrying the little suitcase. She was already bent at the hips with her legs spread, looking expectantly at me. I set the case down beside her and rested a hand on her ass cheek, my fingers at the top of her thigh. "Do it."

She talked to herself under her breath while she attacked the makeup. I kept squeezing her ass and tickling her between the legs. She was amazingly wet, her pussy lips hanging open a little, her hair matted and soft and curly.

"You kept your cunt trimmed, slut. I bet every time you shaved your legs you remembered last time and got turned on. Right?"

"Umm," she purred, curling her long black eyebrows in a clamp. "I felt so dirty, honey. I touched myself every time, rolled my clit and fingered my pussy almost every time I took a bath."

"What a fucking cunt," I told her, going for her asshole with two wet fingers. "Did you ever put things in your ass, whore?"

"Noooo," she groaned, pushing against my hand with quick thrusts.

"But you will from now on, won't you, slut? When you feel nasty from now on, you'll want something in your ass, too, won't you?"

"Yesss. Oh, fuck yes."

"And you'll want to play with makeup. And you'll fuck your own ass and cunt in the mirror and watch your slutty red lips and cum until you scream."

"Slutty . . . red . . . lips . . ." she said around the silver tube as she ran it over her mouth. "Long . . . red . . fingernails . . . tight little dress . . . fuck-me shoes . . ."

The mental image made me wild. I stepped between her legs and took her. Her ass had been opened by the shoes and fingers but only the first inch or so was slick and wet. I reamed her anyway, forced myself down her unlubed guts.

She screamed in pain.

I slapped her ass with one hand and glued myself to her bucking as so she couldn't escape. I pushed deeper into her. "Open it up! Take it, whore!" I yelled and slapped her stinging ass again even harder.

She braced herself on her hands. "Go ahead, motherfucker!!" she sobbed. "Rape my slutty ass, you bastard!! Give it to me!!"

I gave up slapping her red cheeks and grabbed her hips and fucked her for all I was worth. She grunted with the pounding. Her eyes focused on her face in the mirror. I could have done it all night, but there were things I wanted even worse. I ripped out of her. Her legs gave out and she had to catch herself by the water faucets. I wiped my huge red hard-on on a towel and held it under her nose.

"Smell your shit, whore? We've got to do something about that."

She was still recovering from what we'd done. She blinked like she didn't understand while I filled up the enema bag with hot water.

"Get in the bathtub, cunt. Lift your legs up and grab your ankles."

She did, kind of sluggishly. I put the oversized nozzle up her ass. She watched numbly until I opened the clip and the water gushed into her. Her heavily painted eyes went wide and her slick red lips went round.

"Two quarts of hot water, cunt. Look at your belly swell up." I let the thing empty and pulled out the plug. Water drooled out of her. "Hold it until I tell you to shit, whore. Keep every drop in that fresh-fucked asshole."

In ten minutes, she was in agony. She was begging me to let her shit. She was crying, even after I warned her not to ruin her eye makeup. I reached down and petted her pussy, rolled her clit. She cried even louder, but her hips started moving and she started getting real wet again. I dipped a finger in and collected some of her honey and raised it to her mouth and spread it on her quaking, deep red lower lip.

"Taste yourself, whore. Lick your nasty cunt juice off your slutty mouth." My finger was still busy on her swollen button. Her hips were trying to catch my hand and get it in her flooded cunt. Brown water was starting to seep from her ass.

"Go ahead, slut. Cum for me. Cum and turn loose of your shit at the same time."

Her scream was pure, raw release. Cum literally shot out of her pussy while her asshole opened and everything she'd had up her ass gushed out like a geyser. It was hard to say which was convulsing more, her pussy or ass muscles. I kept going and going on her clit.

She begged me to quit, screamed at me she had to stop or she'd die.

She was cumming and couldn't stop. In spite of what she said, when I fed her more of her pussy juice she tried to suck my finger down her throat. When I pulled away from her mouth and clit at the same time, she slowly relaxed.

I stood up. "Clean yourself up. I'll be in the bedroom."

It took her a while to rinse off the shitty water she'd been laying in and redo her face, all the time I needed to get everything ready. When she finally came out, her face was done even better than before. I thought for a minute it was because I'd distracted her the first time. Then it dawned on me that she was *too* much better with the cosmetics.

"You've already been painting yourself like a slut when I'm not around, haven't you, cunt? That's what happened to the makeup that was in the drawer."

Her brazen strut faltered. She couldn't manage to look embarrassed under so much foundation and powder. She looked at the floor, wrung her hands anxiously. "Yes. I couldn't help it."

"How many times, cunt?"

Her voice was almost a whisper. She couldn't look at me. Watching her fat, slick red lips make such meek sounds made my steel-like cock even harder. "Four. Some Monday afternoons when I was supposed to be at aerobics since . . . since the other time. Are you mad at me?"

"You've got too many secrets, whore. I'm going to punish you. No more sneaking around. Or else."

"Punish me?" she whimpered.

"You'll see. But right now, get your cheap ass dressed. I want to see what a total whore you are."

I made her put on a show for me as she wiggled and stretched into her outfit, kind of a reverse strip. She was so excited that I think she had a couple of little orgasms while she did it. She regained her poise, kept glancing from me to the long mirror. My barked commands kept her from getting a good look at herself until she was finished with everything, including her inch long scarlet fingernails.

She looked unbelievably hot. The black dress was a size too small, so tight that it mashed her tits until they spilled over the top of the swooping neckline, leaving only her nipples inside. Her waist looked tiny. Her hips were rocked up like she was begging to be fucked, and the tops of her black mesh hose showed above the hem. Her ass was round and firm, and her legs looked a mile long. Her charcoal and silver eyelids sagged like the thick mascara was too heavy. Her screaming red mouth hung slightly open. Her barely restrained lust was as visible as her rock-like nipples.

She seemed hypnotized my her reflection in the mirror. Her voice was as thick as her makeup. "Cock hungry cunt. Look at me, baby. Fuck me with your eyes all night."

I fucked her with more than my eyes, and really did do it all night, too. Before dawn, I'd had Helen every way I could think of - including tied to the corners of the bed. I fed her the two latex dildos I'd bought, at one point keeping all three of her holes filled for about two hours while she orgasmed continuously until she passed out. When she came to, it was to discover that I was fucking her loose cunt with my *real* dick. She instantly started cumming again and fainted a second time when I loaded her sloppy pussy with my fifth load of cum.

Right around sunrise, I finally gave out. I didn't feel her crawl out from under me, but when I woke up in the early afternoon, she wasn't in bed with me. The blinds were pulled, making it look like twilight instead of broad daylight. I felt hung over and like I'd been beaten up.

I didn't notice the light under the closed bathroom door until I'd staggered halfway across the bedroom. I slowed down and heard faint sounds coming from the other side of the door, too. Helen was in there. The noise was water sloshing and her moaning. My cock was suddenly hard with more than piss. I eased the door open and peeked inside.

She was in the full, steaming tub with her eyes closed. She'd washed her face but left on the waterproof mascara and touched it up, by the looks of it. Her lips gleamed with one of the lipsticks we hadn't gotten around to using - a tremendously bright almost purple color. Her massive tits floated on the water, their nipples long and fat, still red from the slaps and pinches of the long night before. One red taloned hand was running a dildo in and out of her cunt. The other was opening the valve on the enema bottle. Her ass muscles were clamped tight around the oversized nozzle.

I watched her play with herself for at least five minutes, until I was sure she was right on the edge of a huge orgasm. She was breathing harshly through her whorish lips and slopping water on the tile floor with the energy of her grinding hips. I crept inside. She didn't know I was there until I was almost in position. She must have finally heard me. Her eyes jerked wide open and saw me, standing with one foot on either side of the tub, aiming my swollen cock straight at her face. I forced a stream of piss out. Mostly, it splashed in her wet hair, but some hit her gasping violet colored mouth.

She came so violently she was almost paralysed. The dildo was rammed in so far only its end stuck out of her. The nozzle shot out of her ass and she shit into her bathwater. My stream of piss was a jerky yellow jet on her slutty face. Instead of gagging and choking and trying to get away like I expected, her eyes got a crazy look before she closed them to keep my piss out, but her mouth opened even wider and she started swallowing.

That's the way our Saturday started. Neither of us was through. Despite the fact that we had to go to a huge family dinner that evening, for the rest of the afternoon I kept her fully painted and totally fucked. I was so out of control that it took a huge effort not to make her go to dinner in her sleazy whore's dress and makeup. I was positive she'd have done it. She was even further gone than I was.
I compromised with my lust. I screwed her loose, shit-free asshole while I made her clean her face and take off her slutty fingernails. But, after she sucked me off in the shower, I told her to shave her cunt.
She licked my cum off her pale lips and looked up at me in shock, but went right to work with her razor. The sight of her naked pussy hanging open and drooling her fluids was almost too much for both of us. I managed to keep my hands off her, and make her hands stay away from her hot slit, too.
I led her to the bedroom and told her to stand perfectly still. I stretched the sexiest of the new bra and panty sets, a lacy, tiny pair of scraps of red, on her. Her tits were almost totally naked. Her ass *was* bare, except for the thin string running up the deep crack between her cheeks. After wrapping the garter belt around her waist, I made her sit while I rolled seamed black hose up her legs. She was getting the bed wet, she was so excited.
Next, I spread a coat of the KY jelly I'd bought on her sagging, unpainted mouth. She watched me with haunted eyes and licked the ass-lube as I dropped the tube in her purse. The smallest of the dildos barely fit in her handbag beside it. I warned her again not to move and I went into the bathroom. I came back with the lipstick she seemed to like the best, a red so deep it was almost black. My hands shook when I blotted her exposed, irritated cunt lips dry and painted them. She had another orgasm before I was done, but somehow managed to sit pretty still. Unable to make myself stop with that, I stretched the bra enough so I could use the color on her bullet-like nipples, too. I slipped the lipstick into her purse, then ordered her to put on the long, plain, loose dress and her old pair of three inch heels.
"Hide yourself, whore. All night, you'll hide how slutty you really are under these ugly clothes."

She again tasted the grease on her still swollen, puffy lips. "What . . . why do you want me to carry these . . . things . . . in my purse?"

"Never mind. Come on, cunt. Let's go."
We both acted a little weird in the fancy restaurant, I guess. Our friends and family wrote it off as wedding jitters and kept reassuring us. I kept touching Helen's thigh under the table. Every time I did, she stared at her food, but swung her legs apart for me. While the waiter was taking our plates away, I whispered to her that I could smell her cunt juice.
"Lift your skirt, slut, and run a finger in that shaved hole. I want to watch you lick it off."

She blushed. She was scared. But she did it, and had a hell of a time controlling her expression.

"My cock's hard," I whispered. "But not hard enough. Before they bring dessert, go the ladies' room and lube the dildo and put it up your ass. Leave it inside and come back."

She turned to me, and I expected her to refuse. But her need was written all over her lovely, plain face. She whispered back, "Can I make myself cum? Please?"

I shook my head and smiled. I wondered, as I watched her excuse herself and hurry away, if she'd be able to resist her overwhelming urge. She managed, I guess, because she came back just a couple of minutes later. I could tell by her walk and her face that the fake dick was buried in her guts. She suddenly wasn't hungry for her dessert. Her hands were knotted into fists as she tried to listen to the table talk. Her thighs kept rubbing together in a slow rhythm.

The dinner went on and on. She begged me in faint whispers to help her. She pleaded with me to get her out of there, to take her home, that she was going crazy, that she was so hot she was going to forget where she was and explode, right in public. I refused every request, made her suffer horribly until after ten o'clock.
She bit her lip all the way to the car, whimpering about how her ass was on fire. Once we were on the road, I told her to lift the long dress out from under her and show me her whore's panties and the stub of the dildo. The little red triangle covering her shaven cunt was sopping wet and the end of the fake dick jumped a little with every heartbeat. Despite the darkness she was real scared that somebody'd see her exposing herself on the interstate.
"Turn on the interior light," I told her.
"Ron, please, no."
"Don't give me any shit! Turn it on and use the lipstick, whore! And I want to be able to see every bit of your legs, all the way to your sloppy cunt."

She obeyed, and I was pretty sure she wasn't as reluctant as she acted. The way she was bouncing a little, fucking her ass with the imbedded plastic prick, was a dead give away.

"Now take it out of your ass and use it in your cunt, slut."
I let her turn off the light first and made her count her orgasms out loud, all the way home. She made it to five, and forgot all about where she was. By the time we reached our apartment, she'd unbuttoned the top half of her loose dress and was openly fondling her tits, not giving a damn about being seen or anything but reaching number six.
"Stop, whore. Pull it out right now." I had to slap her face to get her attention, and she whined her frustration. "Now lick it clean. Then we can go inside and get you sleazy again."

The rest of Saturday night and all day Sunday was pretty much a replay of what we'd done Friday. No matter how far I pushed her, she never said no, and she never got enough. Late Sunday night, she cried for an hour when I made her clean herself up and put everything away in her biggest suitcase. Makeup, clothes, dildos - all of it I locked up in a storage room she didn't have a key to.
"From now on, there'll be no more secret fun, Helen. No more sneaking around and playing slut without me. Got it? No buying whore's clothes without permission. No painting yourself and masurbating - unless I tell you to. Understand?"
She wiped tears off her pale cheeks and nodded. "Yes, honey. I understand. But . . ."
"But what, love?"

"Can we . . . I mean . . . how long . . ."

"You'll never know until I tell you. It could be tomorrow or next week or never. You're *my* cunt, from now on."

She cuddled up beside me and sighed. "I love you, Ron. We're perfect for each other."

I had to agree.


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