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Sex: M
Age: 50-ish
Location: Midwestern USA
ICQ#: not given
Tristmegistis is the primary pen name of a 50-ish Midwesterner who's been writing net erotica for over ten years. The works appearing in Literotica, are, to the best of his enfeebled memory, unpublished elsewhere. (The name, by the way, is in homage to Hermes Tristmegistis, a mythical (?) medieval alchemist.) Yes, he's nearly as kinky as his characters - as is his fantastic wife. He writes very little these days, claiming he's already said everything he has to say. However, if you were to offer him a huge fee . . .
Act Out Pt. I - Fiancees discover the joys of roleplaying.
Act Out Pt. II
- Couple recovers from night of debauchery.
Act Out Pt. III - Ron & Helen plan their wedding night.
Angela's Revenge
- Rage transforms meek jilted wife.
Killer Cop Ch. I - Uptight woman cop transforms herself to get ahead.
Killer Cop Ch. II - Lisa gets an undercover assignment.
Killer Cop Ch. III - Lisa goes out on the streets.
Killer Cop Ch. IV - Lisa questions her transformation.
Killer Cop Ch. V - Lisa says good-bye to the precinct.
Killer Cop Ch. VI - Lisa battles old demons and new terrors.
Killer Cop Ch. VII - The Princess escapes.

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