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A Punishing Affair Pt. I
by CJT

Tom turned his pickup truck onto his street. It was nice to be home! He had finished his out of town electrical job two days early. Which was perfect. Leslie, his wife, was complaining about being home alone and not having anyone to hold at night.

Tom arrived at his driveway and looked at his home. The bedroom light was the only one on.

"Good! She is up!" Tom said to no one. "Maybe I will be able to give her some of that 'quality time' she was wanting."

Tom pulled his truck up to the back door and hopped out. He reached out with his keys but found the back door unlocked. Odd that she didn't lock it before she went to bed. He closed the door behind him but his hand froze to the door. His heart began to beat harder and harder until it felt it would burst from his chest. His ears took a moment to recognize the sound that stopped him in his tracks. Moaning. Leslie's moaning! His pulse raced. His stomach lurched. He was going to throw up! Maybe she is masturbating. His mind tried to reason. But no, there were deeper moans too. A man's moans. Tom turned and placed his head against the door, the room was spinning! Oh god no! She is having an affair. Tom's heart broke. His knees were weak. OH GOD NO! His mind was a blank.

Tom just stood there his hand on the doorknob, he should leave and... and what? Forget it? How in the hell could he possibly do that? His mind started to catch up; he let go of the door. The sick feeling, the heartache, they were beginning to be replaced with anger. A burning anger. Rage. He made his way back to the bedroom, quietly. Why was he being quiet? He should just storm back there and beat the shit out of who ever is back there fucking his wife!

But he was quiet. The door was open and the house was dark which provided him with some cover, the bedroom light was on and that was all that was needed to see the show. Leslie was face down, her ample breasts pressed into the bed, her face turned toward him but her eyes were closed. Her mouth slack as a constant moan emitted from her lips as her orgasm flooded her body causing it to shake. Tom looked at her lover, oh my god, Tom thought. Leslie was a teacher at a catholic school. And her lover was the administrator of the school. Oh my god! Tom couldn't believe his eyes. This man was also married. Yet there he was plugging away at Leslie. He had a handful of her blonde hair now and was pulling back on it, pulling her head off the pillow. She always did like it a little rough.

Tom was frozen, he wanted to go in and lay this guy out but his feet were frozen to the carpet of the living room looking down the hallway. This would be quite the scandal, Tom thought to himself. This married man. John married to a very wealthy, influential, family which is how he got his present job. And Leslie didn't have tenure in her job. Slowly a plan began to form. Revenge. As old as time itself. He needed a camera; he slipped into the office and found the camcorder. The battery was even charged!

He quickly slipped it on the camera and made his way back to his post, he caught the action on in the room, and he zoomed in to get faces. The light in the room was perfect it showed both of them. Tom filmed, his anger building, he watched from the little screen, the glow illuminating his face. It didn't matter now, he had them, if they saw him he had enough, everything else is just bonus now. John's face began to contort, he was going to cum, Tom zoomed in a little closer as John pulled his cock out and his purple head spit its hot juice all over Leslie. His cock pulsed shot after shot over her ass and back. Finally he spanked her ass with his cock smearing his cum over her ass cheek. John rolled off of her.

Tom stopped filming and then went to the TV. He quickly ran the wires to the TV for playback mode. He rewound the tape. Then turned on the light in the living room. He heard whispers from the bedroom as well as the sound of clothes being frantically put on. Tom found the remote and sat down and flipped the TV on.

Leslie was the first to come out; she stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Tom. The anger in his face was with out question he glared at her. Her eyes went to the floor as she began to shake, tears began to fall. Caught! She crossed her arms over her heaving chest. Tom got up and Leslie made no move as he went to the camcorder. It was now that John made his way out of the room. He looked at Tom and fear filled his face as Tom shot him a look of anger. Tom pushed play just as John was about to say something, Tom adjusted the volume of the TV to full and the sounds of the lovemaking filled the room, John's mouth hung open, Leslie left the room. John stared at the TV in shock. It clicked off bringing John to the situation at hand. Tom refused to look at him.

"Get out." The words were a mere whisper.

"Tom, I can... What are you going to do?" John asked.

"To you? Or with the tape?" Tom stared at the blank TV.

"Both." John's hands were sweating. His stomach was a knot.

"Get out," Tom repeated. This time with a little more force. John didn't wait to be told again. He gave Tom a wide berth and left the house. The house fell silent. The only sound was the tears of his wife.

Tom regained his composure. He then shut off the TV and ejected the tape. His hand shook. He made his way to the bedroom where his wife was sprawled out on the bed crying she saw him enter the room and then felt him sit on the bed.

"I... I am sooo sorry!" She began without turning over to look at him.

"That is not good enough." Tom strained to reign in his anger.

"What do you want from me then? A divorce?" She knew this was the end of their marriage. It was killing her.

"No. No I love you too much," Tom said his own heart breaking. "Why can't I hate you enough for that?"

She turned over to look at him he looked away. "What can I do?" She sobbed.

"Take the memory away." Tom stated flatly.

"I can't do that! I wish I could! I wish I could go back in time and make it never happen! I wish I could have been stronger, it was just... just..." she wailed.

"Stop it, you can't change it."

"What do you want then? I will do anything. I...I love you...I don't want to lose you...I won't ever do it again! You know that!" She begged "I will do anything."

"I know."

Tom slept on the couch that night finishing his plan in his head; sleep came early in the morning for him. It didn't come at all for Leslie. She was up making him breakfast as quietly as she could the next day. Tom woke and showered with out speaking to her. When he got out of the shower breakfast was on the table. Leslie sat with out eating. Tom sat down and pushed the food away.

"I have to do something." Tom said. "And you are going to do exactly as I say without question." Leslie dropped her head. "If you don't then you can forget about you job, and John is buried as well. I will turn over the tape to the board of regents and you and John will be fired. John will wind up in divorce and so will you." Leslie began to cry again. "Understand?" Tom stared at her, as she couldn't lift her head.

She just nodded.

"Everything I say. Without question." Tom re-emphasized. She looked at him, nodded then dropped her head. "If you question me once, it is over." Again she nodded unable to speak the word. "Good. There are things I want to do that you are going to hate but I want revenge, and I will have it."

Leslie began to cry again.

"I want you to go on into the living room and take your clothes off. You want to act like a whore? Then for awhile I am going to treat you like a whore." The words stung like a slap. But she deserved it. She knew it and obeyed with out question. Tom watched her from the table. She undressed. Then stood there waiting for her next order.

"Turn around I don't want to even see your face, because it pisses me off!" Tom barked. She turned around. "On your hands and knees." She slowly dropped to the floor her ass in the air. Her back beginning to shake with tears. Tom pulled the gel from his pocket that he had gotten from the bedroom. He dropped his pants and made his way over to her. He began to pour some of the liquid from the tube onto the crack of her ass letting it run down her crack and across her pussy lips and dripped on the floor. She jumped, probably from the coolness of it.

Tom stroked his cock hard; it was already semi hard both from the time it had been since he last had sex and from the thoughts of his plan in his head. He lined up his cock to her pussy and with one hard thrust buried his cock deep into her, the shear force of his thrust almost sent her tumbling face first into the carpet, she yelled out in pain. The lubrication took a moment to work its way in her; the pain from the dry fuck initially caused her pussy lips to burn. She winced. "You could have at least worked it in a little." She said quietly as he grabbed her hips.

"You are a whore I don't care if I hurt you or if you get pleasure from this. You had your fun last night! Your orgasm was with another man! I watched you cum!" His voice was hard and threatening his hands like vices on her hips. She winced at the words. Tom began to thrust into her unmercifully. His groin slapping against her ass cheeks sending them waving as he pulled her hips to meet his thrusts.

"Ow!Ow!Ow!" Was all Leslie could say as the pain of not being very lubricated filled her pussy. Tom's hipbones were jarring her. She bit her lip, and hoped the pain would subside. Tom watched his wife put her head on the floor her hands gripping the carpet. He was hurting her and he knew it. He hated to admit it but he liked this forced fuck. He looked down at his cock ramming into her, the gel slowly coating him to make it easier to ram it forward again. He watched as her pussy swallowed up his cock then spit it back out. He watcher her asshole tightened with every thrust as she flinched from his strokes. He had never really tried to fuck her ass before, once he had slipped out and it rammed in by mistake, she screamed in pain then wouldn't let him near her for the rest of the night.

He was overcome with the urge to fuck her ass. He reached for the lube and put more on her asshole. She let go of the carpet and raised up on her elbows and looked back the lube catching her attention. He looked at her, and she looked scared. She knew it was coming and there was nothing she could do. She turned and placed her forehead on the rug again. Tom pulled his cock out of her pussy and pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing her brown tight hole. The lube glisten as he placed the head of his eight-inch cock against her hole. She tightened up, cringing. Tom started in slowly.

"Owwwwww! Don't that hurts! Owwwwwww! Don't."

Tom stopped part of his head in her ass. She was trying to move away but his firm grip denied it. He didn't want to hurt her and was about to pull out when images of the night before rushed his consciousness. REVENGE! He rammed his cock into her; she let out a loud and deafening scream. She struggled to get away but his strength held. He began to thrust his cock into her, she continued to cry in pain. Tom watched his cock pull out to where the head was just about visible then he would push back into her. Not as hard as he was with her pussy, but it was enough to make the tears flow again.

The tightness of her asshole pressed in on his cock. Her hands clinched the carpet. He could see her asshole pull out when he would begin to pull his cock out of her, then cave in when he pressed forward. The stimulus was beginning to overwhelm him, as his orgasm began to churn in his balls. He began to press faster into her and she was rocked forward with him and his rhythm. His cum filled his cock as he tightened his legs to keep from cumming. He continued to stroke her asshole with his cock. The pressure was too much; he was going to cum. But seeing how he was doing what he wanted and not what she liked he decided to cum someplace else. A place she would never let him cum before, he pulled his cock out of her ass and before she could collapse to the floor he grabbed her head and spun her around.

His free hand squeezing his cock just below his head to keep from spurting his hot juice. She was thrown off balance and collapsed on the floor on her side, he quickly moved to the side her face and yanked her hair hard, she opened her mouth to scream out in pain only to have her mouth filled with his cock. It tasted of blood, gel, and what must have been the taste of her ass. That taste was replaced but the salty taste of his cum as his cock released its load, he held her head like a vice not allowing her to move away from his hot jism. She gagged on the first wave of cum her mouth trying to spit out the foul tasting cock, but his hand held firm. The second shot of cum was thicker than the first, and then the third shot filled her mouth, her mouth was n full of cum. It's saltiness causing her to gag.

By the fourth stream she had given up fighting and was now trying to swallow as much of the stuff as she could, but it leaked out around his cock and down her cheek and onto the floor. Finally after several more spurts his cock bucked weakly in her mouth. He released her head and his cock slipped out. Her head fell to the floor, her cheek coming to rest in the cum that had escaped her mouth. She didn't move. Her ass hurt, her body shook with pain and tears. And she was humiliated. He knew that she didn't like having cum in her mouth, and her ass was definitely off limits. But this was her punishment. And it was now over.

"We are even then?" She asked weakly lifting her head so that a string of cum connected her cheek to the floor. She looked at him. Her hand making its way back to her throbbing asshole. Tom lay on his back his cock slowly losing its life, his chest rising and falling sharply from the activity. He never looked at her.

"Not yet. She laid her head back down. "I have to make sure this never happens again." She wanted to protest but was too sore and now she was a little worried about what might happen next.

To Be Continued...


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