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A Punishing Affair Pt. II
by CJT

Leslie showered after Tom left. Her ass still burned from having his cock in it. The hot water rushed over her body soothing it. She opened her mouth and let the water flow into it. Washing the taste of his cum out. She spit the warm water out and reached for the soap. She rubbed the bar over her body, lather forming over her breasts.

Tom had been brutal in his fucking this morning. But she deserved it didn't she? Wasn't she the whore he said she was? Tom had not cheated on her. These thoughts ran through her head. But it was the last statement he had made that concerned her now. He said the punishment wasn't over. And that had her worried. Was he going to turn the film over anyway? Would he burn her rich lover by showing the tape to his wife? She had seen Tom angry before. She had never seen him this angry though! She began to rub her ass; it was sore but not as sore as she had anticipated. And really all in all the session wasn't that bad. She didn't get off, which was a disappointment but it wasn't overly bad. Leslie finished her shower and got out. But Tom's final words haunted her. What was he up to?

Tom spent most of the morning on the phone, it would take him most of the day in his office setting up the punishment of his wife. It was hard for him to focus though; the image of his cock buried in his wife's ass then her mouth on his cock as shot after shot of cum filled it until she gagged. His cock was growing hard just thinking about it.

Leslie sat on the edge of the bed, her lace teddy on. Tom had called and said he would be home in fifteen minutes. Told her to wear the teddy and to be ready for her punishment. Leslie sat there. The room was cool and her nipples stuck out in the lace. She brought her hands up and gave her nipples a tug through the material. She let out a deep sigh. This would be erotic if there hadn't been anger in Tom's voice on the phone.

The back door opened and she heard the sound of footsteps. Tom entered the room a few minutes later, she tried to strike a seductive pose. Tom looked over her and nodded his approval. Leslie looked down to his hand which was carrying rope.

"What is that for?" she asked looking at the rope.

"Part of your punishment," Tom stated flatly as he also looked down at the rope.

"That is unnecessary. I told you I would do whatever you said." Leslie pleaded

"Well I am saying I want you tied up." With that he motioned her to the center of the bed and then turned her sideways in it. She was on all fours as he stuffed the pillows under her to keep her in that position. He then looped the rope around her wrists and tied them to the railing of the bed. He moved to the other side and tied her feet apart. The ropes cut into her. She tried to stretch them a little to give her some comfort. It was no use. He walked in front of her and she turned her eyes to meet his. He then sat next to her and began to tie a blindfold onto her.

"OK this is too much!" She cried "why can't I at least watch you do whatever it is you are going to do to me?"

"You know when I was a boy my father caught me smoking. As punishment he locked me into a closet with a box of cigars and told me if I wanted to be a man and smoke then I was to smoke that whole box of cigars before nightfall. Let me tell you I was sick as a dog before the first two were done. I was gagging and puking all the way. To this day I can't even stand the smell of a cigar. Well now comes your turn." Tom explained as he tightened the blindfold on her.

"I... I don't understand... you want me to smoke cigars?" Leslie stammered. Tom snorted.

"Well something like that only we are not trying to keep you from smoking. We are trying to keep you from fucking other guys!" Tom got up and left the room. Leslie could hear the sound of his voice but couldn't make out what he was saying. She wondered what he was up to, and then she heard the laughter. Tom's laughter. Tom's laughter intermixed with other deep laughter. Tom wasn't alone.

She felt his presence before he spoke.

"Are you ready?" Tom asked her. She only nodded. "I have invited some friends over. They are each going to do whatever they want to you." Leslie began to shake her head. "Then you want me to turn over the tape?" Tom's voice was hard. Leslie laid her head down. She felt his hand grasp her hair and lift it up roughly. "What's it going to be?" Leslie could only nod. Tom let go of her hair and it dropped to the bed. She never thought this would happen.

"Ok guys have you drawn numbers yet?" Tom asked leaving the room. Drawn numbers? Leslie thought. What was she going to do, here she was about to be fucked by god knows how many men. She heard the shuffling of feet.

"Ok guys, remember the rules, Don't talk to her unless you have to, I don't want her to recognize you. Keep the rubbers on unless you plan on cumming somewhere other than her pussy. I don't want to raise one of your kids! And last but not least the camera is rolling so make it good!" Tom took his position at the foot of the bed with the video camera.

Oh god he was going to tape this as well? Leslie thought. Why? More blackmail? Leslie didn't get much chance to figure it out as she felt a cock press against her lips and a pair of hands grab the back of her head. Reluctantly she opened her mouth and this mystery man's cock filled it. He began to thrust his hips back and forth fucking her mouth, her mouth sucking gently on his cock. A soft slurping sound escaped her lips. She felt the bed behind her sag as another man came in behind her. She felt the coldness of lube being poured on her, then the roughness of a callused finger entering her. The finger moved inside of her getting her good and lubricated then moved out of her. She knew what was coming next and didn't have to wait long for it. The head of this second man pressed her pussy and then slid in until she felt his pubic hair against her ass. The two men began a slow alternating of thrusts into her. Her throat was becoming sore from the deepness of some of the man's thrusts. Both men increased their speed, their orgasms fast approaching, she didn't know what to do these men were going to cum somewhere. She felt the man in her pussy pull out and then felt the hot sticky cum from his cock shoot out across her ass, he grunted with every squirt and the cum began to slide down her ass cheek and her legs. The man in her mouth had a firm grip on her head now and was forcing her head on his cock faster and faster, then he pushed it deep into her mouth and she gagged as her throat was forced to adjust to this large object. Then it bucked and hot sperm shot into her throat. He held her head firm and all she could do was swallow or drown in his cum.

Leslie dropped her head, as she was about to throw up. This was the second large load she was forced to swallow that day. She fought back the sick feeling and then raised her head.

"Are we done then?" She asked indignantly.

"NEXT!" Tom yelled to the outer room.

"Next? How many are there?" Leslie asked panicking.

"Several," was all Tom would tell her.

"No please, I won't do it again, I promise. I have learned my lesson!"

"Go ahead guys she is already lubed up." She felt another man enter her from behind, this cock stretched her, it must have been huge! She yelled out a little as the man rammed her unmercifully. She felt the gentle prod of another cock at her face; she again took it into her mouth. The man in her mouth came quickly and for the first time in her life she was glad for a quick cummer. He pulled out and shot his load all over her face before jamming his still spewing cock back into her mouth for the last few squirts. The man in her pussy however must have been a marathon runner! Her body was beginning to react to this treatment she was getting. Her stomach began to tighten and her legs began to quiver, she began to push into his thrusts, their bodies slapping together as her ass slapped his groin and his balls slapped her clit. Finally she was on the verge and so was he; she began to call out.

"Oh god I am going to cum! Don't stop!" Her hands dug into the sheet of the bed as she held her body rigid as her orgasm exploded as the man behind her continued to nail her like a jackhammer. Finally with one last thrust his cock deep into her and his cum shot into the condom. He pulled out of her and she rested on the pillow but only briefly as another set of men came in to take their place.

Leslie lost count of the men that entered the room. She also lost count of the orgasms she had. She had never came so much in her life combined she thought. She collapsed on her pillow pile as yet another man shot his cum across her face and ass. Tom being a good host would clean her up in between men so that another man wouldn't have to deal with the previous man's cum.

Tom sat next to her "Four more to go. Well five including me." Leslie could only nod. She was exhausted. She no longer moved at all she just held her mouth around the men's cock and let him fuck her face, she rested on the pillows which were high enough to allow entry into her without any help from her.

Tom stroked her hair. He almost felt sorry for her. He knew she must be sore and her stomach much be full of all the cum she has swallowed. She didn't gag anymore when a man did it, she just drank it. Maybe that would be a good by product of this whole affair thing if she continues to swallow for him.

"Hey Tom," a voice called out to him. "Are you ready for us?"

"Yes." Tom got up and Leslie prepared for another round.

"Hey why don't you have the next guy come in as well?" Tom said from the foot of the bed. Leslie sat up a little. Three? How would she manage that? But she knew as soon as she asked the question to herself. Another man came in.

"Why don't you push the pillows out and get under her. And you," he must have been pointing to them because he spoke no names "get behind and fuck her ass, you get a blow job. I want you all to cum on her face as well." Tom spoke like a director for a movie. And Leslie guessed he was in this instance. She felt the pillows pushed out from under her and then a man slide in their place, his cock quickly found her pussy and she winced as he entered her. She felt another man grab her head and she opened her mouth to accommodate the cock. But it was the hands that smeared lube across her asshole that kept her attention. Then she felt his cock press against her anus, she tried to relax but it was no good he entered her with force, with the cock already in her pussy her anus was stretched to the max. She screamed in pain around the cock in her mouth and the three men stopped their assault on her.

"It is OK - fuck her. Fuck her hard!" Tom barked. The three men began their assault on her again each one timing their thrust, She cried out each time the cock buried in her ass. This assault seemed to take hours but realistically took only minutes before each man was in front of her jerking on their cocks the three of them pointing them at her pretty face.

"Open your mouth bitch!" Tom ordered. Leslie did so reluctantly just in time to receive a load of cum then another shot from a different angle then the third until her face and mouth dripped of cum. The three men grunted and panted as they came with a rush.

Tom came over to her and began to wipe her face off. He took off her blind fold.

"Well I am going to show you mercy, you only have this one last guy to satisfy, I will forgo my round with you." He made it sound like he was being generous, but she didn't think he was being anything but an asshole. But she kept her comment to herself. She looked to the foot of the bed and sure enough there was a camera there.

Her eyes turned to the doorway and there stood a giant of a man. She knew that he worked with her husband on some jobs and he was called "tiny" she could only hope this was given to him because of his penis size. He stood six feet nine inches tall and when he dropped his pants she realized the name was a lie. His cock was a good 11 inches and thick. She shook her head as Tom cut the ropes and laid her on her back. The man was stroking his cock to keep it hard as he climbed on the bed.

He poured more lube on her already sore pussy lips. Then gently placed his trunk-sized head against her lips. She reached up and braced herself against the headboard and the man began to work his massive size into her. She yelled out then bit her lip as inch by inch he worked it into her, she looked down at it, it was only half way in, her lips stretched to the max trying to engulf it. He began to slide it in and out of her. Her lips caving in on the inward thrust and then pulling out when he pulled out. Her own moisture coated his cock and he began to work the rest of it in there. Soon he was all the way in, she could feel him in her stomach or so it seemed.

He braced himself over her then laid down on her, his weight pressing her into the bed. His large hands slid under her and cupped and ass cheek in each hand. Then with a firm grip he began to thrust in and out. She yelled out with each thrust. Her body quivered with pleasure now. She had never been this full. Her body ached from the orgasms and she wanted no part of this one but her body began to shake as her cum flooded around his cock. This man's grunts were getting faster and faster as he pulled her now limp body to him, finally he withdrew his massive cock and raised up on his knees. His massive hand stroked his cock as she lifter her head up a little to see, then his cock began to spit its seed.

The first shot exploded hard enough to reach her face, the next fell across her tits and then the rest fell upon her stomach and pussy. When his massive member was done he smacked her pussy with it and rolled off, clapping Tom on the shoulder as he left.

Leslie lay there, exhausted.

"Even?" she asked hoarsely.



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