The Best Erotic Stories.

A Tight Cut Pt. II
by Che

Six sharp, I pulled to a stop in front of the salon. There were four stylists working but Crystal and Denise were waiting. Without the hair-dresser smock, Denise looked as sexy as Crystal. Wearing microskirts and clogs, little spandex tops showed off three inches of naked skin between hip-hugging skirts and tops. Denise's skirt was electric pink, the top, shocking orange. She'd pierced her navel and was wearing a gold navel ring. When I unlocked their door they climbed into the front seat of my '68 GTO, showing off tight skimpy satin panties and very shapely legs.

"Nice crotch shots, babes! Nice tight panties! So, any requests?" I was pulling out of the shopping center parking lot and merging into heavy traffic.

"A big mouthful of warm cum!" giggled Denise, wiggling between me and Crystal, trying to open my pants. "Let me suck you off while you drive. Little Crystal says you got a real nice cock, that you cum like a stallion! That's what I want. I didn't get my snack at work."

"Traffic's too tight," I sighed, "and beside, it's too crowded in the car. Hey, we could go ta my place."

"Let's go back to the salon and let me put on a nice show for the girls. They're closing up at seven . . . "

"Not tonight, Denise. Let's get something light to eat first," suggested Crystal. "We're all suffering low blood sugar levels."

"Then just let me see your cock . . . " begged Denise, legs spread, short skirt up around narrow hips, fingers in the crotch of skintight satin panties. They were pink.

"Let him drive," said Crystal. "Golly, don't kill us!"

"I won't kill us," moaned Denise, finger-fucking herself openly, one arm around my neck. "She made me get down on my knees and lick her after you left. Like, it was fun, but it left me all hot and crazy! It's not fair! The girls came back after lunch an' I had to be good, but she got off a bunch of times today and I didn't off yet at all. Let me make myself cum a couple of times an' I'll be good! Come on, show me your cock. Seeing a big hard cock makes me cum."

Unable to wait, she unzipped my fly. My cock was begging for freedom and found it as soon as she undid my belt and jeans.

"Oh, my God! Look at his cock! Oh, my God! That's the biggest fucking cock I've ever seen! No wonder you wanted to do him again! Oh, my God, Crystal! How did you ever suck it?"

She was masturbating so furiously it was almost funny but I was so hard and horny I couldn't laugh. I turned onto the freeway and headed south, traffic much lighter in that direction.

"I've had lots of practice," laughed Crystal, one hand under Denise's ass. "Ooooooooo, Denise, your panties are juicy! You must have had a good cum today while you were licking me! Ooooooooooo, your hot little asshole is so tight!"

"Oh, my God!" gasped Denise, shapely legs spread and jiggling. "Oh, my God! I'm cuming so good! Oh, my God! I wish I could suck you off right now! Cum! Cum! I smell cum! I wanta eat a big load of warm cum! Oooooooo, yeah! She's finger- fucking my ass! If I can't suck you off, can I jack you off?" Not waiting, she grabbed my cock in her left hand and began masturbating us simultaneously, eyeing pre-cum tears oozing from the large swollen cock-head. "Let me make you squirt!" she panted, tongue out like she wanted to catch it when I did. "This is so fun! I love jacking guys off! I know I'm bad, but I love watching cocks squirting big loads of cum!"

"I told you she's nasty," giggled Crystal, obviously into what she was doing to her girlfriend's ass, "and she loves to party with guys and girls. That's why we love her! Denise is the bi-princess of oral sex and masturbation . . . guys and girls! Too bad the girls can't see you doing him! Jack him off good, Denise. Make him cum! Jerk him off and I'll feed it to you when he shoots!"

There was nothing I could do to hold back. Cum shot so hard, it arced high into the air, almost reaching my chin. Crystal was ready and caught the entire load in her hand. Lifting it to her girlfriend's mouth, she let Denise suck it all up while masturbating to body wracking, nipple hardening orgasms, fingers dug into wet crotch.

"Holy fuck! I love it!" panted Denise, sucking and licking Crystal's fingers and palm. "God, it tastes so fucking good! Wonderful delicious cum! It makes me cum so hard when I get a taste of cum! Look how much he shoots!"

"I know," giggled Crystal, watching her bi girlfriend eating my thick creamy semen, "I got two of those in my mouth this afternoon. I don't know how he keeps making so much."

"Who cares how he does it as long as he does!" gushed Denise, still licking up the puddle, smiling and kissing her teenage blonde lover while swallowing the sticky mess. "You little tramp! You got me eating out of the palm of your hand," she giggled. "Kiss me, bitch! You can call me anything you want, but I can't wait to eat-out your pussy-juice sticky panties!"

"Who's a bitch?" smirked Crystal, wiping cum all over Denise's mouth. "You're the nasty ass-licking slut in this car! Your hot little ass is gunna belong to him!"

The two kissed so passionately, passing cars honked and guys waived. That didn't slow them down, each fingering the other's crotch as they kissed, both moaning and cuming while I maneuvered hectic freeway traffic.

"Let's get somethin' from a drive-through," I said, turning off the freeway and into a fast food driveway.

The girls ordered fish sandwiches and I got a chicken burger. We ate while I drove, listening to music, the girls more relaxed now that they'd gotten off. Five minutes later we pulled into my garage and I closed the door behind us.

"Cool," said Denise, checking things out, "you got a nice place to hang. I like your taste."

"Me, too," added Crystal, hand under Denise's skirt, "even when I get to eat it second hand! Girl! You have the nicest little cheeks an' tightest little asshole!"

I put on music while the girls went to the restroom and did whatever girls did when they went there. When I heard the shower running I knocked on the door. "There are clean towels in the lower right hand drawer."

"No problem." It was Crystal. "We're fine . . . we're doing okay. We'll be out in awhile."

I went back to my room, took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and changed clothes before the girls gave up the guest bath. Barefoot and wearing baggys, I grabbed a soda from the frig and flopped on the couch. The girls came out of the bath wearing nothing but tight satin panties and makeup.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh," I smiled, looking from one to the other, "a sweet sight! Salt and pepper! Ya look like ya were made from the same mold."

Actually, Denise was maybe an inch taller but both had the same kind of body. They looked at each other and giggled, playfully rubbing perky conical nipples against the other's and tongue-kissing succulent mouths. Denise had let her hair down, straight black tresses nearly to her waist, a real contrast to Crystal's long wild tangled blonde curls. I'd never had two girls at the same time and the possibilities were making me dizzy. Falling on the couch next to me, they began ravishing each other, Denise playing with her girlfriend's white satin covered crotch, sucking Crystal's lovely breasts until those pink nipples were even longer and more swollen than they'd been earlier at the salon. Crystal was encouraging her, fingers in the crotch of Denise's slippery smooth panties.

"Golly . . . I'm getting so hot I'm cuming, Denise! I'm cuming all over your fingers! Oooooo! Stick one up my ass!"

"Ummm-hummmmm! I'm cuming, too!" panted Denise, humping Crystal's fingers, sucking a swollen pink nipple and wiggling a finger up her young girlfriend's ass.

"Ooooooooooo, not too hard!" squealed Crystal, long nipple popping from Denise's full lips. "I need it now, Denise . . . I need him! Your finger feels wonderful but now I'm all crazy to get that big cock of his up my ass!"

"Then down on the floor, bitch," giggled Denise, pulling Crystal from the couch by the hair. "Suck my fingers and get on your hands and knees . . . "

That sight made me even dizzier! From where I sat I had a perfect view between the firm cheeks of Crystal's ass, cheeks like an aerobic instructor's, white satin panties framing a smoothly shaved three-finger-wide crotch. Unzipping my baggies, I kicked them off, cock standing straight up. Already panting, a flush-faced Crystal wiggled her ass and sucked Denise's fingers while Denise played with the obvious cleft between the teen's plump pussy lips.

Looking back over her shoulder, Crystal's eyes betrayed concern. "I don't know if I can take one that big!"

"Sure you can," said Denise, spanking Crystal's ass so hard it left pink palm-prints on tanned flesh, "if I get it juicy enough . . . "

Stretching the white satin strip to one side, she pressed her face between the cheeks of Crystal's ass. The girl was obscene and loving it! Hearing the sounds she was making, I knew exactly what her long tongue was doing.

"Golly!" gasped Crystal, shaking her butt. "Stick that wonderful tongue all the way in! Ooooooooooo, Denise! You do that so good it makes me all cum!" She was masturbating with one hand as Denise tongue-fucked her ass, both girls cuming in a non-stop wave orgy. "Oooooooooooo, you're making me cum!"

"Okay," grinned Denise, licking glossy pink lips, "I got her all wet and juicy now! Fuck her up her ass and give her a nice big hot wad! You know me. I can't wait to eat it!"

Well, I didn't need a second invitation, distracted only a moment as Denise sucked the head of my cock to cover it with a thick coating of saliva. While she spread Crystal's cheeks with both hands, I held the head of my cock against the pale pink pucker and pressed forward. The pucker resisted, then slowly relaxed and the head of my cock slipped into anal heaven. This girl had a sphincter to die for!

"Oh, my God!" gasped Crystal as the crest penetrated the pucker, silk-smooth resilient flesh gripping shaft in a vice- like fist. "Oh, my God! Don't go any deeper . . . it's way too big to go in me! If you're gunna cum, cum in me now!"

"All the way in," smiled Denise, swatting Crystal's ass again and again, cheeks barely quivering they were so firm.

Each swat made Crystal flinch, each flinch making her asshole surrender, my shaft penetrating the warm anal sheath inch by inch. It was during moments like these when I became even more aware of just how big my cock really was, the shaft so thick, it looked like the girl's stretching anus would tear as I worked the eleven inch erection in deeper. Crystal had amazing control over internal muscles most girls seldom use, a sensation close to that of getting sucked off by a girl's talented mouth.

"No more!" begged Crystal, face on the prayer rug in front of the couch, cute little ass in the air. "Golly! I want it so bad, but it's so big I can't take it! Oh, my God! It's making me pee! Go ahead! It hurts so good I'm gunna die! Do it! Shove that big thing all the way up my ass! Fuck! You're making me cum all over me!"

She did, and Denise just laughed, catching the clear sticky spray in her hand and spanking the girl's ass repeatedly. Anal spasms were so rhythmic I couldn't hold back as her asshole literally milked a load out of my balls. In massive waves, cum surged up her tight warm ass. Feeling my load squirting up her butt, the blonde orgasmed, pissing in the crotch of her panties!

Denise was ecstatic! Diving under her girlfriend, she glued open mouth over Crystal's crotch, sucking and mewing and swallowing madly as the pretty teenager pissed and came off like a meteor shower! The sight of her swallowing Crystal's gush was so erotic I lengthened strokes and almost pulled out. The anal tube was so slippery with cum I could easily stroke it full length, sphincter gripping cock-crest as it sucked more cum from my pulsing urethra.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, my God! Fuck me up my fucking asshole!" squealed Crystal, jerking spastically, trim hips bucking like a wild young pony. "Fuck me up my asshole! Oh, my God! I'm cuming so hard I'm gunna die! Oh, my God! Stroke me deep! Give it to me, you pervert! Shoot that hot fucking cum up my hot fucking asshole! Oh, my God! I wish I had a cock cuming off right in my mouth! Call me a fucking whore! Call me an anal slut! Just fuck my asshole until you can't cum again!"

"Oooooooo!" giggled Denise, gasping for breath, "Give it to her! The nasty little anal whore slut! Pump her hot little ass full of cum! I can't wait to eat it!"

"Ooooooooo, you'll suck it all out of me, you anal cunt! I know what you want, you nasty ass-sucking tramp!"

Now I was nearly out of my mind. Unable to believe my good luck, cock so hard I thought it would explode, I began fucking her butt with everything I had, pulling completely out to get a look in her asshole. Fucked for ten minutes without mercy, the tube remained an open pink anal tunnel. A milky pool of semen glazed the sheath, welling up each time the nymphette orgasmed, a river of cum running down the crack of her ass into Denise's ardently sucking mouth. Pulling out again just as I came, I watched seven large swags of jism spurting into the open hole, gobs of cum filling the tube to its pink rim. A firmly delivered swat across hard buns almost closed the hole and left the palm of my hand burning.

"Owwwwwwww!" squealed Crystal, cuming again. "That hurt so good it made me cum!"

"Okay, Denise . . . now ya can suck her out," I panted, cock throbbing above the cheeks of the young blonde's hard ass. "Eat that fuckin' little asshole! Let me see ya suck her out! God, I love nasty ass-suckin' cum-hungry cunts!"

Sweating like steel workers, Denise was behind Crystal in seconds, hands spreading pink spanked cheeks, long tongue lapping at the pearly flow oozing from the now closing tube. "She's fuckin' full of cum . . . let her sit on your fuckin' face," I insisted, pulling Crystal up by her hair as Denise lay down on her back.

Still on bent knees, Crystal straddled and squatted over Denise and I watched as she squeezed a river of milky semen into the purring brunette's waiting mouth. The pretty hair- stylist's long tongue ushered my sticky pearlescent flow between waiting lips. She swallowed only when her mouth was full. Me? Standing in front of Crystal, I offered my cum glazed erection."

"Okay, babe . . . ya said ya'd suck it when I pulled it out-a your ass. Here it is! Suck me off, babe!"

Blue eyes aglow, submissively taking cock in mouth, she sucked like a pump, gurgling, mewing and scrubbing smooth crotch over Denise's active crotch-sucking mouth.

"Looks good from down here . . . " Denise gurgled happily between licks, looking up at Crystal sucking my ass-slick erection. "God, Crystal! Suck that big bastard, you naughty girl! Look at her! She loves ass to mouth sex! She likes to get her throat fucked! After you drove away today, she told me she took that big thing all the way down. Make her do it again! I wanta see that!"

Holding Crystal by tangled blonde hair, I pulled her face into my groin and sent eleven ass-sticky inches of cock down her amazing throat! She didn't even gag! She just swallowed and swallowed . . . and swallowed!

"Are you cuming?" Denise was licking cum from swollen messy lips. "I think I sucked all your cum out of her ass! My God! You are such a virile stud! I hope you can cum like that again!"

Pulling out of Crystal's throat, I looked down at Denise's smiling face. "Time ta party, girls. I've been waitin' ta see ya eat each other out! Let's see ya 69!"

Oh how they did, an act that kept me like stone. Unable to wait, I joined in, spreading Denise's legs first. She had a pussy that tasted like peaches and I sucked and licked her smoothly shaved crotch to five squealing orgasms while she licked and tongue-fucked Crystal's open pink sensitive anus.

"Like the way I taste?" smirked Denise, legs around my neck. "You eat pussy just as good as you promised! Wanta lick my ass? Crystal says I have a great tasting asshole!"

"Maybe . . . Want me ta do it now?"

"I have a better idea," grinned Crystal, sitting up and playing with my rehardened cock. "Let him do you!"

"Had enough already?" teased Denise, still fingering Crystal's pink satin panty covered crotch, warm thighs still around my neck. "He's doing me just like I like it! I could cum like this all night!"

"Not after he fucked your ass you couldn't," sighed Crystal, hand over her white satin covered crotch. "No more for me now! My poor little ass has never been fucked so good! I think it's time for him to fuck yours."

I looked at Denise, she looked at my cock.

"Nawwwwwwww. You were right. It's way too big for little ol' me."

"Ever take it up your ass?" I asked, up on my knees, wagging the object of her concern in front of her sensuous face.

"Well . . . not really . . . I mean, not anything like that! I mean, like, girls have done me with fingers and much smaller dildos . . . "

"Never too late until it's too late," I smiled, watching her mouth as she looked at my cock.

"Well . . . just let me suck it," she blushed, obviously nearly ready to cum, "or let me jerk you off! Let me swallow a big warm load straight from this cock. I love it when guys fuck my face and shoot their cum in my mouth."

"No way! Fuck her ass," insisted Crystal, watching her girlfriend trying to get at my cock. "Make her take a load up her ass! I want her to see what it's like."

"I will if ya'll suck it outa her," I grinned, moving away so Denise couldn't start sucking me.

"Ooooooooo, just let me suck it!" begged Denise, fingers digging into wet cunt under the edge of pink panties, one finger up her own ass. "Please? Don't hurt me . . . "

"Pull your panties down in back an' get on your hands an' knees," I ordered, cock in hand, foreskin pulled back so she could see the white slippery cheese covering the shaft. "It's good an' lubed! Time ta get ass-fucked, babe . . . you can take it. You'll like it once ya get it like this . . . once ya get a nice warm load up your ass . . . "

"Well . . . " she began, but I pulled her down onto all fours and got behind her. "Well . . . " Pulling her little panties down in back, she looked back at me with unmasked concern. "Just don't hurt me . . . "

"Hey, if Crystal can take it, so can you." Pressing the remark, I worked the head of my cock into the now tight juicy pink pucker of her virgin anus. When it stretched around the crest of my cock I almost shot a load!

"Oh, my God! She's right! Jesus . . . you have a cock like a fucking elephant! Oh, my God! How did you ever do this, Crystal? Are you sure I'm going to be able to do this? He feels like he's going to cum right out my mouth!"

"Relax," I said, using her hips to keep my balance. I slowly pressed forward, slippery cock spreading virgin anus relentlessly as I held the cheeks of her muscle tight ass spread wide apart.

Crystal got closer so she could watch my cock penetrate the older girl's tight virgin asshole. "Oh, my God! Except in videos, I've never seen a girl getting ass-fucked! That looks so hot, Denise! Wow! So that's what my ass looks like when you're fucking it! You're only in half way . . . shove it in all the way . . . look how it makes her pussy open up!"

I did, and felt Denise's crotch flex as she orgasmed.

"Fuck! Don't move! Jesus . . . you're so big it hurts so good! Wait a second . . . let me get used to it before you start fucking me! It feels like you shoved your arm up my ass! I've never felt anything so intense! Just let me relax . . . "

Crystal was wildly excited. "Fuck her as hard as you fucked me! If she's gunna get one, I want this to be a big load just like your last one!"

Me? I was in heaven!

Crystal was watching my face, her's glowing with lust. "Doesn't that feel good?" she whispered, getting closer. "Stroke her asshole like you did mine . . . fuck the little ass-sucking slut up her ass! She's needed a fuck up her ass ever since we met! Now she knows what it feels like!"

It felt fantastic! Pulling almost out, I waited to feel the sphincter squeezing the crest before thrusting all the way back in. The heavenly tube tightened and sucked on the head. I shoved it back up her satin slick ass to my balls!

"Fuck!" squealed Denise, pissing and cuming down both inner-thighs simultaneously. "Don't hurt me . . . please! I'll do whatever you want, but don't hurt me, okay?"

"I won't hurt ya, Denise. I'm gunna make ya cum like ya've never cum before. You're gunna be an anal princess! You're gunna cum so hard ya'll suck anything ya can get in your mouth!"

"Then let me suck you off now!" she whimpered, face on the carpet. "Pull it out and I'll suck it . . . really I will! You like that, don't you? Seeing a girl suck your cock as soon as you pull it out of her asshole? Crystal told me you asked her to do that. I'll do it! I'll let you cum in my mouth . . . I'll swallow all of your cum . . . just don't fuck my poor little ass any harder!"

I pulled out, but only to see how open I'd spread her ass before plunging my cock back up her pink sheath. Over and over, I pulled all the way out so Crystal could spit in the open hole . . . then plugged the tube with the head of my cock. I stroked until the girl's asshole had totally surrendered to the invasion, an open tunnel ready to take the big load of warm semen boiling in my overloaded nuts.

I don't know where Crystal got it, but it must have been in her purse. She used the black leather strap across the cheeks of Denise's perfect ass, each stroke leaving a bright pink stripe.

"Shut up, you bi-sexual anal whore! He's going to fuck your asshole so hard you'll piss all over yourself! You've been asking for this for months, Denise . . . and now you're getting it! You spank me all the time, you tramp! Now see what it feels like, bitch!"

Five more burning swats left marks as I fucked Denise's tight asshole, long deep stokes sending cock to balls until I felt the beginning of gratifying orgasmic spasms.

"Can I suck her pussy while you're fucking her ass?" asked sweet little Crystal, masturbating, tits and nipples swollen with sexual excitement.

"Sure . . . suck her cunt . . . she's cuming all over herself."

The teen was under her girlfriend's tummy in a flash, watching my cock stroking the elastic tight asshole. Holding onto Denise's hips, she began licking the juicy open lips of the brunette's smoothly shaved cunt. She was watching the slowing strokes, fully appreciating my climax as the cum exploded to fill Denise's snug colon. Knowing I was cuming, Crystal sucked even harder, beautiful mouth over her girlfriend's cunt, large sultry eyes watching my swinging balls as semen began oozing out of Denise's anus. "How's that feel, baby? Like getting your asshole filled up with hot cum?" she giggled, semen all over her mouth. "Like getting fucked up your ass? Ready to suck a cock that's just fucked your little butt?"

Denise was whimpering and slobbering, face and shoulders on the floor, sweet ass arched to take the buggering as I pumped the large sticky load of cum up her ass. I'd been at a sexual summit before and knew what it meant . . . knowing I could cum again if the powerful sensations didn't subside. "Fuck! I'm gunna blow another load up her ass! Fuck . . . here it cums . . . I'm cumin' again! Her ass feels like she's suckin' the cum right out-a my balls!"

Collapsed over Crystal's face, warm semen flooded Denise's anus, cock in to the hilt until it slipped out of the cum loaded tube. She was quivering and humping Crystal's face, making sounds like a small wild cat. "Know what I want now, you nasty bastard . . . do me like you did Crystal in the rest room," mewed Denise, fingers digging into the little blonde's cunt. "Suck my ass, you pervert! You said you're good when you're down on your knees. I dare you! Stick your tongue up my ass . . . suck me out. Make me cum like Crystal does . . . "

"What a good idea!" giggled Crystal. "Let's see you suck her ass! You're right, Denise. He licked mine in the rest room. He's a good ass-licker, believe me! He made me cum like mad! Here, let me spread your pretty cheeks! We can 69 while he licks your asshole!"

While Crystal held Denise's ass cheeks spread open with both hands, Denise looked over her shoulder into my eyes. "I have a nice little ass, don't I, baby? You sure liked fucking it, you nasty pervert! You made me cry . . . so let's see how good you are at making it feel good for me!"

I looked at the juicy pucker I'd just filled with two loads of cum, a pale pink dimple now, pussy lips below glossed with my cum oozing over the parted cleft. The sight was so nasty I felt dizzy, saliva over-filling my mouth. Crystal sucking that pretty cunt again. With the scent of semen and asshole overpowering my senses, I brought my tongue up between Denise's thighs, up between parted juicy cunt lips and Crystal's wiggling tongue, scooping up semen until my tongue and lips covered the warm anal pucker.

"That's nice . . . now put it in me," breathed Denise, arching hips and raising her ass. "Stick your tongue up my little asshole and suck me out! Tongue-fuck my hot little ass while Crystal and I lick each other's cunt!"

The sensation of pressing my face between Denise's fabulously warm cheeks and worming my tongue into the snug anal sheath made my dick so hard I thought I'd blow another load! It wasn't the first time I'd sucked a girl's ass and it wasn't going to be the last. I could taste pussy and ass but the overpowering taste was cum because immense warm wads were filling my mouth as she squeezed jism out of her well-fucked asshole. Tongue into the pool of cum as deep as I could get it, I started sucking it out of her ass.

"Jeeeeeeezzzzzzzz," she squealed, "he's making me cum! Eat my asshole out you nasty bastard! He's sucking me out, Crystal! He's sucking out my asshole just like you do, but this time it's full of cum! It feels so good I'm cuming again! You're both making me cum so good I may die!"

Me? I was so busy trying to swallow the load that I had to keep swallowing or choke! Crystal was sucking cunt and had a finger up her own ass while I sucked Denise's steamy crotch.

"You do that nice," purred Crystal. "I told you he was good. Eat her pretty little asshole you nasty pervert! Suck all your cum out of her ass!"

When I finally sat back up, cum was running down my chin and I was breathing through my nose because there was so much cum in my mouth and throat. Sweet little Crystal remembered her promise, and taking my place between the girl's wide spread cheeks, began sucking Denise's just-fucked just-sucked ass. Kneeling behind the pretty brunette, spreading those perfect cheeks, groveling and grunting like a piggy, she was swallowing sticky semen I hadn't gotten, lewdly sucking a wide open cum oozing asshole just like I'd done. Denise got up on hands and knees so Crystal could better get at her crotch from behind. I moved around in front of Denise and kissed her so she could taste the cum on my tongue.

"Oh, baby . . . let me suck you off again," she whispered as Crystal sucked asshole and cunt. "I want it at both ends. I dig swallowing cum while she's got her tongue up my ass!"

The experience of eating her out had left me rigid and ready. Eyelids fluttering, Denise took my sloppy orgasm in the back of her throat when I shot off for the last time that day. Lips against pubes, she swallowed and swallowed as cum poured from my throbbing cock. Making shameless sounds just like her cock-sucking girlfriend, she looked up at me submissively as cum ran from her cute little nose. When my orgasm subsided and cock began to shrink she let me slip from her semen glazed mouth, cock replaced by Crystal's tongue, the two French kissing and swapping what remained of the load.

Better than X rated videos, I watched their passionate lesbian show for a long time, marveling at the stamina young babes possess, wondering just how many times they could get off. If I'd been counting, I lost count.

Crystal got behind Denise again and spread the cheeks of her ass. "Oh, my God! There's still more cum in her ass! You are such a cum-machine! We didn't get it all! Look when I hold it open!" Using two fingers, she opened the tube and milky semen bubbled from the pink hole. "Oh, yeah! Watch this!" she giggled, tongue scooping up the milky sticky mess, plunging into the warm sheath, noisily sucking jism from Denise's puckered anus like she was getting the last drops of a malted milk through a straw.

"Let me suck yours again," squealed Denise, urging Crystal into a kneeling position so she could get at the blonde's equally cute little asshole. "Hold your cheeks with both hands . . . spread them wide open! That's what I love! Ooooooooooo! Look at her beautiful asshole! Teenagers have the prettiest little assholes! That's what I love eating . . . sweet little teenage girls!" She gave the blonde a tongue-fucking that made her squeal while spanking tanned cheeks until they glowed pink.

"Oooooooo! Ooooooooo! Ooooooooo!" squealed Crystal, offering proud firm ass to her girlfriend's oral desires, quivering orgasmically, thrilled by the amazing tongue! "Oh, my God! I can't stop cuming when I'm taking it up my ass! Oh, Denise, sweetheart! Make it go in deeper, Denise! Your tongue feels as good as a cock!"

"Put your panties on again and let me suck your pussy," gushed Denise, handing Crystal the tiny white satin garment. "We both love getting our pussy sucked while wearing panties. It just feels so totally sexy! She lets me suck her like that every day!" She got between Crystals pretty thighs and examined the crotch of those tight white satin panties. "Spread your legs wider . . . ooooo, yeah! Look . . . look at her pussy lips. I love the way her crotch looks when she's wearing tight panties. Look how they spread the lips of her cunt! That's such a nice sweet deep crack, Crystal! You have such a sexy pussy! It looks so good I gotta lick it and suck your juices right through your panties . . . "

Stunning thighs around Denise's neck, Crystal let the girl suck until she'd cum a half-dozen times, gasping and holding onto Denise's long black hair as the girl sucked juicy orgasms through the thin satin fabric of the crotch. "Now pull my panties out of the way an' let me squirt off right in your mouth! Oh, fuck! Here I cum!"

Stretching the crotch to one side, Denise caught the spray in her mouth as Crystal squirted, slobbering and sucking and swallowing like mad as her girlfriend's cunt nearly drowned her with gush! Trading places, Crystal was just as aggressive sucking a panty covered crotch, finally pulling them all the way off from Denise's cheeks and eating ass and cunt while her girlfriend squealed like a cat, cum drenched panties stuffed in her mouth. Crystal wouldn't quit until Denise insisted.

This time, we all showered together in my bathroom, then lounged around on my bed sipping wine and watching silly movies on the tube. It was long after midnight when they asked me to drive them back to the shop. But before they'd leave, Denise wanted to jack me off again. Putting pink satin panties back on, she got up on the bed. Just the sight of her hot body in pink panties gave me a woody again.

"Let me do you while you're on your back . . . spread your legs so I can get between them." Tongue working between pretty lips like a kid practicing piano, she stroked my cock with one hand and tickled my balls with the other while Crystal wiggled a cunt-juicy finger up my ass so she could stimulate my prostate.

"He makes so much pre-cum!" giggled Crystal, watching tears turn into thick creamy cheese between crest and sliding foreskin, sounds of a cock being masturbated and panting filling the otherwise quiet room. "I love the sound that makes . . . when you jack guys off and their cock gets all juicy like that." Pulling it out and sucking her finger, she worked it back up my ass, fingertip massaging my reloaded prostate nearly making me blow a load. "Let me jerk him off for awhile! Let me have a turn!"

"Okay, but then I get to do it again . . . I wanta make him shoot cum like a rocket!"

Crystal took over and stroked me so good I wanted to cum off in either girl's mouth. "Nice stroke, baby . . . ya do that good . . . make me shoot a load in Denise's mouth."

"No fair! My turn! You just came in her's!"

Denise had other ideas and was intent on her game. Capturing my cock and using long strokes, she pulled foreskin back, then covered the slippery plum colored crest with the loose skin. "I love doing this . . . it makes my pussy so hot! Its so fun to watch guys get all excited . . . knowing I'm gunna make 'em blow a load! I love it!" Flushed, fingers covered with cock-cheese, she was squeezing my shaft to produce more lubricant. Using strokes like milking a cow, each urged seminal fluids from a finger stimulated prostate. Denise was enthralled with her game. "I love the feeling of jerking guys off, 'specially guys with long uncircumcised cocks like his! It's so totally fun to stroke them to orgasm! Look at all that white sticky scuz!"

"Wait . . . I wanta taste! Let me suck all that stuff off and then you can do it some more . . . " begged Crystal, who'd been masturbating while watching the jerk-off show. Bending over me, she sucked cock and finger-fucked my ass at the same time, sucking off the thick scuz created by Denise's fast moving fist and oozing seminal fluids. "Ooooooooooooooo, that tastes so sexy! I love the way he smells! Know what I love? When the head gets all swollen in my mouth while I'm sucking . . . feeling it all throb an' get all big . . . you know . . . like when you just know by the way the head gets so swollen . . . like, you know they're ready to blow a big load right in your mouth! That's something I love!"

"Me, too!" agreed Denise, working cock-tears into thick creamy cheese, slippery sounds and sight making her squirm. "Remember the phone company guy we did in the back? Remember when we did this to him? I like the way all the ridges feel under the foreskin while I'm stroking them . . . the way the head gets so big and looks like a plumb! Watch," she giggled, holding foreskin pinched over crest, then pulling it back and letting white scuz ooze from the tiny opening. "Isn't that too sexy? It looks just like he's starting to cum!" Stroking faster, she bent over and licked the tip as each stroke forced creamy seminal fluids to escape. "Ummmmm, that's fun, too! Licking it up while I'm jacking him off! Ooooooooooooo, Crystal! I got a good idea! I'm going to make him shoot off while I'm holding the foreskin way back from the head . . . an' then, when I feel him throbbing, I'll start milking him again. That makes it really shoot hard! This is so much fun!"

"Jerk him off faster, Denise! Jack that cock off, good! This is so fun! Oooooooooooo, yeah! Stroke that big dick! Don't you just totally adore watching guy's cum shoot out of their cocks? I love catching it in my mouth!" She was as excited as Denise, masturbating and finger- fucking my ass, panting and making herself cum. "This sure makes my panties wet!" she giggled. "Creaming my panties! I love making the crotch all totally slippery . . . it's perfect for playing with myself! Plus, I use my juices to make my fingers all slippery when I stick 'em up my ass, like this . . . " She made a show of finger-fucking her anus while Denise was aggressively stroking cock. So, who gets to swallow it?" gigged Crystal, fingers pressed into the slippery deep satin covered cleft.

"Me," grinned Denise, slowing strokes but making each longer and more forceful. "I get to swallow all of his cum this time . . . you got two loads before me! Look at the way the head of his cock looks. He's gunna blow a big load, baby! He's gunna blast off like one of those rockets at Cape Kennedy!"

Both experiencing orgasms, the girls were red faced and sweating like little piggies.

"Jesus," I gasped, hips thrusting upward. Unable to escape Crystal's insistent finger, I surrendered to the delicious sensations of being jerked-off by such a proficient and stunning young masturbator! "Fuck! Here it cums, Denise! Jesus! I'm fucking gunna shoot off hard! To bad this isn't a rocket to your-anus!"

Cum erupted from the tip of my cock with such force, both girls squealed with delight. The first few bolts shot into Denise's open mouth, covering her tongue with semen.

"Let me have some!" pleaded Crystal, trying to catch some of the jism in her mouth, too.

"Ooooooooooooo!" squealed Denise, delighted by the white fountaining discharge, wide eyes watching the milky seminal eruption. Milking each surge from shaft, she got her other hand into the crotch of her panties and played with her over-excited clit. "Look at him cum! I gotta suck this goo up! This makes me cum in my panties!"

Crystal was watching and so was I, cum shooting into the air almost a foot! Mouth drooling semen, Denise bent forward and plunged my cock down her throat, sucking and swallowing as I continued cuming off in her mouth. When she'd sucked out all she could get, she proceeded to lick up creamy puddles covering my belly and chest, semen Crystal hadn't managed to lick up. "There!" she smiled, a young girl pleased with her talented performance. "I bet that made you cum good. That's what all the guys like . . . getting jacked-off by girls wearing nothing but tight little panties! It's a guy fantasy!"

"Most excellent!" I sighed, breathing returning to normal as the two kissed and began mutually masturbating.

"I hope you let us do this again!" smirked Denise, kissing Crystal between comments, the girl's fingers in each other's panties. "We'll suck and let you fuck us up the ass whenever you want, won't we, Crystal? We'll be real nasty! We like to do very nasty things, especially for guys who cum like you! That was so hot! You sucking my ass after you fucked it! You're a real hot dude, know that? You made me cum as good as I've ever cum! I hope you do me like that again."

"Give me a day to rest up and I'll take ya up on your offer. I liked getting jacked-off by ya, but the next time, I wanta fuck both of ya up the ass a couple of times first and then watch ya eat each other out. That makes my dick hard! I'll let ya jack me off if ya do it real nasty. Maybe ya can sit on it while I'm cuming . . . then Crystal could suck it out of your cunt."

"Oooooooooo . . . he's bad as us!" giggled Denise, hopping off the bed and picking up her skirt. "I'm getting all hot again just thinking about that!"

Crystal got dressed while Denise repaired make-up, the girls checking each other to make sure they looked okay.

When Denise saw Crystal step into clogs, she dropped to her knees and pulled up the back of the girl's miniskirt. "Oh, Crystal! You have the hottest looking ass in the world!" she giggled, pulling the pair of white panties down in back and spreading the girl's cheeks. "You make me so wild when I see you looking like that, I can't help myself, Crystal! I just have to eat-out your cute little asshole!"

Hands on knees, Crystal shook her hips as Denise reamed her anus with that incredibly long tongue. "All right . . . get that tongue up my ass, you nasty slut! Suck me out good! Go ahead. Eat my hot little cock-fucked asshole! Jesus, Denise, you're making me cum again. Let me turn around. Let me shoot pussy-gush right in your mouth!" Still down on knees, Denise waited, tongue out. Spreading the lips of her cunt, Crystal played with a swollen cit. "Here I cum!" she hissed, masturbating faster, clear surges of girl gush shooting from open pussy into Denise's waiting mouth. "Eat that pussy-cum, slut! You're such a tramp! You're spending the night with me! You're gunna eat my asshole all night!"

"Babes, babes," I grinned, already dressed and waiting, "I need to get some rest. Come on . . . give it up for awhile. Ya got plenty of time to play later." They pouted and kissed and teased each other all the way back to the shop. "You should come by the salon and lick Tanya's ass. She loves it as much as us," sighed Denise, playing with Crystal's swollen nipples. "She's the redhead with the pretty figure . . . she's the one who got to eat that phone guy's cum when I jacked him off. She had lots of competition. Sharon and Crystal both wanted that load. She loves to suck anything that cums!"

"So does Sharon," giggled Crystal, fingers in Denise's panties. "Sharon's the tiny blonde with the short spiked hair? Remember her? She only five feet tall, but her figure is way prettier than mine."

"Don't be modest," panted Denise, spreading her legs further so Crystal could finger-fuck her faster. "Lucky me! I love letting these nasty little girls make me cum! The owners let me pick the girls who work for us. I make sure they're bi, if not gay! Ooooooooo, I hired Crystal the first time I set eyes on her . . . I knew I could get into her panties with no problem!"

"She licked my crotch the first day," giggled Crystal, finger action bringing Denise to orgasm. "Didn't you, Denise? You made me bend over in the rest room and pull up my skirt . . . you licked my panties 'til I was cuming like crazy!"

"I did!" panted Denise, grabbing Crystal's wrist to slow down the intense action. "The little slut let Tanya lick her, too . . . and you should have seen the lessie show they put on for me! I love watching young girls eating each other's crotches! It didn't take any persuading to get Crystal to lick Tanya's asshole. That's when I knew I had to keep her under my wing"

"I stayed overnight with Tanya the first night we met," giggled Crystal. "She told me all about Denise and Sharon. Sharon was Denise's little slut for almost a year until she met me. Now she licks my panties anytime I want."

"Anytime I want!" laughed Denise.

"We let Denise put on shows for us after work . . . we like her nasty ideas. She makes us do very naughty things. She even brings young guys over and lets us do them, and she always jacks them off while we watch. When she makes them shoot off, we usually take turns eating their cum."

"So . . . will you come over after work?" asked Denise. "Imagine what you could do with four girls! We could have a real sexual circus! I want to be ring-mistress . . . I want to make you perform nasty acts!"

"Hey . . . sounds terrif. But gotta rest up for a couple of days."

I let them out where Denise had parked and they laid passionate crotch flavored kisses on me before finally saying goodnight. I guess Denise drove Crystal home.

Returning to my place at two-thirty, I crashed on the spot, but not before saying a prayer for Saturday mornings and sleeping in until around ten.


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