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Sex: M
Age: not given
Location: San Diego, CA
ICQ#: not given offers writers an opportunity to share more than "erotica". This site allows us a forum that too many work zealously to censor. Freedom demands responsibility. The "ability to respond". So, beside submitting creative urges here, let legislators know how you feel about freedom of speech. I'll submit more stories and do my best to become more creative (thanks to writers like some of you.) I'm the luckiest man in the world. I'm married to the most wonderful woman in the world, my partner, my best friend. I love the "erotic" in all of its forms, as long as it doesn't debase the human spirit. Innocence is precious and belongs to the innocent until they are ready and willing to surrender that treasure.

Consent. If someone wants to play slave, that's their choice. Drama, drama, drama. No one has the right to enslave. Love, like respect, is a gift bestowed upon us by others, and can't be demanded.

A Tight Cut Pt. I - Hair salon customer gets full service.
A Tight Cut Pt. II - He takes on two hot stylists.
Cum Again - Dawn shares script with Kyle, with wild results.
Hollywood Nights Ch. I - L.A. couple heats up a summer day.
Hollywood Nights Ch. II - Letiticia listens to Marla & Michael.
Hollywood Nights Ch. III - Marla & Michael plan a threesome.
Hollywood Nights Ch. IV - Hotel boy ogles Marla.
Hollywood Nights Ch. V - Jeremy find Candi to be very sweet.
Hollywood Nights Ch. VI - Letiticia & Marla give Michael a hard time.
Hollywood Nights Ch. VII - Jeremy eats a little Candi.
Hollywood Nights Ch. VIII - Michael has the girls for breakfast.
Hollywood Nights Ch. IX - Letiticia tells Marla a story.
Hollywood Nights Ch. X - The girls go shopping.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XI - Venessa takes care of Michael.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XII - The trio invite Venessa to their party.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XIII - Venessa cleans the girls.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XIV - Jeremy plans lesbian fun for Candi.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XV - Candi arrives at the party.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XVI - The party ends, & Gary goes home.
I'd Rather Be Shopping - Sarah & Brandi take on the mall.
Id Rather Be Shopping Pt. II - Alanis & all meet guys.
Winter's Snow Pt. I - Writer enjoys young women in London.
Winter's Snow Pt. II - Lusty gentleman takes twin sisters.

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