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A Trip to the Beach
by Muse

Terri called me one evening. We had gotten to know each other over the last nine months. Occasionally we would meet for lunch. In some ways I felt that we had a lot in common, yet in some ways we were so different. She worked full time and had a small child whereas I worked part time and my children were older, but we always seemed to find some common ground. She made me laugh because she always claimed to 'woo' me. I wouldn't call it wooing as much as trying to do the little things that perhaps a guy would do in the early stages of a relationship. In some ways she made me uncomfortable. At other times she seemed to understand me, without having to share deep secrets with her. But as a couple, the Jacksons were amusing. When she asked me if my husband and I might be interested in a couples beach trip, I was unsure; but I told her that I would ask Jeff and we would talk about it.

After talking it over with Jeff, we decided to go. I called Terri back and she said that she even had the place lined up. Her dad worked for Spartan Industries and they had beach houses for rent at a subsidized price. "I've lined one up, a three bedroom close to the beach at North Myrtle," she told me. "Mark and I will cover the rent if you and Jeff drive." So in a very short amount of time, we had arranged a trip in the middle of September to bask in the sun.

We left early that Friday afternoon. Jeff drove and we stopped only when necessary to do so. When we got there around 7 pm, the four of us enjoyed a wonderful dinner and picked up a few groceries. Since Jeff and I weren't the breakfast eating bunch, Terri offered to cover the groceries as well. "Sandwiches OK for lunch?" she asked.

We bought enough junk to tide over Mark and Jeff and went back to the house. The house was set up with two bedrooms with a single shared bath upstairs and a great-room, kitchen, bedroom and bath downstairs. Terri and Mark took the downstairs and Jeff and I took the upstairs. Although we were tired, Terri mixed a pitcher of strawberry daiquiris and we proceeded to play cards into the night. Around midnight, Mark said "I have to call it quits, I'm about to collapse." We all agreed, but Jeff and I were quick to remind Terri and Mark that we weren't morning people.

"That's OK," said Terri. "Sleep as late as you like. We will see you on the beach in the morning!" Whether it was a different mattress or Jeff's snoring, I woke early. Unheard of for me; I went to the bathroom and was getting ready to go back to bed when I heard a noise. Since it was 5 a.m., I thought that it couldn't be the Jacksons and walked down the stairs to investigate. All the while convincing myself that someone left a radio or a TV on in the great-room. Before I hit the last two steps, I could see Mark on the couch watching ESPN.

"That's right," I thought. "He is a morning person." I had turned to go back upstairs when a movement caught my attention. I turned back to look into the great-room only to see Terri walk across the room and stand between Mark and the television. In the glow of the screen, I could see that she was wearing a hot pink wrapper, mid-thigh length. I watched in amazement as she unfastened the robe and dropped it on the floor. As she stood there, I saw the cute chemise that she must have worn to bed, but I didn't think that I could ever wear something like that; but amazingly, it looked right on her. It was satin; the same color as the robe, and had sheer lace across the bodice. It hugged her curves while flaring at the hips. I felt a little self-conscious watching her slowly undress for her husband.

I remained there, hidden in the shadows as Terri crossed the distance between her robe and the couch. She quickly straddled Mark and threw her arms around him in a big hug. What amazed me was that although nothing was being said, it was obvious that there was an intricate dance of foreplay being performed. Although I had seen movies where people had made love, I had never actually seen two live people pleasure each other. "I ought to leave," I thought but I couldn't pull away from what was happening.

Terri had wrapped her arms around her husband's neck and was kissing him. The only sounds were the wet and intense kisses that they were sharing. Terri's hands continually ran through the back of Mark's hair. She continually stroked his hair and ran her fingers through its length. In the light of the television I could see that Mark's hands were squeezing Terri's breasts through the netting. He kneaded them and stroked them and it was evident that it was bringing her so much pleasure. She moaned very low and I felt a tingle of arousal. I continued to watch and listen. The rustling of clothes and the low giggles and moans were more than arousing the Jacksons; they were doing a number on me. I tried to make myself leave before the foreplay became intercourse, but

I could not stop watching as Terri lifted herself up on her knees to either side of Mark's lap and proceed to lower herself onto what I could only imagine as Mark's erect cock. From my angle, I could catch glimpses of her face as she slowly moved on his lap. As her motions became more directed, I felt my nipples tighten as her face began to contort with each pull that brought her closer to climax. Mark was evidently making it good for her as she writhed back and forth all the while rubbing her face in his hair and shoulders. She was showering him with kisses with each motion that pulled her within facial range. As I saw her back arch and Mark grab her around the waist, I knew that the culmination of her passion was met and by Mark's groans he must have come at the same time. I was so amazed at the beauty of the act and the love that had been consummated there, I must have sighed a little too loudly, because the Jacksons seemed to hear me and began to break from their embrace. I quickly returned to my bed upstairs, only to lie and deal with the throbbing between my legs. I replayed the scene in my head and wondered why in the world I would have intruded into such an intimate tableau, but then I realized that no one knew that I was there except for me. To the sounds of Jeff's breathing, I rolled over and dropped back off to into a restless sleep.

Later that morning I woke to hear the shower and realized that Jeff was already in the bathroom. I could not help but replay the events from early in the morning. The sounds and the sights were provocative. Quickly I dressed and went downstairs. I'm sure I blushed ever so slightly as I walked across the great-room to the kitchen. On the table was a note. 'We are down at the beach, care to join us?' along with a pot of coffee and orange Danish. At 10:30, the water was still a little cool so while Jeff and Mark went to scope out the location of the tennis courts, I sat down beside where Terri was taking a sunbath. She was lying on her stomach but had turned her face towards me. I could only marvel at how relaxed and calm she looked. "Penny for your thoughts," Terri commented.

Startled, I looked down at her to see that she had rolled to her side and was looking at me. "You look so far away Donna, what in the world are you thinking about?" she asked. I merely smiled and said, "Just thinking about how to spend the day."

"Well Donna, I am looking forward to spending some time with you, Jeff and Mark," she commented. Our conversation digressed into what we were going to do during the day and our thoughts concerning the accommodations. Terri suggested that I might enjoy a game of tennis with Mark. "Not only has he not played in a long time, but I'm not sure that he is in shape to play in this heat." I replied with, "And what will you do while we play?" She told me that she would either take a swim or a nap, depending on how long she expected our evening to be. She slowly stretched and said that she had not slept well the previous night. "Must have been anticipation for the weekend," she said. "You were up early?" I questioned, knowing fully well that she was. She half smiled and said, "Yes, a little earlier than I usually am, but I will survive."

I blurted out, "You and Mark appear to really be enjoying our trip." Smiling, she responded with "I make every opportunity to enjoy the time I spend with Mark. It has always been that way in our relationship. We make every second count." I questioned, "Every second?" In her open way, Terri replied "Donna, if it means laughter, a kiss, a hug, a stroke or sex I do mean every second. You may think us strange, but Mark and I enjoy the time we are together and have sex probably a little more frequently than most couples do. It is how we communicate." I lapsed into silence while I thought about her words. It seemed that sex was a very mechanical and a required event lately at our house. It had even developed a pattern, Jeff initiated, I would demur, and we somehow wind up having sex. And sex was what it had become, not making love or any way resembling the intimacy that I witnessed this morning. My biggest regret was that I wasn't a participant, merely a spectator.

"Donna," Terri's words broke my concentration "Where the heck are you? What in the world has your attention so?"

I looked at Terri and said, "I was up early this morning too."

It was all that needed to be said because Terri flushed and broke our gaze. She rolled onto her back and stared at the sky. She wasn't angry, just stunned. She just lay there a few minutes looking up at the sky. I didn't say anything because mentally I was kicking myself for telling her. I just knew that she was thinking the most horrible things about me when her question broke my concentration. "Did you enjoy the view?" she asked.

As I lay down beside her, I turned my face towards hers and said, "Yes."

"How long did you watch us?"

"Terri, I don't think you really want to know," I replied.

"Please tell me," she requested.

"Basically, I was there for everything," I told her.

"Then the noise I heard this morning was not my imagination," she stated.

"Terri, I really don't want for you to think . . ." I started to say when she interrupted me.

"Donna, what did you enjoy about watching us?" she asked.

"I don't know, all I do know is that it was probably one of the most erotic experiences I have ever watched." I replied.

She thought for a couple of minutes and asked me the question that I somehow knew would come, "Did you pounce on Jeff when you went back upstairs?"

"No," I answered. "I went back to bed."

"Why did you take the experience and not act on the feelings?" she persisted in her questioning. "It was all so intimate and close. I wish I could copy the moment for us, but you can't stage something like that." I told her.

"Why not?" she shot back.

"I just couldn't . . . you know." I hedged.

"Donna, if you enjoyed the voyeur experience and it effected you sexually, you should have made love this morning." Terri admonished.

"Terri, I don't have your unabashed openness towards sex," I confided.

"Donna, once you realize that you have to lose control to enjoy the experience, then you will be one step closer to phenomenal sex. Open, honest and passionate loving that will blow you away," she stated emphatically. She was quiet a few minutes more, then rolled to her side and looked at me. I caught her gaze and rolled to face her.

"And would you repeat the experience if you could?" she questioned gently. I looked at her open, honest, non-judgmental gaze and replied, "Yes."

Terri closed her eyes and for a moment was silent. Then she opened her eyes and said, "And what exactly do you have planned to do this afternoon?"

I replied, "I'm along for the ride, we could play tennis, we could take a ride, whatever."

"And what if I arranged another experience like the one you had this morning? Would you share it with Jeff?" she asked.

Where that question came from I will never know. I just shook my head and responded, "I just don't know."

"Well this is the scoop Donna. This afternoon before we go out, Mark and I will take a shower together. If I know Mark, good clean fun is always a turn-on. If I remember correctly, the closet doors are louvered in the bedroom. If you were to have a seat in there, I suspect that you would see a lot more than what you saw this morning." Terri commented.

I turned my face away.

"Donna, don't get me wrong. I'm not into 'performance art', but I would share this experience with you if you thought that you would enjoy it . . . say in the name of continuing education." she laughingly stated.

I shook my head no and she quickly changed the subject to a safer topic, our plans for the rest of the day.

During the day, I thought a lot about what Terri was said. The doors on the closets were indeed louvered and I suspected that you could see what was going on in the bedroom from the sanctity of that little room. Mark and I did play tennis, but Terri sandbagged me. Mark was a passable player and it did require my concentration to beat him. Terri cheered for him from the sidelines and Jeff coached me on my game. We spent an enjoyable afternoon. Between the four of us we decided where to have dinner. We decided on a late dinner and enjoyed a late evening frolic in the surf before coming inside around 5:30. The sun was just starting to lower on the horizon, and Jeff went up to take a shower first. I heard the water downstairs as well. After playing the conversation over in my mind, I entered Mark and Terri's room quickly before I could change my mind.

I opened the closet door, only to find one of the kitchen chairs within it. A dry clean beach towel was resting on the seat. I heard the water running, so I picked up the towel and quickly sat down. In my bathing suit, the vinyl from the chair warmed to my thighs and butt and I found myself slowly molded to the seat. Once again, I heard voices and subsequently laughter. I heard the bathroom door open. Terri came out first, wrapped in a bath towel. Mark followed her out. He was dripping wet, but had no towel to cover him. The bathwater ran down his chest in rivulets. His hair was wet and he walked over to the bedroom door and closed it. He walked over towards the closet. I held my breath, just knowing that I was going to be caught, but he stopped at the sliding glass door and pulled the blinds shut. He strolled back over towards Terri. From the back, I could see the curve of his buttocks and his waistline. He certainly wasn't trim, in fact, you would say he was pudgy around the waistline, but it didn't seem to bother Terri. She smiled at him as he lowered himself on the bed. The game had begun for them.

"Come here, Terri," Mark beckoned. She smiled and said, "Now Mark, you know that I have to blow dry my hair."

"Oh no you don't," he responded, "You teased me enough in the shower to make me crazy." That much was true because from my view I could see that he was sporting an impressive erection. He was circumcised and well built. His cock was about seven inches long, quite thick, and sported an interesting curve. Terri sauntered over towards the bed and lightly grazed his erection with her finger. "My my Mark, why don't you tell me what you want to do?" she teased. Mark growled and grabbed the towel. As she spun away from him, the towel unwrapped from around her and Mark wadded it up and tossed it on the floor in front of the closet.

From my viewpoint, I could see Terri. She was sporting a dark brown tan. The only place she wasn't tan was where her bottoms fit. Her breasts were large and full. She walked back over to the bed and Mark reached and grabbed her. He pulled her on top of him and they began to wrestle on the bed like a couple of children. It began as a game of tickle. Evidently Mark was quite vulnerable and Terri knew how to take advantage of him. Once she had tickled him to the point that he couldn't stand it anymore, he rolled over on her and trapped her beneath him. He lowered his head to slowly lick up her breastbone to her neck. He had her hands trapped above her head, but she wasn't trying to escape his hold, in fact, she would arch towards his eager tongue. I watched as their lips met. The kisses weren't innocent. They were deep, full, and intimately exploring. Mark broke the kiss to trace Terri's lips with his tongue. Terri's tongue slipped from between her teeth to flick at Mark's tongue. Their French kissing left the mouth arena and was now playing outside their lips. You could hear the slurps and sucks as their tongues battled. Mark let go of Terri's hands and they slipped to caress his wet hair. His lips traced a path down her chest spending a goodly amount of time licking and sucking her nipples. Terri had to be excited, her nipples were quite hard and Mark nibbled and sucked them until she arched her back and moaned. As he continued to lap at her breasts I watched his hands slowly trace over the curve of her hip and to tenderly stroke her ribcage downwards. I could almost feel his touch on my skin as I watched him gently tickle his way down her side. She was lying on her back and he was on his side beside her and Mark certainly was enjoying what he was doing.

I felt the tingle begin. If I could have I would have gone to the bathroom to pee to alleviate the pressure to my pussy. I was hypnotized as I watched Mark's head lick lower and lower. He ran his tongue into Terri's belly button. As she arched her hips towards him, I saw him smile. As Terri ran her hand along his side until she encircled his penis, Mark licked lower and lower. I watched and got hotter and hotter. Oral sex was never high on my list, but Terri kept urging Mark downward. He leaned over her mons de venus and ran a finger along the opening. Terri froze. Mark said, "Baby" and Terri lifted her head to watch Mark take his finger and slowly run it into his mouth. "How sweet," he commented and taking that wet finger placed it directly on her clit. I watched the slow circles start and Terri start to moan. "Oh no," Mark warned, "I want to taste not touch." With that comment, I slowly opened my legs. As he began to lick, I placed my hand on the 'V' between my legs and gently began to stroke. I sat in silence and watched Terri's orgasm consume her. Under his licking and sucking she bucked. Mark had to place his hands on Terri's waist to keep her somewhat subdued while he continued to eat her. To her cries of orgasm, I slipped my fingers under my swimsuit bottom and began to massage my clit in earnest. I was increasing my tempo when I saw Terri lean up and push Mark back.

In amazement, I watched her climb on top of him in the classic '69' position. His hands wrapped around her buttocks and he urged her legs apart while she took his penis into her mouth. Terri's head bobbed up and down and her hands encircled the base of his cock while her mouth licked and nibbled at the head of his cock. I felt my orgasm start. It was like liquid fire had been applied to my genitals. As I felt my vagina throb, I leaned my head back and enjoyed the sensation. It wasn't often that I masturbated to climax, but this was one for the books. As the feelings of satisfaction replaced desire, I heard Terri moan.

I looked and sometime during my orgasm, they had switched positions. Instead of enjoying oral pleasures, Mark was taking Terri from behind. Doggy style was never my strong suit, but Terri seemed to be really enjoying it. She arched her back and Mark's strokes were long and deliberate. I could see his penis slowly plunging into her backside. His hands continually stroked her flanks as he quickened his pace. As Terri lowered her shoulders to the mattress and widened her legs for Mark's thrusts, Mark's right hand reached around her waist and he began to massage her clit. Terri cried "Baby don't stop, please harder." and I felt my nipples and clit begin to throb again. As Terri began to gasp and moan, Mark let out a groan and thrust deeply. Mark encircled her body and massaged her breasts. He slowly pulled out. His penis was wet with both her fluids and his come. He rolled to the far side of the bed and proceeded to laugh. Terri rolled to her side. I could see her buttocks and backbone as she positioned herself to quiz her husband. She looked at him and placed her chin on his chest, "What is so damn funny?" she asked. Mark responded, "You could wear me out, you know. I'm going to hit the shower again." Terri giggled and said, "Let's not use a lot of water. You don't want to deprive the Hudsons do you?" Mark shifted to sit on the edge of the bed, "Of course not, but you had better not accost me again for sex this evening, I'm worn out." While the Jacksons were cleaning up after their play, I slipped out of the closet and upstairs. I found that Jeff had finished his shower and was drying his hair. Peering at me through the reflection of the mirror, he asked, "Where have you been?" I deflected the question and proceeded to take a long hard stare at my husband.

"Just what would he do if I initiated a bout of lovemaking right now," I thought. I was still excited from my orgasm. I slipped my hands around his waist and began to lick his back. I felt him stiffen under my touch. I broke from my tasting long enough to murmur, "Do you have a problem with this, Jeff?" As I began to lick him again, Jeff turned around. He looked down at me and asked, "What has gotten into you?"

"Nothing" I replied. His eyes were shocked as I leaned up on the balls of my feet and urged his head downward. I captured his lips in a long kiss. For once, I guess, I was the aggressor. I slowly inserted my tongue between his lips and his sharp intake of breath let me know that I was affecting him. He was wearing a pair of underwear and I could see his dick stir under the cotton. I reached up and pulled down the straps of my swimsuit. "Care to help me bathe?" I asked. Jeff immediately moved to undo the clasp at the back of my swimsuit top. My breasts were exposed to the air and his gaze. My nipples immediately hardened and his hands trailed back to the front to cup my breasts. He leaned down to lick each nipple and I felt the passion that I had contained earlier leap to life.

I backed up and Jeff looked so disappointed. I reached and quickly lowered his underwear to the floor. I quickly stepped out of my bottoms as well. I threw my arms around his neck and began to kiss him in earnest. In some ways I was Terri, devouring his mouth like she did Mark's. He returned kiss for kiss. I felt him back me against the lavatory and slowly lift my ass to the counter. As he continued to kiss me, his hands ran to my pussy. As his fingers explored, my mind flashed to how Mark's hands explored Terri private parts. I knew that I was extremely wet and when his fingers traced their path from my vagina back to my clit, I thought I would explode from the strength of my desire. "God, how I want him," and to my surprise, Jeff responded "And I want you too Donna." It was only then I realized that I had voiced my desire for my husband aloud. I whispered, "Do you want to eat me?" "My pleasure," he replied as he dropped to his knees and proceeded to tongue my clit and hood. As the tip of his tongue made those lovely little circles around my clit, my need to cum grew and grew. It wasn't until his fingers entered my vagina that I exploded. I felt my womb contract and his fingers rhythmic thrusting only massaged my orgasm into a spectacular freefall. "I guess this was what Terri meant by giving yourself up to the pleasure," I thought. Jeff stood and slowly entered me. His orgasm quickly followed. Between the kissing and his guttural moan at his orgasm only caused me to come again. As he slowly withdrew, I smiled. He had to support and hold me for a few minutes until I gained my composure and balance. As I eased myself off the counter, Jeff started my shower. "I don't know what this was all about, but I was glad to accommodate you, my love." he commented. "Good, because I expect you to be 'accommodating' later as well," I replied. He looked shocked when I asked him to join me in my shower. We lathered each other up and exchanged touches and kisses like we had not done in months. I will have to say that it was one of the most erotic couplings that Jeff and I had shared over the last five years.

I don't know if I could continually throw myself into sexual abandon like Terri did, but I think that she may have had a point when she said that sex is a wonderful form of communication.

I would have to say the rest of the weekend was uneventful, except for the spectacular sex that Jeff and I had that evening. I know that we were rude by excusing ourselves as soon as possible after we returned to the house, but I found that my entertainment for the afternoon had fed my desires. I don't think that Jeff minded the attention. The ride home Sunday was uneventful until Mark commented about finding one of the kitchen chairs in their bedroom closet. I just smiled sweetly and Terri burst into laughter. A simple shared moment between the girls and one that will remain with me always, for say, the sake of 'continuing education'.


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