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A Very Brady Sequel
by Kip Carson

As Mr. Brady's car pulled into the driveway, Alice ran out side. "Mr. Brady, Mr. Brady" she excitedly yelled. "You won't believe what was going on while you were gone!" she exclaimed, waving the photos at him. Mike Brady told Alice to calm down. He began looking at the photos that she held in her hands. There was his beautiful wife, Carol and his son Greg fucking like rabbits. Another photo showed Marcia with her face buried between his wife's pussy. Mr. Brady's cock became quite erect as he checked out the pictures.

He didn't quite know how to handle the situation. He looked at the pics again. Marcia's young pussy was clearly exposed in one of the photos. He looked at her picture and his mouth watered. Mike knew that some how he must find a way to sample his step daughter's sweet cunt. "Come in the house, Alice" he told his maid. Alice followed him into the house. "Sit here and wait for me" he told her, pointing to a chair in the kitchen. Mike pondered the situation for a few moments. He left the room and quickly returned with a long rope. He began to tie Alice to the chair. "What are you doing, let me go" Alice protested.

Mike shoved a gag into Alice's mouth and continued to tie her up. He called for Carol. Mrs. Brady entered the room and he showed her the photos that Alice had taken. Carol tried to explain, but Mike told her not to worry about it. "Greg, Marcia come here" he yelled. Greg and Marcia came running down the stairs. Mike showed them the photos. Both teens looked very scared and nervous. "Alice took these while spying on you" he exclaimed. "Maybe we should punish her for spying on you" he continued. Alice's eyes opened widely and she showed fear as she listened.

Mike and Greg carried Alice, still tied to the chair to Mike and Carol's bedroom. Alice tried to fight, but wasn't able to move. Carol and Marcia followed them. Mike untied Alice from the chair and he and Greg began tying her to the bed. Mike ripped Alice's clothing from her body. Alice wasn't a babe or anything, but her body wasn't as bad as they expected. Her breasts were rather large and firm. Her pussy was quite hairy. "What should we do to her, Dad?" Greg asked. "Well, I don't exactly know" Mike said. Carol told Marcia to undress. Marcia slid her skirt and panties off. "Sit on Alice's face and let her taste you" Carol instructed her gorgeous daughter. Mr Brady removed the gag from Alice's mouth. Marcia straddled Alice's face. She lowered her pussy and pressed her pussy lips against Alice's face. Alice's protests stopped immediately. Alice plunged her tongue deep inside of Marcia's hot pussy. Marcia moaned and giggled as the maid ate her tight pussy.

Mike told Greg that maybe Alice needed a good fucking. Greg began stripping. His cock was semi hard. "Make him hard" Mike told Carol. Carol Brady began to suck Greg's cock like she had the previous day. She was hungrily devouring him, and his cock became quite hard. "Fuck her Greg, Mike yelled, make Alice scream" Greg guided his large teen cockhead against Alice's spread, hairy pussy. Alice made a muffled yell as Greg thurst inside of her. Alice quivered and came as he entered her.

Mike and Carol began undressing and Mike looked at his wife's hot body. Mike sat Carol on the bed and began to eat her hot pussy. Carol moaned as his tongue slid against her wet swollen clit. Marcia was moaning softly as Alice's tongue wiggled like a snake inside of her pretty snatch. Greg was pounding away furiously inside of Alice's pussy. Jan and Peter heard the commotion coming from their parents bedroom and came running to investigate.

Jan looked at the hot scene in her parents bedroom, then she looked at Peter. His eyes were aglaze and his jaw dropped open. Jan began unzipping his bell bottoms and removed his hard cock. Jan began licking Peter's cock and slowly took him into her mouth. Peter moaned. He began to undo Jan's top. Jan's small firm titties were now exposed. Peter playfully tugged on her erect nipples as she sucked him. Greg was thrusting wildly, and let out a moan as his cum erupted into Alice's pussy. Alice thrashed wildly as she felt his hot cum squirt into her old pussy.

Marcia was grinding her pussy against Alice's face, taking her wet tongue deeper into her hot pussy. "Oh, yes" Marcia squealed. As Marcia climaxed, she sort of collapsed across Alice. Greg was removing his cock from Alice's pussy. Marcia saw the hot cum leaking from her brother's still hard cock, and took the head into her sweet mouth. Greg moaned as Marcia began licking the cum from his dick. "Oh, yes Marcia" he moaned. Jan was now deepthroating Peter. He held Jan by her hair and was thrusting into her mouth. Mike continued eating Carol. After she had cleaned all of the cum from Greg's hard cock, Marcia noticed how big and thick her step dad's cock was.

Marcia slithered on her hands and knees towards Mike's thick throbbing cock. She took the large head between her soft lips and began to suck him. Mr Brady softly moaned as she wonderfully licked and sucked him into her hot mouth. Carol's pussy was quite juicy by now. Greg began rubbing the head of his cock against his step mother's juicy cunt. "Oh, Greg, fuck me" she moaned. Greg pushed his cock deeply into his step mom, driving her wild. Carol yelled and bucked her hips accepting every inch of his hard cock.

Peter moaned loudly and shot his cum into Jan's mouth. Jan hungrily swallowed her step brother's cum as it squirted deeply into her throat. Alice lay on the bed moaning, still tied up. "would somebody please do some thing to me, anything" Alice begged. Jan straddled Alice's face and pressed her hot sticky pussy against ALice's mouth. ALice's tongue swirled around her throbbing little clit. Jan moaned loudly as Alice ate her pussy. Marcia was now bent over the bed, and Mr Brady pressed his large swollen cock head against her beautiful pussy. "Oh, yes Dad" she moaned. Marcia held him by the ass and pulled him deeply into her aching young pussy. Mr Brady slowly fucked his lovely daughter.

Peter was rubbing his still hard cock against ALice's gooey cunt. He easily slid into her. ALice moaned as Peter's young cock slid deeply into her wet pussy. Jan climaxed , yelling loudly. Her sweet pussy juices flowing all over ALice's face. Alice continued sucking and licking Jan's cunt. Peter was thrusting as fast and hard as he could. ALice bucked her hips and took him deeper inside of her pussy. Peter quickly slid his cock in and out of ALice's pussy. He grunted and began cumming inside of her.

Alice moaned as she felt Peter's young load fill her pussy. Her climax was so intense that it shook her entire body. She thrashed about wildly as his cum splashed her inner cunt walls. Mike was fucking Marcia doggy style. Her pussy was so young and tight. He held her by her firm young hips, driving his cock deeply inside of her. Marcia grunted each time his cock hit her pelvic area. Mike was moaning loudly. "Mmm, fuck me harder, fill me with your hot cum" Marcia moaned. Mike felt her tight young pussy squeeze his cock harder and he blasted his load into her. Marcia moaned as the hot cum squirted deeply into her. Her young pussy was on fire as the hot cum filled her cunt.

Greg was fucking his mom like a madman. He moaned and his young cum shot deeply inside of her pretty pussy. Mrs. Brady held her son tightly digging her nails into his back as he emptied his jism inside of her. "Oh God, Greg, mmm, yeah" she yelled. Her pussy tightly squeezed his cock, milking his cum with her pussy muscles. Greg grunted and began biting her erect nipples as the last of his cum shot into her. Marcia was grinding her ass wildly against Mr Brady. Her tight young pussy held his cock inside like a vise. His cum was now dribbling from his swollen cock head. He reached around and grabbed both of Marcia's firm young breasts with his hands. He gently pinched her pretty pink nipples. Marcia let out a little squeal. He continued to fuck her, even though he had already came.

His cock remained rock hard inside of her wonderful pussy. He was ready to flip her over and fuck her missionary. He pushed Marcia to her back and began to enter her from the front. He looked deep into her pretty eyes, filled with such lust. He lowered his head and took Marcia's erect young nipples into his mouth. He hungrily sucked each nipple then moved to the next. His cock was pulsating inside of her hot pussy. Jan climbed from ALice's face. Alice lay there moaning. Her face glistening from all of the pussy juice she had eaten. Carol then straddled the maid's face. Her son's cum dripping from her wet pussy. She lowered her hairy bush against Alice's mouth. Alice greedliy gulped Greg's cum from Carol's hot pussy. Alice began to lick and suck Mrs Brady's exquisite pussy. Carol came quickly, her juices gushed into Alice's mouth.

Mike moaned and his cum erupted into Marcia's wonderful young pussy. Marcia had her luscious legs wrapped around his ass, holding him inside of her. Marcia moaned as she felt the cum enter her. She came and came as the hot liquid squirted inside her. Jan was now sitting on Peter's hard cock. She bounced up and down and was playing with her own titties. Peter moaned as she ground her pussy against his stiff cock. Jan was firmly pinching her erect young nipples as she rode her step brother. "Oh God" he yelled. His cum blasted into Jan's pussy. She tossed her head back and grunted as she climaxed. Her pussy juices flowed onto Peter's hard cock. His cum squirted into her, filling her tender pussy with the hot fluid.

Mr Brady untied Alice and asked her if she learned her lesson about spying. Alice told him she had. Alice quickly dressed and slowly walked out of the room. Her pussy was sore, and her face glistening with Carol, Marcia, and Jan's pussy juices. Everyone in the room had come and were all exhausted. As the family left the room Mr Brady announced "From now on, We will make Tuesday night, family night" "Everyone meet in our bedroom as soon as the supper dishes are done" he continued "No excuses, everybody must be here" Everyone smiled and agreed that it sounded wonderful. Yes indeed it was a very Brady house, and everyone in the Brady family was very horny...

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