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A Visit to the Doc
by English Bob

Max's wife was Sabryna. She was 26 years old, a native of Singapore and had moved to London to marry Max 4 years ago. From the first time Max saw her he was captivated. Standing only 5'4" in her stockinged feet she looked so cute! Her whole body was beautifully proportioned; high, firm breasts, a slim waist and slender legs that tapered sensually to small dainty feet. Her shoulder length brown hair shone luxuriantly in the sunshine and framed her pretty, classically oriental face. Max was lucky and he knew it!

He remembered back those four years to when they were first married and Sabryna had got her first look at his home city. She was like a child in a playground, excitedly running around looking at the sights. The Tower, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and the Royal Parks. She seemed to want to see it all at once and clung to Max's arm tightly as they spent long happy days wandering the city.

After four years they were still very much in love, but there was one flaw in their otherwise perfect relationship. They had been open about it and talked at length. Max had been aware of the problem even before Sabryna had brought it up. As much as she enjoyed their sexual relationship, Sabryna was finding it increasingly more difficult to become lubricated when they made love and had never achieved orgasm. After several lengthy discussions on the subject, they had decided to seek out some professional assistance. Max had booked an appointment for them both with a Harley Street consultant, a specialist with enormous experience of their particular problem.

The day had finally come for their appointment and they hailed a taxi for Harley Street. The surgery was extremely impressive, of Victorian age, but completely modernised. As they entered the reception, their feet sank into deep pile carpet. The walls were tastefully decorated and adorned with expensive modern art. Every effort had been made to make the visitor feel comfortable and relaxed. The smart receptionist asked Sabryna to sit in the waiting room, while the consultant spoke to Max alone for just a moment.

As Max entered the examination room, the consultant greeted him and asked him to sit. Max answered the questions that were asked of him honestly, despite their personal nature, describing in detail the nature of the problem. The consultant listened intently and scribbled notes onto a pad.

Before the consultant asked Sabryna to join them, he looked directly at Max.

"Max, you must trust myself and my assistant completely."

Max had seen another white coated figure sitting and listening to the interview and assumed this man to be the assistant.

"You should not attempt to interfere with any part of your wife's examination or treatment no matter what we do. Everything that will be done today will be in the interest of your wife and yourself. It will all be done to assist and hopefully remedy your problems. Do you understand and agree to proceed with the treatment?"

Max was a little surprised but quickly nodded his agreement. He and Sabryna had both agreed that they would do WHATEVER was necessary to solve their dilemma.

The consultant pressed a button on the intercom and asked the receptionist to show Sabryna into the examination room. As She took a seat the consultant repeated his last question to her.

"Yes, I agree." she replied without hesitation. "We will both do whatever you ask."

"Please remove your clothing and get up onto the examination table."

Sabryna was a little apprehensive about appearing completely naked in front of two strangers, even though her husband was there, but nevertheless, went behind the indicated screen and began to remove her clothes. As she removed her light blouse and then her bra, she felt the cool air from the A/C system play over her naked breasts. She became aware, as her skirt and panties were discarded, that her nipples were rapidly stiffening in the air. She knew this to be normal. Her breasts had always been extremely sensitive, but sadly this did not seem to lead to a dampening of her vagina. Hesitantly she let her fingers drift over her hard nipples, feeling them tighten, and hopefully, ran her left hand down to her shaved pubic region. No! Nothing! Still dry! Folding her clothes neatly and placing them on a chair, she steadied her nerves and, pulling her self up straight walked purposefully over to the examination table and laid down on her back.

The three men watched this beautiful naked vision stride across the floor. Max, from his seated position, saw the consultant and his assistant lick their lips as they watched her move. Max was pleased. He loved it when other men admired his wife. It made him feel somehow special. The consultant approached the prone woman, attempting to hide an obvious erection, as he explained to her that he would start with some breast stimulation to see if this would have any effect on her.

Max looked on with envy, and yes, perhaps just a little jealousy, as the consultant's gentle hands began caressing Sabryna's firm 36" breasts. Max could see that her nipples were already hard as the doctor began a rhythmical squeezing of the firm globes, letting his fingers drift towards the stiff buds and pinch them lightly. Sabryna had closed her eyes and was clearly enjoying the sensations when the consultant let a gloved hand descend towards her shaved mound to test for any stimulated reaction. Feeling that she was still completely dry, he released her breasts and stepped back.

"Hmmm" he murmured "It seems that breast and nipple stimulation, while obviously enjoyable for you, do not create a lubricating effect in your vagina."

"No doctor" Sabryna replied. "My tits are very sensitive, but as much as I love them being teased and pinched, It doesn't get me wet!"

"OK. Then we will try some direct clitoral stimulation"

The consultant moved back to the examination table and lifted Sabryna's slender, sexy legs into the stirrups. Making another quick adjustment to the table, Max saw the end of the table hinge down so that his wife's ass was on the edge with her legs suspended and spread, opening her entire private area for all to see. As the doctor proceeded to run a gloved finger directly over her exposed clitoris, Max was acutely aware of his own erection.

"Mmmm, still no sign of a stimulated response." Sighed the consultant. "Most odd!"

He continued "We can try one more thing. We have a special cream that we use for this type of problem, but it is very strong and should not be applied directly to the vagina but massaged into the inner thighs. We will give that a try."

Max watched as Sabryna reacted to the cool cream that was being squeezed onto her spread inner thighs. As the cream was applied, the consultant began to massage it in to her skin with deep circular motions. After a few seconds of the rubbing, a startling reaction seemed to take over the girl. A low groan escaped her lips, as with closed eyes she lifted her butt from the table and began to squeeze her own nipples. Max looked on in fascination as the consultant slyly slipped off the rubber gloves and continued with the massage with his bare hands.

"The cream, although cold to start with, will now be increasing in heat and stimulating the nerve endings." He explained to both Max and Sabryna.

Max was amazed. He could see between his wife's outstretched legs and could clearly see drops of fluid begin to appear on her pussy lips.

"It's working!" cried Max as he watched

"Damn right it is" screamed his wife as she squeezed her nipples tighter and squirmed her ass on the table. "I'm getting so fucking hot!!..I think ..I think..I'm gonna......CUMMMMMMM...AAAAARRRRRGGHHHHHHHH ...YESSSSSSSSS"

Max was stunned at the power and strength of her climax. Never before had he even seen her cum, let alone with this ferocity. Her hips bucked wildly in the air and she was screaming out, using language that Max had never heard her use before.

"Aaarrgghhhhhh ...oh god yessss.......please fuck me...fuck me now....I need a cock in me!!"

With only a cursory look towards his boss and Max, the assistant positioned himself between Sabryna's wide spread legs. Deftly, he unbuttoned his fly and Max saw his hand fish around in his underwear. A second later, he pulled his hand out and produced one of the largest cocks that Max had ever seen. Measuring at least eleven inches long and very tick around, it stood out hard and proud at right angles from his body. Without ceremony, he placed his huge, mushroom shaped cock head against her vagina and pushed hard. The cream had made her wet, but she was still wonderfully tight as he began a slow steady rhythm, thrusting himself into the girls willing body. Max looked at the consultant and realised that he had pulled his own penis out and was fondling it gently. It could clearly be seen protruding from his white clinical coat. Max was so horny himself now, and judging by the way that his wife seemed to be enjoying orgasm after orgasm at the hands (and cock!) of the assistant, so was she.

With a lusty grin, Max pulled out his own very hard cock, and moved to the head of the examination table. Indicating to the consultant the he should join him there, Max proceeded to feed his cock into his wife's open mouth. The consultant stood on the opposite side of the moaning girl and, removing her hand from her breast, began to rub his solid meat over her tight hard nipple. Max's eyes switched between watching the assistant slam himself into Sabryna's tight cunt, and the consultant spreading his pre-cum over her left nipple as he himself fucked her mouth with deep strokes.

Sabryna was in heaven. Thanks to the cream, her orgasms were coming in almost a constant stream. As soon as she recovered from one shattering climax, she was building up for another. She bucked her hips up hard as she felt the monster prick invade her tight pussy. She turned her head to the left and then the right to accommodate first her husbands cock and then the consultant's as they took turns fucking her mouth. When one cock was buried in her throat, she was treated to the exquisite feeling of the other being rubbed slowly around her throbbing nipple.

The assistant was the first to cum. Moaning deep in his throat he thrust faster and faster, deeper and deeper with his monstrous erection until with a cry he quickly pulled out of her now dripping pussy and released a stream of hot cum over her stomach. Seeing his wife spattered with another man's cum set Max off as well. He had been vigorously fucking her mouth and throat, as with a deep, guttural sigh, he ejaculated deeply into her throat. As he cock pistoned in and out, he could see his own cum, mixed with her saliva, seeping from the corners of her mouth. The consultant was not far behind. He had been rubbing his swollen tool over Sabryna's erect nipple, until, as he felt his balls contract, he grabbed a handful of her soft brown hair and, wrapping the tresses around his swollen shaft, he jerked himself off onto her face and breasts.

As the three men, with softening cocks, stood back and watched Sabrina masturbate herself to yet another orgasm, Max realised that his sex life with Sabryna would never be the same again. He just had to make sure that he always had a good supply of the magic cream'!

The End

* * * * *

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