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Blonde Bimbo
by Stiffy

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

When I was finishing, and the last little bit was coming out, I told her she could go ahead and shake it up and down to get it all out. As if it was part of her class she began shaking my cock over the toilet. Her shaking put me over the top and my cock grew to its full size. "Wow she exclaimed, it is really getting hard now." "That will happen, I said. It happens to me every once in a while too. "Your kidding me" she said. "Well, we do have some gay employees here you know." She accepted that explanation. Her last few shakes amounted to little more than jacking me off, although I am sure she thought she was shaking it. "Make sure you shake it well, I said. To get all the remaining urine out." No sooner did I say this, than I noticed precum coming out of my cock. Not wanting to press my luck too far this first time, I finally told her to go ahead and wipe the head off and that would complete the class. Again, I underestimated Gloria's blondness and was pleasantly surprised when using her bare hand, she wiped the head of my cock off. Of course she ended up with a glob of precum on her hand. I fully expected her to question why she had to wipe it off since she would have had her sample by then, or at least that she would have used toilet paper. But she did neither. I painfully tucked my exceptionally hard cock back into my pants and told her to go have a seat at my desk while I finished up in the bathroom.

I debated about jacking off to relieve myself, but decided I could maybe come up with a good use for a good load of cum later in Gloria's training program. I knew I was sitting on a gold mine here. My mind was racing with all the possibilities. I figured if I played my cards right I could keep this going indefinitely and have a blast in the process. I came back into my office and told Gloria that she had done exceptionally well for her first time. She actually beamed with pride. I told her that I had trained my share of guys and girls but that she had a real knack for the process and I thought in no time I would feel confident enough of her progress to let her try a solo test. During all of my explanation I was struck with Gloria's rapt attention to what I was saying. It was as if she was taking part in a lecture at some college class.

The next day I told Gloria that I wanted her to review her notes and I would let her take me and treat me as if I were a regular subject and go ahead and draw the test. Her eyes widened and she took a deep breath before asking if I was sure she was ready for that. I told her to do the best she could and I would critique her as we went along. "Don't worry" I assured her, "the best way to learn is by doing it. I gave her the test kit and the paper work and told her to go outside and knock at the office door, then come in and identify herself and tell me that she was there for an on the spot urinalysis. I told her to refer to her notes anytime she needed and to fill out all the paperwork from the top to the bottom and when we were done we would go over her technique. She again drew a deep breath and sighed heavily. "Ok, I will do my best" she said as she gather the paperwork and the kit and exited my office.

I was beginning to wonder what was taking her so long to commence the project since she was in the hallway several minutes, and still had not knocked. Finally I heard a light knock. "Come in" I responded. She opened the door and entered meekly. I told her that she must command the situation and display confidence or the guys would know they had the upper hand. Another deep sigh, "I'm sorry I will try harder" she said. "You're doing fine, I reassured her, just take your time. "I am Gloria Carter from urinalysis and I am here to do an "on the spot urine test" on you" she said in the boldest voice she could muster. "Ok I said, what should I do"? "We will have to go into your bathroom" she stammered. As we walked into the bathroom she was busy reading her notes and almost ran into the door jamb. Once inside, she read from her notes. "Please unzip your pants" she said. I did as she ordered. "Now take your penis out" she said. I pulled my rapidly hardening cock out of my pants. "I notice you getting a little hard" she read from her notes, "don't worry, that is perfectly normal" she again read from her notes. I laughed to myself and was again amazed at how incredibly gullible she was. She had even written down my comments to her from yesterday. "Now what do I do" I questioned her with my now almost completely hard cock pointing straight at her. "Ahhhh, errrr, she stammered flipping through her notes and suddenly grabbing the test jar and dropping her notes into the sink in the process, Hang on a second" "I will now take the sample from your cock, errr penis." She reached over and grabbed my cock in one hand while holding her notes in the other. Then she stood there reading while she was holding my stiff cock. I finally spoke up, "Just relax Gloria, you are doing great." "Remember to command the situation. First off, have me face the toilet unless you want me to pee all over the floor." "Then remember to place my cock in the jar and remember the pinch method." "Oh ya, I know, I know, I got it, I got it now," she exclaimed. "I will now take a sample of pee from your penis" she ad libed. "Don't forget the jar" I mentioned as she stood holding my cock over the toilet. "Oops" she squealed. She grabbed the jar and then froze. "Your cock is sticking straight out. She said in puzzlement. How can I do this with your cock, err penis like that?" As she said this she was trying to hold the jar at an angle that would allow me to pee into it. As rigid as my cock was, the jar would have stayed on my cock without her holding it. She tried to push my cock down a couple of times but it was as stiff as a board. Everytime she pushed down on it, it got stiffer. It was literally pointing up. I was not helping matters any either.

Its now or never I thought to myself. I was about to try and play my trump card. I mustered all my calmness and in a very clinical manner told her that every once in a while I run into the same situation. I clinically explained in a matter fact tone of voice that the penis must be manually reduced from its excited state. I explained that if this procedure did not work, then she would have to wait until the penis went down on its own. And sometimes that could take a while. "As for me, I explained, with my case load and the number of these I have to get taken in any given time, I usually manually reduce the penis so I can take the sample and get on with my business."

"How do I do that," She asked? "Well, I suppose we can cover that subject now even though I was going to get into that at a later date. Since my penis is in the erect state now, I guess now is as good a time as any to cover this chapter." I was beginning to sweat hoping I could pull this off. " I don't know if you a familiar with masturbation?" I inquired. Her blank stare answered the question for me. "I can use common terms if that will help. Ahh let me think here. Manual manipulation, (I knew she would never get that one.) Jacking off, Wanking." Suddenly the lights went on. "Ohhhh, she exclaimed. Then with a puzzled look, she asked, You wank guys?" "Hey, the pay is the same and we have to get the sample." I calmly explained that once we had approached someone and informed them they were to be tested, we had to stay with them until the test was complete. "Otherwise they could take something to ruin the test" I said.

"Go ahead with the test, unless you want to wait and see if the penis goes down on its own" I calmly informed her. She stared at my cock which she had been holding in her hand the entire time. She was thinking about it. "In situations like this, you have to explain to the test subject what you are doing and why you are doing it. Remember to maintain control, you are the boss of them until you get your test." After we are finished today make sure you update your notes so you will know how to handle this situation if it happens again" I told her. I knew full well that if she fell for this one and went through with it, she would be jerking a lot of cock. No one in their right mind could avoid getting a hard on. " I will observe the penis to see if it gets smaller so I can point it into the jar and complete the test" she announced as if she was in complete control. I laughed to myself because she was standing there clutching my cock and looking at it as if she actually expected it to shrink.

We must have stood there for 10 minutes. Her holding my cock clutched in one hand and the urine sample jar in the other. Every once in a while she would stick the head of my cock in the jar and try to bend it down so it was pointed in a way to capture the urine in the jar and not have it pour out as fast as it went in. Every time she tried this, my cock got harder. Finally she sighed. "I will manually wank your penis to make it smaller " she announced as if she was announcing a blue light special at the local K mart. Her small hand began to move up and down on my cock. My knees began to tremble. "You will probably have to move your hand rapidly on the penis" I said using my best clinical voice. "Don't worry, I told her. Most of the time this does not happen, and you can get the sample and be gone in a very short time" I lied. She was now bent over and concentrating on her task. Her hand was a blur and she had bent forward to see what she was doing. I was in heaven. I knew I could not hold out too much longer. I began to groan and told her that groaning was a good sign and was a sign she could soon complete the test. No sooner had I said this than a bolt of cum shot out of my cock and hit the back of the toilet. "Oops shit," she squealed. Trying to point my cock toward the toilet. "You are making a mess," I admonished her. I could not believe it when she quickly cupped her other hand over the end of my spurting cock and I pumped several more long shots of cum into her hand. Then she cupped it as if it was a precious cargo. She held her hand cupped under my cock and milked it down as my spurts slowed to dribbles.

My cock began to soften and seeing this, Gloria reached over and forgetting her hand was coated in my cum, she grabbed the jar and stuck my cock in it as if it had been on fire. "You may pee now" she announced in a business like tone. She had my cock clear to the bottom of the cup. I knew what was about to happen. I grunted and suddenly the piss shot from the end of my cock like a geyser. It also shot back out of the cup just as fast as it went in. "Shit, I mean oops, I mean oh no," she squealed as piss splashed all over my cock, her hand and arm and even her face that by then was only a short distance from her "work". "The pinch method, quick" I yelled. She pinched my cock so hard I grunted. "I am sorry, she said. Oh damn, I will never get this right." I decided it was time to help her out and I quickly told her that for her first time she was handling the situation very well. "Just remember not to put my cock so far into the jar" I added. She sighed a deep breath and gathered her wits about her. ( what wits she had.) I looked down and laughed inwardly at what I was looking at.

Here she was bent over my cock with piss all over her cum dripping hand and my cock and her face and my pants. The sample jar was by now coated in my cum that she had cupped in her hand. The jar had very little urine in it. I told her to release the pinch and slowly draw the sample. She did. I peed in the jar. She reapplied the pinch set the cum dripping jar on the counter and held my cock pointed at the toilet. I continued to pee until I was finished and she shook my cock and then as if out of habit she swiped her hand across the tip of it to dry it off. I laughed to myself over that and was glad she had picked that habit up.

Over the next few weeks I had her take samples everytime I had to piss. She actually got quite good at it. At least two times each day she would have to jack me off. (Everytime she waited for quite a while though to see if it would go down.) She told me that she did not mind the pee tests but hoped the guys were limp so she would not have to manually reduce them.) I managed to convince her that my hardons were mostly my own doing as part of the training program and that I was certain she would not encounter that many in her rounds. Besides I told her, from time to time we got an order for a seman sample ( I had to explain what seman was. I ended up calling them sperm samples so she would remember them. So, As I told her, the practice whe was getting in her training would come in handy. Everytime she jacked me off my mind raced to come up with a method to use that would convince her to put my cock in her mouth. I figured I would have to give that serious thought, since I could not get too greedy and blow the fantastic deal I had going here. Above all, I knew I had to keep it clinical or she was bound to wise up. At least I was reasonably certain she would wise up. But then hell, I was amazed I had gotten as far as I had at this point.

I had this one guy in another division that I was going to use to try her out for her first actual pee test. He was the biggest and the blackest guy in our company and he was always horny. When I felt the time was right I approached him and asked him if he was ready for his urine test. At first he was resigned to it. I took them all the time and they were commonplace by now. But when I explained that I might be convinced to have my assistant take the test from him, his interest peaked. "You have got to be shitting me," he said. "You mean that blond pixie that is your secretary." "Yup, I replied, not only that, but I might be able to make it really fun for ya if you got some extra cash to convince me." After I had explained what she would do, he could not get his wallet out fast enough. I only charged him twenty bucks because he would be the first test and I was not sure how much this would be worth. I told him what she would be expecting so he could act like it was normal. He cracked up when I told him that this was the way I had been doing the tests too.

The next day I told her I was going to have her do her first test. I explained that she had not yet been authorized, so she had to keep this quiet and she had to be quick about getting the sample. I also told her that if all went well on this test I was sure she would get her authorization with no problems. She was excited and apprehensive all at the same time. "What happens if I screw it up" she asked as we drove to Henry's office. "You will do fine, I told her, besides if you need me I will be just outside the bathroom door. I may even peek in if I can without being seen by your subject." I fully expected to peek in all right. I would not have missed this for the world.

We arrived and Gloria immediately read through her note book and when she looked up at Henry who had just came into the room, her eyes got as big as hubcaps. She pulled me aside and whispered, "He is black" with shock in her voice. "So what" I asked. "Err, well ahhh, its just that I have never seen a black penis before." "Hey, a cock is a cock, after a while they are all the same. You will do fine," I told her. She introduced herself and told Henry she was there to take a urine sample. Henry's eyes were the size of hubcaps now. "Ok," he responded and he answered her list of questions from our forms. No, he was not on medication. No he had not been taking any drugs, etc. etc. "Ahhh, Gloria stammered, if you will accompany me to your bathroom we can get this over with" They both went into Henry's private bathroom. After they were inside I pushed the door open and peered in. "Will you unzip your pants, Gloria said. And please pull your penis out," she added. Henry complied. I could see what was going on because they were at an angle from where I was situated. Henry hauled his log out of his trousers, and Gloria set down the kit and uncapped the Specimen bottle. She moved closer to him and I noticed his big sigh as she reached over and wrapped her hand around his black cock. She reached over and took the bottle and placed his cock just inside the opening. "You may pee now" she said. They stood there for some time. I could see her shake his cock a little as she repeated her command. Still nothing. However every time Gloria shook on his cock it grew larger. I saw Gloria's shoulders raise and lower as she sighed. She was starting to realize that the bigger Henry's cock became the more likely she would have to manually reduce it.

Before long, Henry had a raging rock hard cock. Gloria told him to relax and not to worry. She said she would allow him time for it to go down so she could get the sample. I pulled the door closed and then yelled through the door for Gloria to hurry up. I told her (through the door) that we had several other stops to make. Then I pushed the door back open and looked in. "Ok, I will be right out, we are nearly done", she yelled back at me. She told Henry that she would have to manually reduce the hardness so she could draw the sample from him. My eyes were the size of hubcaps as I watched Gloria start jacking off Henry. She was bent over his cock and watching it intently as she pumped it. Henry, who stood nearly 6'8" tall towered over Gloria. He placed a big black hand on her shoulder as she pumped harder on his cock. The more she pumped, the lower she bent over. She desperately wanted this to be over so she could take the sample. Henry surprised me when he suddenly and blatantly told her to suck it. Gloria kept pumping. Then he said again, " Suck it and it will go down." As if she heard him for the first time, she coughed a little and replied that she did not think that would be necessary. She pumped harder. Henry had moved his hand up to the back of her head and was placing pressure on her to bend over farther. Before long he had her head very close to his cock. Again I pulled the door shut. I rapped on the closed door and yelled at Gloria to get a move on. I quickly reopened the door.

No sooner did I do that and looked inside than I saw Henry push the back of Gloria's head to where it was nearly hitting her mouth. Suddenly, in what was as much a surprise to me as it was Henry, Gloria opened her mouth and quickly took at least 4 to 5 inches of his cock inside of her mouth. Her hand was blur on his big black cock. FUCK!!!! I thought to myself. This was better than I had ever hoped for. Henry started pushing her head into his crotch and with each push Gloria took more of his cock into her mouth. Then Henry threw his head back and clutching the back of Gloria's head holding her in place I could see his ass thrust even more of his cock into her and I knew he had to be shooting. Gloria was pushing at him for all she was worth trying to get his cock out of her mouth. Henry's ass kept hunching forward as he shot more and more of his cum into her mouth. I could hear Gloria gulping trying not to drown in cum. Finally Henry released his clutch hold on her head and she shot backwards like a sling shot. Henry's cock came out of her mouth with a popping noise and she coughed and gagged all the while she managed to direct his cock over the open toilet so any remaining cum would go in there. I watched as a few little drops came out of Henry's cock into the toilet. Good grief I thought to myself. She swallowed most all of it. Gloria quickly reached over and grabbed the sample bottle and put the head of Henry's now rapidly deflating cock into it. "You may now pee," she announced in a voice that sounded like she was still trying to swallow the remainder of his cum. Soon Henry started to pee into the bottle. Gloria pinched his cock and pulled it from the bottle. She held the bottle up and looked to make sure she had enough. After sitting it on the counter, she aimed Henry's cock at the toilet and released her pinch hold. He must have peed a gallon. Then Gloria stood there shaking his cock and again she reached down and wiped the remaining piss off the head of his cock and thanked him for the sample.

"Did everything go alright," I asked Gloria as she came out of the bathroom. "Oh sure, she responded, it went fine." I noticed what had to be some cum on her chin. "Did he have any trouble giving you the sample", I inquired? "He was too stiff at first and I had to manually reduce his size, she responded. I have never seen a penis as big as that one. His penis was not as thick as yours, but it was noticeably longer," she added. I told her that she would find some guys no problem at all, but that she was bound to run into some guys that needed help to get ready to give their samples. I stressed the key thing was the sample above all else.

My phone was ringing when we got back to the office. It was a very excited Henry. "I gotta have more of that" he said excitedly. "You breathe a word of it and you will never see her again," I told him. I also told him that with all the extras he managed to get, the price had gone up to one hundred a visit. He excitedly told me he would have paid twice that before I hung up.

Well, this has gone on long enough for the first installment. Believe me Gloria has been exceptional at her job. I have many more interesting stories to tell about her going with me to take samples. I will have to take the time to write them out and send them in. Briefly before I close this, let me tell you that I did finally manage to get Gloria to give me head, and it was exceptional. I maintained my clinical approach through out the whole deal. Gloria has had other experiences that would probably be classed as one time only experiences since I am convinced she does everything she does feeling it is all part of her job, and nothing more. Oh and so far, our secret is intact from everyone including her husband who I have met a few times. He is a domineering asshole just like I suspected. Why Gloria stays with him is beyond me. Well, except she is blond.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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