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Big Boy Pt. II
by Carl East

Driving across town to meet the new love in my life I started to remember the week before. It had all started with me wanting a penile reduction performed by a specialist, and how it all got out of hand with three nurses plus the Doctor giving me the best sex session I ever had. The Doctor was the only person I had managed to find who could actually take the full length of my fifteen-inch cock. Just how she managed this was a mystery, but a nice one.

Reaching my destination, I was impressed by the building standing before me. I was impressed even further by the well-kept garden I noticed while walking past the side of the house and up to the front door. Ringing the bell, I stood back taking the sheer size of this building. A pretty young thing, who turned out to be three-time-a-week home help, opened the door. I informed her who I was, to which she just said I was expected and ushered me into the study.

Again I was to be impressed, for there in what was more like a library than a study were literally hundreds of books, mostly medical, with a sprinkling of classic novels such as "Wuthering Heights", and "The God Father".

"Hello," came a voice from behind.

I turned to find the good Doctor wearing a short skirt and tight tank top; and trust me, she had the body for it.

"Hello Judy," I said, walking over and pecking her cheek, "you look gorgeous."

We both retired to the kitchen where she produced a bottle of wine and commenced opening it. Pouring it into two long, thin glasses, I stood there admiring her cute butt and long legs, which were, in turn, having that familiar effect on my cock. It started to twitch uncomfortably in my pants and being as big as I was meant that I couldn't just let it grow without adjusting it first. Of coarse Judy spotted me shifting my self, which made me blush a little, although I did feel more comfortable with this woman than I had ever felt with any other person I'd known.

"I see you still have no trouble getting hard," she said reaching down to grasp hold of my semi hard cock. "Do you want to fuck? If so, I want you to take me here," pointing to the kitchen floor.

I didn't have to be asked twice. I started to kiss her lovely neck, then with one easy movement removed her tank top and kissed the part of her breasts that were showing above her bra. She placed her fingers on the clasp at the front, releasing what for me was the sexiest pair of tits I had ever seen. Perhaps it was the way her tits slightly pushed the bra to either side of her body that made it look so erotic, or the way she so casually performed the ritual. Whatever it was, it had the desired effect. She knew that my cock would by now be trying to breach the confines of my pants.

Slipping a hand down to my crotch she pulled the zipper down, relieving the pressure I was feeling. She then slipped to her knees, pulling my pants down to my ankles in the same easy motion. We both laughed a little when my cock fell forward hitting her on the top of the head. She began to lick my bell end, lifting i t up to do the same on the under side. She placed it on her tongue and slowly guided it into her mouth with one hand, while playing with my balls with the other. Although she could only manage about six inches into her mouth the sensation was tremendous. She started to suck in earnest, rolling her tongue around the underside with each downward movement.

It was at this point that I suffered d\'e9j\'e0 vu; for there reflected in a clean and mirror like sauce pan (which was hanging upside down by its handle) was the three times a week house maid. She was watching the action from the doorway, her hand down her panties, feverishly playing with herself.

This had happened once before, ironically by the person so intent on making me cum; for she was now moving faster and faster occasionally going too far and gagging, but always recovering with poise and dignity. With the maid watching and the tongue work going on I knew it wouldn't be long before I shot my load.

"Oh yes I'm going to cum, yes just there, oh oh god, you are so good at this!" I said, starting to jerk a little as cum burst from my cock.

Judy pulled it out of her mouth, continuing to pump it with both hands. She took the first blast in her mouth then pulled it down allowing me to finish on her tits. I leaned forward slightly and whispered that we had an audience at the kitchen door and directed her attention to the pots and pans that were hanging. She smiled, saying "lets give her a good show," and she stood up cleaning herself off a bit with a paper kitchen towel that was standing on the side. She then removed her skirt and panties. Bending over to touch her ankles she asked me to fuck her slowly. I in turn positioned her in such a way that the maid would find it easy to see my cock entering Judy's pussy. Looking into the reflected image I could see that she was shocked at the sight of my enormous cock. Placing it at the opening I slowly worked it around the lips to her entrance, then licking two fingers with saliva and transferring it to the end o f my cock I started to enter her womanhood.

"Ohhh yes," slowly please, she said wanting to savour the moment. "OOH yes that feels so good."

The maid could be seen with her panties around her ankles. She even let out an involuntary gasp as her fingers worked its magic. By now I had ten inches of pure lust pumping into the only woman I had ever found that could take it.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Judy screamed. "Don't stop, fuck me fuck me harder, OHH yes that's it, yes!"

The maid, too, had cum, which was evident by the fact that she had all but collapsed onto the frame of the door. Her slender body was quivering with the sheer excitement of it all. For some reason I wasn't yet ready to cum so I carried on fucking Judy long after she came, which I'm sure she didn't mind, for she was very wet and more than eager to keep me exactly where I was.

"Ahh I'm coming again! God this is the best, ohh...ohh...ohhh...ohhhhhhh! I love you!" she said, taking me completely by surprise. It was the first time either one of us had stated it out loud.

"I love you too," I replied, now ready to cum.

Quickly taking my cock in hand I pumped it onto her back letting out a deep sigh. She stood up and called out to her maid who was shocked to have been discovered. I could see was quickly pulling her panties back up. Appearing from around the door she entered the room proper. Deeply blushing she walked over to where Judy was cleaning herself up.

"Did you enjoy the show Rose?" Judy said smiling.

Knowing that the Doctor was not angry greatly relieved this slender nubile young lady.

"I did, mama," she said softly.

"Would you like to fuck him too?" Judy pointed down to my semi hard cock while saying this. "If so, take off your clothes, and join us."

At first she hesitated, but seeing the smile on my face and knowing that neither one of us had bothered to cover up our bodies, she started to get undressed. At this point Judy took charge and instructed me to lie flat on my back. Knowing what she had in mind I obeyed without question.

She then stood over me and lowered her cute pussy onto my waiting tongue. By now Rose was ready and able to join in on the fun. She didn't need to get any wetter than she already was and proceeded to get astride my waiting cock.

Hesitant at first, for she had never seen one this big, she lowered herself slowly, feeling it push against her small lips, she started to work it in.

"That's it, lick my pussy," said Judy, rotating ever so slightly. "Suck it harder."

"Ohh...god, he is so big," came the quiet voice of the maid. "I can feel every inch of his enormous cock filling me up."

"I know, its amazing isn't?" returned Judy.

Once again I had found myself in the enviable position that was desired by most full-blooded males and loving every moment of it. Judy was starting to shake with what I imagined was her third orgasm today. Rose was close behind, the feeling of her tight pussy was really turning me on, and although I couldn't see, I knew that she was taking at least nine inch's into her body.

"Ahhh...I'm going to explode!" she yelled, as her grinding became more vigorous.

When she did cum she let out a scream that filled the room, this in turn pushed Judy over the edge. Her juices were flowing into my mouth, some of which escaped onto my cheek, running down my face. I had never known any female to cum so intensely. Rose finished convulsing on my cock, then getting off she finished me with her mouth.

"Oh...that's nice," I said ejaculating into her waiting mouth. "Keep sucking."

By now Judy had finished her orgasm, and was watching Rose gamely attempting to swallow every last drop, but not quite succeeding, with some escaping one side of her mouth. Judy knelt down and licked Rose's cheek, then started to help with licking my cock. To see two very attractive women licking and sucking my cock was heaven, but to feel it was bliss.

I found that I still wasn't totally satisfied and asked Judy if she was ready for another fuck.

"Always," came the reply, "what did you have in mind?"

Taking her hand I led her to the sitting room. I placed some cushions on the floor, asking Rose to lay on them. I then instructed Judy to take care of her needs while I entered her from behind. This they did. I asked if she had any Vaseline in the house, to which she replied yes with a shocked look on her face, knowing exactly what I had planned. After getting the gel for me Judy proceeded to lick the hood of Rose's pussy. I coated the end of my now semi hard cock using both hands, then I gently pressed it against Judy's anal passage. Applying the pressure slowly but surely, I continued until my cock started to slide in.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.... I don't think I can take it!" she said, "but don't stop unless I tell you to."

I only put six inches in before coming back out. I then started a slow rhythmic probing of her back passage. She, in the meantime, was going crazy on Rose's delightful pussy, to which Rose was responding with an ever increasing arched back, wanting Judy to really violate her womanhood. I decided to make it more fun for Judy by putting a finger onto her clitoris and stimulating it vigorously.

"My god I'm going to cum again!" said Judy, her knees nearly buckling under her.

I wouldn't let her fall, which was driving her nuts. I could feel the love juices flowing over my hand. At the same time Rose, too, started to cum with screams of "lick me harder!"

This was all I could take. I came inside Judy's juttering body, pumping a little bit more. I too was finished and withdrew my cock. They both lay on the floor totally spent, looking up at my now deflated cock.

We all dressed and Judy, being the kind of woman she was, invited Rose to join us for a drink. We had sex again later that night but it didn't compare to the earlier session, perhaps because we had no one spying on us or perhaps we had over indulged in alcohol. All I knew was that that day would stay in my memory for a long time to come.

To Be Continued...


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