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Carl East
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Sex: M
Age: 43
Location: Northampton, England, UK
ICQ#: none

My name is Carl East, I was born in Hull, England, but have lived most of my life in a small town called Northampton. I'm forty three years of age, and have been married twice, I have two children from my first marriage a boy and girl (now twenty one and ninteen repectively) I enjoy reading erotica, which led me to want to write it as well.

I'm not sure if I'm any good at writing, but I do feel that I can only improve.

A Voyeur's Dream - Stranded man gets an eyeful.
- He gives aliens a little sex education.
Another Day
- Girl in Heaven writes her life story.
Big Boy Pt. I
- Well-endowed man seeks help from doctor.
Big Boy Pt. II - Endowed man visits Doctor at her home.
Big Boy Meets Kim - Nurses help heal well-hung accident victim.
Big Boy's Vacation - Friends play strip poker in the mountains.
Big Boy Pt. V - He reveals his endowment to group of women.
Big Boy Pt. VI - He and his friends get wet & wild.
Big Boy Pt. VII - He and Judy enjoy strawberry yogurt.
Big Boy Pt. VIII - He and Judy shop for pants.
Big Boy Pt. IX - He and Judy start a sex clinic.
Big Boy Pt. X - He helps female patient who fears oral sex.
Big Boy Pt. XI - Judy's clinic is discovered by the hospital.
Big Boy Pt. XII - Judy's fired, and gets one helluva party.
Big Boy Pt. XIII - Judy faces her former employer.
Big Boy Pt. XIV - He receives a gift, and makes a proposal.
Big Boy Pt. XV - He's saved from rainstorm by Britney & Rebecca.
Big Boy Pt. XVI - Dean proposes, and an arsonist strikes.
Christine's Story - Jack and Peter desire friend's wife.
Claudia's Wild Weekend - She's a nice girl with a dirty little secret.
Death - Man's recruited to perform a most noble duty.
Death Pt. II - Death takes in a show, and saves two lives.
Death Pt. III - Death runs into a boy and changes his life.
Death Pt. IV - Death defies the rules.
Death Pt. V - Death attends a party.
Death Pt. VI - Thugs attack Death at his apartment.
Death Pt. VII - A bomb changes Death's life forever.
Death Pt. VIII - Mobster's daughter pays Death a visit.
Death Pt. IX - Death confronts Graboldy, and beds Becky.
Death Pt. X - Death is summoned by Graboldy.
Foster Investigations - Private eye follows potential cheating wife.
Horny Vampire - Bloodsucker discovers he's allergic to blood.
Kim's Gift - Woman's headaches bring on a strange new power.
Linda Gets Lucky - Bad day turns out tremendously well.
Lonely No More - Busted television leads to lifelong love.
Natural Camouflage - Jacket renders its wearer invisible.
Natural Camouflage Pt. II - He gives the jacket another test run.
Natural Camouflage Pt. III - Evil thugs seek the jacket.
Natural Camouflage Pt. IV - He applies to join the FBI.
Natural Camouflage Pt. V - FBI gives him his first case.
Passionate Encounter - Man seeks helps from gorgeous lawyer.
Rosebud - Husband's friend stays overnight, with wild results.
The Angel - Foggy night holds a surprise for Pete.
The Bus Ride - Stephanie runs into old acquaintance from school.
The Dream Reaper - Man is perplexed by nightly visitor.
The Dream Reaper Pt. II - He learns about the Dream Reaper.
The Dream Reaper Pt. III - He embarks on the Dream Quest.
The Dream Reaper Pt. IV - He meets the Reaper and others.
The Dream Reaper Pt. V - The Reaper announces a sex contest.
The Dream Reaper Pt. VI - Abby competes for the best dream.
The Dream Reaper Pt. VII - The Reaper announces the Top 10.
The Dream Reaper Pt. VIII - Abby competes.
The Dream Reaper Pt. IX - The Dream Team is chosen.
The Dream Reaper Pt. X - The real contest begins.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XI - Paul's presence is called into question.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XII - All eyes are on Jade's dream link.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XIII - All enjoy Rone's dream.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XIV - Conrad unveils his dream.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XV - Candra takes her turn.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XVI - Paul finally offers his dream link.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XVII - The winner is announced.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XVIII - Paul tries something new.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XIX - Paul hears the Reaper's story.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XX - Paul tries to earn villagers' respect.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXI - Paul meets Sangril & Tamare.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXII - Abby helps Paul fulfill requests.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXIII - The village is challenged.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXIV - Norris satiates a princess.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXV - Fren visits army barracks.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXVI - Weather hits the village.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXVII - Abby visits Earth.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXVIII - Reaper makes a suggestion.
The Exchange Student - Rebecca yearns for well-endowed Brit.
The Gang Bang Exposť - Sean and Ann go undercover.
The Haunted House - He enters spooky dwelling, and more...
The Haunted House Pt. II - Sly ghosts follow him home.
The Haunted House Pt. III - Ghosts introduce themselves.
The Haunted House Pt. IV - He discovers the girl's journal.
The Haunted House Pt. V - He reads the girls' adventures.
The Hero - Man saves one woman and gets twins.
The Lift - Security guard witnesses threesome in elevator.
The Mirror Pt. I - Woman discovers magic in antique shop.
The Mirror Pt. II - Man trapped in mirror invokes sexy spells.
The Mirror Pt. III - They meets Azamond & learns mirror's secret.
The Mirror Pt. IV - Azamond goes exploring, & Janet loosens up.
The Mirror Pt. V - Couple experiments with the mirror's power.
The Mirror Pt. VI - Azamond is shot, and Janet explores.
The Mirror Pt. VII - Janet takes Miss Appleby through the mirror.
The Mirror Pt. VIII - Stephen borrows Azamond's mirror.
The Mirror Pt. IX - Couple buys mirror, & discovers its powers.
The Mirror Pt. X - Skeptical Camela speaks the mirror's words.
The Portal Pt. I - Scientist's daughter falls into new world.
The Portal Pt. II - Cathy tries to return home.
The Portal Pt. III - She takes her father through the doorway.
The Postman's Tale - Mail carrier delivers to sexy young girl.
The Sex Machine - Time traveler is shown the future of lovemaking.
The Sex Virus - Virulent horniness infects a hospital.
The Succubus - Survivor of strange attack tells a wild story.
The Taking of Innocence - Girlfriend's mother meets virgin beau.
Three Wishes - Man finds a magical medallion.
Three's Not a Crowd - She loses pool game but wins 2 guys.
Time Loop - Jake tries to stop his own death.
Time Loop Pt. II - Jake tests the limits of the loop.
Time Loop Pt. III - Jake finds the secret to the loop.
Train Encounter - Man gets an eyeful of shaved beauty.
Unfinished Business - Jody's faced with the inevitable.

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