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Big Boy Pt. IX
by Carl East

I picked up the phone to find it was Judy, she wanted to talk to me about something important, but wouldn't say what it was on the phone. Telling her I would be over in half an hour, I hung up. I'd met Judy sometime ago, when I'd gone to have a penile reduction performed, but she had talked me out of it. Ever since then my sex life has gone from good to great, now I didn't care that my cock was abnormally large, because I had someone who liked it that way.

I reached her home and entered, for she had given me my own key, I found her in the lounge.

"Hello, what's up?" I said, having no idea what this was all about.

"I am thinking of setting up my own sex clinic, and wondered if you would help me run it?" She said getting all excited.

I was a bit taken aback with this, knowing that she was a surgeon of some note, and thinking that I must be responsible in some part for this new venture.

"But what about the hospital?" I said.

"Oh, it won't effect my job at the hospital, I will do this in as much of my spare time as possible, I've also asked Kim and Dean if they would like to join us." She said enthusiastically.

"Well, what roll would I be playing in this little idea of yours?" I said.

"You'll be a sort of male nurse that shows them what and how to do things, and I've got a feeling you'll be a big hit." She replied.

We talked about it some more, before Kim and Dean turned up, then they told us of their ideas, and before long we were discussing where we were going to set this up. Dean came up with the answer to that one, when he told us that an uncle who had died recently had left him his small down town business. In fact that's where Kim and Dean had just come from.

"It's just one floor of a large office block, but there are several offices that would be ideal for this kind of venture." Said Kim, showing the same enthusiasm that Judy had shown.

"Ok, let's do this, and see what happens." Said Judy.

It took over three weeks to get the offices looking professional enough to start the advertising, then a further two days waiting for our first call. It turned out to be a man who suffered from premature ejaculation; Kim took down his details over the phone, and booked him an appointment for the next day. Judy had decided in the beginning, that they would record all the meetings, mainly for two reasons. First so that they could all discuss how best to help the particular client, and second to watch out for any NUT's or charlatans. By the time our first client arrived we had two other clients coming the same day, and Kim said she would like to see if she could help our first. So showing him into one of the offices, she asked him to take a seat, meanwhile we all got round the monitor to watch. He started by telling her that whenever his wife handled his penis, he would cum, and so their sex life was suffering. The first thing Kim did was to establish weather it was just his wife that could elicit such a response, or anybody. So she asked him to get undressed and lay on the couch. Once he had done this, she pulled down his pants exposing his already hard cock, then gripped it gently with her hand. He immediately started to cum, his seed splashing onto his chest; Kim cleaned him up with some tissue, then asked him to get redressed.

"You do seem to be having a problem, don't you?" She said, once he had sat down again.

"Is there anything you can do for me?" He asked.

"There are a couple of things we can try, the first being the obvious, we will prescribe Viagra to you, now this won't stop you from premature ejaculation, but it should keep you hard so that you can satisfy your wife's needs." She said.

"I've heard of that drug - does it work?" He asked.

"Yes, it's very effective, after trying that out, I will book you in to see someone on a weekly basis, and we can show you some techniques for stopping yourself from coming."

"Will my insurance cover this?" He asked.

"Yes, it will, also after several weeks we will review your case again and see how we've progressed." She said, concluding the first successful meeting.

Later we were all in the office congratulating Kim on a well job well done. Then it was my turn, apparently Judy, had booked someone in for an appointment this afternoon, her name was Roselyn Carter and she was getting the opposite symptoms to our first patient. Judy would also be there, because she needed to examine her vagina for any abnormalities. If she found none, we were then going to try to stimulate her. This all sounded like fun, and when I saw the woman in question I started to look forward to it. After Judy had examined her and found nothing physically wrong, they joined me in the other office, where she was given a seat to discuss her problem.

"About two years ago, I was raped and ever since then, I haven't been able to have an orgasm, and it's not because I fear men, because I don't." She explained.

"I suspect this is psychosomatic, resulting from the rape, what we would like to try, is several forms of stimuli, in the hopes of breaking the fear imbedded deep in your subconscious." Explained Judy.

"Fine by me, I just want to feel like a woman again." She replied.

Judy then asked her to remove her clothes, and lay on the couch. Once she'd done this Judy asked her to relax completely and close her eyes. Signalling me to join her we started by massaging her clitoris, then when that didn't get a response I started to lick and suck her pussy for several minutes, but nothing. Then she was asked to open her legs wider, which she did, and I climbed onto the couch. Judy put some gel onto the tip of my cock that made me hard, then guided it to our patient's womb. She still had her eyes closed, so didn't see my cock as it entered her pussy, but she could feel it as I started to push it half way in. By the time I had gotten most of it in, she was starting to respond, with little moans. At first we didn't know weather it was discomfort or pleasure, she was experiencing, but as I rhythmically started to pull it out and push it back in, her moans could easily be distinguished. She opened her eyes and looked down, her mouth opening as she saw what was penetrating her pussy.

"My god, you are so big!" She said, not being able to take her eyes off it.

I started to speed up, making her throw her head back, her legs seeming to rise and open a little more, her cries of joy becoming louder as I plunged my cock into her cunt. I spotted Judy behind her head, watching, and placing her hand down her panties, this must have been turning her on. I could now feel the patient's own juices, as I continued to fuck her, my cock going as deep as twelve inches before re-emerging. She started to cry out that she could feel it coming, her face a twist of emotions as she bit her bottom lip. I looked down, my cock looked like a piston running at a constant rate, her cries of joy culminating in a real honest to goodness orgasm. The tears started to roll down her face, as she realised she was coming for the first time in two years. Her legs sprang into the air wanting me to fuck her again, the emotion and erotic thoughts keeping me hard for a second round. This time she wanted to feel the full range of emotions, so she started to kiss me, her tongue entering my mouth in a lustful way. Soon she was coming a second and third time; her joy of this making Judy shed a tear or two. After it was all over, she thanked us profusely, then paying her bill she left.

"I think that went really well, don't you?" Said Judy.

Kim still had a tear in her eye, after witnessing it all on the monitor, but agreed that it was well done. After that we seemed to go from strength to strength, and found the work piling up, in fact it amazed us that there was so many people with sexual problems.

To Be Continued...


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