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Big Boy's Vacation
by Carl East

It was a lovely drive up into the mountains. The scenery was spectacular, it being the height of summer meant that you could see for miles. Judy had said I would like this and she was right. I looked over to ask if she was all right to drive, for she had been driving now for three hours. She just nodded. Kim and Dean were in the back seat lightly dozing; I couldn't help thinking what a sight they were missing as we drove up the road that led to the cabin. I was glad that Judy had invited Kim and Dean, I liked them both. I hadn't been out of the hospital for long, so I still had a cast on my broken leg. Fortunately it was below the knee, so I didn't have to have my leg outstretched. That of course was the second time I'd been to the hospital, the first was when I met Judy. I'd gone to have a penile reduction, as a rare disease known as elephantiasis had affected my penis making it abnormally large, fifteen inches to be precise, and after a sex session with Judy and three nurses I was easily talked out of the procedure.

We turned the corner at the top of the slope to find a magnificent log cabin sitting on top of a clearing that was breathtaking to behold.

"We're there Kim," I said.

Kim opened her eyes to look.

"Wow!" was the only word that needed to be said. "Dean, look at this," she added.

Dean awoke just as we stopped the car, taking in the surroundings. We got the luggage down from the roof of the car and proceeded into the cabin. The inside was everything Judy said it would be and more. Everything was spotless and well polished; the bay windows were a sight to behold, for the view was nothing short of spectacular. Judy hadn't said much for the past hour and I began to wonder if there was anything wrong.

"Are you all right Judy?" I asked concerned.

"Yes, but if you don't mind I'd like to have a nap. I'm feeling very tired."

"Of course, I'll get the luggage sorted out then fix us something to eat. I'll call you in a couple of hours," with that I kissed her on the cheek and told her to rest.

I did start to unpack the bags, but Kim and Dean soon put a stop to that, saying that they would do what needed to be done, I should put my leg up and rest. Kim was very efficient, she soon had the luggage unpacked and in the proper pla ces, while Dean turned out to be a dab hand at cooking. Once the meal was ready I called Judy and we all sat down to eat. After dinner we broke out the drinks and the card table, which was Judy's idea.

"What shall we play?" Kim asked.

I jokingly said strip poker, and to my surprise Dean agreed. Looking at Judy and Kim, and finding an affirmative I started to deal the cards. Once dealt I asked them if there was any rules, to which Kim asked if we should have dares included to avoid shedding clothes. Apparently this involved writing down two dares each, which could be anything you wanted. Then if someone didn't want to lose a certain item of clothing they could elect a dare, provided they took the dare on. They were then free of any obligation.

We all wrote our dares out and placed them in a bowl then placed it in the centre of the table.

The first hand went to Judy with the loser being Kim; she elected to remove her shoes. Slowly but surely we all lost some clothing, I was the first to take a dare. Reaching into the bowl I drew one out, and couldn't believe what it asked me to do. I sat there reading it again when Judy told me to read it outloud.

"You have five minutes to arouse the person of your choosing, other than your partner."

Looking around the table, I could see every one waiting for me to make my choice.

"Ok, I accept," I said looking at Kim.

The first thing I did was get under the table, then without warning I slipped both hands up Kim's skirt hooking my fingers around her panties and pulle d them straight off, to which she responded with a yelp. Then spreading her legs I licked her thighs, I inserted my tongue between her pussy lips, then started to probe. To be honest, I thought she would have submitted by now, but there wasn't even a murmur. Then I decided to insert a finger while licking her clit and that got a response but still she wouldn't concede.

"You've got two minutes left!" I heard Dean say.

She was really wet at this point, so I knew that I was arousing her, I also knew that she was going to let the full five minutes pass before conceding -- who could blame her. In the last minute I got a little more vigorous: as I started to lick around her clit I inserted three fingers and went at it like a pro, this made her concede in the last thirty seconds. I arose the victor knowing I not only didn't have to shed an item of clothing, but that I'd had the pleasure of sucking Kim's pussy. Kim' s face was hot and flustered, while Dean had a grin from ear to ear. Judy just laughed then proceeded to deal the cards once again. Judy lost the next hand, but decided to lose the bra. This always turned me on, for the bra she wore was a little tight, so when she released the catch at the front her breasts sort of sprang out making a delightful jiggling motion as they became free.

"You have a gorgeous body my dear!" said Dean.

"Thank you," she replied, obviously feeling proud to show her attributes.

Unfortunately Judy lost the next hand also, which meant that she either took a dare or was the out right loser of this game; she chose the dare. Reading it she began to laugh then folded it back up and placed it next to her cards.

"Well, what did it say?" I asked, eager to know.

"It said, I have got to play with myself in full view of everybody here while the next hand is being played without me."

Pushing the chair back from the table allowing them to see everything, she removed her panties then inserted her finger deep into her pussy. It was my deal, but it was hard to concentrate when the woman you love is just three feet away and playing with herself. My hard-on was becoming very uncomfortable and I tried discreetly to shift its position. She was going at it like a woman possessed, opening her legs wide to the amazement of Dean, who also shifted his position. I dealt the hand and picked my cards up to find I had three kings, an ace and a deuce. Throwing my deuce in the unwanted pile, I drew another card to find an ace, which of course meant that I had a full house. Dean had two pair and Kim had ace high, which meant that Kim lost. She, too, elected to take a dare, which I'm sure at this point Dean had hoped for.

First, though, we all agreed that Judy had fulfilled her dare. She replaced her panties and rejoined the game, then she asked Kim what the dare was.

"I've got to insert something in my pussy other than my fingers until I cum," she said, smiling.

She looked straight at me and I knew what was coming (in more ways than one). She pushed away from the table and approached me. Turning my chair around was easy, for they were all on casters, then she proceeded to take down my underwear.

"My God, you're massive!" said Dean, being the only one in the room who didn't know.

Kim sat astride my now throbbing pussy-hungry cock and inserted the head in to her love canal. She slowly edged it in with a gasp from her lips, then proceeded to move up and down managing to take a little more in with each downward movement. I looked over to Dean, who, to my surprise, had his pants off and was jerking himself off to the action being performed in front of him. Judy was watching him intently. Kim started to move faster, almost screaming with delight at the sensations she was clearly feeling. Her short but fast movements were really starting to turn me on. I spotted Judy rise and go over to Dean's chair, taking his cock out of his hand and inserting it into her mouth. He gasped then relaxed back into the chair allowing Judy to do the deed. I could see she had no trouble in taking the entire length down her throat. He looked surprised to see how able the Doctor was, and how good.

Kim was moaning louder, now completely oblivious to her surroundings. Her juices were literally pouring out and down to my balls, her breasts were rubbing against my chest and I could feel her hardened nipples pressing into me. Once or twice she would go too far down and wince as the head of my cock struck deeply to the inner walls of her womb. She couldn't quite take it all, but it wasn't for the lack of trying. I could hear groans emanating from Dean's mouth as Judy brought him nearer to a climax. I knew it wouldn't take her long and sure enough the tell-tale signs on his face were a give away. He let her have it, pulling the sort of face that meant 'this is good.' She sucked his manhood with gusto, swallowing every last drop, then climbed on top in much the same manner as Kim was doing.

This was all too much for me, I was about to cum. I hadn't cum in the last three days so it was well stocked. I felt it surge up my shaft and threw my head back when it reached the end. I don't think Kim was quite ready for the amount of hot sperm that I am capable of producing, for once I started to cum it flowed like a torrent into her womb slowly sipping out the sides. She must have cum as well, for she started to slow down, feeling the pleasure of my cock before extracting it from her pussy.

"God, that was good!" she said, with a deep sigh.

We both sat and watched Judy and Dean, who were totally oblivious to our presence. She was riding him like a horse with fast bucking motions. H e was grabbing her butt in the attempt to lift her higher each time she moved, but you could see she was in total control. He yelled out that he was coming and she started too move faster. It was very erotic watching his cock appear and disappear. He ca me and she followed soon after, slowing down and breathing heavy. Both Kim and I started to applaud, which was the first time they were aware they had an audience. Judy climbed off his lap and took a bow.

Finishing off the wine after getting dressed, I commented how good the first night had gone, totally unaware of the adventure I was about to have. But that's another story.



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