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Big Boy Pt. V
by Carl East

We watched the sun rise the next morning, from the bay windows in Judy's log cabin. It was an incredible sight, and one that will forever stick in my mind. We'd been there now for three days and were having a great time, Kim and Dean were also there enjoying them selves.

"What shall we do today?" Said Judy.

"Well, if you three don't mind, I wouldn't mind getting in some fishing while we're here." Replied Dean.

We all agreed that it was all right, but no body else wanted to do that, so Dean decided to go it alone.

Later that day Dean had gone, and we still hadn't decided what to do our selves.

"I have a surprise for you." Said Judy, in a sly voice, and a mischievous grin.

"What have you done?" I asked.

"I've invited five of my closest friends up for the weekend, and this morning they phoned to say they would be here at twelve o'clock today." She said, still grinning.

I knew at that point, she had told them all about me and my condition in the cock department. The mere thought of having seven ladies paying attention to just me was enough to get me hard. I couldn't help feeling quite excited at the prospect, but wondered why she hadn't told Dean.

"Why didn't you tell Dean?"

"He had already left, besides he'll probably be back before they get here."

It turned out she was wrong, they arrived just after twelve with no signs of Dean. They had pulled up in a mini bus with their entire luggage strapped to the top, which we soon got in. Judy then made the obligatory introductions.

"These are my former college friends, Stephanie, Michelle, Pauline, Rachael, and Caroline." Judy said, going from one to the other.

We all sat down to some wine that was produced by our guests, mainly talking about the cabin and surrounding area. They all tried to peek at the bulge in my trousers, I knew at that point that Judy had told them everything. Not that I was bothered, I just felt like the only one in the room that they wanted to get to know. I felt a bit better when Dean returned on the scene surprised to find a house full of guests.

The introductions were made again, and Dean was handed a drink, but he had a little drinking to do before catching up with us. Our guests were really starting to loosen up by now, each one being more forward than when they first arrived. Stephanie was the first to ask about the operation that I had attempted to obtain. I merely informed her that that was before I had met Judy. Suddenly they all wanted to see the evidence for themselves. Even Judy was egging me on; I stood up and started to undo my trousers letting them fall to the floor. Once I had removed my pants they gasped at the sight before them.

"How in gods name do you manage to take that monster?" Said Caroline to Judy.

"With a great deal of pleasure." She replied.

Pauline reached over and held my semi hard cock up to inspect the entire length, which was all I needed to get fully hard. I started to grow in her hand making her involuntarily lick her lips.

"I dare you to put it in your mouth." Said Judy.

Pauline didn't need any further encouragement; she immediately put her mouth over the end and slid my cock in. The other girls were all shouting their approval, with things like go for it, and see how much you can take. I must admit she was pretty good, my cock was at least nine inches into her mouth before she had to concede that that was as far as she could go. She stopped at that point, suggesting to the others that they have a go. Michelle was the first to respond, quickly getting on her knees, and grabbing hold of my shaft. This was starting to turn all the others on by now, for Kim and Judy were starting to pay attention to Dean. The other girls all had their hands down their knickers. Michelle was even better than Pauline at giving head, for she had managed to get at least ten inches into her mouth. By now I was feeling quite horny, what with every body playing with them selves or each other. Dean was getting a good servicing by Judy and Kim, they were passing his cock to each other, taking turns to suck him off. This must have been what made Caroline join Michelle on the floor and do the exact same thing. Looking down to witness two gorgeous women licking and slurping over my cock, had to be one of the most erotic things that can happen to any man. Pauline must have needed more than just her fingers for she was now getting down between Rachael's legs and probing her pussy with her tongue. Stephanie didn't want to be left out, so she joined me by kissing me passionately on the mouth while removing her top. Dean was now on his back with Judy riding his cock while Kim sat astride his face holding open her love canal for his tongue to explore. I was in heaven playing with Stephanie's tits, while getting possibly the best blowjob I ever had. I was on the verge of coming at that point, I think they knew for they were both pumping it with their hands. When I did cum they didn't shy away, but took the full blast in their mouths as best they could, to be honest they were making quite a mess of their faces. My first spurt hit Michelle on the cheek while my second got Caroline squarely on the forehead. They gamely carried on pumping licking the rest up, and trying to keep me hard. Stephanie then whispered into my ear that she wanted me to fuck her. I never say no to an invitation like that, so I quickly positioned her over the couch, then placed my cock at her entrance. She must have been turned on more than I thought, because it slid in with no effort. She gasped as I got more than half my cock into her womb, pushing back she tried to take too much in, then decided to slow the pace a bit. Dean was now coming for the first time much to the pleasure of Judy, who was all but screaming that she was coming again. I in the meantime was getting almost my entire cock (short of two inches) into Stephanie's tight pussy. She was shouting that she was coming, which gave me a thought, if I could satisfy their needs before coming again I could service them all. Once I was convinced that Stephanie had orgasmed I asked who was next. Caroline got to her feet faster than a cheetah after its prey, which made me wonder why my cock had this effect on some women but not others. She indicated that she wanted me to lie down on the rug, which I did. Then straddling me she expertly guided my cock into her snatch, and proceeded to hump my bones. She was like a woman possessed, desperately trying to get all fifteen inches into her body, but only managing twelve. She eventually came quicker than Stephanie had, shouting out the pleasure she was feeling. I had managed not to cum for the second time, so I was eager to try for three, Pauline was my next victim. She wanted me to take control, so she lay on the rug and spread her legs. Kneeling down I grabbed both her legs raising them up and apart, she was more than ready as my cock slipped past the entrance to her cunt. I pushed in hard making her reach up for my chest in an effort to slow me down. I was careful not to put too much in at once though, her screams of oh my God were more than enough evidence she was enjoying this. She came too much, for the first time I couldn't feel the walls of her pussy; it was just so wet. She cried out, that she had come, which I responded too with a couple more thrusts, just to finish her off. Still I had managed to avoid coming; this was starting to look like a record for me. Rachael was next to have a go, I asked her what position she preferred, to which she responded with from behind. I indicated that she should bend over the couch, she revealed a lovely little shaved pussy that was glistening with moistness. I guided my cock into her womb, then slowly started to move forward. She shouted out to Judy that she was a lucky woman to have such an enormous cock at her disposal. I looked over to Judy and found her too wrapped up in fucking Dean to be paying attention to us. Rachael climaxed quicker than anybody did that night, which only left Michelle; she had taken all her clothes off ready for the coming onslaught. I decided to go for gold on this one, laying her down on the rug I grabbed both her legs and placed them over her head. This was going to be the deepest penetration of them all. I started slowly to make sure she could take it, then started to speed up a little once I was sure she could. Faster and faster I plunged, making her scream with pleasure, she came again and again, still I wasn't close to coming. Her screams were making everybody watch this performance; her juices were almost pouring out. She bit her lip shouting harder as she gripped her ankles; my cock was nearly all the way in. Her pleas of more were becoming more and more arousing to me, I could feel my balls getting tighter, and I was about to explode. Just a little bit faster, I thought, and I'll be there. She was coming again, which threw me over the edge, my seed blasting her insides, the veins in my cock visibly throbbing with the pumping action taking place. I with drew my cock while it was still coming, shooting another load onto her breasts; she let out a sigh of relief.

"That was awesome." Was all she could say.

Looking around I found that most of them were either playing with them selves, or someone was servicing them. Dean looked completely shattered, but he had a rye grin on his face that indicated he had enjoyed himself. We all got dressed after that, and sat around talking for a further three hours before retiring for the night. What a night I thought as I lay on the bed, I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

To Be Continued...


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