The Best Erotic Stories.

Big Boy Pt. VII
by Carl East

Having waved goodbye to Judy's friends, we retired for the evening into the cabin for one last night. We had spent a memorable fortnight in the mountains, Dean, Kim, Judy and I, but this was our last night. Kim and Dean told us that they wanted to spend it together alone, which both Judy and I could understand. So we retired to our rooms, however Judy still had one more surprise for me, and one that I would not soon forget. She'd not eaten all day, but when asked why, all she would say was that, she was saving herself for tonight.

"Lay on the bed." Said Judy.

"What have you got in store for me this time?" I asked, grinning.

"Never you mind, just get naked and lay down." She answered, almost giggling.

I took my clothes off, then got on the bed, my cock semi hard lying across my leg. I looked down and started to remember the first day I had met Judy, she had persuaded me not to have a penile reduction performed on my genitalia. I had gone to her because my love life was non existent, my cock was scaring the girls away. Thinking this I realised that my cock had come to life, and was now fully erect. This was an impressive sight, for my cock was a full fifteen inches when hard. Judy then re-entered the room, holding something behind her back.

"What have you got there?" I asked, trying to peek.

"You'll find out, ah, I see you're already hard," she said, "what have you been thinking about?"

"I blushed slightly, then told her I was remembering the first time we had met."

"Well, that would explain it." She replied.

Then she produced a large tub of strawberry yogurt.

"I thought you weren't hungry." I said, naively.

She then placed the yogurt pot onto my stomach, and with the small spoon that was in the pot, she proceeded to tip some over my cock. I realised at that point why she had not eaten all day, she was about to feast. The yogurt had been placed on the tip of my hard member, while she held it up long and straight. It was now slowly running down the sides, a feeling of cool sticky moistness, making me tingle with anticipation.

Judy placed her mouth over the end slowly taking in as much of my cock as possible; she licked the end until it was clear of yogurt. Then she licked up the sides before the yogurt could reach the base. Once it was all clear she repeated her game, only this time she placed my cock down, with the end now facing me. Then she poured some from the pot, the whole length of my cock. Placing the pot on the side she started to eat it from my joint.

"Judy have you got a spare tooth brush, oh sorry?" Said Kim, as she burst into the room.

Judy looked up with yogurt covering her chin, but instead of being angry she beckoned Kim to join them. Kim was no prude, and quickly got into position on the other side of the bed. I now had two gorgeous women licking yogurt off me, I couldn't help thinking, 'could life be any sweeter,' while they continued. This was my first experience of food-related sex, and one that I wanted to repeat. By now the yogurt was making a bit of a mess on my stomach, but Kim soon started to lick that clean. Then I asked if I could have a go, to which Judy replied, 'in a minute,' then proceeded to clean me up.

Judy then changed places with me; she was devoid of any hair between her legs. So I tipped the pot up just above her pussy watching it slowly creep down towards her womanhood. Then both Kim and I started to lick it up, in, and around her pussy; she loved the feeling of both our tongues moving over her clitoris while cleaning up the yogurt.

"So this is where you've got too." Said a voice from the doorway.

It was Dean, wanting to know why Kim had not returned, we all asked him to join us.

"Well, so much for a romantic night together." He said, crossing the room while undressing.

"I'm sorry lover, we can go back to bed now if you like?" Said Kim.

"No, it's alright, this looks like fun." He said, watching the proceedings.

With that he got onto the bed, reaching for the half pot of yogurt that was left, he started to pour some over Kim's pussy. She yelped with the sudden cold feeling, then lay back to enjoy his tongue as he started to remove the dessert. Both Kim and Judy loved this, their moans of pleasure making them cum almost in unison. Now I had an idea, I tipped some of the yogurt onto Judy's breasts and stomach. Then I lay on top pushing my cock against her pussy lips; she opened her legs wider. I pushed it in, making her gasp as my cock traveled past her moist lips. Sliding about on her chest and making a mess, but it felt so good, neither one of us caring.

Dean must have thought how good that looked, for he copied me. Pretty soon the cries of pleasure were starting again; an erotic feeling of lust was taking over, as I started to work my cock faster. Judy's orgasm's were getting louder, her mouth issuing forth profanity, as if she were possessed. But the things she uttered turned everyone on, when she could feel that I was about to cum she asked to take it in her mouth.

I quickly pulled it out and holding it with one hand waited until she was in position. She first got the spoon full of yogurt and placed it on the end of my cock, then put her mouth over it. I let go, not being able to hold it back any longer; my sperm hit her tongue. She mixed my seed in with the yogurt almost making a meal of it, as I shot a second and third load into her mouth.

Looking down and seeing Dean cum on Kim's stomach, a forth and final load left my cock. I looked back at Judy, the mix of both cum and yogurt was evident on both sides of her mouth, she sucked me dry, then with her fingers, cleared the mess off her face and licked them clean. We stood up both feeling a mess as the yogurt had hardened onto our bodies; we entered the shower together. She washing me while I washed her, bending down to kiss her I said thanks for another nice surprise.

We continued the night by making love in the shower, and then the next morning we were on our way back home. The memories forever engraved in my mind, of how wonderful that short break had been.


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