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Big Boy Pt. XIII
by Carl East

Judy and I, were sitting in Derek Bailey's office, he was her solicitor, and across the table sat her old boss.

"My client feels that she has been mistreated in this case, and we, have advised her to go to court," said Derek, sitting back in his chair, "I must just add, that we feel sure of a positive verdict in this case."

The opposition's solicitor leaned over to whisper in his client's ear, which received a nod in response.

"My client wishes to make an offer, that may stop this going any further." Came the reply.

He then pushed a piece of paper over the desk, which Derek picked up, first scanning it, then handing it over to Judy. Judy asked if we could discuss this privately, and we then shown into another office.

"What's it say?" I asked, eager to know what their offer was.

"They've offered me half a million dollars, as a one off payment, that I either accept or reject, for it won't be offered again." She said, clearly thinking about what to do.

"If I may make a point." I said.

"I know what you're going to say, you want me to take it." She replied.

"Yes, but not just that, I think you've been much happier since you left the hospital, and you do enjoy the work at the clinic." I said.

She sat thinking for a while, then seemed to come to a decision, for she stood up and marched back into the other office.

"I have decided to refuse your offer, at first I was tempted, but then I remembered how badly I was treated, and I intend to sue you for ten million dollars." She said, banging their offer back onto the table.

They started to whisper to each other again, as Judy headed for the door, but before she reached it, she heard her boss say, 'we'll double it, but that's our final offer.'

She turned around, and accepted it straight away, telling her solicitor to draw up the agreement, and then we left.

"How did you know there was more money to be had?" I asked, once we hit the street.

"Simple, I've been involved with other peoples cases, involving unfair dismissal, and in each case there was more than one offer available." She answered, feeling smug.

So she had a cool one million dollars coming her way, not that she needed it, for the clinic was making money hand over fist, and we were all pretty well off.

When we got to the clinic, Dean and Kim were eager to hear what had happened, and were very pleased for her, when they found out what she'd managed to get out of them. Dean and Kim had recently given their jobs up for the clinic, feeling happier here than at any time during their hospital job.

I then reminded Judy that she had a three o' clock appointment, to which she told me she wanted me in on that one. He arrived at just gone three, and was shown into Judy's office.

"It's Mr Colin Yates, isn't it?" Said Judy, offering him a chair.

"Yes, I'm here because I have a problem." He replied, starting to blush.

"You can talk freely here Colin, may I call you Colin?" Said Judy, smiling.

"Yes, I don't mind, um, my problem is my penis, it's too long." He replied.

I had to smile at this one, for I had been in this situation myself, and with the very same doctor.

"Well Colin, if you could get undressed, then put the gown on, we can have a look." She said, pointing to the screens.

He proceeded to do as instructed, then once done he came back round to join us once again.

"If you will lay on the couch, I will see what the problem is." Said Judy, directing him to the couch.

Once he was comfortable, she asked him to pull his gown up, which he did, revealing a good-sized cock, that was semi hard. Judy put some rubber gloves on, then picked his cock up with both hands.

"Now I'm going to rub it, in order to get you hard, so please don't be embarrassed." She said, running his length through her hands.

Pretty soon his erection was quite impressive, standing at around eleven inches, but she knew something he didn't.

"You do seem to have a very large penis Colin, but it's by no means the biggest I've ever seen." She commented.

"You mean some poor devil is walking around with a bigger one?" He asked, not quite believing it.

"Yes, but there's nothing poor about me." I said, dropping my trousers.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing, my cock was four inches bigger than his, making him ask the inevitable question.

"How do you cope with that thing, where sex is concerned." He said, pointing at my cock.

"I came to see Judy myself, just as you're now doing, and she showed me that not all women were scared of the size of my cock, in fact, it turns a lot of women on." I said, hoping that he would see there was hope.

"Well, I've met three so far, that were too apprehensive about having sex, and dumped me." He said, feeling dejected.

By now I had pulled my trousers back up, and Judy had covered him with his gown, then, he was asked to get his clothes back on. By the time he sat back down again, Judy had a plan, which would probably change his mind.

"I have two women patients, that come and see Mr Elis here, both of them have a phobia about small cocks, they can never get satisfied, unless the penis in question is at least nine inches long."

"So you intend to put us together, and see what happens?" He replied, suddenly smiling.

"Exactly, for now I will make another appointment for you, and hope to see you again in three days time, at three o' clock." She said, showing him to the door.

I was looking forward to that meeting, I thought, as he left the office.

We had a couple more patients to see, then we all went out on the town, to celebrate Judy's good fortune, and ending up at a wine bar. I informed Dean and Kim about our new patient, and they too, looked forward to watching that encounter.

When the day arrived for our new patient, the women who knew nothing about it yet, had already arrived, and were waiting to see Judy. Then Colin turned up, and was shown into Judy's office.

"Ah, here he is." Judy said, as he came through the door.

"Now ladies, let me introduce you to one another, this is Colin, and Colin this is Rebecca, and Britney, you all have problems that you could help each other with, so I suggest you confide with one another, and see what happens." She said, leaving them to it.

Judy then came into the monitor room, and we all sat watching, what if anything, would develop.

Colin told them about his problem first, which made both of them look down at his crotch, probably wondering how big he was. Then they told him what their problem was, then Britney asked if she could see his cock, which didn't surprise Judy, for she had learnt pretty early on, that Britney was a very forward thinking young woman.

Colin hesitated at first, but then must have decided to just go for it, and stood up to unzip his trousers. We all saw Britney, pull her skirt up her thigh a little, in an obvious attempt to get him aroused. Then his trousers were down, and he presented his cock in all its glory.

Both the women's faces wore a surprised look, as his semi hard cock hung between his legs. Then Britney reached over to take it in her hands; he didn't try to stop her. His cock suddenly started to grow in her hands, showing them just how big he could get. Then without warning, Britney took it in her mouth, his cock jerked at the surprise, and she started to suck it.

Rebecca was now getting hot, as she watched his cock being serviced, and put her hand down her panties. Colin watched Rebecca play with herself, his cock feeling wonderful, as Britney held it with both hands, and carried on sucking. The eroticism of the moment playing a big part in the fact, that Colin was close to coming.

She sucked the end hard, knowing that he was close, and wanting her prize, then she got it, his cum streaming out the end, and filling her mouth. Rebecca moaned out loud, her own orgasm making her forget where she was, then Britney stood up, and started to remove her clothes.

By the time they had gotten onto the couch, Britney's pussy was soaking wet, just begging to be fed. Then it was, her pussy suddenly being filled up with an eleven-inch cock, and she loved every second of it. Her screams of joy were filling the office, as she took control, and started to slam her butt down, in order to feel the full penetration.

He didn't last long, under these conditions, and was soon coming yet again. Britney got off, feeling totally satisfied, but was replaced by Rebecca who just couldn't stand by and watch this, without joining in.

Colin made her lay down, then he took control, entering her moist pussy with ease, and giving her, what she so craved. His butt coming up and going down so fast, it made Britney wish she had allowed him to take control with her. Then Rebecca started to scream out, that she was coming, his pounding never letting up for a moment until he too was coming his load, for the last time.

By the time they had finished, all of them were discussing getting together later for a drink. Once they were all dressed, Judy entered the office.

"Well, did you sort things out?" She asked, smiling.

"Yes." They all said together.

They then went on to thank Judy, and made their excuses to leave.

"I think it's safe to say, that's another successful case finished." I said, joining Judy.

"Yes, I don't think we'll be seeing them again." She replied.

That was the last case that day, so we all left, talking about what happened, and knowing that Colin would no longer worry about being big.

To Be Continued...


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