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Big Boy Pt. XVI
by Carl East

Judy was sitting at her desk when Dean walked in; he sat down waiting for her to finish some paper work.

"Sorry to disturb you, but I wanted your advice, and your permission to do something." He said, sitting up straight.

"I'm all ears." She replied, paying full attention.

"Well, I'm about to do something, that was prompted by you, I'm going to propose to Kim." He said, looking for a reaction from Judy.

"Oh, this is great news, I'm surprised you haven't already done it." She said, excitedly.

"We have discussed it, but I wanted it to be a big surprise, then I had an idea, one that needs your permission." He said, inhaling deeply.

"Now what could that be?" She muttered more to herself than to Dean.

"I would like it to be a double wedding." He said, dropping the bombshell.

Judy looked at him, not sure what to say, but after thinking about it, she suddenly smiled.

"Do you know, I think that's a wonderful idea, in fact if you're certain that Kim will say yes, we could spring it on her at the eleventh hour, so to speak." She replied.

By the time I'd arrived at the clinic, this discussion had been and gone, I learnt about it all later. This was to be the slowest day we ever had at the clinic, for we only had three patients the whole day, and two of them had come and gone. As the last one wasn't due until four o' clock, we all decided to go for a meal at our favourite restaurant.

Once there, Dean ordered for everyone, while Judy let me in on the conversation she had had earlier with Dean. Then I announced to everybody that Judy and I were getting married next month.

"So you've fixed a date then?" Said Kim.

"Yes, it's on the twenty first of next month, and it's to be held at St. Mary's church in Chicago, we have the invites ready, and hope that you'll be there." I said, knowing they would.

"Wild horses couldn't drag me away." Replied Kim, taking hold of Dean's hand.

We had a wonderful meal, then returned to the clinic, only to find three fire engines outside, with hoses leading into the building; I quickly had a word with one of the firemen, and discovered the fire was on our floor, and that it looked like arson.

I told the others, who were clearly and understandably upset, then all we could do was wait until the fire had been extinguished, and survey the damage.

An hour later we were doing just that, and found that two of our largest offices had been gutted, an arson specialist then joined us.

"From what little evidence I can find, it would appear, that whoever started this, placed some flammable materials leading from the door, over to that large office, then set it alight and left." He said, pointing to the largest office.

"Have any witnesses come forward?" Asked Judy.

"As of yet, no, but there is still a chance someone saw something, anyway, I've finished here now, so I suggest you retrieve anything that's of value, but don't clean up, not until your insurance guy/gal has seen it." He said, leaving.

Judy sat down in one of the few chairs that didn't get burnt, making a deep sigh as she did so. I walked over to her placing my arm around her shoulder, then holding her tightly.

"Don't worry, we'll get it back up and running." I said, wanting to sound positive.

"No, it's over, what's to stop whomever it is, doing it all over again, no, we just have to leave, and maybe set up somewhere else." She replied, putting her head into her hands, and leaning forward.

We did manage to salvage several important things, mainly because they were in draws or cabinets, but we had to cancel all of our appointments, and contact the insurance people. They turned up the next day, and informed us that there was nothing they could do, until the police had conducted an official enquiry.

Dean had decided to not leave the surprise until we got married, because he felt some good cheer might brighten up the atmosphere. So when we got back to Judy's house, he did his thing.

"Kim, will you marry me?" He asked, holding up a beautiful ring.

Kim started to cry, and was being comforted by Judy.

"Yes, I will, I love you." She said, through her tears.

It worked, for the rest of that day, the talk centred on the big event, and even though the clinic was in ruins, we still had a laugh.

The next day seemed brighter, for not only had the police caught someone, but the insurance people were prepared to write out a cheque that would more than cover our repair bill. Judy also had a change of heart, mainly because the culprit had been caught, and that afternoon we discovered whom it was.

It turned out to be an ex-patient that had come in, a month before, he was complaining of not being able to get an erection, but no sooner had Kim touched him, than he did get an erection. She had informed me, and I had the unenviable task of ejecting him from the premises. We always knew we would get the odd charlatan, or pervert, just out for some fun, but we didn't think this sort of thing would happen.

Next we found out that the repairs were going to take four weeks, so we decided to have an extended vacation, and get married, before coming back to work. Judy then left for home; while Dean and I helped to clean up the mess, and after an hour we had done all that could be done. I told Dean to phone me in the morning, so that we could finalise our plans, then I left for home myself.

Upon reaching home I found the dinner table was laid, with two lighted candles, then I saw Judy, she was wearing a low cut, black dress, with a gold necklace that I had bought for her birthday.

"You look stunning." I said, kissing her cheek.

"I thought we'd have a romantic candle lit dinner, before going to bed." She said, winking.

I smiled, then sat down, as she began to serve the main course, looking at her I wondered if she was as happy as me, but didn't say, then we tucked into the lovely meal. Later we sat arm in arm on the sofa drinking brandy, and talking about the double wedding, then she kissed me putting her hand behind my head to draw me nearer.

After a while I picked her up, then walked into the bedroom, laying her gently on the bed, but not before undoing her zipper from behind, and letting the dress fall to her feet. As I stood next to the bed getting undressed, I looked at her beautiful body, and watched her remove her panties.

Then climbing onto the bed beside her, we kissed as I got into position, my hard shaft touching the opening of her pussy.

"Go slowly." She said, kissing me more passionately.

I found the entrance, then pushed gently, feeling the give, as my cock started to slide in, then slowly I felt the sides of her womanhood surrounding my cock, as it traveled almost the full length.

" feeling." She said, kissing me harder.

I always enjoyed making love to Judy, it wasn't just a casual lay, it meant much more to me than that, I felt a part of her life, and wanted to remain with her for the rest of mine.

I started to work it a bit faster making her climax for the first time that night, then carried on until I was ready to cum. She held me tightly as I did, wanting to feel my seed deep inside her. I stayed there for a few minutes, wanting to compose myself before withdrawing my cock. Then it was over, and she was saying no more today, for she was tired, and had a lot to think about.

We just held each other for a change, needing the feel of each others body's up close, something that we didn't do often enough. Eventually we fell asleep, while still holding one another, and I wondered what else was in store for us.

To Be Continued...


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