The Best Erotic Stories.

Big Foot Pt. II
by Dr. Bull

Sara woke early; her friend Jessie was still exhausted from their encounter with the big foot the day before, and was still sleeping. She slipped down to the creek crossed it and walked up the rise to the warm spring at the base of the hill. The sun shone on her nude body and felt wonderful, she love being naked in the wild, the light breeze, the plants that bushed against her and the thought of getting caught so far from her clothes excited her. For the next week she vowed to herself, she was going to be naked unless forced by weather or circumstances to do otherwise. It seemed "Pops" had sent them to the ideal place no one around for miles, but the big foot and they enjoyed pleasuring his needs. She and Jessie had slept with their bags zipped together, nude bodies curled up together enjoying the warming softness of each other. Her reddish brown hair floated around her as she soaked her body, the tensions and stress of the outside world washed from her mind as her body relaxed melting into the mud at the bottom of the spring.

Yowl had spent the night on the mountain wondering at his time with the "naked ones", the females had given him great pleasure. The morning found him watching the camp, not ready to enter their domain. He watched as the brown haired one as she left the camp and followed her to the spring.

Sara climbed out of the water and sat on a large rock that formed a natural chair near the spring, the sun warmed the rock and dried her body, she closed her eyes and lay back, her skin tanning to a golden brown with no tan lines. She heard the strange deep purr and opened her eyes just enough to see. The big foot was standing at her feet staring at her pussy, she open her legs and he responded by running his long, broad tongue across her hair patch from her ass up across her clit to her belly button.

Her juices flowed as his tongue entered her and swirled inside her, the walls of her pussy clamping around his tongue. Her hips rose to meet him as he curled the powerful tip up and then down deep inside her, she came, her muscles contracting, pulling him in deeper. He withdrew his tongue and gently raised her up and slid her on to his hardening rod, she felt him go deeper than any man had before. His touch was erotic, the roughness of his fingers on her skin, his fur rubbing her breasts, her feet were off the ground by two or three feet, his strength was amazing and yet he was gentle as he slid her up and down on his shaft as he stood.

Sara squealed with delight, she leaned back, her pussy clamping harder onto his huge cock, he would raise her to the head of his dick then lower her to the bottom. She felt as if it would split her in half, but wow was it worth it. His cock swelled and started to buck as he shot his load deep within her, she pulled her self up as her love hole filled with the hot animal's cum. He set her back on the rock, Sara leaned forward licking the cum from the beasts member, it reacted to each lick with a jerk. He gathered her in his arms and carried her to the spring both washed the other, exploring the other's body.

Yowl's large hands moved gently across Sara's body, up her smooth belly to the mounds of flesh on her chest. His mothers body had been similar but this was different they did not hang limp with the nipples towards the ground, the "naked one" was firm and full, his touch across her nipples gained him a purring reaction. The words she spoke he did not understand but the tones told him he was doing what she liked, he moved his thick lips to her breasts, nibbling on them and licking them with his tongue.

Her hands were caressing his body the feeling his soft fur. The sensations were like nothing he had ever felt before, and it was good. He no longer felt alone, this female was his, as the water flowed over him warming his muscles and relaxing himself more than he could ever remember. The female moved on top of him again, massaging his body with hers. Now the appearance of the naked female was no longer strange, now it excited him as she sat on his chest and he drank in her beauty with his eyes.

The raven haired beauty rolled over in the tent and found her friend was gone, she walked out to the fire and stirred the coals putting a log on to bring the flames back to start breakfast. Jessie's mind wandered to the previous day, sex with the biggest "man" she ever had was unbelievable. It was a good thing Sara was there because no one would ever believe it happened. They had come up here to get to know each other again and she now felt closer to Sara than anyone could imagine. The big foot was unbelievably large, how she had fit his swelling member inside her was amazing to her. As the bacon started to sizzle in the pan she added eggs and wondered if he would return. His sudden departure the day before made the girls speculate all night as to where he had gone and if he would return.

Jessie rose this morning and pulled on her running shoes and shorts, as she reached for her tee shirt she decided to go topless it had been such a thrill the day before. She really liked giving the old man a cheap thrill at the store; in fact she thought the old guy was kinda cute. Her morning run was usually five miles but she thought at this elevation she might end up cutting it back some. Her C cup breasts bounced with every step about three miles down the road she saw a pickup coming down the road. She slipped into the woods almost out of sight; not sure she wanted to see anyone with out Sara being close enough to help. Jessie's smile grew as she recognized "Pops" from the day before, "dirty old man" she giggled to her self, and started back up the road following the pickup.

Pop Stevens had woke up early the next day; still dreaming of the two young gals up to his favorite fishing hole. Since his wife died five years before his fishing time and sex life had been next to nil, trying to run the store by himself kept him going seven days a week. But after the flash those two gave him he decided it was time to get up and have some fun himself and today he was closing the store and going fishing. He had taken his old Ford pickup and stopped a mile or so before where he had told the girls to camp, no need to disturb them. He headed up the trail, old bamboo fly rod in hand and whistling. The dim old trail wound it's way up the ridge and over to the small canyon on the other side, a six pack and a sandwich, it was going to be a relaxing day, of that he was sure.

Pops had just crested a hill when he thought saw someone jogging on the road, from his angle he could only see her head. It was the dark haired one from the other day; she seemed to disappear as he came down the road. He found the dim trail head leading to one of his favorite spots, he looked for the jogger as he crested the ridge above the stream, still no one in sight, so he slipped on up stream, and got his fly wet. After an hour or so and a batch of fish, he sat down on a small beach and popped open a beer. "Can I have one of those?" a feminine voice came from behind him.

"Sure" he said as he turned to find the topless dark haired girl a few yards away headed his way... for the second time in as many days his manhood came to life. Jessie came in closer, she had forgotten that she wasn't wearing a shirt when she had first spotted the old man, now as she realized what his reaction was about she decided it was too late to turn back. She took the cold beer from him and asked how his luck had been, he tried to sound intelligent as he spoke to the beauty's chest.

She teased the old man by wiping the cold sweat from the outside of the can across her nipples, bringing them to full attention. Pops had a hard on that wouldn't go away and he moved uncomfortably trying to maneuver it with out being obvious about it. Jessie could see it and it made her hot, she stood and arched her nipples moved to within inches of the grizzled old face daring him to kiss them. But Pops was of a generation who raised gentleman, he wanted her bad but couldn't just take her, she sat down beside him, reaching between his legs feeling his swollen member under his pants. "Is that for me?" she cooed in his ear. He could longer handle it he turned kissing her and cupping her breast in his gnarled old hand. His up bringing and the nature of his generation was slowing him down confusing him as to how far he could go, she seemed to sense his apprehension and took the lead, guiding his hand into her shorts where he found her wet spot. The feel, the touch, the memories were overwhelming, he pulled the girl to him as her shorts fell from her body.

As Jessie helped Pops remove his clothing she was amazed to find the shape he was in, from a lifetime of work and living outdoors had chiseled his frame from solid rock. His hair was gray but made his chest distinguishable, she traced his hairline down to his pants unbuckling his belt and sliding his pants down to his ankles. His graying member stood straight out ten inches long.

For five years he had not made love to a woman, now a girl who could pass as his granddaughter was sucking on his cock. She deep throated him and fondled his balls, her mouth slid off his cock and she sucked his balls into her warm mouth rolling the two spheres on her tongue while she stroked him with her hand. The old man lay back in the sand as the girl climbed on top of him; she fucked him with her tits, sliding the head into her mouth at the top of each stroke. She moved on up massaging his smooth belly and chest with her breasts. Pops felt the head of his shaft sliding down the girls belly and the hair from her pussy as it ground across it, she arched and slid his throbbing member deep into her warm hole of pleasure.

Her breasts smashed down upon his chest as she slid up and down him, it was wilder sex than he had ever had before. He could feel his orgasm raising from his testicles, and some how she must have sensed it because she slowed her pace, sat upright on him and ground her self down hard and deep. Her own motions matching his, the walls of her pussy grabbing and holding tight to him as he came deep inside her, her own orgasm peaking as his sperm exploded into her.

They held each other tightly as their passions cooled the old man and his beautiful dream lover. They moved to the stream washing them selves off, he watched her not believing his luck. "Best catch of my life," he thought as he watched her play in the stream. Her body was beautiful, full breasts not large but well proportioned for her body, her dark nipples hard from the cold mountain stream water, her tanned flesh goose pimpling just a bit. His wife had been built much the same in her day, his mind wandered for a minute to a spring day many years ago when as a newlyweds they had gone skinny-dipping.

Jessie picked up the stringer full of fish the old man had caught, turning towards him she saw although he was staring at her his eyes were somewhere else. "Can you teach me to catch fish like this?" she asked, his head snapped back to reality and he grinned from ear to ear at the nude girl holding his fish.

"Tell you what, if you fix us those for lunch, I'll give you and your friend both some pointers." He was pulling his pants back on when the girl with just her shoes on grabbed her shorts in one hand and the fish in the other and started towards camp.

"You coming?" she looked back over her shoulder 'winked' and headed for camp "I'll have lunch started when you get there." He watched her as she swung the pretty ass of hers down along the rocks of the creek until she was out of sight. He gathered his gear and took it back to the truck. Whistling to himself he rolled the old pickup down the road to the girl's camp.

Sara heard her name being called she and Yowl had been lying in the sun drying off, they both rose, Sara went to the edge of the bank yelling back at her friend. She turned yelling down the hill again telling Jessie she would be right down, she chuckled to herself "wait till you see who I'm bringing to dinner" she thought. When she looked back Yowl was gone.

Yowl had heard another sound, a traveling rock was coming, he looked to the one he had mated, the noises she was making were excited and she seemed to want him to go to the sound she yelled down to the other female and he left. Not ready to be near to other naked ones, and yet as he disappeared from her site he would not be far from her, his mate.

When Sara entered camp Jessie had the fire going and was starting to cook the fish. Both girls were excited talking at once and trying to explain where they had been. "He's here" "where did you see him" " he was catching fish" "we made love in the hot spring" "whoa whoa whoa" Jessie stopped Sara, "what are you saying?"

"Big Foot and I have been fucking at the hot spring," Sara explained "now what the hell are you saying?"

About that time the pickup rolled to a stop near the camp, Sara started to panic a bit since both of them were nude. Jessie said "Don't worry, its Pops, from the store yesterday, besides he caught the fish." Pop got out of the truck looking towards the camp seeing both girls completely nude he wondered if he was going a bit to far. Then it hit him.... what a way to go heh heh heh. He slowly walked into camp the fish smelled good he checked them at the fire, the girls were talking to each other in whispers and looking his way. He flipped the fish and stood hat in hand speaking to Jessie he sheepishly said "Missy, you can have the fish, I probably ought to go."

"Wait! You promised to show me how to catch fish" Jessie called to him and started his direction.

"Besides" mumbled Sara, "do we have a big foot story for you." The girls slipped on their shorts then grabbed some plates and utensils they both were suddenly hungrier than they had realized.


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