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Blonde in Black & Silver
by Otzchiim

For the long Saturday afternoon that she was going to spend with Russell Clayton, Jenny Craig put on a long black cotton dress that fit her snugly all the way down, with a thin black scarf around her head. The dress reached almost to her black shoes, and the only reason that she really had room to walk was that it was slit up the side and overlapped, so that she was still covered to about mid-calf almost all the time, even though the real opening was above the bottom of her panties.

Russell Clayton had been having either good luck or bad with women lately, depending on how you looked at it. Good, maybe, since every woman he had gone out with for some time, before Jenny Craig, had gone to bed with him on the first date. Bad, maybe -- well, it could be that they had not seemed very good in bed because they lacked imagination and could not think of anything else to do but have sex. Also, it is said that the brain is the most important sexual organ, and Russell had not had much opportunity to fantasize about those women and picture what he wanted to do with them before he was doing it.

Russell was something of a romantic and liked to think of himself as seducing women, while the ones he had encountered lately had regarded sex as something you did in response to a man buying you dinner and so forth; a straight commercial transaction. And they seemed to have little to talk about afterwards, so that these women were attractive enough, but not interesting.

Jenny Craig seemed to be of a different kind. They actually held conversations, and when he tried to kiss her at her door, she said to him: "I have a policy of not kissing a man on the first date, although this evening has been so nice that I am sorely tempted to break my rule. But I won't."

Russell did not know if what she said to him was true, but there was no question that hearing it did things for his ego and made him want to see her again -- as she obviously did him.

On the second date, a week later, she left him flatly at her door again... Or not exactly flat, since after a serious kiss and a period of holding her in his arms, while he did not get into her apartment or her, he was left round and hard.

If the way she dealt with him at the end of the first date made him want to see her again, the way she acted at the end of the second made him want to do a lot more than that with her. Not that he wouldn't have wanted to anyway, but the combination of action and resistance fired up his imagination.

This long afternoon began with a walk through the park between her apartment and the subway station with his arm around her. She seemed to accept that readily, even this early in the day. The movie followed, a sort of romantic western which appealed to men and women about equally and deserved to make tons of money if anybody knew it was there. They held hands and even kissed a lot during and after the love scenes. (The sex was just suggested.)

The dinner was a slow and very happy one in a Chinese restaurant. Then came the subway ride back, and this time they stopped in the park and sat, talking as the day faded into twilight. Russell bought a small bag of popcorn from a vendor and shared it with Jenny.

They got up after a while, and watched the birds splashing and squabbling in the pond. When Jenny put her hands on the railing, Russell put his right hand on hers and his left on her rear end.

He had done this a number of times earlier today, when walking with her, including in this same park the first time they went through. As his hand moved a bit, it occurred to him that there was something a little different now. The waistline of her panty elastic was not really visible in this dress, but his hand had felt it before. She was pantyless!

When Jenny had sat in the restaurant with Russell, she thought to herself that she was not yet sure if she wanted to have Russell stay all night with her, but it was a definite possibility and he was a definite temptation. She knew him well enough by now to know that if she went to bed with him, it was not going to be a one-night stand where she would never hear from him again. There was potential for a relationship between them that could go on for some time -- perhaps a lifetime. But if she were going to do it, she would want to do it, and to have him get at her, with little delay once the decision was made.

So when she went into the ladies' room in the restaurant, she took off her panties and put them into the reticule she carried. Not wearing them would not matter during the fairly brief time between the restaurant and her apartment where Russell would leave her -- or not leave, as the case might be.

When Russell discovered Jenny's little secret, he took her in his arms and kissed her more fervently than he ever had before, with his hands on her buttocks pressing her hips against his. Jenny was surprised at his passion, and had no idea why it had happened. But the fact that his sudden erection was pressing against her where her panties were absent stirred her and nudged her a little more toward wanting him to take her and to give her all he had.

"We should go indoors," Jenny Craig said to him. "It is beginning to get dark." She had now decided for certain to invite him into her apartment, and there was very little hesitation left on the other matter either.

"You haven't seen my place yet, if you want to go there. It's not much more of a walk," Russell Clayton said to her.

"No, let's go to mine and -- talk," she said, stumbling over the last word and almost using another.

"All right." Russell was quite willing; one bed was as good as another, and bed it looked like it was going to be.

When they were through her door, Jenny put her bare arms around him and reached up to take his jacket off to hang it up. She had just cleared it from his arms and was holding it in the air behind him when she murmured, "Make yourself at home."

Russell took her at her word and slipped one hand into the top of the slit in her dress and put it on her triangle of pubic hair. His fingers moved and she instantly reacted, throwing her head back and gasping. He bent his head and covered Jenny's mouth with his own. Her body strained and her hips moved, but whether the motion made her sensations stronger or relieved them was hard to say. The jacket slipped from her fingers and fell to the floor.

"We may be going a little too fast," Jenny said when Russell raised his head.

"Both of us are adults, and I am sure that you want me as much as I want you," he replied.


Jenny was a little overwhelmed, nonetheless. She was no virgin, but she had only been to bed with three men before, all after a much slower buildup than this. All three had been very conventional straight sex, and none of the affairs had lasted very long afterwards. And the last was over a year before.

Jenny had never really gotten a good look at an erect penis before, and when she and Russell undressed each other she stared at his.

She knelt down, but as she did Russell put his hands to her shoulders.

"If you want to use your mouth on me, I certainly won't object, but not that way. I see no reason to stand while you do it, and the position looks wrong for someone like you. This little padded bench is fine to lie on, and you can bend over me. If anyone kneels to worship, it should be me."

She flushed. "I hadn't thought of that. I don't know if I want to take you in my mouth; I've never done that."

"Well, if you want to let me be your first experiment, I am a willing subject."

Russell lay so that his hips were at one end of the backless bench, and Jenny could get between his open legs and lean forward to hold his erection, and then to kiss the head of it. Soon her mouth opened, and her tongue began to circle it. She was plainly hesitant but willing to try anything that seemed to please him and did not upset her. Then she took the head within her mouth and gently sucked. The sounds that Russell made encouraged her, and an inch or two of the shaft disappeared between her lips.

Russell encouraged her to stand and lean over him, and when she did he stretched his hand to touch her between the legs and he found her wet. As she lifted her head for a moment, suddenly he grasped her hips, forced her legs wide apart, lifted her over his midsection and brought her down over his spear of flesh. Jenny cried out and shuddered in his arms at the fast full penetration, climaxing immediately. Russell liked the way her long blonde hair shook a second or so later than her body did.

Russell pulled out then and stood, holding Jenny in his arms. He lay her down where he had been and knelt at her feet, moving forward to worship at the altar of her womanhood. First he gave a tentative kiss, then touched the tip of his tongue to her labia. He eased into a rhythm of licking and spreading and darting and nibbling on her clitoris. He built Jenny slowly up again over a period of minutes, close to another climax over and over, then backing off and slowing, until her nerves were at a high pitch.

She began to whimper at this touch, and then he pulled her up on the padded couch so that her upper legs rested there, and covered her body with his, sliding easily and fully into her. That preparation made them reach a peak very quickly, and since Russell did not need to hold back they reached it together. Jenny's mouth opened to gasp as the semen flooded her within.

They lay naked together for a while, but that was too distracting -- and frustrating, since the sight of each other's naked bodies made them think about things which those same bodies were not now capable of just yet. Jenny finally took from a closet a man's bathrobe which she had bought years before because she liked the way it looked, and she handed it to Russell. She herself put on a silver negligee, and they talked. And kissed. And softly fondled each other.

Perhaps because of their recent exercise, both became hungry after a while, and Jenny fixed a snack. After they ate, Russell sat on Jenny's bed and she soon joined him there. She got on her knees to kiss him, and he leaned forward to hold her at the knee-joints as their mouths touched. His fingers soon moved up a little under the edge of the silver garment, and then further, until they were only an inch or so below the tangle of her public hair. He kneaded her there, turning the flesh and spreading her legs open. He thought to himself that he was not sure which he liked more, the way Jenny's cavern felt around him when he plunged into her or the wonderful way she reacted when she felt him there.

Jenny looked down after a bit and saw his hard shaft poking from the bathrobe, and unconsciously her mouth opened as she thought of what she wanted to do. Russell lay back and she bent over him. The negligee hung loose at her front as she leaned, and exposed much of her breasts. One shoulder strap almost slipped off, and Russell could see one hard nipple peep through.

This time her caution and delicacy were gone. She took him into her mouth without hesitation and worked over his instrument of pleasure with an eager will, swooping down and taking most of his length in. Russell pulled up her negligee to expose her below the waist and his fingers entered her and teased her half-way to completion.

By mutual decision, they broke from this foreplay. Russell shrugged off the bathrobe and lifted the silver garment over Jenny's head. He lay between her legs and kissed her as his hips hovered over her and he positioned his hard penis at her entrance. His entry was slow and smooth, and this time she did not give a sharp cry, but a long sigh of pleasure and relief. She still shuddered in his arms, though, when he reached bottom. The slowness of his motion somehow increased the friction for her and brought her to a fast peak, but he stayed slow and steady and ignored her urgency, and soon Jenny began climbing again the path to perfect satisfaction.

Russell tried his best to make this session last, and it was easily half an hour later that he reached his second explosion of sexual energy for the day, and she had her -- fourth? fifth?

At any rate, the look of peace on her face was one he remembered for a long time to come. They slept nestled like spoons, and Jenny was awakened by his erection, caused by a dream of her, poking into her almost in the right place for it. She turned and used her hand to help make the dream come true after he also woke. And so it went, and they came again.


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