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Berlin: My First Time
by Liv Blake

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"Just take it easy," Monika said. "Just forget about being scared. Nothing's going to happen if you don't want it to. Relax. Enjoy yourself." As she said the last words she put her right arm around my shoulders. For a moment I stiffened and took a gulp of breath, and then I looked down and saw her fingers resting there - she had lovely nails, I'd already noticed in the theatre - and then I relaxed and snuggled closer to her. And somehow it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world to put my left arm round her waist and just let it rest there. I'd done it before, of course, with guys, but with Monika I was just amazed. There was the way she felt so soft and smooth and warm and there was the narrowness of her waist and her softness and the little ridge of her panties and the feeling of her hip against mine and the way she just flared out from the waist down. It was beautiful. It felt like an electric shock. It was so different. We stayed like that for what seemed like ages, and then we turned to look each other in the eye.

It seemed as if it was happening in slow motion. Her face was very close to mine. God, she's lovely. And she was. She had one of those heart-shaped faces, framed in those auburn curls, and not a grain of make-up. She didn't need it. Creamy skin, a straight nose that turned up just a little bit at the end, soft-looking cushiony lips parted just a tiny bit, and above all her huge humorous grey eyes looking straight at me. I was so close that I could see every detail of her face, the fine lines on her forehead and at the corners of her mouth, the long silver earrings that dangled through the thickness of her hair, each individual hair of her eyebrows, and even the tiny ones on her top lip, and through it all the smell of violets, now mixed on her breath with the sweetness of the wine. Smiling at me all the while, she moved smoothly to face me, her hands meeting behind my neck, and bent her face towards mine.

Our lips just brushed together at first, incredibly gently, incredibly tenderly, just for a split second, and then she moved back a bit and looked me right in the eye again. I ran my tongue over my own lips, savouring the softness and the taste of her, and then moved my mouth towards hers once more. This time the kiss was longer and deeper. Our lips mashed together and then parted as our tongues met for the first time. Hers was vigorous and thrust between my teeth, where I parried it with mine. To and fro, to and fro, our tongues played in and out of each other's mouths until our chins were wet with each other's spit. Her hands were round my neck, mine held her head, caressing her thick hair. The contours of her body were against me and the scent of violets and the heady taste of wine were everywhere.

"Oh, lovely," Monika said with a smile when eventually we came up for air.

"Yes, lovely," I echoed.

"More," said Monika.

"Yes, more," I said. And we had more, this time with her hands on my shoulders, fondling my bare upper arms and holding me close to her, while mine met in the small of her back. We kissed and nibbled and sucked each other's mouths for what seemed like an age before eventually we parted. As our eyes opened and met again Monika brought her hands to the buttons at the top of my dress and, looking me right in the eye the whole while, undid them, one after the other, until it was undone down to the waist. Then she took the edges between her fingers and thumbs and pulled them out and down so that the dress fell to the floor and lay there in a pool of crumpled fabric. I stood there, just in my underwear, and let her eye rove over my body. I don't think I'd ever felt so excited in my life.

"You're beautiful," she said.

"Do you really think so?"

"Yes, look in the mirror. Aren't you lovely?" So I did. It was one of those full-length ones and I had to admit I did look pretty good. I had a nice tan from all those weeks in Greece and the simple white bra and panties I had on looked good against it. I watched in the mirror as she came up behind me and wrapped her hands around me and buried her face in my neck, nuzzling away as her fingertips rhythmically caressed my belly and played in and out of my navel. We look so good together. Just look at the contrast of her creamy skin and my brown one. Look how I curve and swell and how she plays on me like an instrument. Anything this exciting just has to be right.

"This isn't fair," I said over my shoulder.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, look at me and look at you. You're overdressed for the occasion."

"So close your eyes," she said, a mischievous smile in her eyes. I closed them. She moved her hands away from my belly and I heard a rustle of cloth.

"Open them and turn round." I did. Honestly, I almost came on the spot. From head to toe, all she was now wearing was a simple gold chain around her neck and a tiny pair of black panties, just a skimpy vee of material drawn tight over her sex, framed in crinkly brown hairs. Narrow ribbons reached up and around to the back of her, emphasising the narrowness of her waist and the swell of her hips. She had good legs, long and slim and shapely, and the kind of breasts that would probably never need a bra, small, firm-looking, and rounded, with prominent uptilted nipples.

"Wow," was all I could say.

"Now you're overdressed," she answered, and took a step towards me. Her hands reached behind my back and unclasped my bra, which joined the pile on the floor. Clasped in each other's arms, we looked into the mirror, Monika auburn-haired and creamy-skinned, me blonde and tanned, and the two of us together wearing nothing more than a few square inches of cloth.

"Aren't we beautiful?" she said dreamily, and brought her hand up to cup my breast. I've always had sensitive breasts and I love having them played with, and Monika knew just what she was doing. I watched in the mirror as she stroked them softly, enjoying their softness and elasticity, lifted them gently and then allowed them to fall down into their natural position against my ribcage, ran her nails around my nipples till they grew puckered and hard, then rolled them between her fingers and thumbs, first one at a time and then both together. My breath was coming in long sobbing gasps by now and I was sure that between my legs I must be absolutely dripping. I was so aroused I could hardly stand up. One of her hands snaked down over my belly again, but this time it didn't stop there. I watched it as it continued down and slid into my panties, and felt it as it ran through my pubic fuzz and down to my most secret place, parting my outer lips and searching out my clitoris, which by now was absolutely throbbing with desire for her, so much so that it was like a physical pain.

"Oh, you're so wet for me," Monika murmured thickly in my ear, and withdrew her finger from inside me. She put it into her mouth and sucked on it slowly, fixing her eyes on mine in the mirror as she did so.

"Oh, and you taste so good, and I want you so much." Watching her do that just drove me frantic with lust.

"I want you, too," I said in a weak voice.

"Desperately. Let's go to bed now. Please."

"Come on, then," she said, and put her arm round my shoulder. I put mine around her waist and we went through a door in the corner of the room. "Just wait here while I find the light." she said, and left me standing by the door. A moment later a dim yellow lamp came on to reveal a big double bed with dark green bedding: a sheet, two big pillows, a quilt, already pulled back. Monika was sitting on the near edge.

"My bedroom," she said. "You are welcome here." As I moved towards her my hands went to my panties to take them off. Monika lifted a finger to stop me. "No," she said. "Please. I want to do that for you, but not just yet." Still sitting on the bed, she caught my hand and drew me towards her. She looked up at me and gave me a look I'll never forget, a look of pure desire and, yes, maybe love as well, and then her hands reached round behind me, found their way inside the elastic of my panties, and clasped my clenched buttocks.

She ran her nails teasingly across them. Then she kneaded them gently as though they were dough. Finally she ran a finger gently down the cleft between them and made me wriggle with pleasure. "You've got a lovely ass," she said, "but there are other parts of you that I want even more." With that she thrust her face into my groin, inhaling deeply and sighing with pleasure. I could feel her nose sticking into me and the way she inhaled and exhaled. Just thinking about what we were doing and what we were about to do drove me absolutely wild, and I took the top of her head in my hands and held it close to me.

"Oh baby, you smell so sweet," she said. "I've just got to see how you taste. Can you imagine how it's going to feel? Can I imagine? I've been imagining for what seems like hours. Those elegant womanly hands spreading my legs. The sight of her breasts hanging down as she bends towards me. That lovely head of hair bobbing up and down between my thighs. Those beautiful lips on my cunt. That tongue of hers driving me wild. Can I imagine?

"Come and lie down," she said, and rolled backwards and sideways so that she flipped me on to my back on the bed, legs hanging over the edge. She jumped up and knelt on the floor between them, gently prising them apart and running her hands up my calves, my knees, the insides of my thighs, doing it so gently that it hardly touched me at all, driving me mad with wanting her. As her caresses grew closer and closer to my groin I thrust at her, willing her to find the heart of me, only for her to keep maddeningly away.

I moaned, I moved towards her, I pumped my hips up and down. Please! Please! Achingly, one fingernail moved at a snail's pace up the sopping gusset of my panties. And then down again. And back. And then away. And now she's hooking her fingers and thumbs into the waistband of my panties at the sides and she's pulling them down, millimetre by agonising millimetre, and they're inside out now. One final little tug and they're as good as off. She's sliding them down over my thighs, my knees, my calves, over my ankles and off my feet, and she's twirling them round and she's got her nose buried in them and I'm just lying here, as naked as the day I was born, breasts flattened against my chest, legs akimbo, dying for this gorgeous woman who I'd never even set eyes on twelve hours ago to make me come.

She's looking at me with those great grey eyes, smiling at me, telling me I'm beautiful, and now she's coming towards me. Is this real? Monika moved to sit by me on the bed. I moved so that I was lying fully on it. Leaning on one arm and smiling down at me, she brought her free hand to my thigh, caressing it once more, alternating her fingertips and nails, slowly but surely moving higher, her eyes unflinchingly glued to mine. My sex felt as if it was melting. Touch me! I want to feel your fingers, your tongue, your lips on me! I want to suck you deep inside me and keep you there for ever! Suddenly, from the inside of my thigh, Monika's hand moved to my vagina, one finger exploring the length of me while the others followed it along the outer lips.

She got as far as my clitoris, allowed her fingertip to rest on it for an anguished millisecond, and then repeated the movement again. And again. And again and again, till at last one finger stayed on my clitoris, rolling it this way and that, while she ran the others through my fuzz as I whimpered and moaned and rolled around like a mad thing. I was so close to coming now that I thought I would scream. And just as I thought I would do so, she took her hand away. With it, and the other one, she clasped my buttocks, ducked her head between my legs, and brought her mouth down on my cunt and in next to no time she hit a rhythm that was just perfect. God, she knew how to eat pussy!

Hard and soft, short and long strokes, she ran her tongue along my labia, buried it as deep inside me as it would go, licked around my clitoris, sucked and nibbled on it as if it was an exotic fruit, and all sorts of other things I'd never dreamed of. I was hardly able to breathe any more, I was that excited, and the way I was thrashing round showed her just how close I was. It seemed as if she'd hardly started when I felt an absolutely incredible orgasm coming on. It just welled up inside me like a tidal wave and when it hit me almost broke me in two, and then it just went on and on, wave after wave, until it eventually ebbed away in spasms that seemed to get further and further from some kind of centre deep inside me until I was left with a feeling of fulfilment, of perfect contentment, and with my hands clamped tight in Monika's hair as she rested her face on my abdomen.

"That was fantastic," I said. "Nobody's ever made me come like that before."


"No. You were great."

"I'm glad." We just lay there for a while after that, me running my hand through Monika's hair and feeling utterly at peace. It was a beautiful moment.

"I'd like another glass of wine," she said after a while. "What about you?"


She got up and padded to the other room. I watched her slim figure as she retreated. She was still wearing the black panties. There was even less of them at the back than there was at the front, really just another ribbon running down between the cheeks of her rump. This is amazing. Just so out of the blue. What on earth is Katie going to say? I must have laughed out loud at that point, because Monika came back with the wine and asked me what the matter was. "Does it bother you?" she asked when I told her.

"Not really. I wouldn't have missed this for the world."

"Nor me," said Monika, and we sat side by side in bed for a while and drank our wine. I finished mine first and put the glass on the bedside table. I put my arm around Monika's shoulder as she drank hers. She still smelled of violets but now of sex as well, and despite the feeling of satisfaction that I had I was aroused by it. My cunt's purring like a well-fed cat, but what about her? Aren't you going to try to do something for her after what she did for you? Monika reached across me to put the glass down next to mine.

Keeping one hand round her shoulder, I put the other one on her breast and kept it there as we lay down face to face. It felt good, smooth and firm, and I played with it in the same way as I enjoyed my own being played with. At the same time I kissed her teasingly on the face, which had a bouquet composed in equal portions of Burgundy, violets, and my own juices.

"Do you like that?" I asked her.

"Yes," she said softly, and ruffled my hair. "I like everything you do."

"Do you want me to love you the way you loved me?"

"Do you want to?"

"Yes, but I'm not sure if I'll do it right. Will you help me?"

"If you need me to, of course I will, but I think you already know. You're a woman. You know what women like." I like having my nipples nibbled. I'll try that. Monika's breasts were smaller than mine, and as she lay on her back they were spread against her ribs, small round convexities. From close up, I was able to see every tiny detail of them, even the microscopic hairs, and with my fingernail I traced the path of a winding blue vein. She's enjoying this. Her breasts are all goosebumps. She had lovely nipples. They were dark and rubbery and went erect as soon as I started touching her breasts, but I remembered the way she'd enjoyed teasing me and didn't go straight for them.

Instead, I spent as long as I could bear it just circling round them with my fingertips, my nails, my palms, but I couldn't resist for long. She was kissing me hard now, her teeth chewing on my lower lip, and she stiffened as if a shock had gone through her when I took her nipple between my fingernails. I've got long ones and they were painted red, and it just looked so erotic, my nails around this other woman's breast, that I started to get excited all over again. Monika was excited, too. Her head was moving rhythmically from side to side on the pillow and her eyes were shut. When I took her nipple in my mouth, just seizing it very gently between my teeth and tugging gently away from her and towards me, then rolling my tongue around it and flicking it this way and that, she really liked it a lot, I could tell.

She started running her fingers through my hair and her breathing got more and more uneven. I kept her nipple in one of my hands and carried on sucking and nibbling at it, while allowing the other one to move down her belly. Her eyes were closed tight, but I really wanted to see what I was doing and so I threw the quilt off us both. What an image we must make. Me crawling all over her, not a stitch on me, and her just lying there, loving it. Just look how narrow her waist is, what a sweet navel she's got, the shape of her legs, the way her sex bulges inside that tiny pair of panties... I let my hand come to rest on the little wisp of cloth at the base of her abdomen and felt the plumpness of her sex, its warmth and wetness, through the material. She spread her legs to allow me to get at her more easily.

I stroked her for a moment and then sat up. "I think these are coming off," I said. "I want to see you." Monika arched her back as I took the cloth in my hands. The tiny panties came off in one smooth movement and I tossed them on to the floor. And there she was, not a stitch on her, lying on the bed propped up on her elbows with her big grey eyes looking right into mine, legs spread wide, a lovely gift freshly unwrapped for me.

"Show me your cunt," I said. "I want you to show me what it looks like and what you like to do with it." Will it excite her when I use language like that? Is she as much of an exhibitionist as I wish I could be? Monika didn't bat an eyelid. Reaching behind her, she took a pillow and placed it under her buttocks and signalled to me to move round to face the light. Never taking her eyes off mine even for a second., she ran both her hands down over the smooth skin of her stomach and abdomen to the triangle of hair where her legs met.

"Now you see me," she said. "Isn't that nice? Look at the insides of my thighs. Look at these lips. It's lovely and smooth and wet there for you. See? And then, when I put my fingers here, it just opens like a flower, a secret flower for you to pick and enjoy. And here are some more lips. Don't you like the way they glisten? That's because they're waiting for you, for your fingers, your mouth, your tongue. And up here, this is my clitoris. It's big, isn't it? I love to play with it, to rub it and feel it grow, but even more than that I love the idea of you doing that for me. Just try the taste. Isn't it beautiful?" She took her finger and raised it to my nose. It was wet and had a perfume that was familiar but yet not familiar, a lot like my own juices, which I knew well, but different as well, rich, musky, and exciting as hell. I stuck my tongue out and licked it clean.

"Now touch me," Monika commanded me. I let my fingers run through her pubic hair. It was softer and silkier than mine. My fingers slid between her legs and into the warm wetness of her sex, slippery and dripping with desire. She pulled my face to hers and our lips met in tender kisses as I rhythmically played with her vagina, running my fingers along the soft grooves of her labia, feeling the heat inside her, fondling the stiff knob of her clitoris. Her legs jerked closed and enveloped my hand, pumping it so that it was a tool doing her bidding. I felt her tension under me as she willed herself to a climax, and then the way she caught her breath and her body jerked as it washed over her. I was powerless to move. One of my hands was caught between her thighs as effectively as if it were held in a vice, and the other one was tightly wrapped around her shoulders. Hers held me tight round the body. We stayed that way for a few minutes.

"Are you tired?" Monika asked.

"No. You?"

"No. Do you want more?"

"Yes. I haven't eaten you yet."

"Do you want to?"

"Yes, very much."

"I want to eat you again too. I'm a pig."

"Can we both do it together?"

"We can try. Let's lie on our sides, like this. I'll face this way and you face that way. Can you reach me, do you think?" Oh yes, I can reach you. There you are, right in front of my face. I can see the little bumps on your skin where the hairs grow, the ones you must've shaved off so that you'd look nice on the beach, and I can see the roundness of the cheeks of your ass, and how swollen with hot blood and desire you are, and I can feel the heat and the wanting you give off, and I can smell the sheer raw female animalness of you, because that's what we are now, animals, all glands and sex and instinct and, oh sweetheart, I want you so badly and I know you want me too.

I can feel your breath on the inside of my thighs, and now your nose is nuzzling my pussy and you're waiting for me to just go and then you'll start as well. I took a deep breath and went for it. My mouth descended on Monika's sex at exactly the same moment hers did on mine. It was as if we were one creature, doing the same thing at different ends at the same time. I took my cue from her. When she kept her tongue stiff and lapped at me like a cat, when she took my clitoris gently between her teeth, when she darted her tongue inside me, whatever she did, I did the same to her. Each of us had our hands clamped on the other's buttocks, kneading and fondling at them as we established our sweet rhythm, and we rocked gently to and fro as we both grew closer and closer to our orgasms. There wasn't the same urgency about either of us now as before. Instead, we were able to concentrate on the little things we hadn't bothered with before, the textures of each other's bodies, the scents, the little creases, the details.

We had forever. And then I was on the verge of coming and so, I could tell by the increased urgency of her movements, was she. She buried her face deep in my vagina, her tongue thrashing round like a harpooned whale, and I did the same. We didn't quite come simultaneously but there can't have been more than about four seconds in it. My orgasm was different this time, a wonderful warm flush that just spread out all over my body and stayed there glowing for ages afterwards, and when Monika came her sex contracted and actually ejaculated a quantity of a thick sour-sweet liquid that I lapped up eagerly. I held it in my mouth and rolled it round on my tongue, loving its taste for a minute or two before climbing out from between her legs, seeking out her mouth with mine, and using it to lubricate our kisses.

"Mmm, that's me," she said, smacking her lips and wrapping her arms and legs round me.

"And now, let's get the duvet and sleep snuggled up together as long as we want. We can make love again in the morning."

We did, too, and a lot more times besides. The look Katie gave me when I finally crawled into the flat some time about three days later was one I'll treasure for the rest of my life. "Monika?" she asked. "Monika," I answered. "Toast? Tea?" Of course she got the story out of me, but not in the sort of detail you have, but then she was a shocked friend. You're different.

I stayed in Berlin a lot longer than I'd planned because of Monika. God, she was gorgeous. I'll never forget her as long as I live. After all, she did me a big favour, didn't she?

I hope you've enjoyed reading this and that it maybe turns you on a bit. Write and let me know, and tell me one of your stories as well.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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