The Best Erotic Stories.

by Dinghy(Jo)


The slap of the paddle on her bare ass hurt like hell. She leaped from the bed to face her attacker. There he stood, paddle in hand with the faintest trace of a smile on his face. She had been lying in bed nude, tummy down, reading a book with the stereo on so she hadn't heard him come into the room.

He was a big man, 60ish with a bit of a paunch. His thinning hair and grey/white beard made him look like a large version of Ernest Hemmingway.

In contrast she was 40ish but looked much younger. Certainly no one would believe that she was a grandmother. The few extra pounds were distributed over her 5ft 6in frame to advantage, making her look soft and sexy.

As she faced him she suddenly became aware that she was nude while he was fully clothed. She tried alternately to hide her ample breasts and pubic area with her hands.

With a loud "clap" he slapped the paddle into the palm of his left hand saying "Katie, have you been bad again? If you have, I'm really going to give it to you."

The stinging on her ass, the sight of the paddle, his words and the thought of what was to come started a warm glow inside her. It slowly spread until her face flushed, her nipples became hard and she could feel the wetness start between her legs. As he approached her, she jumped into the far corner of the bed and curled into the fetal position whimpering.

CRACK! He had walked around the bed and slapped her on the other side of her bare ass. Now both cheek were stinging.

As she curled even tighter in her corner of the bed, he removed his clothes, got into the bed and cuddled up tightly behind her. He kissed her shoulder, her neck, her ear all the time exploring her body with his hands. He embraced her, stroking the satin skin, feeling the ample breasts, the hard button of her nipples, the soft tummy and eventually between her legs where he discovered the moisture he knew would be there. Deftly he rolled her onto her back and kissed her on the mouth, his tongue probing deeply giving her visions of what he would do to her pussy later. His hands continued in their relentless quest to explore every nook and cranny of her body. He kissed his way down to her breasts where his hungry mouth was rewarded with a firm but soft nipple. He sucked hungrily on her tits while his hands became wet with the honey he had discovered between her thighs. Slowly he kissed his way down her body until he encountered the source of this enchanted nectar.

He was kissing, licking, sucking when with a sudden movement, she threw him onto his back and mounted his face in the sixty-nine position. He never missed a beat in his mission to drain this love tunnel of its wondrous juices. She took his waiting, willing and bulging cock into her mouth, not caring that it was not huge. The precum on the end of his dick was sweet and a bit salty but it was a taste she had come to enjoy.

Without a word she switched positions until her pussy was poised above his waiting, rigid cock. Slowly she lowered herself until his hot dick was fully engulfed by her wet steaming slit. She rode him as she would ride a horse, bucking, sliding, fucking. Soon he was thrusting upward to meet her. As his cock thrust deeper and deeper into her she could feel the onset of her climax. Within seconds she was overcome by an earth shattering orgasm.

His own climax built and she came a second and then a third time. He finally released his own load of cum as she collapsed onto his chest. They lay like that for a few minuets too spent to do anything else. Finally she rolled off of him and within minutes his rhythmic breathing turned into gentle snores.

She quietly crept out of bed, opened the drawer of the night-stand and without wakening him handcuffed him to the bed post. The cheeks of her ass were fiery red as she rummaged in the closet.

"Now where in the hell did I put that fucking whip?"---------------

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