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by Muse

I wish it weren't so complicated. How I have wanted him! It seems that there is a secret yearning deep in the core of my being that needs him. If it were simply sex I would understand the secret desire coursing through my body whenever I am in his presence. Did Joseph ever sense my heightened sexuality when I was with him? There are scientists that state unequivocally that one of the vestiges that remain from our evolution is our production of pheromones. It is a chemical that is odorless, but excreted when we are sexually interested in the person we are with. If this is true, then he has to know of the warmth and desire I feel when I am with him.

It was in one of these questioning moods that I planned. Planned with the fervor of a master director in creating a situation where not only would Joseph mentally hear the question, but that his only answer would be a physical response that would be impossible to deny? I called him on the telephone with my usual, "How are you, Handsome?" His warm chuckle was as intoxicating as the finest liqueur. His subtle word play with me was usual, yet unusual. I asked him to dinner, as I had a hundred times before, and of course he said yes. We understand each other so well. In another life we might have been siblings, perhaps even lovers, in our understanding of each other. We agreed on a time and place and then chit chatted about the usual and mundane. I mused just how mundane Joseph would find our dinner.

That evening found me anxious, yet calm. I knew my path and how I was going to accomplish my objective. Seduction is not a simple thing. For me it is complex and fraught with subtleties that few understand. It isn't simply what is seen. It is a combination of all senses. It is subtle and discreet while yet being direct and questioning. I purposefully dressed for him. It was how Joseph usually sees me, conservative and professional. My attire was a simple suit of black. Yet in all of its conservatism, I made sure that there was a neckline that displayed my cleavage to its maximum potential. The skirt was knee length, but pencil thin and cut to show my hips and legs. I was wearing impossibly high black heels, professional but an inch too high to be practical.

All the outward signs of an upwardly mobile professional businesswoman. I took care with what was underneath as well. For all the professionalism outward, underneath I wore the sheerest g-string panties with a matching brassiere. Lacy while also showcasing my feminine assets. The sheerest thigh high stockings completed the ensemble. I worked all day in this outfit. The gusset of the panties was moist where it had ridden between my legs all day. Occasionally through the day I found myself crossing and uncrossing my legs to accentuate the fullness I found between my legs. The anticipation was erotic and teasing at the same time. My mind occasionally wandered if I was the only one that felt the chemistry between us. Surely his spouse and my husband sensed my feelings. Would he?

I was waiting at the bar when Joseph arrived. From that vantage point I could enjoy my drink and await his arrival. The glass of red wine was working as a good depressant does, relaxing my body and mind. It was a good thing because my mind had been rapidly exploring all the possibilities and erotic pastimes we could explore. I'm sure that my presence at the bar was a surprise. Joseph knew that I was not a big drinker. As he stepped through the door and caught sight of me at the bar, he saw me stand up and down the balance of the wine in my goblet. The alcohol sent immediate warmth through me, a quick infusion of heat through my body.

No, I was mistaken; the wine only emphasized the passion that leapt through me at seeing him. Joseph smiled at me and moved towards me. His face showed all the depth of feeling that we have for each other. His tall length clothed in his usual casual shirt and khakis. The shirt with its muted grays and blues accentuated his coloring. His gray green eyes sparkled as he bent over to enfold me in his arms for a hug. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him tightly to me. My arms moved to cup his chest into mine. Much to my surprise, Joseph strengthened his hold on me and we stood there for what seemed to be minutes just taking comfort in each other's physical presence. We held the embrace, but I looked up into his face, he smiled down at me and I felt somehow safe and secure in the knowledge that I could love him, unequivocally and without restraint. Others that saw us knew that we were two people that share a very special bond.

The greeter showed us to a table that was private. I'm not so sure that we were a "striking" couple. It is so easy to measure beauty in terms of individuals. And I find it so ironic that we judge physical beauty defined by our own shortcomings. The wonderful thing about synergy is that when two individuals with ordinary looks click in the alchemy of passion, the animation transcends to illuminate in allowing the true beauty of the individuals to shine through. I think that not only the other persons sees it, but also they feed it. The more attention that you pay, the brighter and stronger and more attractive your lover becomes to you. The spark of desire is the electricity that is necessary for the alchemy to work its magic.

We talked throughout dinner. We talked about our usual subjects: about each other, about work, about our families and all the other things that we share regularly. As we conversed between courses, I took every opportunity to look Joseph directly in the eye. We shared the mundane and we, as always, shared thoughts and ideas. We share an intellectual and philosophical background that is very similar. I moved the subject to sex my favorite subject at the present time. We discussed the chemistry between people and the magnetism that draws dissimilar people into relationships. He laughed when I proposed that it was to fulfill our own inadequacies. I smiled when Joseph said that it was simply a biological urge.

I don't think I will ever forget his face when I looked into his eyes and simply said, "Joseph, I find you one of the most attractive men that I would ever want to be with."

My confidante flushed, but held my gaze. "Quite simply Beth, I appreciate your candor. You know that we could never be together," Joseph responded.

My single response of "Why" seemed to unsettle him.

"Because we are both married, both have families, and are too good of friends" he answered.

I thought for a moment and slowly licked my lips. I replied, "Haven't you ever wished to suspend time and be with someone that you have so much in common with? Haven't you ever thought that the friendship would allow for something magical to happen in bed? Haven't you ever wanted to be with someone that appreciates your differences and enjoys the simplicity of sex? There is a friendship that we take with us there that could only be enhanced by our closeness on that level." The statements rolled effortlessly from me.

Joseph was speechless. I guess that he never knew the level of intimacy that I wanted to share with him. "Let's order desert," I suggested, sensing that I had broached an area of our relationship that perhaps should have remained unexplored.

Joseph looked at me, his eyes conveying a simple hunger, "Could we share . . . desert?"

I smiled and replied "anytime and always."

Chocolate, possibly one of the oldest aphrodisiacs, a true stimulant that mimics the chemistry that creates the euphoria of desire was our mutual choice. A most delectable chocolate cheesecake, complete with a topping of whipped cream. We abandoned the pretense of detachment, sharing the desert from the same plate and fork. As I fed him a piece, the whipped cream brushed the edge of his moustache. I laughed as Joseph looked at me with pure mischief in his eyes. I leaned across the table to cup his cheek in my palm while brushing the white froth from the delicate edge where his lip is caressed by his moustache. As I rubbed my thumb along the line, he turned his head slightly to draw my thumb into his mouth. Joseph licked the whipped cream from the pad and gently sucked my finger clean. The warmth of his mouth sent an immediate jolt of desire through my being. I slowly removed my thumb from his mouth.

As he watched me, I lifted that same thumb to my mouth and inserted it. I could taste him mingled with the smoothness of the chocolate and the sweetness of the cream. I closed my eyes as I withdrew it, allowing the taste and scent to feed my senses. The slow throb between my legs increased tenfold. As I opened my eyes, I saw Joseph. The desire I felt for him was mirrored in his eyes. I could see that he was moved by my actions. I smiled and he responded in kind. In removing my left shoe, I moved my stocking clad foot to his thigh. Through his khakis I could feel the beginnings of an erection. Joseph started as my toes ran the length of his dick. He held the gaze between us but his eyes conveyed his amusement as I smiled at him.

Joseph leaned across the table and whispered, "You had better stop or we will be ordering another desert and coffee while the swelling passes." I giggled and started to remove my foot, but not before he reached to his lap and ran his finger along the arch of my foot. The caress was slow and tantalizing. Joseph massaged the ball of my foot with the pad of his thumb with a slow circular motion. As he stopped when the waiter returned to the table to deliver the check. I removed my foot as Joseph reached into his pocket to pay. As I reached to the chair beside me to get my wallet, he commented "Don't even think about it Beth, you paid last time." I settled back into my chair to finish the last swallow of my lukewarm coffee. When the waiter left, Joseph leaned across the table and gently caressed the length of my jaw. "Why in the world do you want this Beth?" he quizzed. "I think that you and I share something very special, and I think that would translate into a memorable experience, isn't that enough?" I replied. "You present a most compelling argument," Joseph commented. "Are you ready to go?" he asked. "Sure," I responded "but where would you like to go? You now know where I would like to go" as I laid a motel key on the table in front of us. "So where do you want to 'GO'," I asked.

"Well, well, Beth. Are your feelings going to be hurt if I turn down your most generous offer?" he asked with a chuckle. "Possibly," I responded "but if you chose to turn me down I believe that you will be missing out on an experience of a lifetime!" "My, you do think a lot of yourself," Joseph answered. "Oh no," I commented "I think a lot of us. We have a great deal of potential." "Since you put it that way, let's test your theory," he said with a smile.

My knees were a little weak when I stood up from the table. One of my favorite fantasies was unfolding before me and I was a little anxious. I knew that everything was going to be OK when Joseph came around the table and placed a reassuring arm around my waist to lead me from the restaurant. As we exited the building, he leaned over to ask, "Do we need to take one car or two?" "Let's take both cars, but it isn't far," I replied. As he escorted me to my car, I whispered the details of the motel location and the room number. "Give me a few minutes head start," I stated. "Are you going to 'chicken' out on me?" I asked. "Oh no," he laughed "Your argument is much too compelling to leave the experiment unfinished." I sighed heavily and looked up at him. Joseph leaned into the window and dropped a quick kiss on my lips and said, "Hurry, I can't hardly wait."

The drive to the motel was a blur. I walked into the room to survey what I had intended to do. I started the Jacuzzi tub and proceeded to light every votive candle that I owned. There must have been 50 candles on the vanity and around the tub. I looked at my hands and saw the tremble of anticipation. As I moved back into the bedroom, I turned down the bedspread and sheets on the king-sized bed. I closed the drapes and cut on the radio to a classical music station when I heard the knock at the door. I looked through the peephole to see Joseph's optically altered face. I opened the door and he quickly stepped in. I stepped into his arms and claimed a hug. As I felt the comfort and warmth of this embrace I took a deep breath and allowed his scent to settle within me. He allowed me this time. I sensed that I was the one establishing the pace. I stepped back from his arms and took his hands into mine.

I looked up at him and said, "You do trust me, don't you?" He smiled and nodded yes. "I think we might need a few ground rules, so these are mine. Feel free to add to the list if you like. First, please relax and enjoy. Two, if I do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable tell me and I will do likewise, but it will be better if you keep an open mind and allow yourself to be receptive to new experiences. And three, there is a time limit. It is now 6:30 p.m. We have until 8:00 to enjoy the pleasure of each other's company. After eight o'clock we go back to our separate lives with this experience never to be repeated again. That's it for me, do you have any to add?" Joseph laughed and replied, "I think your list is pretty complete, so when do I get to kiss those incredible lips of yours?" As I smiled and leaned into him, Joseph lowered his head for our first intimate kiss. His lips were firm and exploring. As I wrapped my arms around his neck to keep our communion lasting, I parted my lips and inserted my tongue into his mouth.

His tongue caressed mine in kind. As I molded my body into his, all of the desire that had smoldered throughout the day leapt to life, erupting into a bonfire, filling my body with pure unadulterated passion. I felt my delta fill with that sweet wetness in anticipation of being filled by the length of his penis. I broke our kiss to look up at him. His breathing was as ragged as mine was. I smiled and said," I want this to last longer than the clinical 20 minutes, so how about a bath?" Joseph replied, "I'm game." I moved into the bathroom to cut off the water, the jets of the tub moving the water. Joseph followed and whistled low when he saw the room.

"Aren't you worried about setting off the fire alarm?" he joked. I smiled and turned back to him. I started with his shirt, slowly unbuttoning it. With each button undone, I placed a kiss on his chest. His chest was warm and inviting, covered in places with light brown hair, but he was not terribly hirsute. At the last button, I slid my hands around his sides to run my hands up the length of his back, lightly caressing his ribs. I moved my hands to the front to ease his shirt off of his shoulders. He smiled as the shirt hit the floor. He started towards me to offer the same courtesy, but I eased back a step and admonished him with a smile, "Let me do this, my way, OK?" Joseph relaxed and shook his head in disbelief. As I kissed my way down his chest, I undid the button at his waist and pulled the zipper down. I stood up the run my hands from his waist down his back to cup his butt with my hands. I eased his pants and underclothes down around his ankles. Although not completely erect, his prick told me that he was enjoying the experience. I cupped his balls in my hand and squeezed lightly. Following the caress with my hand running its fingers down the length of his wonderful prick, lightly fingering the glans until it quivered in anticipation of the next touch.

I grasped him with my hand, my touch as firm as most men desire. Most women are afraid to touch or touch a man the way they wish to be touched. Men respond to a firm and insistent hand, and Joseph was no different. I dropped to my knees and proceeded to tongue his rise. He moaned and I felt his hands in my hair. I worked his member into my mouth drawing him in and caressing the head and length with my tongue. As his member became wet with my saliva, I felt him harden and he began to thrust gently against the slow motions of my mouth. I heard him groan and I took him as deeply as I could into my throat. As my hand cupped his testicles, I felt them draw into his body and Joseph's hand was insistently pulling my head away from his crotch. I knew his orgasm was close. I began to lick and slurp faster, while pulling him to me with my hands. I grabbed his ass as he tried to draw away.

As I took him deeply while forcing his hips into my face with my hands I heard him cry out as his jism hit the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly and continued until I felt the last spasm drop the last of his cum into my eager mouth. As I ran my hands from his ass down his beautiful thighs, I dropped my hands to his feet and quickly removed his socks and pants. I grasped his hand and led him to the bath. He settled into the tub and looked at me. Joseph seemed so relaxed, yet perturbed. I shook my head and pressed my fingers to his lips with "Indulge me, I enjoyed pleasing you. I'm sure you will return the favor later."

As he leaned his head back against the tub, I stood in the candlelight. With the mirrors in the bathroom the light was as bright as daylight. I slowly blew out about fifteen candles in front of the vanity and the light drew to the daylight reminiscent of the end of a warm autumn's day. I took off my glasses with shaky hands. Joseph noticed the tremor and spoke the words that put my mind at ease, "Beth, I can't wait to see the beauty of your body." As the music filtered into the room and the warmth of the steam eased into my soul, I slowly unbuttoned the jacket and allowed it to fall to the floor. I knew that the black bra only enhanced the translucence of my creamy pale skin. As I unbuttoned and unzipped the skirt. It fell to my feet and I calmly stepped out of it. Turning around, presenting Joseph a complete view of a thong nestled in the deep crevice of my ass, I picked up the garments and hung them on the hook of the door. I turned around to see his smile.

"Please continue," he requested. I obligingly undid the hooks on the back of my bra and allowed the garment to fall from my shoulders. My nipples were erect in anticipation of his touch and kiss. I followed by slowly peeling the thigh high stockings off, one at a time. With a sigh, I slipped my thumbs into the sides of the g-string and slowly pulled the panties down, affording him a look at my bare mons. "Well, well Beth, that is probably a sight I will never forget," he whispered. I gazed into his eyes and saw the tenderness and the desire there. Joseph held out his hands and I stepped into the tub settling between his legs. He leaned towards me, capturing my lips in a deep and lasting kiss. I'm sure he tasted himself on me, but that only seemed to inflame him to kiss deeper and more erotically. His tongue swirled around mine, caressing my upper palate and wandering occasionally to lick at my lips. He sucked my lips gently, one at a time as I felt his hand close around my breast. He broke the kiss long enough to turn me so that I was lying with my back against his chest. I could see his hands working my breasts and nipples all the while feeling his kisses against the nape of my neck and upper shoulders. My hands ran down his thighs, feeling their strength. I felt his fingers trace the scars underneath the swell of my breasts and I held my breath. Joseph must have sensed the tenseness because he gently caressed the lines and whispered into my ear, "I find your body quite beautiful."

I rolled around until I faced him and began to kiss his chest and lick his nipples. The tub was gently humming and the water was soothing, but I knew by the gentle nudge at my pelvis that enough time had passed for Joseph to recover from the blowjob. I nipped at his neck and said, "Are you ready to move our party to the bed?" Laughing, he responded "I thought you would never ask!" I stepped out and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. When Joseph exited the water, I had a towel and he wrapped it around his middle. He looked at me and before I knew it, he had picked me up in a fireman's carry, thrown over his shoulder, and dropped me on the bed. I started laughing uncontrollably when he reached down and undid the towel, rolling me slightly to remove the damp terry from underneath me.

Joseph dropped his towel, his erection growing by the minute, and lay down beside me. He cupped by chin and tilted my head towards him to plunder my mouth for a deep and passionate kiss. I felt his hand move down my breast and felt his lips leave mine to capture the taunt peak. As he sucked slowly, I felt the secret place between my legs begin to seep with my wetness. As I curled my body underneath his, I could lick and nibble his chest. I broke long enough to let out a groan and to arch my body underneath him. Joseph laughed and said, "I know what you want sweetheart, and I'll make sure you get what you so richly deserve." His lips slowly kissed and licked their way down my torso until they reached the juncture of my legs.

From his vantagepoint I knew that he could see that my lips were swollen, and everything between was a vivid pink as well as glistening with desire. His mouth tentatively licked, opening me. It was at that moment I realized that he had never had the opportunity to give a woman oral gratification. I ran my hand through his light brown hair and opened my legs slightly. His fingers gently touched my clit and I nearly bucked him off of me. The simple desire that I felt was starting to hurt and I knew that when I came, and I knew that I would, it would be explosive. I felt his tongue flick back and forth over that sensitive nub and his index finger slip into my vagina. As he started working his finger back and forth, he increased the intensity of his licking until I felt the hot rush of the orgasm claim me. I cried out his name and felt my body tense while my mind soared.

As I relaxed, he shifted his position until he could hold me and kiss me. Our mouths mingled the musk of our passion and I felt the knot of desire begin again. My hand eased around his prick while we continued to kiss. I felt his length continue to grow.

Never one to waste time, I rolled him on his back and mounted him, slowly easing my body on his erect member. His groan and smile let me know that it felt as good to him as it did to me. As I rode him, I felt his hands move from my waist to my breasts. He kneaded and toyed with them, only intensifying the climax that was about to claim me. Joseph's prick filled me and I enjoyed impaling myself on its hardness. As I gave into the climax at hand, I heard Joseph's cry as he started to come. As I rocked rather than thrust, I rode him to a mutually satisfying climax. As Joseph rolled me off, I nestled into his arms and kissed him on the neck and shoulders.

I muttered just loud enough for him to hear, "I definitely think the experiment is a success."

He whispered into my ear, "I would agree that the chemistry is explosive, magical and potent." What a catalyst and experience that we will remember always.


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