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Chain Letter Pt. II
by Mark Anthony

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"You want to eat Rachel don't you?" she asked, her voice husky and suggestive.

Andrea moaned at first, but quickly spoke up. "I... want you..." Fey's tongue darted out, only once, licking up Andrea's slit. She tasted her, and relented immediately. She heard her gasp before letting out a frustrated moan, and smiled wickedly.

"You can't hide this from me Andrea. You want her to eat your cunt, don't you?"

"No!" Andrea denied plaintively.

"Say it! Don't be afraid of saying it. I'd *love* for her to eat *my* pussy. Any woman would. You must lying to me."

Andrea's moans turned to a sharp squeal as Fey's tongue suddenly slid out of her mouth and parted her lover's pussy lips.

"Ohhhh... yesssss! I want her! I want you! I want both!"

"And Vivian too?"

"Yes! Vivian! I want to eat her cunt while she's eating you!"

"Yes, that would be nice wouldn't it? I can tell how hot and wet it makes you just by sticking my tongue in your hole."

"OHHHH! OHHH YEAH!!!" Andrea screamed, as Fey proceeded to do just that.

Fey smiled to herself as she continued her delightful task. Moreover, she was becoming wet herself, the thought of Andrea and Fey having sex with Rachel and Vivian driving her wild. When she felt Andrea's whole body tremble, her voice breaking as she screamed, begging her lover to let her come, she smiled wickedly. Then, she sucked avidly, with total abandon, her tongue burying itself inside Andrea's cunt. Her lover responded quickly, first with a sharp scream, and then a shuddering which coursed, like raw lightning, through her entire body. She collapsed on her back minutes later, an exhausted smile on her face. "Did you really mean that, about Vivian and Rachel?" she asked breathlessly, as Fey slid on top of her. Fey kissed her on the forehead, once. "I'm game if you are" she replied.

From then on, it was a delightful sort of conspiracy. Andrea and Fey plotted like a couple of schoolgirls. As if it were at all possible, the very notion of staging a kind of seduction on the unsuspecting couple actually enhanced their lovemaking. Both women had, sadly, a limited amount of experience when it came to lesbian sex, and though they both had quickly learned how to expertly please someone of their own sex, the notion of experimenting with another woman was an opportunity that the women felt they should both seize. If anything, their joint efforts dispelled any kind jealousy; Fey and Andrea had grown to trust each other on a level that took most couples years to achieve. They would partake of this pleasure together.

The shoot began promptly at 8 on Saturday morning, the girls on contract in their respective lodges getting ready. It was a racy shoot for a gentlemen's magazine-a special issue that would model various sexy outfits showcased by a number of boutiques in the hopes that incentives from the male readers would drive the girlfriends and wives to make a few purchases. A few lingerie and swimsuit spreads to begin with, something to capture the mood, before moving up to semi-nude spreads that would easily double as secondary pictorials for the magazine in their own right. Rachel was in her own dress room, trying to shake out of a groggy state as she slipped on the garter belt which complemented a black teddy she was to model. She had not really slept the night before, and the fatigue was catching up to her. She turned as the door opened, but didn't bother to cover herself up out of habit, her bra casually resting on a nearby chair.

"Hiya Rachel! Catchin' you at a bad time?"

Rachel smiled as Andrea strode in. "How are you doing?"

Andrea smiled back, her eyes falling to her friend's exposed bosom. "You planning to give anyone heart attacks today?"

Rachel laughed. "Not the photographer, that's for sure. I hate to cater to stereotypes, but he's as 'uninterested' as it gets. Probably why his work is so good-he can concentrate." She gazed at her friend for a moment, and momentarily forgot about adjusting her fishnet stockings.

Andrea was dressed in an unusual fashion, even for a day off. A pair of tight jean shorts she had never seen her friend in, and a Pastel T-shirt that was more than was a little taunt around her shapely breasts. Rachel tried not to notice Andrea wasn't wearing a bra either. "What about you? Would you be able to concentrate with me around?" Andrea said with a wink.

Rachel blinked, before realizing it was a joke. "You want to stay for the shoot?"

"Sure. I've visited once of twice, but I don't think I ever stayed to see how life is in the fast lane."

"Well, it's a bit of a raunchy session. Now, if you don't mind us girls throwing our clothes off for the camera..."

"Not one bit" Andrea assured her.

It was a strange thing, really. In what now felt like a lifetime ago, she really wouldn't have been interested in the dizzying array of female flesh that paraded before her. But as she stood on weak legs, blood thumping in her ears, her eyes studied the goings-on of the shoot with keen interest. A shapely brunette stood around projectors, her back arched, legs parted, hands on the hips, her beautiful ass to the camera.

Her head was turned, eyes staring straight into the lends, her expression devilishly provocative. Andrea began to fantasize about seducing the model before her, as she had a dozens of times over the last four hours with dozens of different women. She had seen Rachel a handful of times during that period, a strange glow in her eyes as she posed enticingly for the camera. The last shot before lunch break was not at all unconventional considering the nature of the spread, but Andrea's heart stopped as Rachel walked before the backdrops accompanied by a tall blonde-haired woman with a soft tan, delicate features and the proverbial hourglass figure. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Rachel's, but her ass and legs were a definite attention grabber, with curves that could cause accidents on straight highways. She wore a yellow bikini that hid very little, while

Rachel was inside a blue one-piece that was virtually part of her smooth skin. Her rich chestnut hair was hanging freely from her shoulders, her lips a compelling shade of dark red. Both women were quickly sprayed with water by a techie holding a hose, and the makeup crew then proceeded to do a final retouch to maintain their alluring looks. The photographer called for everyone to get ready, and the two girls took their positions. The cheesy beach backdrop was certainly not the focus of attention-Andrea's eyes seemed to narrow exclusively to the scene before her. At first, Rachel and her companion posed conservatively, like a pair of regular girlfriends walking on the beach. Back to back, staring off to the right, leaning against each other, locked in a sisterly hug. The first roll of film was quickly done away with.

The second part of the shoot left Andrea breathless. The hugs became more than sisterly. The point of view of the models shifted from the camera to each other. They held hands at first, and soon began taking suggestive poses with clearly sapphic overtones. It was obvious to everyone present that this was a professional shoot, a simple-some would call fraudulent-illusion, manufactured for the needs of fashion magazines the world over. Nothing that every female model didn't have to do on occasion, from New York to Paris.

Clear to everyone but Andrea.

The last shot, as Rachel and her counterpart drew so close as to feel each other's breath on their lips, as if about to engage in a passionate kiss, left Andrea so wet and horny she had to walk back a few steps and sit on a pile of wooden boxes.

The photographer called it as the second roll was finished. The Blonde immediately disengaged, her demeanor shifting from pseudo-lesbian interest to cool and professional heterosexuality, making for her dress room without further ado. Andrea saw Rachel, still standing as the techies fretted about her, taking down the backdrops before lunch. Her eyes, staring from amongst the busy crew a full twelve feet away, locked with Andrea's. A hundred years compressed into a single second. Andrea held her breath, taken aback by the deep sense of longing Rachel seemed to communicate to *her*. The magical moment was interrupted suddenly, the model turning and briskly walking away, her expression flushed and confused.

Andrea didn't bother to knock. She walked in to the room, and saw Rachel sitting next to the large mirror, her legs crossed, a towel hanging around her neck. She wore a light beige robe, the swimsuit lying discarded on the floor. "Any reason why you have your dress room at the other end of the hall, apart from everyone else's? The dust between here and there is a killer on the lungs." "The other girls don't like me." offered Rachel sourly.

"Really?" responded Andrea, surprised by her friend's tone.

"No... actually I asked for it. I like my privacy. Besides, no one else wanted it."

"Something bothering you?"

Rachel stared at herself in the mirror. Andrea came up behind her. She rested her hands on the model's shoulders.

"Maybe I have a lot on my mind."

"Like what?" whispered Andrea. She felt her friend tremble beneath her touch. She began to massage her lightly. "We've known each other for a long time Rachel. I know we don't keep in touch as much as we used to, but I'd like it if you'd get whatever is getting you down off your chest." Her tone was reassuring and gentle.

"It's... difficult to explain. Complicated" Rachel said, as if struggling with every syllable.

Andrea continued to massage Rachel's neck, her fingers caressing her shoulders and collarbone through the robe.

"I'm all ears."

Rachel tried to speak, but her voice apparently refused to cooperate. She was obviously feeling lightheaded, Andrea's relaxing touch working wonders. Her eyes began to close of their own accord.

"I must be doing a good job" mused Andrea, in a quietly playful tone. Rachel hummed approvingly, obviously lost in the moment. In her tired state, the rush of heavenly sensation was carrying her body to another place. Andrea's fingers stroked up her neck. Tracing the edge of her jawbone. With an open palm, she caressed Rachel's cheek, and the latter instinctively shifted her head to the side, rubbing her soft skin across Andrea's hand. Rachel felt her friend move behind her. Her eyes were still closed, but she knew Andrea had come around as she remained seated on the chair. She felt the soft touch of her lips as Andrea kissed her lightly on the mouth.

Her eyes flew open. Andrea was smiling like an angel. She tried to look confused, even offended, but she couldn't bring herself to do so. Her eyes searched those of the woman before her, and saw a growing lust that paralleled her own.

"I don't think we should-"

"You know what I think?" Andrea interrupted, her voice soft and even, her index brushing across Rachel's lips. "I think you would have preferred that I do that last shoot with you, instead of that other girl. I also think it would have gone a lot father if it hadn't been a shoot." Rachel felt her heart race.

"I think you want me. Here... and now." She kissed her again, with mounting passion. This time, Rachel responded. They gently drifted to the floor in each other's arms, mouths still locked in the soul kiss. Their hands roamed over each other, Rachel's trembling and awkward while Andrea's were both gentle and adroit.

Breaking the kiss, she uncovered Rachel' smooth bosom, naked beneath the robe. Rachel moaned softly as Andrea, resting on top of her, lowered her mouth to her already stiff nipples. She could not believe Andrea was suckling at her breast... could not believe how hot and horny she was feeling... the need for release growing swiftly, alarmingly.

Andrea was in heaven, completely focused on her actions, with but a dim awareness of how incredibly wet she was becoming. Hoping for a mere opportunity to open the door to the seduction of her gorgeous girlfriend, she was now about to have her in her own dress room. She used her tongue expertly, teasing Rachel's nipple until she groaned, her hips bucking under Andrea, the passion driving her wild. She briskly opened the folds of the model's robe, revealing her nakedness, and shifted momentarily to the other breast, where she continued her oral teasing. She smiled wickedly at the sight of Rachel, her eyes closed once again, her whole body shuddering under her every time she bit down playfully. She continued for long, endless seconds, before Rachel's moans became louder. She moved with catlike grace, backing up on all fours until her head rested over Rachel's slit. Her eyes were hungry at the exquisite sight of her trimmed pussy, glistening with juices, begging to be licked and savored. Andrea could not wait any longer, knowing that anything could trigger Rachel's orgasm. She wanted her mouth on the woman's pussy when she came, wanted to taste her deepest essence. She lowered herself to her, and gently began teasing Rachel's clit with the tip of her tongue.

An earthquake shook through Rachel, her whole body trembling, as if trying to come apart. She managed not to alert the entire building as Andrea intensified her licking and sucking, lost in a sudden eruption of intense pleasure. Her hips bucked yet again, but Andrea's mouth was steadfast. Soon, she felt the mad rush building inside her, the awesome power about to be released. "Don't... stop... don't... ohhhh!" she said, urging Andrea on. Lights exploded before her eyes. She moaned once again, unable to stop herself. She felt herself gush all over Andrea's face, felt every nerve in her body responding to the blissful climax. Soon, her moans were replaced by sharp intakes of air, as she struggled to breathe despite the waves of ecstasy crashing inside her. Finally, she slumped back, her whole body throbbing, sweaty. She was dimly aware of Andrea's mouth, still busy on her sensitive pussy, kissing it gently, lapping up the excess of girlcum. She tasted herself when Andrea's lips came over hers, their tongues roaming and hungry for each other.

"I want you." Rachel said ardently. Andrea was all smiles. "You'll have to ask nicely."

It was Rachel's turn to grin. "Nicely? I saw how hot you were back there, during the shoot. Damn near made me loose my composure. I was getting so fucking hot just looking at you." Andrea stood up slowly, and unfastened the buttons and zipper on her jean shorts. In a few seconds she had removed them, along with her soaked panties and sneakers. She stood before Rachel, who had curled up on herself, watching with an amused smile that grew lustful as she glimpsed for the first time at Andrea's naked pussy. She stood there, arms to her hips, a seductive smile daring her to do unfathomable things. She still wore her pastel T-shirt, through which she could see her stiff nipples, but it seemed to combine with her nakedness from the waist down into the picture of a wicked and sensual amazon, beckoning her to satisfy her desires with her mouth. Rachel rose to her knees, submissively. Andrea picked up on it, and remembered the intense love-play she had enjoyed with Fey days before. "You still haven't asked" She said reproachfully. Rachel, completely naked, prostrated herself on her hands and knees, kissing Andrea's bare feet.

"Please..." she whispered.


"Please" begged Rachel, speaking up.

"Please what?"

"Please... let me... suck..."

"Say it!" snapped Andrea in a mock-angry tone.

"Please let me suck your pussy." God this is making horny, thought Andrea. She arched her back slightly, thrusting her hips forward.

"You want to lick my cunt, you want to eat me, is that it?"

"Yes!" Rachel implored her, still very subservient. "I want to lick you cunt... I want to make you come..."

Her hands still on her hips, Andrea nodded, as if giving a slave permission. Immediately, Rachel rose up on her knees, her hands sliding up and down her lover's legs as she proceeded to eat Andrea's cunt out voraciously. Already wet, Andrea sensed Rachel's agile tongue sliding over her pussy lips, and felt her heart slamming against the inside of her rib cage. Quickly, instinctively, Rachel's hands rose and slid behind Andrea's ass, caressing it. She continued to attack Andrea's cunt with aggressive fervor, biting gently on her clit and roughly thrusting her tongue deep inside her slit. It wasn't long before Andrea was approaching her own climax. The speed with which this liaison had become sexual, combined with the erotic nature of the morning's shoot, plus Rachel's energetic efforts, was enough to break down her resistance with surprising swiftness.

She felt Rachel's hands on her ass, massaging the cheeks, her fingers sliding in and out of her crack, teasing her anus and asshole. No one had ever caressed her quite that way, and she found herself squealing in response to Rachel's touch. The kneeling servant, ever aware of her lover's reactions to her stimuli, intensified her finger probing. As tongue centered on her clit, licking it forcefully with the tip of her tongue, her hands spread Andrea's ass cheeks, and she inserted her middle finger deep in her asshole. Andrea's strangled scream heralded the shattering climax which exploded inside her. Rachel violated her deeper and deeper with her finger while her mouth continued to suck her pussy with determination and love.

The woman continued to shake, the strength in her legs quickly fading. Somehow, she managed to retain her equilibrium, perhaps because she was almost bracing herself on Rachel. In the minutes that followed, Andrea staggered towards and sat on the lone chair next to the mirror, trying to catch her breath, her body still glowing in the aftermath of the passionate encounter. Rachel rose to her feet, picking her robe up but making no move to put it back on. She came close to Andrea and kissed her softly on the cheek. They were quiet for sometime. It was an awkward and heavy silence.

"What is it?" Andrea eventually asked.

Rachel looked away, not answering. Finally, she managed a gentle whisper. "I... I want you to know, I'm not angry or upset about what just happened. In a way, I... I think it was meant to be. But..."

Words failed her again, and she looked down, locked in some kind of deep emotional quandary.

"There is someone else" Andrea said, in a tone that suggested she was half-guessing.

Rachel nodded curtly.

Andrea looked down, wondering if this was the time to spill the beans regarding what she had seen the week before. But as she was about to speak, she was silenced by a kiss from Rachel. Her eyes snapped up, staring up to her friend's gentle smile.

"God, Andrea... I don't want to betray my lover's trust, but I can't get you out of my mind. I..."

Andrea shushed her. "Don't say any more, baby. Think it over. If you want to see me again, just call me." She hesitated before adding, "If you want me to forget about this, I won't. I can't. But it can be our own little secret."

Andrea could see the emotions conflicting inside her.

"No," Rachel finally said, "I won't forget this. I love her, but I can't live without you either. Maybe I can... explain this to her. Hell, maybe we can..."

Andrea smiled, amused by the turn of events. Some instinct prompted her to cut Rachel off. "Not yet, baby. Maybe later. Let's enjoy this little affair for a while, just the two of us. What do you say?" Rachel smiled wickedly. "We should have done this years ago."

Andrea's kiss was long and sweet. "I know."

To be continued in part 3...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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