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Chain Letter Pt. III
by Mark Anthony

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Yes... don't be afraid... don't be afraid..." she soothed in a dreamlike voice. Fey increased her sucking, biting down on the large nipple before lazily teasing it with the very tip of her tongue. Then, using her pink tongue, she began tracing lazy circles down the slope of the breast and up the other, tasting the salty sweat off Vivian's moist skin. Slowly but surely, she was assuming control of the situation, Vivian loosing herself in an ocean of yearnings. She continued to lick and suck, her face buried in the heat of Vivian's flesh. She reached down with her hand, snaking underneath the lawyer's tight, business skirt, feeling for the softness of panties. As the tip of her fingers encountered warmth and wetness, Fey smiled at the delightful surprised-Vivian was not wearing any. She deftly brushed past her pussy lips, and slowly, into the dampness of her vagina.

Vivian breathed in sharply, and Fey felt her chest rise up and down as she continued to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy.. She felt the lawyer's sweet and abundant juices running down her knuckles and palm, and felt the yearning to sample of Vivian's elixir. She continued to finger fuck her friend until the latter couldn't stand anymore, trembling and moaning, desperate for release.

"Fey... please... oh... don't!"

She let out a frustrated moan as Fey stopped. When their eyes met, Fey nodded to the nearby couch.

"Your turn..."

Vivian's skirt dropped to the floor after a quick motion, and the white blouse, damp with her sweat, quickly followed. Fey slid over to the couch, reclining in the soft leather, her head gently resting on one of the armrests.

"Come to me" she beseeched her.

Vivian walked over, lifting a leg over Fey's head and bringing down her knee on the armrest. She loomed over her, using the couch for support, and lowered herself on Fey's smiling face.

Fey's delicate tongue began its loving exploration, sliding up and down Vivian's pussy with affectionate attention, while her hands rose underneath the woman's ass, cradling it. Vivian felt the soft fingers caressing the warm flesh, supporting her while she was being carefully eaten out with growing lust and enthusiasm. Finally, here in her office, she surrendered to Fey's sweet, passionate song, moaning with abandon. Climax was quickly upon her, and she felt herself capsize over the edge. Her hips buckled, and Fey thrust her tongue deep inside her as she came, her body wracked by spasms.

She leaned down into the couch, pressing down, trying to steady herself as the climax continued to rage inside her. Finally, she steadied herself, the storm ebbing and flowing out of her, Fey's mouth still glued to her slit.

"Oh... Fey... that was wonderful..."

Fey giggled, her tongue still lapping up Vivian's wetness, mashing her lips against her cunt in a sexual kiss which went on long, enchanting minutes.


Dinner that night was sensational. Fey and Andrea sat face to face, naked, their legs around each other's hips. Around them, the glow of candles illuminated the remains of a terrific meal, mussels served in a succulent wine and garlic sauce, which they had carefully and lovingly fed each other. They gazed in each other's eyes silently in the aftermath of the romantic feast, their love speaking words their lips could not.

"Did the secretary find out what you had been doing?" asked Andrea, referring to Fey's earlier escapade with Vivian.

"Well," mused Fey facetiously, "she didn't transfer any calls while we were together..." She paused, brushing her index on her lips. "Then again, she did give me a strange look when I strolled out of the office." Her playful smile quickly reflected itself on Andrea's lips. Both women giggled like schoolgirls.

"I wish I could have been there" confessed Andrea, her hands caressing Fey's shoulders. "It must have been an Oscar winning performance."

Fey beamed proudly. "Maybe so-but let's not forget your little contribution, which all made it possible, eh?" She paused, cocking her head slightly to one side. "*Now* do you believe the e-mail had something to do with it?"

Andrea shifted slightly, leaning closer to Fey's naked form, aware of the powerful feelings stirring inside her. "I dunno, Fey. Somehow it bothers me to think that all this may be happening because I received and then forwarded a dumb e-mail." She was aware, then, of a slight sensitivity around the subject, a nagging fear that the close examination of her feelings-and all relevant causes that led to uncovering such-might unravel the spontaneous magic that had so brightened her life. She felt as a dreamer, whisked away to imaginary bliss, and instinctively fearful of ascertaining a dark truth or cold element of logic that would dispel the wonderful fantasy.

"We'll never wake up from this dream, love" said Fey, as if reading her mind. To reassure her, she brought her lips softly upon Andrea's, running them across her mouth. Her fingertips brushed her lover's nipples, hardening them. "I'm not bothered that it opened my eyes, that it allowed us to discover something wonderful within ourselves, something we could share together. That gift was for Rachel and Vivian as well."

Andrea's blood raced as she initiated a kiss of her own, Fey's sweet words stirring her passion. The mere thought of what she shared with Fey, the earnest profession of this love by the object of her affection-her obsession-never failed to light a fire inside her.

"Speaking of Rachel and Viv," Andrea whispered between kisses, "what about the slight predicament you and I seem to have embroiled ourselves in, mmh?" Fey sighed, feeling Andrea's hot breath sliding down her cheek and into her ear.

"Well, I don't see why you and I... shouldn't... benefit... from a little... outside experience... wouldn't you say?"

Andrea's lips brushed against Fey's delicate ear, the tip of her tongue dancing over the arch. She felt Fey shiver as she held her closer. "Indulging ourselves?" she said huskily, "Sounds like a good idea... I'd hate to initiate an affair with another woman only to end it right away..."

"Vivian still needs to make sure that I'm well guided on the path to my 'newfound' identity... would be a shame to turn her generous offer down..." Fey answered back, on the same lusty tone.

They laughed. Kissed. Made love upon the floor, unhurriedly, until the early morning hours. Their naked bodies spoke amorous words, sang passionate songs, testified to unabashed emotions, a trust that lived even as they sought to seduce respective mistresses... they fell back in each other's arms, whispering all, hiding nothing, alive with a passion burning brighter.


'The Labrys' appeared a small and modest cabaret from the street, but once inside, Andrea was somewhat pleased by the low key, haunting atmosphere. There were several couples sitting about, all of them women, but the dim, exotic arrangement of lights gave the club an almost cabalistic air, making it a shadowy private and mysterious place where women could freely love women, without a care for the rest of the world.

She looked at her watch. 8:12 PM. Rachel would be meeting her here soon. She had forwarded the address to her via e-mail a few days ago, when they had made plans to meet in secret for a night together. Andrea had never heard of the place before, but looked forward to her first visit to a lesbian club. She strode past the starlit dance floor and the female couples enthusiastically swaying to the sharp, recognizable rhythm of a seventies song revamped to a 90's techno edge, carefully stepping up to the bar.

She caught the eye of the bartender, a tall blonde wearing a tight black shirt with the bar's name displayed in fluorescent letters, and, feeling a bit adventurous, motioned at one of the brands on tap before holding up her index finger. The woman nodded while the loud music blared on, and brought Andrea a tall glass of imported dark-red Canadian beer, with a hint of foam at the top. Andrea paid promptly, and made for one of the tables nearby, in a dark corner next to the unused stage.

"First time here?" asked a voice behind her, just as she got there. Andrea smiled, deposited the glass upon the table, turned, and brought her arms up, reaching for Rachel's beautiful face. They kissed briefly and amorously, drawing little attention from other women around them.

"It's nice to see you again, Rachel" Andrea whispered in her ear. "You look fabulous!" She took the time to give Rachel another once over, wondering half-jokingly if other women in the club might not be gawking at her date in envy. Her date's rich, full lips were of a dark red shade of lipstick, and her eyes shone in a strange shade of pale green, contacts which had an almost hypnotic effect-further emphasized by delicate, masterful use of eye-shadow, and a hint of rouge on her delicate cheeks. The smooth curves of her lithe body, tautly covered by the glistening fabric of her black, low-cut dress, invited

Andrea's eyes to roam, filling her with a growing feeling of amorous excitement. They moved to the table, Andrea pulling up a chair and sitting down. Rachel moved gracefully next to her, floating down on the edge of her chair and crossing her long supple legs gently.

"Quite a bustling place you invited me to-didn't look this busy from outside" Andrea's eyes moved from one side of the place to the other, becoming used to the darkness. Rachel shrugged as she motioned to a nearby waitress, who acquiesced at once with a nod. She made for the bar, presumably to fetch her usual.

"I've been here a handful of times, and it's always been fun."

"Alone?" risked Andrea, aware of the possible danger in breaching the subject. Rachel's smile was mischievous, and not at all bothered by the question. She ran her hand carefully through her hair, as if to thrill Andrea. "Yes, but it's no reason not to share it tonight with you."

Andrea's answer was to slowly run her leg up Rachel's own, feeling the smooth skin. She felt slightly intoxicated to be in such proximity to her again, party to a clandestine meeting in a new, exciting kind of place. She was wearing a simple white tank-top which emphasized her ample cleavage, a short black skirt which fell to mid-thigh and black stiletto heels. Her nipples protruded shamelessly through the thin fabric, a true measure of her growing arousal. The waitress, young and petite, was scantily dressed in a provocative red leather outfit, and brought Rachel a Gin Tonic promptly, smiling secretly at Rachel as she noticed Andrea's sensual stroking. She quickly turned to other customers after collecting for the drink, leaving the two lovebirds alone.

Andrea and Rachel talked for a while, occasionally stopping for spontaneous moments of kissing and stroking, unhurried and natural. Meanwhile. alternating rhythms of a myriad of music styles ranging from hard rock to ballads blared on. The clientele seemed diverse yet refined, all of them evidently attired at great expense, from the demure and conservative dress of female corporate executives to the shocking and exciting fashion statements of attractive women uncaring of labels. Andrea took in the scene, scarcely surprised by Rachel's discerning taste in clubs. In her friend's world, glamour and wealth were job benefits, and it seemed that her changing tastes in sexual matters wasn't going to change that.

They remained in the quiet corner, enjoying their drinks before ordering more. Rachel spoke of various shoots she had been doing, while Andrea listened intently. She crept close to Rachel, hanging on every word, playing up the part of the enthralled groupie somewhat. Between the alcohol, her excitement of her seduction game, the strange mixture of female scents in the club and the exhilaration she felt at drinking in an exclusive lesbian club catering to a wealthy clientele, she almost felt like she had borrowed someone else's life, and decided to enjoy it as much as possible. It was not long before she reached over to Rachel, her arm sliding around her waist, drawing her closer, her mouth brushing her neck, planting soft kisses below her ear while her clandestine lover enjoyed her attentions passively.

"I hope your sweetheart won't find us here tonight" Andrea whispered, aroused once again by the notion that she had become Rachel's 'mistress'. Little did her quarry know that she was secretly thrilled by the knowledge that Fey and Vivian were, in fact, together at this very moment; through a careful arrangement masterminded by Andrea, she had made sure that both she and Fey would be able to mutually explore their respective sides of the affair that very night.

"You keep asking about her-I'm just worried that you'll end up having an affair with her too" answered Rachel breathlessly, enjoying the feel of Andrea's breath on her neck.

Andrea giggled as she nibbled Rachel's ear. "Mmmm... I'd rather have you both at the same time" she said huskily, passion mounting inside her.

Rachel turned her head slightly, locking eyes with Andrea. She was silent for a moment, the hunger in her gaze testifying to conflicting emotions... lust, fear, love, confusion... Andrea tilted her head, her forehead touching Rachel's as she continued to stare into her eyes. She kissed the tip of her nose, as if to dispel her worries, and clasped her left hand as she rose from her seat.

"C'mon, let's dance" she said.


The floor was a tad crowded, but many of the couples held each other close as multicolored lights flooded the semi-darkness in that corner of the club. Andrea felt confident, almost daring, as she strode into the area with Rachel one her arm. Women around them were in a universe by themselves, together with their partners, concerned with little else. She caught a glimpse of several couples engaged in deep, French kissing, unabashed, shameless, audacious. She turned to Rachel, her hands circling her waist and slowly bringing her body close to hers. Rachel's arms rose to Andrea's shoulders, her fingers wrapping around the base of her neck. Their bodies began swinging to their own rhythm, oblivious to the music or the other women around them. Andrea felt Rachel's ample breasts press against her own, and slid one of her hands down her lover's back, to rest it against her ass. Against each other, feeling the heat rise between them as they turned leisurely, their lips came together naturally. The playful, sweet kiss quickly bloomed into a fervent, open- mouthed communion, tongues probing each other in a celebration of sapphic lust. Andrea lost herself in the tempest of rousing passion, intoxicated by Rachel's captivating beauty, excited by the web of seduction she had woven around the gorgeous model, impatient for what the next few hours would bring.

Their lips fervently sought each other, opening and closing as their tongues gently danced together, slipping hotly, exploring reverently, tasting of each other. Their heaving bosoms mashed against each other, and they felt the hardness of their nipples rubbing through fabric, while their hips stroked against each other's legs, releasing sharp flashes of pleasure coursing through their ravishing bodies. They melted into each other, the kiss sparking a burning passion that was quickly consuming them.

Their mutual humping intensified as they continued to kiss with complete abandon, nearing the peak of their mutual desire for each other. The music, lights and darkness whirled around them, so many galaxies spinning out of control, as their passion exploded, releasing the fiery energies of their lust, fusing their souls in a glorious, fervent, wonderful moment.

They came up for air a minute after, bodies trembling, faces flushed and skin slick with the sweat of expended energies. Their eyes locked, thoughts reeling, jumbled, hearts pounding. Somewhere, light years away, a few female voices clapped and cheered, happy witnesses who no doubt appreciated the spectacular fireworks which had consumed the both of them.

Andrea was lost in Rachel's eyes. "Let's get out of here" she urged.

Rachel's lovely smile made her skin grow hotter. "Come with me..."


The city lights were like a galaxy of stars dispersed on the swarthy ground, crisscrossed by avenues and towers of bright lights. The view from the 34th floor penthouse suite of the Ritz Carlton was a breathtaking, romantic spectacle. Nearby, Cordon Rouge chilled in a silver tray filled with ice, while two half-filled champagne flutes rested on a glass table next to it. Upon the beige carpet floor, high heeled shoes, panties, a robe, skirt and sweater lay in a scattered path that led to the sumptuous double bed upon which two women gingerly and lovingly sought mutual ecstasy in sapphic intimacy.

Andrea breasts chafed against the tan bedcovers, her knees pushing deeply into the soft mattress, her hands wrapped around one of the soft white pillows at the head of the bed, her ass arched up, offered for Rachel's careful, tender attentions. Her voice quivered again as she called out Rachel's name, feeling her lovely face nuzzle in her nether regions, slick with wetness. Andrea felt her tongue enter her once again, from behind, and moaned between pants, reeling at the sensations of her pussy lips parting to accommodate the gorgeous model's lovely, slithering organ. For the last twenty minutes, she had been a slave to pleasure's torment, subservient to Rachel's careful, calculated stroking, her whole body transformed into a lightning rod, struck by fulgurations of ecstasy at the feel of ever lick.

Rachel, grinning devilishly, ceased her gentle teasing of Andrea's dripping cunt and lathered the soft skin between her lover's slit and asshole with a sweet mixture of her juices and her own saliva. She paid careful attention to her anus, before liking up to the tight opening, animated by bewitching, overpowering urges.

Her soft hand rose, tending to Andrea's wet pussy, her fingers stroking over the soft folds before sliding deep inside Andrea effortlessly.

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Rachel! Please!" Andrea panted, her breathless voice begging for release, "please... please... fuh... fuh fuck me... lick me... fuh... finger me! Don't... stop!!!" Rachel's smile grew as she intensified the motion of her deft fingers, and her tongue circled around Andrea's asshole like a frantic snake.

Andrea's howled as Rachel's tongue slipped inside her ass... as her lover's index and middle fingers slid deep inside her hot cunt. She pushed back, her bottom arching up into her beautiful lover's face, while she felt a wave surging inside her. A maelstrom was growing furiously as Rachel's tongue slid deeper and deeper, her hole widening to accommodate her. Juice-coated fingers furiously stretched her slit as they penetrated her, bringing her closer to a shattering orgasm... in those last few moments, lost in a torrent of fiery sensations, she gave herself freely over... mistress to her lover for a night of passion... a slave to her lust for Rachel as she was a prisoner of love to Fey... Her screams echoed in the many, luxurious rooms of the dim suite, without crossing the threshold of the thick walls and the faraway, heavy door. Amid the trappings of glamour and opulence, she came and came, brought to supreme sexual ecstasy by a woman who belonged here. The seducer now seduced, she shook and cried and trembled as Rachel reaped her reward, delivering her sweet secret love to heavenly and fearsome release even as she ravished her in ways she dreamt of only in her deepest, darkest fantasies...

Rachel trust forth, with fingers and tongue, until the wonderful spasms subsided, draining her to the point of exhaustion. Andrea collapsed promptly face down upon the bed, her pussy oozing of her sweet nectar onto the bed sheets, a slender trail of saliva dripping down Rachel's chin, where it thinned to a glistening strand that descended in her sweet love's ass. The ravishing model lowered her head, affectionately lapping up her saliva from Andrea's lovely crack, before following the upwards curve with her sensitive tongue, and down the middle of her back. She tasted the slick sweat off Andrea's skin, pooling between her delicate shoulders, while she listened to Andrea's sweet, soft murmurs...

(End of part 3. Stay tuned for part 4... the final chapter of the story...)

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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