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Covert Operations Pt. I
by Shintani

Jacques knelt quietly in the darkness. His breath quickened as he listened intently. There was no sound, no alarm. That was good. He looked over at the body next to him. The man was obviously dead, his throat cut wide open.

Jacques was used to it. In all his years in the South African Defense Forces and the French Foreign Legion, he had seen death many times. More times than he cared to count. The killing fields of Angola, Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan-he had seen them all and more. This lonely villa was no different to him. The only difference was that now he was doing this for pay. Real pay, not the pitiful draw of a government killer. He had done so for many years, selling his services to the highest bidder.

Usually, his expertise was as a tactical leader, taking charge of a small group of elite soldiers for the more challenging missions his patrons could offer. Tonight was a little different. Jacques had decided that he had his fill of the life, and was in semi-retirement. His travels brought him to this hellish country as he sought to discover the whereabouts of his long-lost sister Madeline. He had no real contact with her since he had been conscripted into the military. She was at the tender age of ten at the time. Now, twenty-five years later, she was his only surviving family.

For the last several months, Jacques had tracked her movements, always a few steps behind her. He knew that her life had taken her to this country, but there the trail grew cold. In an unusual set of circumstances, a patron had emerged with a mission. Normally, Jacques would have turned the lucrative offer down, as the type of mission simply wasn't to his liking. But the shadowy figure had sweetened the deal, making an offer to Jacques that was simply too good to refuse.

So here he was, kneeling in the shadows, a dead man before him. But it wasn't this man's death that he would be paid for. The man in the villa, a cabinet minister of this charming country was the target marked for death. Jacques' latest victim was simply a guard, a common soldier who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It couldn't be helped. At least for him, death had come swiftly. Jacques had crept up on him and grabbed him from behind, slashing the man's throat open with one swift stroke.

The effort was spent mainly in closing on him undetected, and Jacques paused to catch his breath and review his briefing. The minister was supposedly entertaining several guests in his villa, guests whose untimely demise would please his patron extraordinarily. There had been many options available to Jacques, but he decided on a covert penetration. The villa had many staff members, innocent locals, really, and Jacques wished to kill as few of them as possible. Their deaths would be needless, and causing them would be unprofessional. It was professionalism that had seen Jacques through his dangerous life, and he had undertaken this assassination mission only with great reluctance.

There was just something different, and disturbing about deliberately setting out to kill a specific individual. For Jacques, it was akin to murder, but he was still able to see his way clear to carry out his orders. Besides, the reward for him would certainly allow him to finance the quest for his missing sister.

With his brief pause over, Jacques crept closer and closer to the villa. He knew the layout of the building, knew where the cabinet minister would be entertaining, and where the man would die. No other obstacles stood in his path. The night covered his movements, and ensured that the fewest possible members of the domestic staff would be present. He was distracted by that thought, and it nearly cost him. A voice called out behind him, it was another guard! The man was closing in on him, drawing his pistol as he did.

In an instant, Jacques had his knife out and charged him. Before the man's pistol cleared the holster, Jacques rammed his knife deep into his chest. The soldier doubled over in pain and Jacques threw him down onto the ground. That had been sloppy, very sloppy. The guard could have easily shot him down, yet he chose to announce his presence before covering Jacques with a weapon. Thanking his lucky stars, Jacques left the dying man to ponder his poor judgement in a pool of his own blood. His senses now heightened, Jacques stepped into the villa. It was a fairly simple structure, used primarily for clandestine meetings. He checked his surroundings to ensure that there would be no further surprises.

Satisfied, Jacques unslung his suppressed Uzi and crept down the hall. He was expecting three or four men total, that was his objective. Two guards were already dead, and he suspected the presence of at least two more. Laughter echoed down the darkened hallway. He was sure that he was closing in on the conference room. Jacques turned a corner and paused. A flickering light drew his attention. He quickly checked his weapon, seeing that the safety was off and he peered into the room. It was a small office, used by the guards for surveillance. There were two of them in there, but their attention was focused on the bank of monitors.

Taking a deep breath, Jacques shouldered his weapon, sighted in on the back of one man's head, and pulled the trigger. His Uzi hissed and spat a jacketed 9mm round which exploded the first man's head. The second guard turned to see what was going on, but Jacques was quicker. Two quick pulls on the trigger sent a pair of bullets into the soldier's face, and he dropped. Jacques checked the bodies to make sure that they were dead, then he looked up at the monitors. To his surprise, they showed the inside of the conference room.

Apparently, the cabinet minister had decided some entertainment was in order, and along with his cronies he was enjoying the company of a young lady. No doubt she was a local whore, and Jacques decided that her death would be unnecessary. What surprised him was that these men had acquired a white girl for their pleasure, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. Whether or not she was remained to be seen. Jacques watched the scene unfold before him so he could get an accurate count on how many targets there were, and what they were doing. He quickly decided that it would be easier to take them out after they had their way with the girl, and he smiled darkly at the thought.

Six men, marked for death, and he was giving them one last fuck. The remaining cameras revealed no further guards, so Jacques settled in to enjoy the show. Oh, they were certainly having their fun of it. From his vantagepoint, Jacques watched as the evening's entertainment began. She had to know what was in store for her, but she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself as she slowly stripped for them. There were four of them that he could see, all potential targets. The color monitors showed their bright white smiles in drastic contrast against their black skin.

The white whore was teasing them as she took of her blouse and skirt; she danced around for them before removing her undergarments. They were too aroused for that kind of temptation however, and the converged on her. She tried to slap one, the cabinet minister, but he simply grabbed her wrist and twisted it down. He was obviously laughing at her as two of his companions took her by the shoulders and forced her down on the conference table. One man kept her pinned and the others grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs apart. The cabinet minister moved in between her legs. He groped at her breasts through her bra, then tore the material away. The girl writhed on the table, but her struggles were to no avail.

She wasn't trying to get away all that hard, her struggles against them were more for effect, and it was working. The cabinet minister groped at her fine breasts, even as his compatriots tore away the girl's panties. Her body lay exposed before them, one man pinning her shoulders down, and two spreading her legs. The cabinet minister was undoing his pants, while he did so, the men holding her legs apart immediately jammed their fingers into her pussy and ass. Her openings violated, Jacques could imagine her screams as they finger fucked her. As their fingers slid in and out of her pussy and ass, the cabinet minister caressed the patch of brown hair between her legs. He appeared to say something, and immediately his men withdrew their hands. Instead, they were content to force the girl's legs apart as he positioned himself before her while stroking his cock. Like nearly all men in this country, he was uncut, and rather well endowed.

Jacques lit a cigarette as he watched the proceedings. The minister pushed the girl's legs apart and rammed his cock into her. An anguished look crossed her face as he slammed his cock into her. He was definitely forcing his rod into her tight cunt. The onlookers were cheering him on, watching as he molested her breasts as he fucked her. He was leaning down on her hard, squeezing her tits in his hands as his cock slammed in and out of her. Still acting as a temptress, the girl tried to struggle her way free.

She was rewarded with a series of smacks from several of the men, and that terminated her resistance. Instead, she seemed to beckon them on, begging them to do whatever they wanted to her. It was obvious that they would all want to fuck her, use her as their hot little whore for the evening. That seemed to light a fire in the men, and the minister was soon trembling as he jammed his cock into her. The fact that the slight little white woman was willing to take on all these well-hung black studs aroused Jacques as well. He felt as stirring in his loins as he watched.

The minister was fucking her furiously now, his strokes rapid as his body convulsed against the girl. Jacques realized that he must be cumming inside her. Indeed, he was soon finished, and the next man took his place. Again, the white girl screwed her eyes shut as she felt the thick black cock reaming her pussy. To her benefit, the first man's cum had lubricated her somewhat, and her pussy juices were flowing to aid the men in their efforts. Her energy seemed to be gone, however, and she more or less lay there and let the second man take her. He fucked her just as furiously as the first man, perhaps even more so. His hands freely slapped the girl's face as he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. Jacques grimly remembered rapes that he had seen, and this girl was definitely getting it.

The difference was that this bitch was clearly enjoying herself. She had such a soft, pretty face, and such a nice body. Too bad she had chosen this lot to fall in with. He watched the men still waiting to fuck her laughing as their friend finished off inside her, filling the girl's well-used pussy with his cum. He slapped the girl one last time before giving his place to the next man. His hands wandered over her body, caressing her breasts and even playing with her cum drenched pussy. Then he flipped her over onto her stomach. The girl stood, bracing her arms against the table as she stood bent over in a submissive position.

Two of the men still kept her firmly in their grasp as he took her from behind. Jacques couldn't tell if he was fucking her pussy or taking her up the ass, but he was obviously enjoying it. His balls slapped against her tight buns as he thrust himself inside her. He was grabbing those soft cheeks with his hands as he fucked her. Her body jiggled from the strength of his thrusts into her. This one was getting off on her too, slapping her ass while he was fucking her. He could feel the other men's cum allowing his cock to slide inside her cunt, this white whore was a fine one. Her cunt was so well used at this point, and the night was only beginning. Her cries filled his ears as he rammed his cock into her. Her pussy was so wet, so receptive to his cock, she was tight when she started the night, but she was definitely loosening up as the men took their turns on her. Pearly white streaks of cum dripped out of her fuck hole as he slammed his cock deep inside her.

He was taking her very deeply in his position, fucking her for all she was worth. She was begging him to finish off; her moans and gasps loud in everyone's ears. Those cries were cut short as the last man ambled up onto the table, and shoved his erect dick in her mouth. Instantly, the whore took his shaft into her mouth, and she started to suck him while his partner fucked her from behind. The new man forced his hands onto the back of her head, shoving her face down onto his cock, forcing that stiff shaft into her throat. She gagged a bit as his cock penetrated deep; the sensation was added to the force of the thrusts from the man fucking her.

Still, she sucked on that rigid black cock, and somehow she managed to start stroking him as well. That was about all that the man fucking her could take, and his thrusting grew frantic. With a series of grunts, he unloaded his balls into her pussy, adding his cum to the hot sticky wads that the men who fucked her before had left inside her. Her saliva coated the cock she was sucking and stroking into her mouth, her hand motions were a blur as she pumped up and down. The girl was obviously experienced at doing this; she could taste the pre-cum oozing from the man's cock by now. With a few more hot strokes, she felt his cum splattering over her face as he came. The black man rubbed his cock against her face, pulling her towards his cock as the last gobs of his cum spurted out. This little one was definitely worth it. It had been so long since they had a white whore to fuck. So often they were only able to acquire only the black ones. How fortunate that the cabinet minister had a white friend who was willing to whore out his wife for a lucrative contract. The man was in the room with them now, he was watching intently as they all had their way with his lovely wife.

They were not quite through with her yet; she was now on the floor before the four black men, stroking and sucking away at their cocks. They were slippery with her pussy juices as they jerked off over her; they all wanted a piece of that lovely face now. She was turning to take each man in her mouth for a few sucks, then would go on to the next one. As they waited, the men were stroking themselves, feeling their balls contracting as they waited to shower the whore with their cum. Jacques still watched from the video screens, fascinated at this lovely woman who was quite willing to be used for these men's sexual gratification.

At least he knew that they all got some pleasure before he finished them off. And if he was careful, he might even get to sample the girl for himself before the night was through. The men were finishing off now, cumming on her face one by one, showering her with sticky globs of their cum. It streaked across her face and into her mouth as each man came. She sucked and swallowed down as much of it as she could, but there were four of them, and there was no way that it was going to happen. She had cum dripping off her face, onto her tits as the last of them finished. They rubbed their spent cocks against her face before withdrawing to catch their breath. At that point, her husband emerged to help her clean up, and he couldn't help but be aroused at the sight of his wife dripping with the four men's cum on her face, tits and pussy. He thought about taking her himself right then and there, but that wasn't going to happen. The men would all want to fuck her again, he would have to wait his turn. Still, the idea of fucking her later that night, after she was well used by all had a certain appeal to it. That wasn't going to happen, he just didn't know it yet.

When Jacques saw the man emerge from the shadows, he was stunned. He knew the man. And if that was him...He rushed down the hallway, Uzi at the ready. No guards stood in his way; any that he encountered would have been gunned down anyway. He reached the conference room door. Without a moment's hesitation, he kicked open the heavy wooden doors. All eyes in the room turned to him as he quickly scanned the room. The man he recognized was standing over the lovely young woman, the four others who had already enjoyed her were still getting dressed. His suspicions confirmed, Jacques leveled his weapon at the four men and squeezed the trigger.

A bright tongue of white-hot flame shot from the muzzle of the gun. Two of the cabinet minister's cronies crumpled to the floor. Jacques turned the gun on his intended target. Before the man could utter a word, he was shot dead. The last man stood, transfixed. He was starting to whimper as he realized what was about to happen to him. The woman's husband joined him and stared defiantly at Jacques. Jacques glared back and shouldered his weapon. Sighting in carefully, he triggered a burst into the last man's crotch, blowing his pecker clean off. The howling man clutched at his wound and rolled on the floor in sheer agony. Jacques turned to the woman. "Madeline, my dear, sweet Madeline," he whispered as his reunion with his sister began.

In shock, she turned towards her savior. "Save me from this...this thing," she whimpered, gesturing towards her husband. "He has used me like this so often, thank God you've come to save me."

Jacques sneered at his brother in law. Madeline was up off the table now, collecting her things. She hurried out of the room past her brother. He knew that he had no time to waste. Aiming the gun at the man, he uttered one word. "Swine!" With that, Jacques fired two rounds off, blowing the man's kneecaps to pieces. As he collapsed with his emasculated friend, Jacques kicked him hard. "Consider this a divorce!" With that, Jacques hurried after his liberated sister. The two long-lost siblings shared a touching embrace before fleeing the villa. No words were spoken between them, but they had their whole lives before them to share their true feelings for each other.

To Be Continued...


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