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A Taste of India - He trains sexy young coworker.
After Hours
- Tina gets hot surprise after work.
Age of Discovery - Racheal finds parent's naughty stash.
Age of Discovery Pt. II - Mom catches Racheal beneath Brad.
Amy's No Angel
- Pilots teach famous singer a lesson.
Bridal Party
- She and boyfriend give bride a real present.
Cover Operations Pt. I - Mercenary searches for long-lost sister.
Forbidden Feelings - Uncle Dan seduces young niece.
Good Neighbors - Wife has the hots for cop next door.
Good Neighbors Pt. II
- He spies wife with hunky black neighbor.
Hot Talk
- Peter & Francesca tell each other their fantasies.
Hot Talk Pt. II - Francesca & Peter get hotter.
- Man notices sexy step-daughter.
Layover Pt. II
- Daddy shares daughter with friend.
Maid in India
- Young hotel maid discovers sex in hotel room.
Moving Violation
- Trooper changes young couple's lives.
Night of the Intruder
- Tina is taken by a stranger.
Quick Rebound
- Dave lusts after wife's sexy niece.
- Bettina falls for online lover.
Roadside Assistance
- Guy watches girlfriend as she *helps* buddy.
Scoring Position - Sports groupie makes play for baseball star.
- Online lover travels cross country for surprise visit.
Shopping Trip
- Mall girl has her first woman, and a man.
Sweet Seduction - She's torn between fiancé and online lover.
The Big Tease
- Tina enjoys Stephen at home, at park, etc..
The Maltese Fuckin' Ch II
- Joe is framed.
Welcome Wagon
- George & Sheryl get to know couple next door.
Whipped Cream
- Waitress gets more than tip from couple.

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