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Caught on Tape
by Mr. Neb

No one was home. No wife, no kids, no one. There were no messages on the answering machine, no note on the refrigerator. I went upstairs to check but no one was there either. In the master bedroom, on the VCR, was a note. "Play me," it simply read. I pressed the "play" button.

What I first saw caught me dead in my tracks. I sat down on the bed and watched in astonishment. On the TV, I saw a picture of a bedroom, MY bedroom. The camera must have been placed next to the TV, facing the bed. The bed took up almost the entire screen. My wife walked into view, presumably just after turning on the VCR. She was dressed in a way that was very unlike her. She had on a sexy black lace bra that did a pretty poor job of holding my wife's generous breasts. The lace cups barely concealed her nipples. They were still evident through the translucent material. Their erect condition was also obvious when she turned to a sexy profile. Her breasts jiggled as she moved and looked as if they would overflow the well burdened garment at any moment. She wore tiny black lace panties with a minuscule waste band that clung to her sensuously contoured hips. Her wicked black lace stockings disappeared into long high heeled shoes polished to a blinding shine.

She laid down on the bed and spoke to me, "Hi honey. Welcome home. I made this little surprise for you. I hope you like it. Get on the bed, relax and enjoy the show. I have another surprise for you at the end."

She drew her knees up. Her legs were parted but certainly not to their maximum extreme. She spoke to me again, "I have been so horny lately. I can't figure it out. I go through my day just dreaming about the next time I can feel you touch me."

As if to illustrate her point, she cupped one hand over her breast and began to rub it through the lace bra in a circular motion.

"I love when you touch my breasts like this. It excites me so much. My nipples get so hard." Her finger neatly circled the very erect bud of her nipple. Her knees slowly swayed open and closed while she talked.

"Even now, without you here, I am getting hot." She momentarily closed her eyes. While her hand kept caressing her breasts, the other dropped between her thighs. Her knees stopped moving and remained open. Right above the narrow stretch of her panties, two fingers slid up and down.

"Mmmmm, yes. I love you to touch me here too. I love to feel you hands between my legs."

I was getting pretty uncomfortable by now. My penis was fully erect but severely constricted by my clothes while I sat on the edge of the bed. As if reading my mind, my wife said, "Get comfortable dear. Take your clothes off. Enjoy yourself. I'd like that. I'd like to think that I am really turning you on. I am fantasizing about you right now."

I followed her suggestion. I removed my clothes, all the while watching my wife rub and pinch her breasts and slide her hand up and down the crotch of her panties. Once completely naked, I laid on the bed, my back propped up by pillows, in much the same way as my wife was. My legs lay flat and open. My cock was at full attention, stretching back up my abdomen, the head and shaft were swollen and pulsating with every heart beat.

"God. I am getting so hot now", my video lover teased. "I wish you were here right now to please me. I know what you would do. You would play with my breasts. Like this." She slid a bra strap down and with it went the right bra cup. Her beautifully formed breast bounced free from its restraint, the taught nipple aroused, red, and visibly hard.

"Mmmm. You'd rub it like this then you'd lick it and get it all wet. Like this." She bent forward and extended her tongue. With little trouble, she began licking her own nipple. I watched in fixed amazement as her tongue circled and wet her sensitive nipple. She undid the front clasp and removed the bra completely. Her licking expanded to both breasts now. I was really enjoying this. My own hand subconsciously made its way down to between my legs and wrapped slowly around my shaft, already wet with warm and slippery lubrication freely leaking from the head.

"I know what you would do now. You do too, don't you." She said and then paused. "Yes. You know." The hand that was between her legs stopped for a moment. My eyes strained for more resolution on the television. Two fingers slipped beneath the dark lace and quickly re-emerged. Silently she brought her fingers up.

"Yeah. You know. You would get my nipples wet with my..." She didn't finish the sentence but I wasn't sure why. Her fingers slowly made their way up to her breast. I mentally cheered them on, praying for them to finish the trip. Yes! I watched her slickened fingers slowly circle her nipple again, this time to deposit the liquid evidence of her passion on her breasts. She was indeed correct. That is exactly what I would have done and, as I would have, she did it several times and to both breasts. Her nipples glistened in the soft lighting from their wet coating.

My hand moved with firmer conviction up and down my cock. My pre-cum stretched in a thin glycerin line from the crown of my cock down to my abdomen. It flowed at an increased rate as the tape continued.

Will she also do the next thing that I surely would have done? Would she do the very thing I was wishing that I could have done at that exact moment? Oh my! She did. Without saying a single word, she slipped two fingers deeper into her body than she had up to that point. After a very slow withdrawal, they went back to her breast and with her eyes looking right at me, she licked her wetness from her breast. She did it again, then again. Finally, her fingers omitted the stop on her breast and went directly into her mouth! My level of arousal jumped immediately. A huge drop of pre-cum collected at the head of my cock. The thread trickling down my shaft thickened with the increase at the source. My fingers intercepted and spread the wetness around my glans. This served only to produce more.

"Mmmmm", she muttered. I know you like seeing this. Don't you? You love seeing me lick my own wetness."

I prayed for a stronger phrasing. I wanted to see, or more accurately hear, my wife go completely out of character. Again, she read my mind and she obliged.

"I'll bet you've got a gigantic hardon. I'll bet you loved it when you saw my fingers go deep into my wet pussy and it drove you absolutely crazy when you saw me stick my wet fingers into my mouth. You have got this thing about my pussy wetness don't you. Yeah, I know. You like how sweet my juices taste and you do everything to get me to taste them, don't you? Well here you go. I'll do it again, just for you. I'm gonna stick my fingers in my dripping pussy and then lick my juices. Mmmmmmm. I do taste sweet. It is so hot too."

I watched her repeat the act, two and then three times. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was so aroused. My hand was rubbing my balls. My cock was wet and sticky from all the pre-cum. It's head was fully engorged and very red. The veins of the shaft were very visible and pulsed hard.

"I am so hot. My pussy is so wet. Wanna see?", she rhetorically asked. She reached over and picked up the remote control off the night stand. She pointed it at the camera and with a wet finger, pushed a button. The camera started to zoom in. She must have positioned the camera very carefully for when she stopped zooming, the screen was completely filled with the image of my wife's hand slipped beneath her panties. I could see the crotch of her panties stretch and then relax against the pressure of her knuckles as her fingers slipped in and out of her pussy.

"Can you see better now?", I heard her say. "I don't think so." The picture blurred for a moment since her movement was too quick for the close-up. When her motions were finished, the panties and her fingers were gone. I had a close-up view of my wife's aroused pussy. What remained of the neatly trimmed line of pubic hair on her mons was matted with wetness. Her bare outer lips and inner thighs were very wet. Her lips were pouty and deep pink.

"There. Is that better? Isn't that better for you to see me play with myself?'

What a question! What a treat! And it wasn't over by any stretch of the imagination.

"Oh baby. I want you here. I want your cock deep in my pussy right now! I want to feel you deep inside me. Mmmmm. I am so ready for you to make love to me. Are you ready? Is your cock all hard and stiff? Couldn't you just slide it deep into my pussy right now?

Oh man, could I! I was as ready as I could ever be. My hand was wrapped tightly around my cock and moving up and down very quickly.

"I'm ready sweatheart. I'm ready for your cock."

Her fingers returned into view. They parted her sticky lips and opened her pussy. I watched her squeeze down as she did countless times when I have been inside her. I watched her flesh contract. I watched her expel more wetness. I watched it slip from her opening and slide down toward her out of view anus.

"I told you I'm ready. I told you I'm real wet."

I watched her fingers touch the escaping wetness. I watched the drops cling to her finger tips. I watched her spread herself just a bit more. I watched her expose her clitoris from beneath its hood. I watched her deposit the erotic nectar on the bud of her sex. I watched her rub it around and caress herself.

"I am going to make myself come for you", she calmly announced. "Watch."

She did. She made herself come. Her fingers pressed hard into her pussy. I heard that telltale wet sound as she invaded her opening. In and out they slipped. Faster and faster they thrust. Wetter and wetter she got. Harder and harder she touched herself. Louder and louder she spoke.

"Oh yes! I feel so good. I wish it was your hard dick that was fucking me right now. I want to feel it. I want to hold it. I want to lick it. I want to suck it. I want to taste you. I want to feel you press it deep into my pussy. I want to squeeze it inside of me. I want to feel you in my pussy. I want to feel you fill my pussy with your cum. I want to feel it wet and hot in my pussy! Oh! I am gonna come. I am coming! I AM COMING! I AM COMING!

Her fingers moved in a blur from deep within herself and in circular rings around her clitoris. She got very erratic and moved quickly until she came. Her hand disappeared. Her pelvis twitched and jerked. I saw her lips move and her muscles spasm.

She stopped moving. She was still. I watched mesmerized. All sound was gone. My own hand movements toward my own climax stopped. From her slightly parted pussy lips, out slid a great long drop of clear thin liquid. It clung to her swollen lips as if not wanting to venture out but gravity and the quantity were too great. I watched in total awe as my wife's cum, her feminine ejaculate, slid from her prone body, completely spent from her violent orgasm. There would be no intervention from her this time. Out it dripped and out of view it went. Gone from view but forever captured in the indelible vault of my mind and on the much-to-be-reviewed video tape.

After her recovery, my wife's fingers returned. For the last time she slid them into her body. Again the pictured blurred from rapid movement. Her lovely face was now in view.

"I love sweety. I hope you liked your gift."

Again her hand came into view. It was the same hand. With a sexy smile, into her mouth went her finger, visibly soaked in her cum.

The last thing she said in a whisper before she pressed the button on the remote control, was, "You're right. My cum tastes very sweet. If you want to taste it for yourself, come down to the guest bedroom, right now. I'm waiting for you. I'm waiting for you to fuck me."

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