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Creature of the Night Pt. III
by Kip Carson

Catherine was totally transforming now. Her fangs were very long, and her skin was quite pale. She couldn't go out in the daylight anymore. She stood and looked at herself in the mirror. Her image was almost transparent. Yet, from what she could see, she looked very erotic, and sensual. Her master visited her nightly. He had now revealed himself to her. His name was Victor. He told her that he was over 200 yrs old. He had been bitten by a lover a long time ago, and was now destined to be a creature of the night.

He helped her set up a coffin in her basement, and sealed all of the windows and covered them to make it very dark for her. That night as darkness approached, she began preparing herself to go feast. She put on a very sexy black evening gown, and made sure that her large 38D's were very exposed. Catherine entered the Dungeon, a new S & M club that had recently opened. Victor told her about this club, saying no one would be suspicious about her appearance.

"Wow, what a place!" she thought to herself as she walked in. There were punk rockers, gothic babes, and assorted freaks everywhere. In one corner, she spotted 2 ladies. One was on her hands and knees, she had a dog collar and leash around her neck. She had short, black hair, and was even more pale than Catherine was. She had a leather bustier on. Her black fishnet stockings were accented by very long, l black leather boots. She was licking the thighs of the other lady, who w was holding the other end of her leash.

The one holding the leash, had shoulder length blonde hair. She also looked quite pale. She was wearing a black bra, and a short black mini skirt. She wore long black vinyl boots. She pulled the leash harder, and brought the slave's face between her legs. Catherine watched as the slave licked her mistress's crotch. Catherine felt her own pussy become damp as the slave's head disappeared beneath her mistress's skirt.

Catherine felt the urge to feed become more strongly as she watched the people, and smelled the sex in the air. It was almost as if the feeding and sexual instincts were connected somehow. The mistress smiled at Catherine. Catherine smiled, revealing her long fangs. The mistress pushed the slave from her crotch. "Hi, my name is Mistress Becky" she told Catherine. "My name is Catherine" she replied. Catherine's pussy twitched as Mistress Becky touched her hand.

"This is Bitch" Mistress Becky said, pointing to the crawling girl between them. "She loves to serve me" Mistress Becky added. "Watch this" Mistress Becky said. "Bitch, lick Catherine's thighs for her" she commanded. Bitch crawled between Catherine's legs and her wet tongue slid up her bare thighs. Catherine's pussy tingled. She could feel her pussy become dripping wet as the slave girl's hot tongue slid up her thigh.

"What do you think about that?" Mistress Becky asked her. "God, it's making me very wet, and hot" Catherine replied. "Oh, you haven't seen anything yet" Mistress Becky told her. "Bitch, eat her pussy" she commanded. The girl then buried her face in Catherine's wet sticky crotch. She pulled Catherine's wet panties to one side, and her tongue expertly lapped at Catherine's swollen clit. "Mmm, God" Catherine moaned. Bitch's hot tongue was pierced, and the stud impaled thru it felt incredible as it moved across her wet, aching clit.

"Oh, dear God" Catherine moaned as she climaxed. She came hard, everyone in the room applauded as she fell back against the wall. Bitch hungrily lapped the sweet juices from her tasty pussy. Catherine's body shook. "Oh, yes" she yelled. She held Bitch by her short black hair, and ground her face against her hot pussy. Bitch continued making her cum. "Enough, Bitch, down girl" Mistress Becky commanded. Bitch immediately withdrew her wonderful tongue from Catherine's very wet pussy, and crawled to her mistress.

"Wanna go somewhere private?" Mistress Becky asked Catherine. "Oh, God yes" Catherine pleaded. They all went to a room at the top of the stairs. Inside the room was decorated like a dungeon. There were many devices around the room. Catherine had no idea what some of the things were. "Sit here" Mistress Becky said to Catherine, pointing at a chair with stirrups at the foot. It looked like the chair at an OBGYN's office. Catherine climbed into the chair. Mistress Becky tore Catherine's wet panties from her. Catherine placed her feet into the stirrups.

Her legs were spread widely apart. Mistress Becky, began licking at Catherine's creamy, pale thighs. Catherine moaned softly as her tongue worked it's way towards her hot, horny pussy. Mistress Becky's tongue was also pierced. Catherine grunted as the pierced tongue thrust into her pussy. "Oh, yes" she moaned. M. Becky began licking her throbbing clit passionately. "Come here Bitch" she yelled. Bitch stood beside her Mistress, and both tongues began exploring Catherine's hot pussy. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum" Catherine yelled. Her body quivered as her pussy cum poured from her wet pussy. Both ladies hungrily ate the tasty fluid. "God, you taste incredible" Mistress Becky told her. "Don't she, Bitch" Bitch grunted as she continued sucking the hot pussy juice.

As Catherine's climax subsided, she asked Mistress Becky if she could eat her. "Yes, that would be nice" Mistress Becky responded. Catherine climbed from the chair. Mistress Becky sat in the chair. Catherine slid her short black mini skirt upward, and tore her white cotton panties from her. "Wow, you are strong!" Mistress Becky said. Catherine buried her face between her legs. Mistress Becky's pussy was totally shaved and very smooth. Her throbbing pussy lips, were soaked with hot pussy juice. Catherine slid her tongue between the pink lips. "Oh, yes" Mistress Becky moaned. Catherine fucked her hot pussy with her tongue. She eagerly licked up the drops of hot pussy juice from her. Catherine focused on Mistress Becky's large throbbing clit. She expertly sucked and licked it. She could sense Mistress Becky's oncoming climax.

Mistress Becky thrust her pussy upward against Catherine's mouth. As she came, Catherine thrust her fangs into the tender flesh of her big pussy lips. "Oh, fuck" she moaned. "That feels wild" she added. Catherine bit down harder, her fangs were now buried inside of the tender pussy. "God, it hurts a little, but don't stop:" Mistress Becky begged. Catherine tasted the combination of blood and pussy juice. It was so incredible. She continued sucking the blood from the punctured pussy lips, hungrily. Mistress Becky held Catherine by her long, dark hair. "GOD, you are so Good" she moaned.

Catherine moved upward, her face was above Mistress Becky's. Mistress Becky saw the fangs with blood dripping from them. Catherine began thrusting her tongue inside of Mistress Becky's hot mouth. Mistress Becky hungrily sucked the blood and pussy juice from Catherine's wet mouth. Catherine tore the bra from Mistress Becky and quickly pierced the flesh of her large, creamy breasts with her fangs. "Oh, fuck" Mistress Becky moaned. Catherine's fanged were imbedded deeply into her large swollen nipples. Mistress Becky held her head, and climaxed as Catherine sucked the blood from her tender breasts.

Bitch was playing with herself. She had her shaved pussy spread wildely apart, furiously thrusting her finger in and out of herself as she watched. Catherine pounced on Bitch. She immediately landed with her face against Bitch's hot wet pussy. Without mercy, Catherine embedded her fangs into Bitch's pink pussy. She bit thru the clitoris, and Bitch yelped. "Oh, stop, it hurts really bad" Bitch yelled. Catherine held Bitch down, and continued sinking her long fangs into the slave's clit. Bitch yelled uncontrollably. "GOD, please, you're really hurting me" she pleaded. Catherine's fangs must've hit an artery. Blood spurted wildly in the air. Bitch moaned and yelled. Suddenly, there was no more screaming.

Catherine looked up at Bitch. She lay there totally still. Her eyes were open wide, but there was no movement. She couldn't see Bitch's chest raise from her breathing. Bitch was dead. "You, cunt, you've killed Bitch!!!" Mistress Becky yelled loudly. Catherine could hear people running up the stairs. "Oh, fuck" she thought. Catherine didn't quite know what to do. There was no way out. People were pounding on the door, and she was up too high to jump from the window. As the door gave way and the crowd ran into the room, Catherine disappeared. There was a misty fog in the air where she had been standing. Catherine looked around and could see the ground below her.

"What the hell?" she asked herself. Catherine realize she was flying. God, she had turned into a bat. She was now a full creature of the night, just like Victor. She flew as fast as she could. She found her house below her and landed inside of her bedroom. As she transformed back into her human form, she heard a voice say "I've been waiting for you" . It was Victor. "You should be careful, he added, it doesn't take much to kill a human". he continued. "You must feed a little at a time". "God, I didn't mean--- he interrupted her "Oh, I know, he said, we have all done that" Victor pushed her to the bed and began kissing her. She held him closely. His cock was full and throbbing.

She moaned as he entered her still very wet pussy. "Oh, yes, fuck me, Victor" she moaned. Victor slid deeply inside of her. His fangs bit into her large breasts. Catherine grunted. Her pussy tightened around him as she came. He continued plunging deeply inside of her. SHe felt his hard cock as it pulsated wildly inside of her. "oh, yes, fill me with your hot cum" she moaned. Victor grunted, as his hot cum spewed into her wet pussy. She climaxed again as his cum exploded deeply inside of her. They passionately kissed. "I must go now, it will be day time soon" he explained. Catherine watched as the room became covered in a misty like fog and a bat flew out the open window. Catherine ran to the basement, and opened her coffin. As she climbed inside, she thought of Victor, Mistress Becky, and Bitch. "I'm so sorry Bitch" she said to herself as she closed the lid. "I'm so sorry"

To be continued...


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