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Creature of the Night Pt. V
by Kip Carson

Catherine awoke, and her hunger was greater than normal. She took a quick shower, and dressed. She looked in the mirror, and was shocked at how pale she had become. She did look very sexy in a gothic sort of way, and she sat and painted her long fingernails black. Catherine adjusted her tight dress, pulling the V of her neckline downward, revealing a generous portion of her large white breasts. She barely hid her nipples, and she wore no panties beneath the dress. Her hot pussy was already wet and dripping. She liked the way being hungry felt sexual to her. Biting someone's neck was almost as good as an orgasm. It also usually led to some sort of sexual act, and Catherine rubbed her self between her legs as she thought about it.

She watched as her long dark fingernails stroked through her black curly pussy hair. Her clit throbbed, and was quite swollen. Catherine watched her fingers play with her pretty pussy. She gasped as her orgasm approached. She began to thrust her hips, and shoved 3 fingers deeply inside of herself. "Oh God" she moaned. Her body tensed, and she quivered wildly. Her pussy juices ran down her creamy white thighs, as they gushed from her spasming pussy. Catherine softly rubbed her clit until her orgasm was finished, and she licked her sweet juices from her fingers. She pulled the waist of her dress down, and covered her naked pussy. Catherine stood, and quickly transformed herself into the winged creature and flew out of the window into the cool damp night.

Catherine flew above the girls college, and saw one of the cheerleaders still dressed in her uniform, walking alone towards her dorm room. Catherine quickly landed and transformed herself into her human form. She slowly walked towards the pretty young cheerleader. The girl was barely over 18, had long pretty blonde hair. Catherine could smell the heat from between the girls legs. Catherine acted as if she was lost, and began to chat with the girl. The girl was very friendly, and the two hit it off nicely. The girl seemed mesmerized by Catherine, as she stood staring into Catherine's mysterious, beautiful eyes. Catherine took the girls hand into her hand, and as they touched, Catherine felt her pussy flood with desire. Catherine slid her other hand between the girl's legs, and began to rub her soft creamy tan thighs. The girl softly moaned as Catherine's hand worked it's way towards her excited pussy.

Catherine pulled the girl closer to her, and pressed her lips over the girls. "My name is Amber" the girl said, right as Catherine began sliding her tongue into her mouth. They passionately french kissed, and Catherine's hand worked miraculously on the girls wet pussy through her cotton panties. Amber's panties were completely soaked, and she thrust against Catherine's fingers as they slid into the white cotton. "Oh God" Amber moaned. Catherine furiously rubbed Amber's swollen clit, making her squirm and groan loudly.

"Mmmm, let's go to my dorm room" Amber softly whispered. "My roommate is out of town for the weekend" she added. Amber held Catherine's hand, and led her into the girl's dorm.

Catherine could smell the sexual excitement of all the young pussy in the air. Her pussy quivered as she inhaled the sweet fragrances that filled the air. As they entered Amber's dorm room, Amber quickly slammed, and locked the door. Amber led Catherine to her bed, and quickly laid her onto her back. She lifted Catherine's dress upward, revealing her pretty pantiless pussy. Amber wasted no time, and her soft tongue slid against the pretty pink pussy lips. Catherine moaned loudly as Amber's tongue slid into her hot pussy. "Oh yes, lick me baby" Catherine moaned. Amber fucked Catherine's sweet pussy with her tongue, as her fingers worked on Catherine's swollen throbbing clit. "Oh yeah baby" Catherine moaned. Catherine came quickly. Her pussy juices gushed from her wonderful pussy filling Amber's hot mouth. Amber hungrily slid her tongue against Catherine's sensitive swollen pink clit. Catherine grunted loudly as she felt Amber's hot mouth suck her slick clit inside.

"Oh God baby" Catherine moaned. Catherine quickly slipped her dress from her shoulders, revealing her large breasts. Catherine began squeezing her own nipples quite hard, making them erect. "mmm, yes" Catherine moaned. Catherine climaxed again, and her hot pussy gushed it's sweet juices into Amber's mouth. Amber hungrily sucked the wet tasty fluids from Catherine's pussy. Catherine's body quivered and shook with excitement. She held Amber by her long blonde hair, grinding her pussy against Amber's face. Amber made loud slurping noises as she continued to eat Catherine's hot pussy. "Oh God, you have to stop" Catherine moaned, pushing Amber's pretty face from her pussy.

Catherine quickly tossed Amber onto her back, and dove between her tanned legs. Catherine licked Amber's pussy through her wet cotton panties. Amber's pussy smelled so good to Catherine. Catherine quickly slid the white cotton panties from Amber's young body. Amber's pussy hair was trimmed very short, and neat. Catherine looked at the wet juicy pink pussy lips as they glistened. Catherine placed her mouth over Amber's wet pussy slit. Amber moaned loudly, pulling Catherine by her long dark hair. "Oh yes, eat my pussy" Amber moaned loudly. As Catherine tasted Amber's sweet young juices flowing from her pussy, her fangs began to grow. Catherine gently nibbled on Amber's swollen clit, making her grunt loudly. Amber thrust her hips, grinding her pussy against Catherine's face. Catherine needed to feed so badly. She started to sink her fangs into Amber's juicy pussy lips, but hesitated.

She quickly slid Amber's sweater upward, and removed her lace bra. Amber's breasts were small and firm. Catherine thrust her tongue against the tiny erect nipple. Amber moaned loudly as Catherine began sucking hungrily on her tiny nipples. "Oh yeah, suck my titties honey" Amber moaned. Catherine could hold back no longer. Her fangs sank deeply into the tender flesh of Amber's breast. Amber yelped loudly, but held Catherine tightly against her titty. Catherine tasted the sweet blood as it oozed from the small puncture wounds. Catherine sank her fangs deeper, making Amber moan louder. Catherine moved her mouth, and sank her nipple into the tiny pink nipple. Blood squirted wildly from the pretty nipple, filling Catherine's mouth. Amber continued to moan, holding Catherine tightly by her long dark hair.

Catherine moved down Amber's tender young body, until her mouth found her wet sweet pussy again. Her tongue slid against Amber's wet pussy slit, making her moan loudly. Catherine sank her fangs into the tender pink pussy lips, and Amber climaxed wildly. Amber's young body shook and quivered as she orgasmed. "Oh fuck" Amber moaned. Amber thrust her hips wildly, holding Catherine against her wet pussy. Catherine's fangs remained buried deep into Amber's pussy lips. She sucked hungrily the warm sweet blood as it flowed from the pretty pussy. Catherine began to fingerfuck Amber's hot pussy, as she continued to suck the blood from her. Amber moaned loudly, climaxing again. "Damn, this is so hot" Amber whispered. Catherine removed her mouth from Amber's spasming pussy, and slid upward. She placed her mouth against Amber's neck. Amber moaned as she felt Catherine's hot breath against her sensitive neck. Catherine hungrily sank her fangs deep into the soft flesh of Amber's neck. Amber moaned loudly. Catherine quickly found Amber's jugular vein, and the blood spurted wildly from the punctured artery.

"Oh my GOD!" Amber moaned. Catherine fed herself well from Amber's pretty neck, sucking the life blood from her. Amber fell limp against the bed, and as Catherine slowly slid from her, she realized that Amber was now gone. Catherine quickly transformed herself and flew into the dark night. Moments later, she arrived at her house. As she transformed back into her self, she sat on her bed. A mistlike fog appeared in her room, and she smiled. "Hello Victor, Darling" she moaned. Victor emerged from the fog, and smiled at the beautiful vampiress. He pressed his mouth over hers, tasting the remains of Amber's blood. "Mmmm, you have been busy" he said. Licking the blood from Catherine's lips. Catherine slid her hand between Victor's legs, and unzipped his slacks. She removed his long thick hard cock from the pants. "Mmmm, it's so pretty" Catherine said, sinking to her knees. Victor moaned as Catherine took his long hard cock into her mouth.

Catherine expertly ran her tongue across Victor's monstrous cockhead, making him moan loudly. Catherine licked the sweet precum that oozed from the pretty tip of his cock. Catherine closed her eyes, and took all of Victor's hard cock into her mouth. Victor grunted as she deepthroated him. "Oh yes, suck me baby" he moaned. Catherine moved her mouth up and down his long thick shaft. Victor thrust against her, fucking her mouth. Catherine felt his cock pulsate in her mouth, and she sucked him harder. Victor moaned, and his cum erupted into her mouth. Catherine marvelled at the sweet taste of his hot cream as it shot against the back of her throat. She hungrily sucked him, milking the remaining cum from his large cock. Victor continued to moan, as the last of his cum oozed from his cock. "Oh God, that was so hot!" he moaned.

Catherine removed her mouth from Victor's cock, and slid upward. She kissed his mouth, and their tongues met passionately. As they french kissed, Victor laid her her on the bed. He raised her legs high into the air, and slid into her wet pussy. Catherine felt as if she was melting as his long thick cock began fucking her hot pussy. She climaxed quickly, and her tight pussy clamped around him. Victor thrust wildly into her, fucking her wildly. "Oh yes, yes yes" she moaned, as she came again. Her body quivered, and her pussy held his cock tightly. Victor grunted and she felt his hot thick cum erupt into her pussy. Victor filled her pussy with his hot cum, slowly pumping into her tight pussy.

Catherine felt herself getting sleepy, and Victor led her to the basement, and put her in her coffin. "I'll be back tonight" he said, as she watched him transform, and fly from the room. Catherine dozed off, and slept very well. She was full, and her pussy was tired, and sore. Catherine slept very well indeed.......

To Be Continued...


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