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Christina's Story
by Carl East

Walking home from the public house with my two closest friends was something I thought would come to an end once I was married. But Christina, my wife, always seemed to encourage me to have the occasional drink with my friends and not lose touch with them just because I was married. It was little things like that that made me realise why I loved her so much. Christina was one of those women who didn't realise how attractive she was, even when told by others. She had the most amazing body I have ever seen; more than that, though, she had the face and personality to go with it.

I had known Jack and Peter since high school, yet here we were fifteen years later and still the closest of friends. I asked them if they wanted a nightcap before walking home, as mine would be the first house we came to.

"Won't Chris be in bed though?" asked Peter.

"Yes, but she's a sound sleeper," I replied.

When we got to the house, sure enough Chris was fast asleep. So as not to disturb her, we decided to have a last drink in the kitchen, which was the furthest room from where she lay.

The conversation soon turned to sex, with Peter saying how lucky I was to have such an attractive wife. I couldn't disagree with him there, but he went on to say how he had always fantasised about my wife's body. By now I knew it was the drink talking, because Peter was never this forward normally. I was just about to say so when Jack agreed with him.

"Ooh not half!" he said, with lust in his voice.

Now I had known that they both liked my wife, but I didn't know they both fancied her. This got me thinking about a conversation Chris and I had had a few weeks ago. We were confessing to our own little fantasies and I had told her that my one and only real fantasy was to bed two women at once. What she had confessed to though, surprised the hell out of me: she'd always wondered what it would be like to have a gang-bang.

Realising that this was the perfect opportunity to fulfill her desires, I suddenly blurted out that they could look at my wife's body so long as they didn't touch. To this day I don't know if I would have said that had I been completely sober. They looked shocked, first at each other then at me. Jack suddenly broke the silence that had permeated the room.

"Are you serious?" he asked with hope in his voice.

I didn't tell them that this was part of a fantasy simply because I didn't know if I could handle the sight of any man other than me laying his hands on her body.

"Deadly," I said feeling a slight tremble in my voice.

Whether I was excited about the prospect or just nervous about Christina's reaction if we were discovered I didn't know. You see, when the thought had entered my head, I had quickly formulated a plan of action. We would go into the bedroom and I would peel back the bed cloths to allow my friends to ogle in awe at the perfect body laying before them. The only thing is I hadn't thought any further than that. Still, I beckoned them to follow me, hoping that if I felt too uncomfortable about the situation a look at my wife's gorgeous body was all they were going to get.

Outside our bedroom I stopped them both in order to lay a few ground rules.

"Ok, as soon as we get in the room Jack, you go to the left side of the bed and Peter, you're on the right. Don't do anything without my say so!"

We entered the room and got into our positions. I followed Jack to the left side of the bed watching my wife's shapely body under the covers for any signs that she was aware of our presence. I needn't have worried, for there on the cabinet next to the bed was the bottle of sleeping tablets she took whenever she had trouble dosing off. This had the effect of making me believe that not only could they see her body, but could probably touch her too without waking her up, provided they were gentle.

First, however, I would give them what I promised. Knowing that she slept in the raw I commenced in peeling back the sheets. Very slowly the cover went down her torso, first revealing her slender neck, then her shoulders. At this point I looked up to see Peter with his eyes wide open, hanging on with baited breath for the moment when her breasts would be revealed. Her breasts didn't disappoint them. Once revealed they stood up as if to the attention of the onlookers.

Jack made a slight sound when he whispered, "cor."

That said it all, really, for my wife's breasts were without a doubt her best feature. They just looked so round, ample and inviting you couldn't help but stare. By now I had gotten to her thin waist and I was visibly trembling with excitement. This was starting to turn me on in a big way. My cock was trying to make a tent in my trousers and Peter was glued to the spot. The best however, was yet to come. Even I didn't know that Christina had shaved her pubic hair off that very night. Her pussy was clear as daylight, the lips bulging out ever so slightly.

I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to fuck her there and then, but fighting it back I decided to let the lads have a bit of fun. Telling them they could fondle my wife's breasts so long as they were gentle didn't need to be said twice. They both cupped her mounds of loveliness and then licked her nipples. She stirred slightly but never awoke. By now I couldn't restrain myself any longer, bending down over her beautiful pussy I inserted my tongue between the tiny folds of skin, probing for the clit that I wanted to bring to life. So intent was I at doing the deed that I almost forgot Peter and Jack were there, so imagine my surprise when I looked up to find that Jack had not been content to just caress her tits. He had taken all his clothes off and was standing at the head of the bed with an erection that put my cock to shame. Don't misunderstand me, my cock is just over 8 inches long and 3 inches round, but this thing was at least 11 inches of pure meat.

At first I wasn't quite sure what to do, until Jack whispered not to worry. Peter was still fondling her breasts, but only with one hand. The other was way too busy down his pants to join in. Jack leaned over my still sleeping wife and whispered into her ear to open her mouth. To my utter amazement she did just that, then he whispered "suck this," and promptly stuck the head of his huge penis into the waiting hole. Once again she complied, sucking just the tip, then his bell-end. My tongue was going hell for leather on her clit, and she was starting to get very wet. Meanwhile Peter was moaning softly and obviously about to shoot his load. Then my wife groaned out loud, at first making me believe she was waking up, but the truth was she was having her first orgasm. With any luck she would wake in the morning thinking that she had had the most amazing wet dream of her life.

Looking up again I saw that Jack had gotten at least six inches of that amazing cock into my wife's mouth, and was slowly pumping away, to which she was responding with slurping noises. Suddenly Peter began to shoot his load in the direction of my wife's tits. God, he fairly exploded across her chest, some of it clearing the other side of the bed and a large glob of it landed on the nipple furthest away from him. How in god's name was she still asleep after all this? I mean, she had someone working on her tits, a cock in her mouth and a tongue buried deep in her pussy. Jack had gotten bolder and was now deeper in her mouth than I had ever been. She seemed to be sucking his joint like it was a child's dummy.

Jack looked over to me saying, "the power of suggestion is very strong!"

Peter asked me if he could have a go at licking her out. At first I was reluctant, but then I thought this would give me the opportunity of filming what was going on. Swapping places with Peter and finding the movie cam took just a minute, but by that time Jack was starting to moan a little too loud as his cock was sliding in and out of my wife's mouth. My timing with the camcorder turned out to be perfect, for ten seconds after getting into focus with his huge cock he started to ejaculate, with cum dripping down to her chin, on to her neck then ending its journey on the sheet below. Still she carried on sucking his manhood. Peter by now was well into fingering my wife's love nest while licking her clit, her body was starting to writhe under all this attention, she was definitely starting to wake up. Jack had now taken his still rock hard cock out of my wife's gorgeous mouth leaving the cum to dribble out on both sides, he must have shot quite a bit, because it had run down her face and was making a large damp patch appear on the sheets.

Jack then indicated to Peter that he wanted to change places, to which Peter eagerly agreed. I had thought that Jack wanted to lick her pussy, but I was so wrong, for as soon as they had swapped places he grabbed hold of both Christina's ankles and lifted them up and apart, positioning his huge cock at the entrance to this now sopping wet pussy. I was getting the biggest kick from all this, feeling like some kind of voyeur and looking forward to watching what I was now filming.

Slowly at first Jack started to rub his bell-end along the now glistening fully erect clitoris. Then he entered her as gently as possible giving her one, then two inches of his solidly and impressive cum covered tool. Her body was really starting to shudder now as she once again orgasmed, and still her eyes remained shut. Peter had used the same trick Jack had tried and found it worked. For he, too, was deep inside her mouth, enjoying every second. He was rocking back and forth trying to get deeper with every thrust.

Of course by now my dick was trying to escape the confines of its prison, so I quickly set the tripod up trying not to miss any of the action. Once I had done that I lowered the zipper of my trousers and pulled them down. Any inhibitions I might have had left in a few seconds. I quickly got out of my briefs and released the now throbbing pride of my life. I started to jerk myself off to the action being performed in front of me. Jack was now deep inside the love of my life, going faster and faster.

"OH...AHH OH..." was all that could be heard from my wife. "OHH," she murmured as Jack went in. Then "AHH," as he came back out.

This in turn was starting to get Peter very aroused, not that he needed any excuse, this just added to the moment. He started to cum, once again filling Christina's mouth. Watching her take it in like a pro and sucking him dry was probably the most erotic thing I have ever witnessed, for I too started to cum like never before. It shot out of me like a cannon arcing in the air, about shoulder height and landing on her stomach. Again and again I shot my load, each time stronger than the last until I had drained my sack.

This was all too much for Jack and with one final thrust he came too, releasing a wad of cum deep inside her shuddering, used body being rewarded with yet another orgasm far greater than I had ever managed to elicit from making love. At this point I concluded that we had gone far enough, and should vacate the bedroom. They at first didn't say anything, nor while dressing, but once we were back in the kitchen they couldn't stop talking about it all.

"That was the most incredible sex I've ever had!" said Peter.

"Yes, it was so intense, wasn't it?" replied Jack.

I had to admit it was great for me too. They both kept thanking me and asking if they could have a copy of the tape. I just replied we'd have to see how Christina reacts to it in the morning. With that they left, describing their feelings of the night as they walked down the path.

When I got back in the bedroom with the intention of packing up the camcorder I was in for another surprise, for there sitting up was my wife grinning from ear to ear.

"How long have you been awake?" was the only feeble question I could think of.

"The entire time," she said. She started to laugh out loud.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"'The power of suggestion!' " she said mockingly.

Then she went on to explain how she had gotten a drink of water before retiring for the evening. Moments before I had arrived back home. When hearing that I wasn't alone she had decided to listen in on the conversation, apparently deciding to enjoy this to the fullest extreme.

"And did you?" I asked.

"Oh yes," she replied smiling.

"Then your not angry with me for letting this get so out of hand?" I asked, slipping my hand over her shoulder.

"No, far from it! I enjoyed every last second. In fact I was sorry when you broke it up. As for Jack's cock, well, he hit the spot so well that I almost screamed," she said reaching into my briefs and drawing out 'her little soldier,' as she puts it.

We made love for another hour before going to sleep, but just before we did she leaned over and whispered, "we'll have to make your fantasy come true now." But that's another story.


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