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Coffee Shop Encounter
by Catisfaction

As we flirt outside the coffee shop your actions make me horny. Every movement of your muscular body, every caress from your dark eyes turns me on. You begin do undress me with your eyes. Seeing through every article of clothing as though it were not there. I begin to feel very hot and flustered under your close scrutiny. I know I cannot resist you much longer. I press my body close to yours and nibble on your ear, whispering in your ear for you to follow me.

I lead you into the tearoom and behind the counter. I kiss your neck and nibble on your ears, whispering to you, telling you what I'm gonna do to you as my tongue slides into your mouth, intertwining with yours, and my hands caress the body that I so desire. I slowly disappear as I sink to my knees, unzipping your pants with my teeth I find the prize I'm looking for. I take you in my mouth, teasing you with every movement of my tongue, sliding my lips further down your meaty hardness as you try not to groan, not wanting to draw attention to my very public display of affection. My hands wander over your firm arse thrusting your mass deeper into my mouth, tasting the first few drops of sweet nectar, sliding my tongue over every firm inch. I feel your legs begin to tremble as you knees weaken. I pull away from you as you sink to your knees in front of me.

You kiss me deeply, drawing me closer to you. You must be able to feel my tremble in anticipation at the touch of your body. Your hands slide under my shirt as I nibble on your neck. Your fingers electrify me, sending shivers down my spine with every connection. You slowly remove my shirt as I hope that no one will walk into the room, knowing that it's too late to stop now.

Your lips and tongue trace a passage of fire towards my breasts as you release them from their bindings and tease my nipples with your tongue, sending jolts of pleasure cascading around my body. I unbutton your shirt, and remove it from your torso; you lie back as my tongue flicks across your chest. My hands wander sensually through your think chest hair as my lips begin playing with your nipples. My hands travel down your body, finding your firmness, stroking gently, then harder as you give in to pleasure and let lose your moans.

You fumble with my skirt, pulling it above my waist as your eyes show the surprise of finding no panties obstructing your path. You slide your finger along my glistening wetness; Slipping inside me as you kiss me with lust filled passion. Excitement darts around my body as your fingers intimately explore me, you lower your head till you can taste the sweet elixir, your cool tongue finds my hardened nub and sends sensations of pure ecstasy running through my body until I can take no more.

I roll myself over you, straddling your wondrous beauty, sliding myself onto you, till I can feel you throbbing inside me, slowly I ride you as your hips drive you further into me, faster and harder, driving me wild. I wonder if others can hear our moans but instantly the thought passes as I give into the sensations and let you take me to the blissful peak of pure lust.


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