The Best Erotic Stories.

by Carl East

Death walked the corridors of the large hospital, taking in the sounds and smells of this huge cattle market for people. His only concern, that of reaching his next mission to perform his duty, the release of a person's soul. His black cloak flaring back as he strode forward, he was unseen, which was for the best. He stood at six foot six, and took his job very seriously. Having located the room that his next client was in, he entered to find her hooked up to several machines. He looked at her chart, her name was Patricia, and she had cancer, his only concern was that of releasing her from this mortal coil. She opened her eyes, and looked straight at him.

"Have you come to take me?" She said, in a weak voice.

"Yes, my dear, it is time to move on." He replied, not surprised that she could see him.

"I am glad." She said, closing her eyes.

Death placed his hand over her forehead then let go. The monitors suddenly starting to activate, making the doctors and nurses active in their attempts of resuscitation. Death watched as the soul left her body, then was gone, his job done he turned to leave.

When he reached his apartment he removed the cloak, his earthly form becoming visible. He wondered how his fellow colleagues were doing, knowing that there was literally thousands of his kind, with at least one in every major city. He had first been approached by a voice, a voice that could only be heard by him. At first he thought that he was going mad, but upon answering this voice, he was told of the need to procure the souls of the dying in order that their suffering could be short.

He felt it was a noble cause, but also found that there were a couple of perks that went with this job. He wasn't informed that these things would be his, he just learnt as time went by. His first realisation of being virtually indestructible came, when he was attempting to release a soul from a man that was badly burnt. He'd gone into the building to find him, and was caught in a backdraught that never so much as touched him, let alone hurt him. He was also sure that he wasn't aging, for he had been doing this now for twenty five years, and still looked nineteen, which was the age he had been when first approached. There were other things that he realised made a lot of sense, like his strength. He could lift things with super human abilities, knowing that on occasion it would be needed in order to reach his clients. But he did know where these abilities came from; it was the cloak he wore, which had just appeared before him, those many years before.

Now on a break he could relax for a while, knowing that his next call would be another two hours from now. He poured himself a drink then sat down to watch a bit of TV, he'd just got comfortable when there was a knock at the door. Upon opening it he found a neighbour, Alice, who wanted to know if she could borrow a cup of sugar.

"Yes, come in." He said, taking in her low cut top that left nothing to the imagination.

They entered the kitchen, where he located the sugar, once he'd given her a cup full she thanked him and started to leave.

"Would you like a drink first." He blurted out, not wanting to lose an opportunity like this.

Alice turned around to face him.

"I thought you'd never ask." She said, smiling.

He poured her a scotch, and they sat down to talk, he couldn't help but notice her cleavage as she was leaning forward in the chair. He realised that he was getting a boner, and crossed his legs in order to hide the evidence. Her voice was soft, as she told him of the day she had had, but his attention was being directed more and more towards her breasts. Every now and then as she would shift her position he caught a mere glimpse of a nipple, which informed him that she wasn't wearing a bra. Then she caught him staring, which was an embarrassment, but she laughed. He felt uncomfortable, but she merely carried on talking seemingly unaffected by his attention to her bust. Then she asked him for a refill, offering her glass. He reached over to take the glass then stood up, his cock making a more than obvious bulge in his pants. She noticed, but said nothing, and then while he was pouring the drinks she suddenly appeared behind him. Placing her hands onto his waist, then moving them around to rest on his cock. He moaned softly as his cock twitched uncomfortably in his pants, knowing that he was about to score.

"You have a nice cock!" She said, turning him around.

He never said a word, wondering how far she would take this, he didn't have to wait long. She quickly unzipped his trousers, and placed a hand down his pants, grasping hold of his engorged penis. He yelped, as she pulled it free, looking down to see his large cock resting in her hand. She started to jerk him off slowly, while placing her lips onto his own, lightly brushing them. Then she kissed him, her tongue probing his mouth to get a response from his own. Both her hands, now working his cock, as the kiss became more passionate. He placed his right hand onto her left breast, squeezing slightly, and getting a response from her mouth as she pushed her lips harder onto his. Then stopping the kiss momentarily she removed her top, revealing a gorgeous large bust, with nipples that were erect.

His other hand now joining in on the fun, as he cupped them both, squeezing gently. She let go of his cock, placing her hands into his pants at the back, then lowering herself down, taking his underwear with her. His cock now in front of her mouth as she placed her lips over the end. He took a gulp of air as she proceeded to engulf his member, sucking it in as far as she could before coming back, running her tongue along his hardened cock. She deliberately sucked it slowly, making him moan with an ecstasy he hadn't felt before. Then she stopped, standing up; she removed the rest of her clothing, revealing a slim well-built body. He then removed his shirt, and embraced her once more. They both seemed to pull one an another down onto the floor, the heat of the moment taking over. He pressed his cock against the outside wall of her pussy, pushing, he felt some give as his cock started to penetrate her womb, and he was in. Her hips moving back and forth in rhythm to his thrusting, making the moment such a pleasure for them both. He kissed every part of her face, starting at the mouth, then working around to finish on her neck.

Her moans egging him on to go faster, as the passion became too much to hold his sperm back any longer. He started to cum, his cock jerking as the first load hit the tip bursting out into her body. She held him tightly wanting to feel his cream filling her up, and then suggesting another position, which he agreed to. He got behind her, reinserting his cock, and easily penetrating her still damp pussy. He fucked her with a little more vigour, making her squeal with pleasure. Almost stabbing her with his entire length, wanting her to know the pleasures that sex can give. Her cries, giving her away, as she began to have the largest orgasm of the day. He took her further than that, as he continued to plunge his hard cock into her body, feeling hornier than ever before.

The moment seemed to last forever as he once again started to cum, but it all soon came to an end. They got dressed, not saying much but held each other as the time past, he suddenly remembering that he had to be across town in a short while. Alice left asking if she could see him again, which he responded to with a firm yes, then she was gone. He then donned his cloak once more, and left the building.

Pretty soon he was at the side of the road where an accident had occurred, bending over the unconscious man lying in front of him; he placed his hand onto his forehead. The trapped soul was released, rising into the air, as the shell that had contained it expired. Death turned and started to walk back, his mission here over for another short period.

To Be Continued...


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