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Dreams Can Come True
by AnonSky

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Vicki stepped out of the hot shower, shivering in the cold air of the bathroom, and grabbed the towel and began to dry herself. "Damn," she muttered to herself, "when is the power going to come back on? It's cold in here. Thank goodness the water heater is gas."

She glanced at the window as a sudden gust of wind rattled it and even though she couldn't see anything in the darkness outside, she knew the storm was still raging - snowing heavily - huge moist flakes covering everything. Removing her shower cap, Vicki shook her head and then ran her fingers through her hair. Watching herself in the foggy mirror, the candlelight giving her body and hair a sensual appearance, Vicki appraised herself. "Hmm, 36-28-38, not bad for a 37 year old broad with a nineteen year old son," she thought as she cupped her breasts in her hands and turned slightly to see her buttocks in the mirror. "At least I haven't gone totally to pot," she muttered to herself, "at least not yet." At 5'10" and 132 pounds, Vicki could easily have passed for being in her late twenties or early thirties.

There was rap on the door. "Mom, are through yet? I heard the shower stop," Tony called out.

"In a minute, hon. Was there anything on the radio about the power outage?"

"Yeah, they said it wouldn't be on until sometime tomorrow or even the next day," replied Tony. "They said they were still having line failures because of the ice and snow."

"Ok, I'll make up the bed in den as soon as I get out of here. The fireplace will keep the den warm enough for us," said Vicki. "The bedrooms feel like freezers right now."

Vicki slipped on her panties and then one of Tony's large athletic shirts that came down to the bottom of her buttocks. Then donning her robe she went into the den where Tony helped her open the couch bed in front of the fireplace.

"I'll make this up while you get your shower. Once we close the door to the den, the fire should keep us pretty comfortable and we've got plenty of firewood," said Vicki. "Tony, put on your pajamas tonight, okay. At least the bottoms," she called out as Tony left the room.

Vicki was already in bed when Tony came back in closing the door. She watched him by the light from the fireplace as he put another log on the fire. "God," she thought, "he looks more like his father everyday, except he's a little taller and even better looking." At nineteen Tony was a lean muscular six feet tall, 175 pounds, still trim from his high school sports of football and track. Vicki's eyes teared up as she thought how proud Antony would be of Tony if he had lived to see him grow up, but Antony had died in that plane crash when Tony was ten. Tony was 19 now and in his first year at the Jr. College.

As Tony slid under the covers, Vicki asked, "Don't you need a top on. It's still pretty cool in here, even with the fire."

"Naw, you know I hate those things. They get all twisted up -- the bottoms are bad enough," said Tony.

"Okay," chuckled Vicki, "you be good and I won't tell any of your friends that you had to sleep with your mother tonight."

Tony laughed, "That's no threat. Some of my friends would love to get you in bed, but not for sleeping."

"Tony! That's a terrible thing to say to your mother."

"Mom, it's a compliment. The guys think you're one of the prettiest and sexiest women they've ever seen....heck, so do I," said Tony.

Nudging Tony with her elbow, she whispered, "Go to kids are hopeless." As Vicki drifted off to sleep she thought about Tony's remark. It made her feel good, maybe she wasn't over-the-hill yet in the looks department. "It makes me feel sexy to know someone thinks that," she thought as sleep overtook her.

Vicki woke suddenly, confused and disoriented with her hand between her thighs cupping her pussy. She could feel the dampness and heat radiating from her moist pussy, and in her frustration, she had to think for a moment where she was. She had been dreaming, dreaming about having sex with Tony -- her own son -- but awaken before she climaxed. She felt her face flush with shame as she recalled her dream, seducing her own son, but right now all she wanted to do was relieve the unfilled ache in her lions as she gently stroked her pussy lips through the damp panties.

The fire had died down and was merely a mass of glowing embers, but still giving off heat and a dim light. She had been sleeping on her left side and during the night Tony had snuggled up against her, draping one arm over her. She could feel the warmth of his body and his legs against hers as they lay felt good. She smiled to herself, this must have triggered her dream, feeling his body next to hers.. She hadn't slept with a man since Anthony died. She heard Tony mumble something and then felt him pushing against her butt and something sliding along the bottom of her panties, poking at the back of her thighs. It was hard and very warm...."My God," thought Vicki, "it's his prick...he's got a hard on."

She lay there trying to figure out what to do when she heard Tony mumbling again. Listening intently she caught about every third or fourth word as Tony press himself against her ass, "mom.....oh good." She felt thrilled, he was dreaming about her. She felt the tingling in her pussy and felt herself becoming even more moist as she realized what was happening -- Tony was having a wet dream about her. Then as Tony pushed against her, she raised her right leg slightly and felt his prick slide along her crotch, rubbing her pussy through the thin cloth and triggering a gush of moisture to her pussy that soaked her panties and the top side of his prick. The head of his prick pushed into the palm of her hand which was cupping her pussy. Vicki closed her legs trapping his rigid prick between them pressing it against her wet pussy and gently squeezed the head of his prick, stroking it with her fingers. She could feel the pre-come oozing from his prick coating the palm of her hand as she let her fingers gently stroke him..

"Damn, I know this wrong," thought Vicki, "I know it, but it feels so damn good." As Tony pushed against her she heard him moan softly and felt his prick swell even larger, get even warmer and then begin to throb as he flooded her hand and crotch with spurt after spurt of hot cum. She could feel the hot cum soaking through her panties and running down her thighs.

The intensity of his orgasm shocked Tony awake and he jerked away from his mother as he realized what had happened. "Oh damn, I......Mom, I didn't mean.....I...." Giving up Tony rolled over facing away from his mother, obviously embarrassed.

Vicki chuckled and grasping his shoulder pulled him over on his back. She gave him a quick kiss on his lips. "Honey, it's okay. I understand and I really didn't mind. I know you've had wet dreams before...I've seen the sheets. You were dreaming weren't you? Dreaming about me," said Vicki.

"Yeah," mumbled Tony softly. "It's always you, Mom."

"Really?.... Just me? The two of us having sex?" asked Vicki.

"I know it sounds sick, Mom, but you're so damn beautiful and I've wanted you, wanted to really make love to you for as long as I can remember," whispered Tony looking away from her. "I just can't help it."


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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