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Dear Diary Pt. III
by Kelli Bleu

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- kelli

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June 20

Hi! I know it's been a while, dear diary, since i've let you know what's going on in my life. it's been busy, with graduation, summer, and a new boyfriend. And, of course, my 18th birthday is coming up before too long, and i'm looking forward to that, too.

The little problem i discussed in my last entry is getting worse. i'm worried. ever since that night with Anthony and Michelle and Jason, i can't seem to think about anything except sex. It's killing me, just killing me. I think i must be a pervert.

Let me give you an example. Christine, my older sister, brought home a boyfriend from college. She's 19, he's 20. He's been over for dinner a few times, and all i can think of when i look at him is how much i want to see him naked. Last night i woke up in a cold sweat from a dream where he had sex with me... and christine.. and my 16 year old sister Ellen... one after the other, and we all had to watch. I guess i'm lucky that my sick mind didn't put my brother Randy in there somewhere, but, in any case, it worries me. a lot. I feel the same way sometimes with the people that Ellen brings home... yes, 16 year old boys, and, perhaps scariest of all, the girls that my twin brother Randy brings home. I don't know what's the matter with me!

Of course, Dearest Diary, you know me well enought to know that i would never act on any of these impulses, at least not in any way that involves anyone besides me. :) talk to you soon. xo Kelli.

June 25

This weekend is a big one. My parents are away for the whole weekend. My boyfriend Chad and I are spending the day together Saturday at the pool - it makes me hot just thinking of him in only his swimsuit. I bought a tiny bikini today to wear, i think he'll like it. Saturday night is a unique experience, a big sleepover with some of Ellen's friends, some of my friends, and some of Christine's friends. Sunday i'm guessing i'll be sleeping from Saturday's sleepover, it'll probably be a late night. Anyway, i'll let you know more soon!

June 29

Oh my... what a weekend. I don't even know where to begin. maybe i should go in order of amazingness... or kinkiness. No, i guess i'll go in time order. I must warn you, diary, i'm not proud of the things i'll be telling you. But i wouldn't change them, either.

Okay. Saturday. the trip to the pool. I was planning to make sure that Chad didn't look at anyone other than me. I started by applying enough makeup to look really good, without looking unnatural. A sports bra and a tank top covered me from the waist up, sandals, panties, and a tiny skirt covered me from the waist down. How tiny, you ask? Let's just say i wouldn't be doing any bending down that day, and i had color coordinated panties on, just in case i forgot :) My towels and bikini i carried in a bright yellow bag over my shoulder.

Chad looked great. He's got dark hair, long, and piercing green eyes. He's a football player, a wide receiver, and he's got what i consider the perfect build: long, lean, muscular to a degree. he's about 6 feet tall, though, which makes me look positively tiny. He laughs when i complain about it, and frequently makes some comment about me being just the right height for certain things. I pretend i don't understand what he's talking about, he pretends he believes me, and we move on. Today he was wearing sandals, tight shorts, and a tight t-shirt.

I spent most of the drive over trying to get Chad hot in various naughty ways. I made a show of trying to keep my skirt down while managing to flash my panties at him. I rested my hand on his thigh, and "accidentally" brushed his private parts when we made a turn. I spent a lot of time licking my lips slowly. Basically, i was slutting it up, but it was fun, and he seemed to like it.

We got to the pool and headed for our separate changing rooms, Chad walking with some difficulty in those tight shorts of his thanks to my efforts. This is where it all starts to get weird. The two rooms are back to back, with the showers sharing a common wall for plumbing or whatever. All of the changing rooms are set into stalls with doors, a small area made up of two rooms, a small room with hooks and a bench, and a separate shower area, so you can shower and change in privacy from the other people in the locker room. I walked into the stall on the far right, relieved that i wouldn't have to undress in front of the other girls; and, confidentially, more relieved that i wouldn't have to try not to watch them undress.

Riding over with Chad had made me super-horny, and i wasn't sure if i could not watch the naked flesh around me. I walked through the room with my sunglasses on, not making eye contact, directly into the farthest booth on the right. With a relieved sigh, i slumped down on the bench to relax for a moment. As i started to take my top off, i saw an odd thing written in marker on the shower wall. Examined closer, it said "2C" and had an arrow pointing toward the middle right of the back wall. I leaned down to look at it, and found a slightly discolored area. pushing on it, i was surprised when it fell off, leaving a small hole. I knelt down, curious, and put my eye to the hole.

What i saw was a naked guy's butt as he pulled on his swimsuit. It was a good looking guy, too. My jaw dropped a couple of inches when i realized i was looking into the men's locker room. It dropped again as the guy left, and Chad walked in right after him. Chad and i have only been dating for a month; there's been the occasional grope, but nothing beyond that, so i felt i should probably stop watching. But i couldn't. I couldn't tear my eyes away as he pulled off that shirt to reveal his fantastic chest. I still couldn't make them move as he slid the jeans down to reveal the boxers that were doing a terrible job of holding him inside. And i was completely unable to do anything as he slid the boxers down and walked toward the shower area, his gorgeous erect rod leading the way. I was drooling with lust for him, if there hadn't been a wall between us i would have had him then and there.

And then it got better. After he turned on the spray, he leaned back against the doorway, the water pelting him, and started to stroke himself. I could hardly breathe as i watched him masturbate, knowing from the look on his face, his eyes closed and head tilted back, that he was thinking of me, that i had turned him on. One hand cupped his large balls, while the other stroked up and down lazily, from the very tip to the very base. I was having trouble breathing as his hand moved faster, then faster still. Finally, with a groan, he shot his load towards me, and collapsed panting against the wall.

I had two problems now. First, i felt like i had cheated, since i had seen him naked and he'd never seen me. That one i could live with. The other problem was that my body was on fire, and i didn't think i could go out in public like that. What was a nice girl to do? Or me, for that matter?

With a quick shove, i shoved the plug back into, and through, the hole in the wall, where it must have looked like it had just fallen off the wall to Chad. I coughed a couple times, taking a quick chance to see if it looked like Chad had taken the hint. The fact that no light was showing through the hole now told me that he had. Showtime.

I faced away from Chad, standing in the shower area, and bent at the waist to unlace my sandals slowly, giving him a perfect view of my panty-clad ass under my short skirt, then kicked them into the other room. My top went next, slowly, then my skirt, bending again, accompanied by a lot of wiggling as i slid it down my legs. Turning now, careful not to look at the hole, i stood up and ran my hands through my hair, clad in my grey sports bra and panties.

I could almost feel his eyes on me as i pulled the bra off, revealing my breasts to him for the first time. They are large enough, a C-cup, and are almost perfectly formed, with big nipples when i'm aroused, which i definitely was. I spent a few seconds running my fingers over them, raising the nipples higher for Chad, cupping them and enjoying the sensation.

Then, bending forward now, i shimmied the panties off, leaving me naked in front of my boyfriend's eye through the hole. I reached forward and turned on the spray, then stepped back and leaned against the doorway, just as Chad had done. I knew i had to be quick, or i'd chicken out, so i started to stroke myself, spreading the wetness Chad had created in me. When i was well lubricated, i started to flick my little button, each flick accompanied by a sharp gasp. After a minute or so, i turned around and put one hand on the wall, spreading my legs wide, facing away from Chad who now had a great view of my ass, and what i was doing to myself, from behind. He got to watch as i slid a finger inside myself, and he heard my low cries as i came, shaking, moaning his name. I then returned to my shower with a self satisfied, if trembling, grin.

I got the chance, when i noticed the light again, to look into Chad's stall. I was pleased to see him trying to pull his swimsuit on over another raging erection. I finished getting dressed, and walked out to the pool deck. Neither of us mentioned what we had seen; Chad probably still thinks i didn't know he was watching. And i couldn't forget what i got to watch; i wanted him so bad i could taste him.

Okay, diary, i'm going to bed. I'll tell you about the sleepover tomorrow. Kel :)

To Be Continued...


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