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Doctor Fred
by English Bob

Dr. Fredrik Peterson was a research scientist and a complete pervert. He would be the first to admit this. Being a fairly small man and not very attractive to women, his usual sexual experiences were limited to solo masturbation whilst watching porn movies, his favorite movies being always concerned with non-consensual sex and humiliation.

For some time Peterson had been working on Subliminal Perception; the ability to control a subjects mind through invisible one frame pictures inserted into material such as TV commercials. For his latest, and he hoped most successful experiment, Peterson had selected a small town with one local TV station. He had proceeded to bribe one of the night-shift technicians to allow him to edit in a quantity of subliminal messages to a series of commercials due to go on air over a course of six weeks. The messages were simple and consisted of one question and answer. Peterson would say "You are the lock", the subject would respond "You are the key". This simple "trigger" accomplished, the subjects mind would then be in Peterson's total control. Peterson had already experimented with this "trigger" system under laboratory conditions, but the TV commercials would allow him to test his theories on a much wider scale.

Peterson had decided to hedge his bets a little until he was sure that his system worked. He would select a subject's house, knock on the door and announce himself as a market researcher doing work for the local TV station. He would thus be able to find out how much of the commercials the subject was likely to have seen.

Peterson approached the door of the selected house and rang the bell. A woman in her mid thirties answered the door. She was tall, around 5'9'' with long black hair. She wore a housecoat over a white blouse and red mid length skirt and looked very much the suburban housewife.

"Good morning" smiled Peterson, "I am doing some research for our local TV station, I wonder if I could ask you just a few questions regarding your viewing habits?"

"Sure" responded the woman, "would you like to come in?"

Peterson sat in the offered armchair as the woman settled herself opposite.

"Now, firstly you are Mrs.......?"

"Rayner" responded the woman, ""Jane"

"Good... Now Jane, tell me, how much TV do you and your family usually watch in a week?"

"Ummm... well I suppose around 3 hours a day for my husband and myself. Julie, our daughter watches a little more"

Peterson continued "And how much of that time would be spent watching our local station?"

"Oh almost all.... we only watch the other stations for a movie or something like that."

Peterson smiled to himself. "This could work" he thought.

Peterson continued to ask Jane some more meaningless questions, and then with a deep breath went for the kill!

"You are the lock" he said to her in a shaky voice.

Jane's eyes glazed slightly as she responded immediately "You are the key"

For a moment Peterson just stared at the woman as she sat looking back at him with a vacant expression on her pretty face. Could it have worked? Perhaps one more quick test.

"Tell me your husband and daughters names and ages"

Jane responded immediately in a flat tone "David is 38, Julie is 18"

Peterson continued "I have complete control of your mind - do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand" replied Jane

Suddenly Peterson heard a noise from upstairs

"Are your family here?"

"Yes, David and Julie are both in today" replied Jane

"Call them down please"

Jane called out to her husband and daughter who both came trotting down the stairs. As soon as they entered the room, Peterson lost no time in subjecting them to the same trigger. As soon as this was completed, Peterson had all three members of the family sitting side by side on the sofa all with glazed expressions.

"Now", thought Peterson, "time to see how my theories test out"

"Jane, please stand and remove your housecoat. Everything I command you to do will seem completely normal to you and your family. Is that clear?"

Jane nodded as she casually stood up and started to unbutton the front of her housecoat. When she had finished Peterson continued

"Now unbutton your blouse so we can see your bra"

Peterson looked at both Julie and David as they casually watched Jane reveal a lacy white bra covering a nice firm pair of breasts.

"Good... now ask me to take your bra and blouse off for you and make your nipples hard. You are starting to feel very horny"

As Jane complied with his command, Peterson walked over to her and removed her blouse. His hands trembled slightly as he fumbled with the hooks of her bra finally loosing it and letting it fall to the ground. As Jane turned towards him he saw the lust in her eyes as he realized that she was experiencing the rise in sexual excitement that he had demanded. Peterson looked down at Jane's breasts and licked his lips, they were firm and large, around a 38D he thought, as his shaking fingers reached to her nipples and rolled them between his fingers and thumbs.

"Mmmmmmmm" Jane murmured as she closed her eyes.

Continuing to pinch and squeeze Janes nipples, Peterson looked over to David and Julie still sitting on the sofa.

"She has lovely breasts doesn't she?" He asked Julie "Watching me squeeze them is making you so hot and sexy."

"David" he continued, "your cock must be getting quite hard watching this. Why don't you take it out so Julie can see it?"

Julie was switching her gaze between her mothers erect nipples and her father as he calmly unzipped his fly and took out a very large penis.

Peterson continued with his commands "Julie, take off your T-shirt and take your fathers cock in your hand and squeeze it a little. Jane, you may now take off the rest of your clothes"

As Julie pulled her t-shirt over her head and exposed her young developing breasts, her mother quickly undid her skirt and stepped out of her bikini panties.

"AAAAAahhhhhhhh" David groaned as his daughter wrapped her cool fingers around his throbbing cock.

By this time Peterson's own cock was straining against his trousers as he took the now naked Jane by the hand and led her over to the sofa.

Peterson quickly undid his trousers and pushed them and his underwear to his ankles. He sat on the sofa next to Julie. "Kneel down Jane and take me into your mouth" he commanded.

Jane eagerly complied and Peterson felt the warmth of Jane's lips and tongue as she lowered her mouth over his small erection. Peterson started to play with Julie's hardening nipples as she continued her caresses on her fathers prick.

"Aaahhhhhh take me deep you bitch" hissed Peterson as Jane's mouth went up and down on his cock. He felt her tongue slide along the underside as his cock hit the entrance to her throat. Apart from the odd hooker, this was the first time that Peterson had experienced proper oral sex and he loved it! His cock head started to swell as Jane deep throated him without a trace of a gag. He could feel the heat building up as she caressed his balls and he knew that he would not be able to hold out much longer. Julie's nipples were now as hard as pebbles as he twisted them cruelly bringing a wince from her lips and causing her to tighten her grip on David's cock which was starting to turn a deep purple color.

Just as Peterson thought that he was about to blast his cum out, Jane opened her throat and buried his cock in to the hilt. She started to hum slightly causing her throat to vibrate against Peterson's cock. This put Peterson over the edge, and as he involuntarily jerked his hips of the sofa he shot a stream of white cum into Jane's mouth and throat.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSS .......drink it down you bitch " he yelled "take my cum down your throat"

Jane gulped a few times and let Peterson's member slip from the throat with a "pop".

Feeling a bit drained, Peterson decided to rest up for a while and watch some of the action. Julie still had her hand wrapped around her fathers hard cock and her nipples looked red and swollen from the abuse that Peterson had inflicted on them. Jane still knelt naked on the floor with cum glistening on her lips and David lay back with his eyes closed as he enjoyed his daughters touch.

Peterson called to Julie, "You are now going to learn how to give your father a tit-fuck. Kneel on the floor between his legs with your ass in the air and wrap those lovely young titties around his big cock. Jane, you will crawl up behind your daughter and remove her shorts as she does this."

The three got into position and Jane reached around her daughters waist and located the button and zipper on her shorts. She quickly tugged them off pulling her yellow panties with them. Julie shuffled from knee to knee to help her mother get them off completely.

"Jane , you may now use that expert tongue of yours on your sweet daughters pink cunt and little puckered asshole."

Peterson watched intently as Janes tongue darted out and found Julie's pussy. The pink folds of Julie's cunt began to peel back as Jane's tongue licked up and down the length of her slit and up to her tiny asshole. As Jane reached her anus Julie shuddered and climaxed on her mothers face.

"Mmmmmmm aaaaggggggggg" cried Julie, "ohhhhh yes mommy, lick my ass please, I've never done this before with anyone..........ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh it feels so good with your tongue in there."

By this time Julie had wrapped her perfect tits around her fathers cock and he was grunting as he pushed his hips off the sofa as he fucked his hard cock between them.

"Oh yes.... you little bitch ...... fuck me with your tits..... I want to cum over your nipples and face....squeeze them together for daddy baby..."

Peterson looked down at the three depraved looking family members and realized that his cock was starting to stiffen again. This was very unusual for him and he had to resist the urge to masturbate as he usually did.

Jane was kneeling behind her daughter with her face buried in her cunt and ass. Jane's ass was sticking up in the air and looked very inviting to Peterson. Peterson had never had anal sex before. He had tried it once with a hooker, but she had laughed at his small dick and told him it would not be worth her while. As he thought of the hooker and her cruel words, Peterson began to get angry.

Quickly he got on the floor behind Jane and, looking directly at her upturned ass, slapped her twice hard.


"Tell me you want more of that my little whore" Peterson whispered in Janes ear. "Tell me you love it"

"Ooooowwwww.... oh yessss..... please.... more.... I need more pain hit me again PLEASEEEEE"

Peterson obliged *CRACK* CRACK* CRACK* he rained three more blows down on Jane's reddening ass cheeks.

"Tell me you want it in the ass bitch" he hissed at her "Beg me for it"

"Aaaaahhhhhh ooooooowwwwwwwwww yes please my asshole....I NEED your cock in my ass NOWWWWWW".

From the sofa Peterson heard a cry of satisfaction and looked up to see David's huge cock exploding stream after stream of hot cum over his daughters tits and face.

AAAAAAAAggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you've made your daddy cum baby.......all over your tits and face....yesssssssssss ......oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss............lick it up baby just like your mommy does.

Julie started to pick up her fathers cum with her fingers and proceeded to lick them clean just as yet another orgasm ripped through her taught body induced again by her mothers tongue in her ass and pussy.

Peterson badly needed to cum again now as his cock throbbed uncontrollably. Spreading Jane's legs with his own he shuffled up behind her cock in hand.

"I'm going to ream that sexy asshole of yours my little bitch" he said to her, spreading her ass cheeks roughly with one hand.

"Lets see how tight your little ass is"

Placing his erect prick at the entrance to her ass, he wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her hanging tits. Squeezing the nipples hard he pushed two of his six inches into Jane's tight rectum.

"OOOOOOOOOOwwwwwwwwwwwww" screamed Jane "It hurts but I need the pain please ...please.... PLEASE ... fuck me up the ASS."

As Jane continued to scream and mutter, Peterson pushed his small cock in up to the hilt. He couldn't believe the sensations he was feeling. Her ass was so tight hot... so wet. He began pumping slowly in and out of her hot ass as she pleaded for more. Faster...faster...harder...harder he pumped feeling his tight balls slap her cunt as he thrust inside her. He took one hand off her tit and, putting in between her spread legs, forced three fingers straight into her pussy.

"AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGG.......oh yesssssssssss .... I'm cummmmmmmiiiiinnnngggggg" Cried Jane .

Jane's orgasm lubricated Peterson's fingers and hand so that he could get another finger and then his thumb into her hot gash as he pounded her ass with his cock and her cunt with his fist.

As Jane convulsed with her orgasm her ass muscles tightened on Peterson's cock. This was too much for Peterson and his cock erupted with a spurt of cum deep in Jane's bowels. Quickly he pulled out of her abused asshole and, jerking himself, spurted more cum over her ass cheeks and back.

Finally spent, Peterson looked at the scene around him. Both women were naked and David still had his limp cock out of his trousers. Everyone looked shattered.

As Peterson dressed himself he left a few words for the family:

"You may dress yourselves now. As soon as you hear the front door shut you will remember nothing of this morning."

"Yes." Thought Peterson to himself. "I think the experiment has been a complete success."

"I wonder what I should try next time"

To be continued...

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