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Doogie Howser M.D.
Part I: Doogie's Education
by Jack N Jill

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Doogie had put on his favorite lounging clothes following his shower: faded green surgical scrub shirt and pants and a pair of old slippers.

"He looks so cute," she thought. "I bet those nurses go crazy when they see him dressed like this."

"That's it Doog, lets eat." .

"I'm ready." He sat down at the opposite end of the table.

"First a toast," said Katherine as she hoisted her glass to him. "To us."

"To us." Doogie took a sip of the wine while Katherine tipped her glass up and drained it almost instantly. "Gosh, " said Doogie, "You must really be thirsty."

"Don't you know Doogie, that the first glass is to be drunk very quickly to enhance your appetite," she said.

"Oh, that's right. I remember now." He raised his glass and quickly downed it. Katherine poured both of them another glass which they also quickly emptied. The wine bottle sat empty on the table and they hadn't yet begun to eat.

"I'll get another bottle to have with our food," said Katherine as she got up and headed for the kitchen. "Nice body," Doogie said and thanks to the wine he unknowingly said it loud enough for her to hear.

"Why thank you," she thought to herself and smiled. She returned with the new bottle of wine, and poured them each a glass.

Doogie and Katherine both were famished by now and ate without saying much to each other. However Katherine noticed that Doogie's eyes were fixed on her breasts the entire time he was eating. The combination of all the wine and his attention caused her to feel extremely warm and sexy. She new that her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin bra and knit top. Doogie continued to eat and keep his eyes fixed on his mother's lovely breasts until both were finished and another bottle of wine was emptied.

Katherine got up from the table and began to clear the dishes. Doogie helped carry plates and silverware to the kitchen. "I'll be happy to do the dishes tonight Mom, since you did all the cooking."

"Oh no, I'll take care of them later or even tomorrow. No need to bother tonight. Why don't you go into the living room and start a fire while I finish picking up." Doogie didn't respond. He just stood there in a kind of alcohol stupor and stumbled to the living room He turned on the gas fireplace and sat on the black, leather couch in front of it. In a few minutes Katherine joined him and brought a third bottle of wine and their glasses. She poured them each another glass and said, "Now, this one is for just slowly sipping. It helps settle your stomach after a large meal."

"Yea, right," Doogie thought, " It helps get you stinking drunk." He giggled and accepted the glass.

Katherine was feeling the full effect of the wine as she sat down on the couch next to her inebriated son and, along with him, stared at the fire in the fireplace. She took a sip of wine and said, "Doog, you know when I kissed, uh I mean when you kissed uh oh, I mean when we accidentally kissed this morning and when I picked you up this evening. Did it offend you?"

"Errr uh no I don't think so. How about you?"

"I know this probably sounds awful, but I really thought it was nice. In fact I wouldn't mind trying it again. But only if it's okay with you. Is it?

"Oh sure," he stammered, " I guess it would be okay."

Katherine scooted next to Doogie and teased his hair with her fingers. She took his face between her hands and slowly pressed her soft moist lips against his. Neither of them moved. Both afraid of what they were feeling. "That wasn't bad was it," Katherine breathed as she removed her lips from his?"

"That was just fine," Doogie groaned.

"You are so sweet. You've never done this before have you?"

" N, n, n, no, not even close."

"If you want," she said, " I will be glad to teach you more. Of course, if you don't I'll understand completely. Do you want to go on?"

Doogie slowly nodded his head and softly said, "Yes, please."

"Don't be afraid. It's okay. I would never do anything to hurt you. I'll show you exactly what to do and anytime you want me to stop you just say so."

Katherine's right hand moved to the back of Doogie's head. She leaned toward him and again, her warm, soft, lips pressed against his. Her fingers combed through his hair and her other hand stroked his smooth cheek. Doogie flinched slightly when her mouth opened and the tip of her tongue brushed against his lips. She continued stroking his hair and face as her tongue slipped between his teeth and flicked at his tongue. Doogie was scared. He didn't know how to respond but he didn't want her to stop and when her tongue coaxed his he slid it between her lips and found hers and moved against it. That was all the encouragement she needed. Her mouth opened wider against his and her tongue swirled around deep inside his mouth. He followed her every action. When her tongue drove deep inside his mouth his did the same thing. When Katherine removed her mouth from his, he moved his head forward to maintain contact. Her tongue flicked at his lips and teasingly retreated. Again and again she taunted him, bringing her lips close enough to brush his lips with her tongue then move away. When she felt he had suffered enough she pressed her lips to his and engaged in a deep, tongue dueling, kiss.

Katherine looked down at her son's body and his young cock pressed tightly against the thin material of his scrub suit. God how she wanted to touch him there, but she was afraid that it might totally freak him out so she maintained her composure and continued to kiss him.

Her left hand found the bottom of his scrub shirt and slowly slipped beneath it. Doogie gasped as he felt her warm hand against his bare skin. It moved upward along his flat stomach and hairless chest then her finger tips grazed his tiny, sensitive, nipples. She felt them grow erect against her fingers and she gently pinched them between her thumb and forefinger. Doogie's head fell back against the couch and he moaned loudly against her open mouth. He had never felt anything so wonderful.

Katherine removed her hand from Doogie's chest and found his right hand. She slowly pulled it towards her and placed it on her left breast. She showed him how to cup the underside and gently lift and squeeze it. She moved his hand upward over her firm breast to the hard nipple poking against the yellow, cotton top. She moved his fingers against her nipple and showed him how to take it between his thumb and finger and roll it back and forth. Doogie was a fast learner. His hand moved to Katherine's other breast and stroked it as he had the first one.

"My God," she thought, "I may have created a monster," as Doogie now kissed her deeply and used both of his hands to explore her heaving breasts and tease her burning nipples. "It's time," she thought, and her left hand moved downward and rested on the hard bulge at his crotch. Her hand opened and encircled the stiff shaft through the green material of his scrubs when suddenly; RRRRRing, RRRRing.

" Damn it," Katherine thought.

" Damn it," Doogie thought.

"Who would be calling at a time like this?" Katherine picked the cordless phone up from the end table and answered it.

"Hello, Oh hi darling. How are you? Oh we're just fine. Okay, just a minute. Here Doogie your father wants to talk to you. She handed him the phone.

"Hi Dad, how is everything? Oh yes Mom is just fine." "Is she ever fine," he thought to himself.

As Doogie continued the conversation Katherine placed her left leg over his lap and straddled his legs while facing him. She kissed him on the neck and slipped her tongue inside his ear. She then leaned back, gripped the bottom of her top and pulled it over her head. Doogie stared at her lovely breasts supported bu the flimsy, see through, bra. Katherine worked her skirt up to her hips and slid back and forth against his thighs. She winked at him and slowly unhooked the bra clasp between the cups and slipped it off. Doogie tried his hardest to concentrate on his fathers words but it was nearly impossible. All he wanted to do was hang up and continue his adventure.

Doogie held the phone between his shoulder and his head as Katherine took his hands and again placed them on each of her bare, heaving breasts. The hard nipples had grown a deeper shade of pink and tight as a drum. Katherine took her left breast in her hands and slid forwards until the nipple brushed against Doogie's lips. His lips parted and sucked the sweet nub inside. His tongue swirled around it then moved to the other wanting nipple.

"Ohhh my God," thought Katherine, "Please hang up. Enough is enough." Her crotch pressed against the hard cock in his pants and she began to rock her hips back and forth against it.

"Ohhhh," Doogie groaned loudly. "Oh no Dad, I'm okay," he said, " I was just stretching and got a cramp in my foot."

Doogie's head fell back against the couch and he watched his mother move from his lap and kneel to the floor in front of him where she began to slowly untie the drawstring at his waist. He raised his hips slightly to allow his mother to pull his pants down his hips and off. She slowly and deliberately wrapped her hand around the thick, hard shaft of his aching cock.

"Ohhh wow," Katherine thought, "He is big." Doogie was indeed well endowed. He was a good eight inches long and very thick. Katherine could barely get her hand around it. The head looked like a giant pink mushroom on top of a big white stalk. Doogie was no longer talking on the phone. He just listened and nodded his head from time to time.

Her hand began to slowly stroke up and down the stiff cock. Katherine knew that an eighteen year old virgin probably couldn't last very long and when she felt him begin to shudder she stopped and released him. A small drop of clear, viscous, fluid formed on the giant head. Doogie's hips rose up trying to maintain contact between his aching cock and his mother's warm moist hand. He was so close and wanted to come so badly.

"Don't worry darling, we have plenty of time," she whispered softly so as not to be heard by her husband on the phone.

Doogie grimaced then said, "You know Dad, I think Mom wants to talk to you." He handed her the phone and giggled at his own wit.

Katherine took the phone and said, "Hello David. Yes everything is fine. Yes Doogie is great." She emphasized great as she felt Doogie slide off the couch and sit next to her on the thick, plush carpet in front of the fireplace. He became somewhat more bold and began kissing her neck and his hands busily explored her heaving breasts. Katherine continued her conversation as she pulled Doogie's head forward and he and took one of the tight pink nipples between his lips and gently sucked on it.

"Oh David darling I miss you too. You have no idea how much. I have to go. See you in a week or so. Call again. I love you. Good by." She hung up and dropped the phone on the floor. She wrapped her arms around Doogie's neck and her mouth found his. Her tongue explored the inside of his mouth and their hands roamed over each others bodies as they lay down on the floor together. Doogie's hands moved down her hips and cupped the firm buttocks through the thin, skimpy panties.

"Wow, nice ass," he thought, as he stroked it and pulled her hips tightly against him. Her legs wrapped around his and she ground her pubic bone against his thigh.

Her hands moved slowly down his body and pressed against him so that he lay flat on his back. She pulled his top off and discarded it, leaving him totally naked and stretched out on the plush, white carpet. Her hand moved down his chest and stomach to gently cradle and fondle his large, tight, balls then moved up to wrap around the young, hard cock sticking up from a small tuft of light brown pubic hair. Katherine felt the giant love muscle throb in her hand as she began to methodically pump it up and down.

When Katherine's hand stopped. Doogie moaned, "Oh Mom," don't stop. Please don't stop. It feels soooo good."

She wrapped both hands around the thick shaft of his lovely cock, and began to stroke it again. "Ohhhhh, yesssss," Doogie began to scream. "I'm going to come. I'm going to come. You better stop. I think you better stop. Nooooo don't stop. Please don't stop." She knew he was past the point of no return and felt his cock throb as he began to come. She watched the hot stream of white liquid erupt from the twitching cock and cover her hand and his stomach. She continued to stroke the slick, come covered, organ as it continued to spew the remaining fluid.

"My God," she thought, "He's incredible."

Doogie's hips fell back to the couch but Katherine kept a gentle hold on his still erect, slick, cock. "Are you okay darling," she asked?

"Oh yes, at least I think I am."

"You stay right here. I'll be right back. Now don't move, okay?."

"Okay," he promised. I won't move."

Katherine stood up, her skirt still bunched around her waist and her beige, nearly transparant panties still on. She pulled the skirt back in place and disappeared to the main bath. She soon returned with a warm, wet towel and a thick, fluffy, dry one.

She knelt beside him and covered his, now softening cock and stomach with the wet towel and gently cleaned him, paying particular attention to his swollen balls and soft, heavy cock. She then covered him with soft dry towel and massaged him carefully, using her hand to wrap the towel around his cock and dry him thoroughly.

"There," she said, How's that?" She threw the towels aside and stood up, slowly and tantalizingly unzipping the short, tight, skirt and stepped out of it. Doogie's eyes followed her every move. He was totally relaxed and satisfied from his giant orgasm but intent on what his mother was doing. Her hands slipped inside the waist band of her sexy panties and she rolled them down over her flaring hips, down her thighs then off. She lay down next to him with her head on his left arm and her hand on his chest.

He closed his eyes as she gently rubbed his chest and stomach, stopping just before reaching his sleeping cock. She then took his right hand in hers and brought it to her mouth. Her tongue licked at the palm of his hand then between his fingers. She placed her hand on top of his and directed it's every move slowly down her body, along her neck and to the top of her lovely breasts. She gently squeezed them with his hand then moved to her aching, engorged, nipples. She again used his hand and fingers to tease and pinch them.

"Ohhhh yessss darling, she moaned, "Touch me, feel me."

Doogie raised up onto his elbow and rested his head on his hand. She moved his hand down her body over the sweet slope of her tummy. His finger touched the thin sliver of her navel then moved lower. She guided his fingers to the top of the narrow strip of soft, blonde, pubic hair. Katherine's shapely legs parted and her knees pointed towards the ceiling. Her hips began to rotate and raise up from the carpeting. Her hand guided his fingers lower, to the top of her very wet slit then lower until his fingers touched the smooth, wet, warm lips. She opened her legs farther and guided his middle finger to her, moist, tight opening. She slowly pushed his finger inside as her hips rose up to meet it.

"Ohhhh God, Doogie I love you sooo much. You don't know how good that feels." She began to methodically move his finger in and out of her wanting cunt. "That's so good darling. Nice and slow. Put another finger in. That's it baby. Faster Doogie. Just a little faster. Ohhh yes, that's sooo good." His pumped his fingers in and out faster and faster. He looked at the pained, lustful look on her face and didn't know whether to stop or go faster.

"Yesssss, ohhhhhh, yesssss," she screamed, I'm commmmmming Doogie. Harder, do it harder." Her hips thrust upward and she grabbed his wrist and plunged his finger deeply inside her hot cunt. "Oh my God Doogie, that was wonderful," she said as her orgasm subsided. She pulled his face to hers and gave him a loving kiss.

Katherine pushed Doogie flat on his back and straddled his thighs. She bent and kissed him on the mouth and slid her hips forwards. She felt his now awakened cock against her wet slit. Her hand slipped between their bodies, gripped his cock, and rubbed the giant head up and down the open, wet lips, then pressed it against the mouth of her pink pussy. Her legs opened wider and she pressed her hips down feeling the mushroom head slip inside the tight confines of her sweet cunt. She slowly rocked back and forth taking a little more inside her each time. She hesitated then sat upright with her hands on his chest. She slowly lowered her hips and took the entire length of the thick cock inside her tight cunt.

Doogie watched his beautiful mother rock back and forth on his throbbing cock now buried deep inside her. He watched her play with her own breasts and raise her hands over her head causing them to rise high on her chest. He raised his hands to the support the bouncing breasts and pinched the dark pink, rock hard, nipples. Katherine placed her hands on Doogie's chest and began to ride his giant cock mercilessly back and forth, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

"I'm going to come Doogie," she moaned. "I'm going to come." Her hands gripped his shoulders and she impaled herself as deeply as possible on the stiff cock as she felt it begin to twitch and throb inside her. She felt his jets of come bathe her insides and drive her over the edge.

"Ohhhhh yessssss," she cried as she slumped foreward against his body.

Neither Katherine or Doogie moved. Katherine basked in the after glow of her orgasm and Doogie was totally exhausted. His softening cock remained lodged inside her warm cunt. Katherine was the first to speak. "Wow Doog, that was really something, but then you always have been a quick learner haven't you?"

"I guess so," he said sheepishly, " But I have never had a more beautiful or loving teacher. Thank you mom. By the way what do we learn in graduate school?"

Katherine laughed and said "You'll just have to come back to class and find out." She rolled off him and he gave her a loving kiss.

Later that night Doogie sat in front of his computer monitor thinking about all that had happened to him today and what the future may hold.

He began to type. Journal entry 376. Gee, I wonder what Dad's doing tonight.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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