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Doogie Howser M.D.
Part II: Graduate School
by Jack N Jill

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They felt the limo come to a stop. "We're home Mom," he said disappointedly, afraid that the evening may be over. The driver opened their door and looked briefly at Katherine's shapely leg . Doogie got out and helped his mother out. He thanked the driver and followed Katherine to the front door. Her hips and buttocks moving sexily beneath the tight white gown. "Great ass," he thought.

Katherine held the door open for Doogie and closed it behind him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Their tongues searched each other's mouth as their bodies pressed tightly together. Doogie's hand moved down her bare back and over the firm mound of her buttocks and pulled her tightly against him. She felt his hard cock against her tummy.

"Come on Doogie," she said. "Let's go upstairs." She led him by the hand up the long flight of stairs. They came to the landing half way up where the stairs turned and she stopped and kissed him again. She slumped down and sat on the step just above the landing, pulling him with her. They sat side by side on the steps, mouths locked, arms around each other.

Her finger unbuttoned his jacket and helped him slip it off. She removed his bow tie and the top three studs from his stiffly starched white shirt. Her hand slipped inside and her fingers teased his tiny stiff nipples as her tongue shot deep inside his mouth. They lay back on the steps, facing each other, mouths still locked. She removed the rest of his shirt studs and cummerbund and pulled the shirt tail out of his trousers. He slipped out of the shirt and lay back on the steps.

"Oh Mom," he moaned, when he felt her lips surround his erect nipple and her tongue flick at it. She sucked first one then the other then returned to his lips.

"Come on darling," she said. She pulled him up and led him the rest of the way up stairs. When they arrived at the door to her bedroom Doogie hesitated. "It's okay honey, come on in. Class is in session."

She turned her back to him and pressed her hips against him grinding her firm buttocks against his throbbing cock. His arms wrapped around her and she took his hands in hers and placed them on the underside of each breast. He cradled them in his hands and felt the stiff nubs of her nipples through the gown.

"Kiss my neck sweetie," she moaned softly. I love that."

His lips traveled down her neck and her hands slid the shoulder straps of her gown down over her arms. She helped him grip the top of her bodice and together they pulled it down.

Doogie looked down and gasped at the beautiful, firm, breasts with their bright pink, cone shaped, nipples. His hands cupped them and his finger gently squeezed the turgid tips.

"Take my dress off Doogie."

He pulled and tugged until the snug fitting gown lay in a puddle at her feet, leaving her clad only in sheer, beige pantyhose and bikini panties.

She stepped out of the gown and with her own hands began to peel the pantyhose down off her long legs. She stood up wearing only a lustful look and a pair of white, silk, panties with lace highlights.

She turned to face him. "Now it's your turn." She unbutton his pants and helped him step out of them and slipped off his black socks. "Very chic," she said as she admired his paisley, silk boxers with the big bulge in the front.

She guided him to the bed and said, "Lay down honey, it's time for school."

Doogie lay back on the luxurious satin bed spread and placed his hands behind his head. Katherine sat next to him, breathing deeply.

"Now, don't move," she ordered, "Until I tell you." Her mouth covered his in a deep, wet kiss and her fingers danced over his nipples. She teased, tweaked, and pinched them. Her mouth slid down his chin, along his neck and encircled a stiff nipple. She sucked at it hungrily then moved to the other one.

Doogie didn't move. His hands still locked behind his head. Katherine straddled his waist and bent forward placing her beautiful, conical breasts in his face. "Kiss them Doogie. I want to feel your tongue on my nipples. Now suck them. Oh yesss, a little harder. That's right, suck my nipples honey, deeper, deeper." Doogie took the engorged nipples as deeply inside his mouth as he could. His hips rose up from the bed, trying to press his stiff cock against her hips but she stayed just out of his reach.

Katherine crawled off his body and knelt beside him, her fingers on the waist band of his boxers. "What's in here," she asked? She slowly pulled them down his hips, over his legs and off. "Ohhh my God, Doogie it's beautiful." Her right hand reached for him and wrapped around the throbbing shaft of his huge cock. The giant head extended up past his navel. A tiny patch of light brown pubic hair lay at the base of the thick member.

Katherine bent forward and placed the tip of her tongue against the base of the long, thick, shaft. She slowly traced her wet tongue up the length of it stopping just short of the sensitive head then back down to the base. She teased his tight balls then licked her way back up the shaft. She wrapped her hand around it and pointed the long, thick cock into the air and stroked it slowly up and down, reveling in the feel of the throbbing shaft in her small hand. A large drop of clear, slick, lubricant formed on the huge head. She bent forwards and placed the tip of her tongue against it. Her mouth opened wide and the pink head slipped inside.

"Ohhhhh Mom, That feels soooo goood." His hips rose up as she took more of his aching cock inside her hungry mouth. She sucked gently on the warm, hardness as her hand slowly pumped up and down the long shaft. She loved the feel of the smooth, throbbing cock inside her mouth and within her hand. She took a little more inside her mouth and kept stroking. His hips rocked up and down and she knew he was close to coming. She stopped.

"Noooo, Mom, don't stop. I've never felt anything like that."

"Just relax a little darling. I'm not done with you."

As soon as his near orgasm subsided, Katherine again took his hard cock in her hands and fed as much as she could inside her hot mouth. She felt the giant head against the back of her throat and wished dearly she could relax her throat muscles and take the entire cock inside her mouth. Instead she had to be content with half of it in her mouth and the other half wrapped in her hand. She stroked it faster now, again bringing him so close to orgasm. She felt him twitch in her mouth and hand and barely stopped in time.

"Noooooo," he cried."

"Don't worry darling. I'll take care of it in due time." She kissed him on the mouth and lay down next to him. "Take my panties off honey." She guided his hands to her waist and raised her flaring hips to allow him to pull them down her legs and off revealing the narrow strip of downy, blonde hair on top of her sharp mound.

She pulled him to her and kissed him then guided his mouth down her neck to her breasts. He sucked her turgid nipples until they ached. She guided him lower until she felt his tongue slip inside her navel and his hands move down her shapely legs. She slowly parted her thighs and he knelt between them. The petals of her swollen, pink pussy lay before him. He lowered his head and kissed her inner thighs working his way upward as her hands entwined in his hair to guide him.

Katherine had never felt so wet and ready. Her pussy was swollen and ached with desire. She wanted him so badly. She desperately needed something inside her seething cunt. She hesitated then opened her legs wider and moaned, "Kiss me there darling. I want to feel your tongue on me."

Doogie responded like an obedient son and let her hands guide his mouth to her wet pussy. "Ohhhhh yesssss darling," she moaned when she felt his tongue part the slick, tangy lips and move up and down the open slit.

Doogie's hands pressed against her open thighs and his inquisitive tongue snaked around the inside of her seething cunt. He began to move his long tongue in and out with the same rhythm that her hips rose and fell against his face. She guided him to the top of her slit and his tongue found the stiff bud of her little clit. He teased at it and rubbed his tongue back and forth against it.

"Ohhh Doogie, I'm going to come. Please make me come. Oh please darling." Doogie's hands cupped Katherine's full buttocks and his thumbs separated her hot, moist lips. His tongue slipped in and out of her aching cunt as fast as he could, bringing her to a giant orgasm.

Katherine screamed and rolled her head from side to side. Her hips fell back to the bed and she held Doogie's head in her hands. She pulled him up to her face and kissed him. Her tongue licked his lips, tasting herself. "That was wonderful darling. How are you feeling?" Her hand wrapped around the long thick cock. "Are you ready?"

"Oh yes. I'd say I am." Her legs opened wide and her hand guided his cock to the mouth of her hungry pussy. The giant head parted the slick, plump lips and slid inside about four inches. Katherine's hips rotated and her hands gripped his tight little butt and pulled him against her forcing the remaining four inches inside her. He moved his hips back removing all but a couple of inches. She gasped, afraid he was taking it out. Then he slid it fully inside her again. He teased her with it over and over until she couldn't take any more and screamed.

"Fuck me Doogie. Fuck me hard. Do it darling. Do it.' Doogie slammed his hips against her forcing his cock deeper and deeper inside her until she felt the giant head bumping against her cervix. Doogie placed his mouth against hers and forced his tongue deep inside as his cock lodged deep inside her cunt and began to spew a huge amount of built up fluid. He continued to pump ruthlessly inside her even as her pussy began to overflow with his love juice. Her orgasm built then released. Her hips thrashed wildy against the bed and she screamed, "Yessssssss, oh yessssssss, soooooo gooood."

They lay together in each other's arms, his cock still lodged inside her pummeled cunt.

"My God Doogie, but your a good student."

"Thanks, but I owe it all to my teacher. I love you Mom."

"I love you Doogie."

Late that night Doogie sat at his computer and typed Journal entry Number 403.

"I missed the basketball game tonight so I could cover for Dad, but I didn't really mind. It's the least a son can do for his family. Good night."

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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