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Death Pt. II
by Carl East

Death walked through the plane wreck, quickly locating his next client, wanting to stop their suffering. He stood over the charred remains of a body that was beyond help, looking around, and knowing that a soul was crying out to be set free. He spotted a movement with the corner of his eye, focusing on it he saw a child pinned beneath a seat. Easily removing the chair he had found what he'd been looking for, a young girl who although was still breathing, was about to die from her injuries. She looked up at him, and spoke.

"Is my mother alright?" She said, concerned more for others than she did herself.

"Your mother has past on to the other side." Said Death, feeling sorry for her.

"Have you come to help me?" She said, trying to move.

"I have come to make sure you get to see your mother again." He said, placing a hand onto her forehead.

Her soul left her body and floated up, her eyes closing for the last time, Death bent down kissing her softly on the cheek. He knew that she would be reunited with her mother but felt for her in a way that didn't happen very often. It was always hard to set the young free, knowing that they could have lived a full and worthwhile life. He stood up wiping a tear from his face and departing the scene.

His next call was not for another three hours, so he decided to go into town and have a drink. He'd been chosen for this task twenty-five years before, after hearing a voice that had told him all he needed to know. His cloak was the source of all his powers, but the only thing it didn't do, was take his emotions away. This made him vulnerable to some of the calls he had to make, the little girl being the prime example.

After arriving at one of the bars, he had removed his cloak and was sitting down to enjoy a neat scotch. Two young hookers came over to join him; they were not working now and ordered a drink. He hardly noticed their presence, until one of them started to talk to him.

"Hello stranger!" said one of them as they sat down, "haven't seen you here before."

"Oh, hello there, I'm sorry I didn't see you." He replied.

"It's usually the opposite." They joked.

He then looked at them more closely, realising that they were hookers for the first time. They continued to talk, but soon gave up when they realised his attention was not focused on them. He rose from the table wishing them a good evening then left.

On his way home he decided to take his mind off his job and enjoy himself, he called into a private club that catered for the voyeurism in most of us. He was led to his own cubicle where he was told the show would commence in just a moment. Then after he was given a scotch the show began.

It started with the typical good looking woman strip dancing behind a large window, her figure being gorgeous as she started to remove her garments. Dancing seductively she removed her top, revealing her breasts. Death was soon hard, his eyes staring at those orbs as they wobbled in that delightful way. Before long she was naked, her hips writhing to and thou opening her legs and crouching, making her pussy lips part.

She placed a hand between her legs, moving it over her pussy in a suggestive way, then actually making the penetration with one finger. Suddenly a man appeared on the scene, all part of the act. He was dressed only in a thong that held a pouch covering his cock. She ran her hands up his body, making him squirm as he knelt down beside her to kiss those pouting lips. She pulled at the string holding the thong in place; it fell away revealing a moderate sized penis. Her hand touched it, making it jerk, then she took it in her mouth giving a performance that was clearly lustful.

Death reached down to adjust his cock, feeling uncomfortable, as his hardened member reacted to the scene being played out before him. Her motions, now faster, wanting to make this man shoot his load. He was clearly close to ejaculating, his face a picture of pleasure. When he did unload, she removed it from her mouth and pumped him dry with her hands, his first load shooting high into the air, then his second. She sucked the rest out to finish him off before standing to get dressed again. Death stood up putting his hands together; he had enjoyed that performance, and left a large tip with the doorman as he left.

Although he enjoyed the odd voyeuristic performance, he always felt that he needed some relief afterwards. Remembering the two hookers he had left in the bar, he wandered back to see if they were still there. The barman informed him that they had just left, so he decided to go home. Putting the cloak back on he walked down the street, but as he drew close to an alley he could hear cries for help. He entered the alley to find that the two girls he had been looking for were being gang raped by five men.

This was not strictly his business, but he could not just stand by and allow this to continue. They couldn't see him, as they fucked the girl that had spoken to him in the bar, only when near death was that privilege granted. Death grabbed hold of the one between her legs by the scruff of his neck, pulling back sharply. He sailed through the air, hitting the wall and landing in a heap on the floor. His friends looking around, not knowing what was going on, then the two guys that were holding the other girl, suddenly left the floor, landing next to their friend. They all got up, too scared to do anything else and shouting, 'lets get out of here,' before darting down the alley.

The girls picked themselves up, and straightened their clothing, then exited the alley. Death had removed his cloak, and was standing on the street waiting for them.

"Are you alright?" He said, looking concerned.

"Yes, was that you who helped us in there?" One of them said.

"It was, I had come back to have a chat, when I found you had gone, so I decided to go home, this just happens to be the way." He replied.

"Thank you." They both said together.

He decided to take them home, so asking where they lived they walked on. Pretty soon they had arrived, and were asking him in for a drink. He accepted and they entered the building. Once in their apartment he was impressed by their standard of living. They had a well decorated hall that was just as impressive in all the rooms he saw, then one of the girls asked if he had come back for business reasons or just a chat.

"I would like to say chat, but the truth is I had been to one of those peek shows and was feeling horny." He said, thinking he needed to tell the truth.

"That's all right, it's a refreshing change to find an honest man," she said, "by the way, my name is Samantha, and this is Julie."

"Hello, mines Richard," he said looking around, "you have a nice apartment."

They chatted for a while then he got up to take his leave, but they blocked him at the door.

"We want to give you something, before you leave." Said Julie.

Suddenly they were taking his clothes off, stripping him naked to find a nice package swinging between his legs. Julie got onto the floor taking his cock deeply into her throat, so deep in fact that he felt sure she would choke, but she took it like the pro she was. Sam removed her top, revealing a small but firm pair of breasts, her nipples being the first thing he spotted, because of their unusual size. He reached over taking them between finger and thumb squeezing them slightly. His cock was very hard by now as Julie continued to give him head like no other. Placing his right hand down to Sam's skirt he pulled it up revealing no panties then put his hand onto her pussy. She held his hand there, wanting to run her wet hot pussy over his fingers. He was now close to coming, and warned Julie, but she carried on sucking like it didn't matter. Then he came; his cock burst forth filling the back of her throat with a big load of sperm. She swallowed, never once stopping until he was completely drained, then concentrated on his bell end, to keep him hard.

Once Julie stood up Samantha bent over, backing into his still hard and impressive looking cock. He entered her easily, and started to fuck her hard, she begged for him to go faster, which he did. Then Julie got on the floor and started to lick both him and Sam, this was erotic he thought as he pounded his cock into her sweet pussy. Pretty soon Sam was screaming that she was having an orgasm, her juices running onto Julie's tongue. Then he started to cum again, pumping another load out, and then finding his cock back inside Julie's mouth in order that she could clean him up. After they had got dressed, he reached for his wallet, but they wouldn't take any money, saying that, for what he had done he deserved a freebie. He had to leave then knowing that his next mission was coming up, so upon saying his goodbyes he left.

When he arrived at his next destination he was once again thrust into the realities of life. Finding his next client, who happened to be an old lady, he approached her knowing that she had suffered a heart attack.

"Have you come for me?" She said, seeing his face.

"Yes, you are ready to leave this realm, but don't worry the next one is better." He said, reassuringly.

"Oh, I'm not worried," she said, "I will get to see my husband again."

Death placed his hand onto her forehead releasing the trapped soul, then watching that it had indeed been freed, he left the scene. Sometimes it can be a rewarding job, he thought as he walked home once more.

To Be Continued...


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