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Dahlia Act Two
by Angel

Dahlia and I had been together for 2 months, and everything was perfect. We never fought, and when we went out we had so much fun. I thought I was falling for her hard. So when halfway through our third month together, her grandmother in Puerto Rico died, I was devastated that she would be gone for a month. I was originally supposed to go with her, but for financial reasons, I wasn't able to.

I bid her a tearful goodbye at the airport, and then drove myself to the club where I tended. It was slow that night, which was great, because I really wasn't in the mood for a busy night. Charlie, my boss could tell I was in a bad mood, which was rare for me, and let me clock off early. I didn't want to, because I felt I was taking advantage of his niceness, but he insisted. So I clocked off and made myself a drink and then wandered over to my usual table in the corner near the stage and watched the drag show.

"Slow night?" I turned, my face paling. Justin leaned over behind me, a cocky grin on his face.

"Yeah." I said shortly. turning away from him and sipping my drink.

"Babe...please don't be like that" He said, sitting beside me and casually draping an arm around my shoulders. I wrenched away and scooted to the other side of the booth.

"Justin, please. Go away." I said. He just smiled that slow sexy grin that I once loved so much. I glared at him, the pain he'd caused washing over me.

He sighed and bowed his head. "Angel.." he trailed off, and glanced at me, then stared off into nowhere. "Angel I know I screwed up, and I know I hurt you..but I love you, and I'm never going to feel this deeply or strongly about anyone but you."

He slid around to my side of the booth and leaned in closer to me. My heart fluttered, and the faint scent of his musky cologne brought back wonderful memories of our relationship. I relaxed and settled my head back on his familiar shoulder, feeling old warmth and passion we used to share flooding back into me.

He twined his fingers gently around mine and sighed. "You've been sleeping with Dahlia.." he said softly, turning my face to look at him. He looked tired and worn out, his eyes full of both pain and guilt at the same time. I shrugged.

He pulled his hand from mine and slid back to the other side of the table, looking troubled. "I know I fucked up, Angel...I wont try to give excuses because I have none. I was selfish and ended up making the worst mistake of my life..." He paused, running his fingers through his hair and fixing his gaze on the wall behind me.

"I want nothing more than to have you back. I want to marry you, and spend the rest of my life with you...but I refuse to be selfish again. I wont push you, and if you're happy now, and this is what you want...then...I'll be happy for you."

My heart leapt for a moment, and then did a crazy nosedive, and I felt nothing but pain. I still loved him...he hurt me so bad and god help me I still loved Justin. I yearned and ached to take him in my arms right at that moment and tell him 'Yes, I love you Justin and I want to be your wife.' There was one thing in the way...Dahlia. She'd done nothing to deserve more pain. Could I bring myself to do to her exactly what Julia had done?

I shook my head. "Justin.." He frowned and cut me off. "Nevermind, Angel. I was out of line." he said shortly, standing up and walking away.

I sat there dumbfounded, my heart and mind a turmoil of confusion, love, anger and pain. I had no idea what the hell to do, but I was sure of two things. My heart was still with Justin, and I was NOT going to hurt Dahlia. I drained my drink and left, suddenly wanting nothing more to go home and sleep.

I spent the time during Dahlia's abscence trying to force Justin out of my heart. My attempts were futile, and I went to work the night before my paid vacation was to begin depressed and exhausted. Once again luck was on my side, and business was slow. I went home an hour early, anxious to slip into a hot bath and relax.

I unlocked the door and saw Dahlia's bags piled beside the table. The house was dark, and I crept silently through the apartment, anxious and also dreading our reunion. I was greeted by silence in the bedroom, and only after changing my clothes and wandering out into the hall again did I notice the light beneath the crack of Dahlia's old room.

I inched the door open, figuring she'd fallen asleep and when I looked inside my jaw dropped. She'd fallen asleep alright. Naked and curled up against Julia's sleeping form. I felt the tension and anger and confusion drain out of me. Smiling I shut the door and crept back to my room to call Justin.

He was there within minutes, his hair still tousled from the sleep I'd awakened him from, his eyes full of hope and relief. I embraced him, and he swept me up into his arms, carrying me into my room. He kissed me softly, his hands caressing every inch of my body with a featherlight touch.

"I love you Angel" he murmured over and over again, kissing down my chest..lingering at each nipple. "I love you so much" he whispered as he trailed down to my waist with sweet kisses. He knelt in front of me, and tenderly kissed me between the legs. I trembled, and he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer. I felt his tongue slide between my moist lips, gently stroking inside me with slow, deep movements. A tremendous heat gathered deep down in my abdomen, and crept slowly out over the rest of me as his tongue probed deeper. He slid his tongue out and began kissing around my clit, setting my body on fire and pushing me almost over the edge as he flicked his tongue over it.

He stood then, sliding out of his clothes and then backing me against the cool wall. I felt his hardness press against me as he kissed me deeply. My legs parted, and he slid easily between them, lifting me up and onto him. I moaned as he sheathed himself with my body. I propped myself against the wall and lifted myself up and down over his throbbing cock. His fingers gripped my hips tightly, helping me move against him. My whole body continued to tremble, as I felt months of pent-up emotion build up alongside the pending orgasm.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him, his eyes shut tightly, his head thrown back as I rode him. A lone tear slid from the corner of his eye and I began driving down on him harder, determined to show him I forgave him and loved him more than anything. He opened his eyes and gazed deeply into mine, and at that moment we both released. I collapsed into his arms, sobbing, the hot tears pouring down my face as fierce and heavy as a storm. His strong arms embraced me, and kissed my tears away, and unable to stop his own from falling. We slid into bed then, my body fitting against his right. He kissed me again and took my hand into his, and slid a gold band with a small, heart shaped diamond setting onto my finger, after showing me what was engraved inside...

"I Love You, Angel."


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