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Death Pt. IX
by Carl East

Graboldy sat in his chair behind the desk, his face covered in old scars, from back in the old days, when he was just another hood. He had no idea that Death stood behind him watching, his cloak enabling him to get past all his guards without raising the alarm.

"Do you want to die?" Whispered Death, in the ear of Graboldy.

Graboldy sprang out of his chair, turning to see who it was, with a look of stunned surprise covering his face.

"Who the hell are you?" He said, looking him up and down.

"Let me get this straight, you've sent hit men after me, and you don't even know who I am!" Said Death, sarcastically.

"How the hell did you get in here?" He replied, calling for his guards.

The doors burst open, with three men now entering the room.

"How did this man get past you?" Graboldy shouted, pointing to Death.

They suddenly became aware of Death, drawing their holstered weapons, and pointing them at him.

"I'm going to warn you just once, then I will take matters further." Said Death, looking straight at Graboldy.

"Kill this bum." Graboldy ordered.

They started shooting, the bullets bouncing off his body, like drops of rain on a roof, then stopping when they realised they were having no effect.

"Give me that." Said Graboldy, snatching a gun from one of his guards.

He opened fire, letting the entire clip empty of bullets, before stopping himself. Death walked over to him, standing six inches away.

"You're an idiot." He said, smacking him in the mouth.

Graboldy fell to the floor, his guards moving forward to take Death on, their punches raining down on him, but to no avail, for one by one he floored them.

"If I have to come back here, I'm not coming to talk, and I'll be leaving a lot of dead bodies." Death said, leaving the room.

He started to walk home, his memories taking him back to the day this all started. Associates of the vile people he just left behind had murdered his lover. They had been after him, but the explosion had taken Alice's life instead, now these people were trying to exact a revenge, for the death of their friend, who although wasn't killed by Death, was blamed for it.

He reached his apartment to find Julia and her friend Becky waiting outside, he took his cloak off before he announced himself. He'd already met Becky once before at a party, he'd made love to them both that night so knew her intimately.

"Hello, come up." He said, going up the stairs.

They followed him up; soon they were sitting and chatting about their days, with Richard leaving out the part of visiting the mobsters. Richard offered them a drink, which they accepted, he looked more closely at his guests. Becky was wearing a cotton dress, which buttoned down the front, his attention of her attire being drawn by the fact her legs were crossed, revealing just a hint of her suspender belt.

Julia wore a short skirt, with no stockings, and a tee shirt which had the words 'Take Me To Your Dealer,' written on the front. The outline of her nipples could clearly be seen, resting against the material. Richard's cock started to grow, as he remembered the night they had met. He crossed his legs, in an effort to hide the fact, but it was too late Becky had already noticed, and was smiling at him.

Richard asked why they had come around, to which Julia answered.

"Becky needs a place to stay, and was wondering if she could stay with you for a week or two, while she looks for an apartment of her own?" Said Julia.

"I don't see why not, I've got a spare bedroom." He replied, getting up to pour himself another drink.

Later that night, Julia had gone, and Becky was getting ready for bed, he told her he had some business to attend to, then left.

With his cloak on, his persona now changed, taking his job very seriously, he quickly reached his next client. He found a woman who'd jumped off a building, in an attempt to commit suicide, almost dead on the floor. She hadn't been found by anyone else yet, so was all alone, she opened her eyes, perceiving his presence.

"You are going to free me, aren't you?" She said, her every word, an effort to say.

"Yes my dear, it's your time." He replied, before releasing her soul.

He watched her soul rise, then disappear, his job done he returned home.

Once he got back, he hung his cloak up and decided to go to bed. Getting undressed, he wonders if Graboldy will heed his warning, and knowing only time will tell. He got into bed, and was soon fast asleep.

Becky, who was crying out, awakened him. He got to her room to find she was having a nightmare. He placed his hand on her shoulder, lightly shaking her into consciousness, and noticing when he had pulled the covers down a bit, that she was naked.

"Oh, I had such a horrible dream." She said, sitting up her breasts becoming visible.

"Well, it's over now, so try to go back to sleep." He said, pushing her gently down, then pulling the covers up.

"No, I can't sleep after that, will you stay with me for a while?" She said, pulling back the bedclothes.

Richard got into the bed, and she immediately began to snuggle up to him, he couldn't help getting a boner as her breasts rested on his chest. She must have felt it with her elbow, because next she was looking down the covers.

"Oh, do you want to play." She said, teasingly.

Her hand disappeared down the covers, grasping hold of his hardened cock. Then slowly she started to jerk him off, his throbbing bell end feeling ready to burst. Then she popped her head down, and her mouth covered his shaft. His hips started to buck, almost with a mind of there own, feeling the inside of her mouth with every movement.

He looked down to see the covers moving, her head moving up and down, knowing her mouth was literally engulfing his dick. Then he couldn't hold it back anymore, his sperm appearing in bursts, the first going into the back of her throat, while the second and third landed on her face.

Then she came back up the bed, and started to straddle his still hard cock. He could feel the moistness of her pussy with the tip of his cock, and wasn't surprised when it slid into place with ease. She started to ride him, then squatted over it, so she could use her knees to lift and fall.

Her moans started to turn him on, as her squats became faster and faster, with each one taking more of his cock into the depths of her womb. He could feel her juices running down his inner thigh, as she started to shout out profanity.

"Oh fuck yes...this is so good...fuck me...Fuck your cock." She said.

This was too much; he started to cum again, knowing that she was coming too. Then it was over, and she collapsed on top of him, her breasts pressing into his chest once more. They lay like that for some time, before Richard realised that she had gone back to sleep.

Pulling her off himself gently, he covered her up, and tucked her in, then kissing her forehead he left the room to return to his own bed. He lay down, feeling tired, and soon he was in a deep sleep.

To Be Continued...


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