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Death Pt. X
by Carl East

Richard got up that morning feeling good about himself, knowing that he was doing a well worth job, by freeing trapped souls. He found a note waiting for him in the hallway, picking it up; he opened it to find it was from Graboldy. It said he wanted to meet him in a warehouse down town, and that it would be beneficial for him to turn up without delay.

He put his cloak on, then left the apartment; he had every intention of meeting Graboldy, in the hopes that any trouble, there might still be could be resolved. He found the warehouse pretty quickly, for he'd had to free the souls of several people from this district. When he got inside the empty warehouse he was shocked to find Becky, who was tied to a post in the centre of the warehouse.

Several goons were hidden in various places around the building, and as yet they had not detected him. He decided to listen in on a conversation, which was now taking place just behind Becky.

"If he shows, place the gun at her head, I doubt he will try anything, Graboldy wants him tied and gagged, then delivered to the mansion on Crest street." One of them said.

Death had to think of a way to get Becky out without endangering her life, and with so many goons around the building, there was a good chance of a stray bullet finding the wrong target. But first he needed to talk with the voice that only he could hear, so he quietly left the building, then once he was out of hear shot he addressed what he believed to be a servant of the almighty.

"Am I permitted to use deadly force?" He asked.

"This situation was instigated by these people, so we have no qualms about allowing you to take what ever steps are necessary, in order that all this violence can end." Came the reply.

Death was pleased they'd at last come to see that people like this only understand violence. He walked back into the warehouse, determined that when he came back out, Becky would be safe. His best course of action was to take out as many of the goons as possible, without being detected. He strolled over to one that was hiding behind a wall, then with one quick motion he pulled his head round snapping his neck, then laid him down gently, to hide the sound.

His next target was up in the office at the far end of the warehouse, so creeping up the stairs, and finding the door was open he entered, to find not one but two goons. He stood between them, then with both arms acting as if one, he raised them sharply under there chins, both their heads snapped back, leaving them in a heap on the floor.

He now only had the two that were near Becky, creeping down the stairs he joined them.

"I'll be glad when this is over, I saw that man take a dozen bullets and walk out without a scratch, it's not normal." One of them said.

"More likely, that you missed him." Replied the other one.

Suddenly both their weapons left their hands, and they became aware of Deaths presence.

"Where the hell did you come from?" They both said.

"Go away, or die, it's your choice!" Said Death.

They chose to run, as Death started to untie Becky, who also had only just become aware of his presence.

"How did you get in here, without them detecting you?" She asked.

"Very efficiently." Said Death, snapping the rope around her ankles.

He then told her to get back to his apartment, and not let anybody in, for he had some unfinished business.

An hour later Death had arrived at the mansion on crest street, and he decided not to creep about this time. He kicked the front door in, splintering the doors wooden frame, as it smashed onto the ground. The activity inside the house was immediate, as goons started to appear from all the rooms. The chaos that ensued was almost surreal, as the bullets started to fly, the hallway walls becoming a shambles, as holes started to appear.

One by one, Death took them out, not having to know where Graboldy was located, simply because his goons were desperately trying to keep him away from a certain room.

Graboldy had heard the gunfire, but now it had stopped, he called out to his men, but got no answer, so decided to arm himself. Then the doors flew open, and in walked Death.

"Why can't I kill you?" Graboldy shouted.

"Why would you want to?" Replied Death, as he walked over to him.

Graboldy opened fire, convinced that the magnum he held would do the trick but started to step back, as Death drew nearer.

"I told you what would happen if you didn't leave me alone, involving friends of mine just makes it worse." He said, grabbing the spent gun from Graboldy's hand.

"Please don't hurt me?" Pleaded Graboldy, falling to his knees.

Death looked down on him, then reached over with both hands, and snapped his neck; not once feeling any remorse as he left the building. By the time he got outside there were police cars pulling up, but not one officer spotted Death as he walked down the driveway.

Soon he was home, and taking off his cloak he entered his apartment. Julia was talking to Becky, getting all the details as to what had happened, when Richard walked in.

"Thank god your safe, what happened? She asked, pouring him a drink.

"They were still after me because of your fathers death, and tried to use Becky to get to me." Replied Richard, taking the drink.

He went on to tell them, how it was now all over, and they needn't worry anymore.

Later that night Death had to free a couple of souls involving a cave in, at some mines, then decided to relax at the peek show, just to unwind from the days events.

He arrived to find his usual booth occupied, but as he entered with his cloak still on, he hadn't been spotted yet. He saw his normal seat being taken up by two men and an attractive woman, who sat between them. They were watching the usual one on one kind of affair, when she unzipped their trousers, and started to jerk them off as they watched the show.

Her hands expertly travelling the full length of their cocks, as the show continued. Death started to rub his own cock through his trousers, getting aroused by both the show and the three people watching it. By the time the show had gotten as far as the woman crying out with joy, one of the men watching was about to cum. She took his cock into her mouth, catching every last drop as he blew his load, not once stopping with her other hand.

Then when the show was about to come to an end, the other guy started to cum receiving the same treatment as the first. Death could feel he was close, but decided to stop, he didn't want to walk home with cum juice running down his leg. He left, smiling at that thought, and thinking there are two gorgeous women at home, so why waste it.

To Be Continued...


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