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Fine Caviar Pt. II
by Skeeter

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Our final destination turned out to be a small marina on the river which bisects this coastal community and the "she" I was to love was a boat that Katarina wanted to buy. Our "secret place" she called it, away from it all. "Isn't she beautiful?" She exclaimed as she led me down the gangplank to the floating dock the boat was moored to. And indeed she was. About 35 feet long with twin six cylinder diesels she promised to be fast and powerful. Fully equipped for fishing or cruising with a full galley and head with a stand up shower you could live aboard for a weekend or a month.

Katarina began to tell me the story about how her estranged husband had sold some of their joint assets in the old country and that was how she was going to be able to afford such a luxury. It seems Barbara had told her how much I loved boats and being on the water and she thought it would be a perfect romantic get-a-way.

"Just the two of us," she said hugging my arm. "I can't wait to feel you inside of me, rocking in time to the motion of the waves." Just as she turned to kiss me our reverie was broken by a male voice. "HELLO!" He boomed. "GONNA TAKE HER OUT TODAY? GONNA BE A BEAUTY!" I turned to see a tall heavy-set man about my age with gray hair and a beard bounding down the gangplank toward us. The floating dock bounced almost violently under his weight as he approached.

Katarina introduced him to me as Craig Harden, owner of the marina who was brokering the boat for a client from down south.

"You guys get acquainted," she said. "I'll get our stuff from the car."

Craig showed me all the technical stuff about the boat while Katarina brought our bags from the car and stowed them in the cabin. It seemed like this baby could go around the world if you had enough fuel. When he was satisfied I knew enough to handle it we fired the engines. "Your wife told me you've been around boats most of your life." he said.

"Did Katarina tell him we were married? Was Barbara in on this deal?" I wondered to myself.

"Yeah," I answered, "plus six years in the Coast Guard."

"Well I think your gonna really like this beauty." Then he climbed off and started to release the lines. Katarina exited the cabin and handed him a check for $10,000. "For insurance purposes," she told me later. "Honest money, it's returnable if we don't buy it."

I eased the boat out of its slip and into the river channel, using the twin engines to easily maneuver through the swift current. Compared to my little bass boat this thing seemed huge. I hadn't been at the wheel of anything this big in twenty years but like riding a bike, the skills never really leave you. After clearing the no-wake zone I began to pick the throttles up a little at a time. The power became immediately apparent.

"I'm going to change." Katarina said, "Be back in a minute." as she disappeared into the cabin again.

She emerged a few minutes later clad only in a tiny black string bikini, literally just two bottle caps and a cork. The contrast with her alabaster skin was amazing and I once again began to get aroused. "Why bother?" I chided her. "You may as well be naked."

"I will be," she said, flashing an incredibly sexy smile. "Just as soon as we're out of sight and then I'm going to fuck you and suck you on every inch of this boat." Then she added, "I want to ride up top." Referring to the flying bridge. "Go on up and take the wheel." I told her, "Then I'll come up. Keep the black channel markers on your right and the red on your left."

I went below and stripped off my clothes and put on my swim trunks. I took the opportunity to check out the cooler and liquor cabinet, which were both well stocked. I grabbed a bottle of chilled Chablis and two plastic glasses. I also took two fresh bananas from a bowl anchored to the dinette table and cheese from the cooler. Looking around I located a coastal chart and a pair of binoculars and with my arms loaded proceeded up the ladder to the bridge and to the start of a day of pure ecstasy. Katarina whooped with joy when she caught sight of me. "Take something," I told her "before I break my ass." She reached out and took the fruit and wine and made room for me on the wide helm seat at the wheel. She cuddled in close as we approached the entrance buoy at the mouth of the river. I opened the chart and handed it to her. "Where do you want to go?" I asked. After looking at it for a few moments she pointed to a small key about 20 miles south and about five miles off shore. "This looks like a good place to start." she said. I plotted a course and rounding the sea buoy brought the throttles up to about 2,000RPMs. The boat came up on an easy plane, the through the water speed indicator read about 15 knots.

Katarina stood up on the bench, holding on to the windshield, allowing the wind to blow her hair almost straight back. "FASTER." she yelled. "MAKE THIS BABY GO!"

I quickly brought the throttles up to about 3,000RPMs. The boat responded by almost leaping forward causing Katarina to take a small step backward and grab the windshield for support. The speed quickly reached 25 knots throwing a rooster tail out behind the stern a good twenty to thirty feet. Gentle rollers from the southwest gave us enough movement to make the ride interesting and salt spray flowed outward from the chines leaving a white foamy wake behind. At this speed the automatic engine synchronizers took over and both tachs registered exactly the same. The engines weren't even working hard yet and I knew they had at least another thousand in them. I would guess her top speed at about 30 to 35 knots. I handled the boat with a shit-eatin' grin on my face, watching Katarina, her hair blowing straight back in the wind, a smile on her lips. I knew her eyes were closed behind the designer sunglasses she wore. Standing there swaying, she was enjoying the motion of the waves and the throbbing of the engines while the wind blew against her nearly naked body and I couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking.

I removed my right hand from the throttles, now almost fully opened, and began to gently rub her calf. She looked down and smiled.

''TAKE IT OFF!" She had had her fun and now it was my turn. "I WANT YOU NAKED."

She removed the sunglasses and turned her body toward me, her eyes fixed on mine, and balancing between the seat and bulkhead she reached up behind her neck and released the halter tie. She then reached behind her back and untied the other string and with one easy shrug her top fell to the deck revealing her pert tits, her nipples already standing at full attention. I slid my hand up her thigh and pulled the string on the bottoms allowing them to fall partially away.


As she released her hair, shaking her head and running her fingers through it, the motion caused her bikini bottoms to join the bra on the deck. Her beautiful cunt was fully revealed to my gaze. Her soft pubic hair was not sticky and stiff from our previous coupling and I knew she had cleaned herself for me but I didn't care. I would have eaten this bit of heaven anyway. I slipped a lanyard over the wheel spoke to hold the course steady and moved both my hands and arms up the inside of her thighs and cupped her ass, drawing her around and down toward me. I leaned my head back and drew her womanhood to my awaiting mouth, pausing for a moment to inhale her and become intoxicated by the scent and heat of her arousal. I flicked out my tongue and licked around the outside of her vaginal mound, causing her to hiss and bend her knees slightly to increase the contact.

She was gripping my shoulders tightly as I held onto her ass and thighs to keep her balanced above me as the boat churned through the water. Her head was thrown forward, her hair raining down around us blown by the wind as she applied light kisses to the top of my head. I began to open the petals of this magnificent flower, using my tongue and nose to probe and open her fully for me and to expose her clit. I snaked my tongue into her, reveling in her taste and causing her to shift one hand to the back of my head forcing me deeper into her steaming box. She began to shake and shudder, alerting me to her impending orgasm. She was so hot. I could have sucked her forever. I backed out, slowing the pace and causing her to whimper. I licked and sucked all around her pussy, my mouth and face becoming wet with her juices. I licked up her slit and took her fully exposed clit between my lips, lightly sucking it while thrashing it with my tongue. Going over the edge she came. Her primal utterings were lost in the wind and sound of the engines and sea as she flooded my hungry mouth with her delicious juice, her nails digging into my shoulders. She came and came and I sucked and swallowed not wanting to miss a drop of her nectar. I kept at her, relentless in my desire until she came again in a mind blowing orgasm. She pushed at my head, breaking the contact between my mouth and her womanhood. "No more." She said. "You're making me faint."

She slid down next to me and curled into my arm. Her hand found its way into my swimsuit and began to caress and stroke my hardness. She was kissing the side of my face and purring like a cat as I slipped off the steering lanyard and retook control of the boat.

"Naked." She said. "I want you naked, too." as she grabbed the waistband and pulled off my trunks with little help from me. She bathed my face, neck and upper torso with licks and kisses as she continued to stroke me, bringing me ever closer to orgasm. She raised her head close to my ear and whispered, "Cum for me, I want to see you shoot and then I'm going to lick you clean." I just groaned my pleasure as she lowered her head back down to my chest and staring down at my cock began to jerk me in earnest.

"FASTER." I groaned. "MAKE ME CUM."

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, not touching the head but waiting for her reward. Her small hand was a blur as it flashed up and down my hardness and then suddenly the first shot blasted from my cock and landed in her hair by the side of her face.


The next shot was on target and landed in her mouth. She couldn't resist any longer and brought her mouth down to suck me dry, humming in her contentment. She continued to suck me until she was satisfied I was finished and then let me go, licking me clean as she had promised. She sat up and turned toward me, and staring straight into my eyes brought the lock of hair to her mouth and licked my cum from the strands. I found this action to be extremely erotic and I began to feel aroused again. I drew her face to mine and began to lick and kiss her, her juices on me and mine on hers were an exotic combination. She began to tongue fuck my mouth, quickly probing and retreating while rubbing her breasts against my chest.

Noticing that we were close to our destination, I pushed her away. "Time to drive." I told her, "Don't want to run this thing aground." She looked around and noticing other boats in the area quickly put her bikini back on. I pulled on my trunks and maneuvered the boat into about six feet of water and dropped the anchor. We swam and snorkeled and ate and drank in the warm sunshine and true to her word, she sucked and fucked me all over the boat. Later in the day, we crammed ourselves into the tiny shower and using the soap and shampoo as lubricant, I again penetrated her perfect ass, driving her into oblivion and dominating her. Without words I let her know I knew her for the slut she was and possessed her completely. She was addicted to my cock and my sexual prowess and I was more than willing to service her addiction.

We emerged from the shower and dressed in our street clothes. I went up and fired the engines, raised the anchor and pointed the boat toward home. We arrived just before sunset and found Craig waiting for us. We chatted over drinks for a while after buttoning up the boat and told him we would make our decision within a few days.

"Remember" he said, "expenses are deducted from the honest money if you don't buy."

With her eyes sparkling Katarina replied, "It was worth every penny."

After leaving Craig and the marina we stopped at an out of the way seafood house to enjoy a good meal. The place was busy and I enjoyed the jealous looks I got from the other men as the hostess seated us at a prime table overlooking the upper part of the river. I think Katarina was enjoying the attention we were getting as much as I did, her smile showing a radiance I hadn't seen in her before. We laughed and chatted, reliving the events of the day, oblivious to the stares of the other patrons. She would hold my hand and kiss my fingers, all the while rubbing her bare foot against my leg under the table. Her eyes never left mine from the time we ordered to the time our meal arrived. I loved the eye contact and decided her beautiful blue eyes were her best feature. We were well fucked, tired and happy and we devoured our delicious meal with gusto, even ordering coffee and dessert. The ride home was uneventful and seemingly much too short. We arrived at my house about 15 minutes before Barbara was due home. We kissed goodnight and I held the door for her as she slipped into the drivers seat.

"Can I see you tomorrow?" she asked. "Do you have any plans?"

"I can't think of anything I'd rather do," I replied, "then spend the day with you."

She smiled and reached up, gently touching the side of my face, "I love you, Peter." Saying what I thought I saw in her eyes earlier that evening. Before I could reply, she jammed the stick into reverse and backed out onto the street. Revving the engine and squealing the tires she drove off and after watching the taillights disappear around the corner I picked up my bag and walked into the empty house. The lady not only knew how to make an entrance but an exit as well. "Drive safely." I thought as I sat back to wait for my wife, uneasy with the knowledge that this woman was falling in love with me. "Let's just see where this goes." I thought and flipped on the TV.

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This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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