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Foster Investigations
by Carl East

The wind whistled down the alley, whipping up a trash can lid with ease, and depositing it across the street, I stood watching the apartment for any signs of life, the light in the bedroom flickered then illuminated the surroundings. Well, I thought she is either going to bed for the night, or she has a guest.

My name is Carl foster, I'm a private investigator, I do the seedy jobs no one else wants to do, but I get top dollar for doing them. At the moment my job was a simple surveillance, I had the unenviable task of spying on my client's wife in order to ascertain weather or not she was having an affair. I could clearly see her enter the room from my vantage point, she undressed then turned out the light. I had seen no evidence of a companion, in fact this had been the second week I had followed her, and although I had witnessed many conversations with the opposite sex, I had never witnessed any indiscretion on the part of my client's wife. Case closed, I thought.

Back at the office I concluded the paper work for my last case, then sat back in the chair wondering where my next case would take me.

The phone rang just as I was leaving the office for a bite to eat, I answered it to find they had hung up, dialing the inquiry number to find who my last caller came from, I jotted the number down then rang back.

"Hello." said a deep voice.

"Hello sir, I just received a call from your location, I'm ringing from Foster Investigations."

Silence...he didn't hang up, but for a moment didn't know what to say.

"Hi, I'm sorry I bothered you, but you see I suspect my wife of having an affair, and I wanted to know for sure," he said, clearly pained that this could be true.

"Well sir, if you want me to find out for you, it will only take a couple of weeks, I charge ten dollars an hour plus expenses. Of course if you have a particular day in mind on which I can start my investigation, my bill shouldn't be much, if however I find your suspicions unfounded then it would go the full two weeks, while I followed her where ever she goes," I quickly said, not wanting to lose a client.

"Ok, let's do this. What do you need?"

"I will need to know your current address, a recent photograph of your wife, and a day in which to start."

He produced the photo the next day, gave me his address then told me to follow her from Thursday morning at ten o'clock a.m.

Sometimes that was how easy an investigation started, so I was on the case.

Waiting in my car that morning until ten, I looked at the photo, she was beautiful, a real stunner, class, and every other cliché. You could think of, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if she was having an affair, for I had seen her husband, and although he seemed a nice enough chap, he was not a good looking man. This babe was in need of glasses.

I spotted her leaving the house to get into her car, turning the engine over I put it in gear and followed.

She didn't seem to be in any hurry so I pulled back a bit; she stopped first at the hair salon, which is something I hated, because they always took a long time in those places. Her next visit was a hotel, which I thought looked promising. I followed her in to watch what her next move would be, and sure enough she booked a room. That was evidence enough in my book, because nobody stayed at a hotel in there own town, unless they were a) hookers b) masseurs or c) having an affair. But proving it was the hard part, so slipping the desk clerk fifty dollars I managed to find out what room she was in. My next move had to be finding a way into the room, without being spotted, I went over to the lobby phones, and dialed service, ordering a bottle of champagne and telling them to send it to room 144, and instructing them to tell her it was from room 143.

Getting into place I waited for the champagne, I didn't have long to wait. She answered the door in a night-gown, quickly asking who had sent it and being informed that room 143 was the benefactor. She accepted the bottle then walked over to room 143, it was now or never, while she had her back to me. I slipped from around the huge plant pot I had been concealed behind, and darted into the room. I didn't have long so I hoped that the closet was one of those walk-in affairs, as luck would have it, it was, quickly getting in I settled myself down and waited.

With the camcorder set up and ready to go, I waited for the action to start. She came into the room five minutes later, placing the champagne on the dresser. She then let her night dress slip to the floor, revealing two gorgeous tits round and full with large nipples, I couldn't help but get turned on as I moved slightly to adjust the cock she had brought to life. Ten minutes went by while she made her face up in the dresser mirror, then a knock on the door; quickly getting her night-gown on she left the bedroom to answer it. I started the camcorder, so that they didn't catch the sound it made while putting the tape in place. To my surprise she entered the room with two men, who both took off their jackets.

"Where do you want it, love?" one of them said.

"On the bed will be fine," she replied.

For a second there, I thought they were delivering something, but she dropped her gown slipped a towel around herself then lay flat on her stomach, the two men positioned them selves either side of the bed, and started to massage her back and legs. Damn, I thought, it was just masseurs, but no I was wrong for these guys were going further than your average masseur. The taller one of the two placed his hand between her legs rubbing up and down in a sensual way making her moan with delight, while the other one had come to the foot of the bed and dropped his trousers revealing a good nine inch cock. She didn't need to be told what to do; she just started to suck him off. My boner was getting on my nerves by now, so I released it from the confines of my pants, and started to rub slowly. Mean while she had got up on all fours, and had thrown the towel to the floor, a cock in her mouth, and one in her pussy, making her gasp with pleasure. They took their time servicing this woman, and at no time did I get the feeling that they knew each other.

The one getting a blow job stopped her, and suggested another position, to which she agreed, getting off the bed and allowing him to lay on his back she mounted him, letting his cock in slowly before allowing the other one to enter her anal passage.

"Oh my God...give it to me, ah yes, deeper DEEPER!" she screamed.

They were going at it with everything they had the one behind slamming his cock in, in a nearly veracious way. While the one underneath had to wait each time for the one on top to withdraw before he could get in, they soon had some kind of rhythm going, which was sending her wild.

"Oh you gorgeous hunks of flesh," she cried, "take me to the limit!"

I could feel my cock about to erupt, and tried desperately not to utter a single syllable, as I shot my load on the closet door. All I could think about was how I'd have to have a copy of this film for my own collection.

They were still pounding away when I looked back, neither one of them seeming to be close to finishing; in fact they had renewed with more vigour. She was obviously enjoying this immensely, as her cries were getting louder and louder.

"I'm coming again, oh God please don't stop, yes yes yes that's it fuck my arse, OHH YES."

I started to wish she could use another line, then the one below started to cum, followed shortly by the one on top, deliberately allowing it to spray over her body. Then they changed positions again; the one on the bottom got off the bed, while the other one got on. Laying on his back he offered her his still rock hard cock, which she more than willingly took in her mouth, the other one positioned himself behind her and pushed his cock into her pussy, once again going at it like stallions on heat. She tried desperately to take the cock as deeply into her mouth as possible, but only managed two thirds of it. The one fucking her was well away; he had at least nine inches stabbing into her love canal. She started to cry out with pleasure, licking and sucking the cock with renewed vigour, up and down she went, paying close attention to the end of his shaft, running her tongue around it when ever she went back down. He was clearly enjoying this attention, for he kept muttering, 'that's it bitch just there'. Having fucked her for a good half an hour, I was beginning to wonder how long this was going to take, when the one shagging her pussy started to cum again, he sprayed her back this time squeezing every last drop out. She started to gag as the other one came, but got it back under control and lapped it up, as if it were her last meal.

They were now finished, and started to get dressed; I still hadn't heard any names given when I witnessed her paying them for their services. So that was it, technically speaking she was having an affair, but I suspected it wasn't because she didn't love her husband, he just couldn't satisfy her. I now had a dilemma, did I let my client have a copy of this film, or did I approach her with the evidence, and take it from there. I had no wish to break an otherwise happy couple up, just because he was no good in the sack. I made my decision; waiting for the two gentlemen to leave the apartment I got out of the closet and waited for her to re-enter the bedroom.

"Ah, who the hell are you?" she said, going for the door.

Before she could reach it I shouted out that her husband had sent me, stopping her in her tracks.

"My husband, but I'm not married," she replied.

"Nice try lady, but I followed you here from your home, on your husband's request, at the moment he just suspects that you are having an affair, and wanted the proof," I said.

"Then why are you telling me this?" she said, sitting hard on the bed and bowing her head.

"Because I suspect you are not getting satisfied at home, and that is the only reason you're here."

"You're right, I would never want to hurt my husband, but he just doesn't excite me enough in bed, and when I came across this personal advert in the paper for erotic masseurs, I thought why not. I still love my husband; it won't hurt to get what I want without his knowledge. So what do you intend to do?" she said, looking up at me.

Sighing deeply I took a seat next to the bed.

"My obligation is to my client, but I have no desire to break you two up over this, I have feelings too."

"Well look, if I promise never to do this again, will you look the other way?"

Looking at her face I could see the sincerity coming from her mouth, so I explained that in order for me to tell her husband, she was not being unfaithful, I had to go the full two weeks of tailing her. Which would cost her husband quite a bit of money.

"That's ok, he's a self made man, and wouldn't miss it in the slightest." she said eagerly.

"Ok, but do me a favour?"

"Anything, what can I do?"

"Try other ways to get pleasure, and also, try talking to him about it, pretty often these sort of problems can be sorted out between you, I'm sure he does love you, or he wouldn't have paid for my services."

She gave me a kiss on the cheek, saying thank you, I could see a tear appearing in the corner of her eyes, and I was happy with my decision as I left the apartment.

The End


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